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Recently I’ve been remote viewing ‘American Gods’ with my good friend Cade FON Apollyon, Dear Reader, and I can thoroughly recommended the series…

*I think A Void in Red Frank’s universe would enjoy it, Clicky… /lights up…*

*So would the rest of the Mero VEEPs… /drags…*

‘Christmas 2007 was the most successful trading period in Boots’ history. No surprise then that Ernie K Doe’s track became their long running musical theme. Director: Traktor (Pontus and Ola). Creative team: Susan Hosking / Peter Robertson. Creative director: Damon Collins. Agency: Mother. Year: 2007′

*2007 was a turning point, Clicky… /streams smoke…*

*Feisty and candid, I like that, Clicky… /puffs… Get a Song…*

10 thoughts on “American Goods

  1. Roobeedoobeedoo,

    I’m not a Nazi (way too lazy to be that), but perhaps I’m a not-see. I wish someone would tell me what I’m not seeing. Do you mean that about everyone? All things are part of one thing, right?

    And CRISPR technology, like getting CRISPY. Burn, baby burn!

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  2. Urban and suburban are trending. ;-P

    On the subject of liking WordPress posts and/or comments, it would appear that it can be a browser issue, but not just/only potentially a problem with local browser cache files.

    ‘Likes’ not registering

    I don’t use Firefox or Opera, but I do use Chrome.
    Go to Settings->Settings->Show Advanced Settings->Privacy
    There is a setting for “Send a ‘Do Not Track’ request with your browsing traffic”, which I would imagine if checked, may not allow you to like posts/comments since WordPress is going to be tracking you when you are logged in.

    Also in Chrome under the “Privacy” settings, there is a “Content Settings” button that allows you to manage Cookies, and you can block Cookies, but you can also add/manage exceptions. For those unfamiliar, you can set your browser to not allow Cookies, but also add exceptions that will allow Cookies for only certain sites. As such, you can turn Cookies off so that no websites can track you, but add an exception to where Cookies are allowed for WordPress sites which means you can still login/stay logged in.

    Things might get tricky there depending on how the WordPress umbrella works. For example… – is my WordPress blog, and wordpress is right there in the URL. – is Roob’s blog, and the “wordpress” moniker is missing, even tho it is a WordPress site.

    Where that is likely to get tricky is where the WordPress site is hosted, who the particular host is, is there advertising, who is providing the advertising (3rd parties and such), what kinds of 3rd party tools/extensions are used on the site…all kinds of crap that could potentially cause issues.

    All that said, Internet Explorer, .Firefox, Opera, and any other web browser are going to have similar settings to Chrome for managing privacy. You’re just gonna have to dig around in the browser settings to find out where specifically they are.

    Also note, if you are someone who occasionally uses some kind of “incognito” or “hidden” session when browsing in order to browse sites anonymously, it’s possible that you sometimes forget to turn it off or forget that you have it on whilst browsing.

    Dunno how “tech savvy” anyone is, but yeah, there’s much more available to you to better manage your online experience if you choose to dig a bit and see how/why things work the way they do. 🙂

    ^Suburban Lawns Janitor^

    I didn’t a damn thing on that boot definition about “a boot” being “the trunk of a car” in Limenese, but I went back and re-read, and there it was in the very first definition (2nd part).

    Don’t I feel the fool for not reading better.

    And while we’re on the topic of me looking the idiot in public, I just had a “Nancy” sync when writing all that crap above about cookies, but I forgot what it was.

    Nan sea? No…that wasn’t it. Just grasping at straws now. Meh fuckit…I’ll remember it at some point.
    Can’t always be first eh?
    Which, that gets me to thinking on the topic of originality.
    Take these next two songs for example.

    ^Jay Lumen – Babel (Original Mix)^

    Anyone who has bumbled around my nonsense has possibly seen me link that song a time or ten. To be honest, that song is the main inspiration behind my short story “A Goohuul”. A personal desire of mine to either roller skate or ice skate to that song. Unfortunately, the song doesn’t have many quotable lyrics, hence, I didn’t attempt to quote any of the song’s babble, and I didn’t even mention the song in the story.
    But I know. And now, you know too. What does that have to do with originality? Glad you asked.

    I’ve mentioned a time or two, that years ago, I had a desire to start a website called “The Library Of Libraries”, and call it “The LoL” for short. Back in the day, links and linking is how The Web rolled. But this was usually topic specific. Meaning, all of the sci-fi nerds collated all the shit that interested them, the hentai nerds collected their shit, the politics geeks collected their shit, and so on. Usually got more specific from there with sub-topics. Like with “porn”, you could then search for “tits” or “harry pussy” or “huge cock” or whatever. At the time that I had this idea, there were search engines, and there were newsgroups, but there wasn’t much in the middle for those explorers looking for allsorts. You either had to dig in the newsgroups or try your luck with a search engine. Hence, I thought of Alexandria, and “A Library of Libraries” that pointed the way without being based on some random algorithm or any of the tinkering/exploitation that goes on with those. Yes…I wanted to do all this shit by hand. This was pre-Wikipedia and pre-Google time, the newsgroups were becoming a mess, and Metacrawler (the best search engine at the time) was starting to have…issues.

    Unfortunately, I was just getting into software development at the time, and my journeys took me elsewhere. Google came out, started using it on day 3, and the appearance of Google made me feel better that maybe “The LoL” wouldn’t be necessary. Wikipedia came along shortly after, I had drifted off into AI types of logistical automation(s), and my “LoL” ideas took a different direction. Wound up with something called “Family Plan-It” that was basically a domestic scheduler/day planner with an embedded knowledge base for customizing informations specific to particular interests of a family. “A family” in this context was singles, couples, those with children, friends, extended families, neighbors, whatever. Those you interacted with, but desktop software instead of browser-based. Digress.

    What does all that have to do with originality? Welp, I never considered my “Library of Libraries” idea that unique. I mean, I stole the fucking idea from Alexander for chrissakes. But even he wasn’t the first to have consoladation types of ideas. He just got a little further and wider than some appear to have gotten before he arrived. That said, I’d imagine there were plenty before him that got really fucking far, we just don’t know about it. From Sumerian to Assyrian to Egyptian to Atlantean and God only knows where else, Alexander got his ideas from somewhere.

    I did eventually give a nod to my own “LoL” ideas with my “Land O’Lard” blog. It’s the only the only thing that exists to “prove” that I had these ideas, but only I know it.

    Does this next song sound…familiar?

    ^Jay Lumen – Whatever You Want (Original Mix)^

    Does it matter who is pulling the strings?

    From a communications point of view, it’s not always going to be just/only a matter of getting someone’s attention. I’d imagine that if you go through all the trouble of reanimating a dead body, you don’t want to simply get someone’s attention, you may also want to keep it. Maybe teach people how to be mindful of certain things. When to pay attention, when to ignore, and maybe most importantly…how to be yourself/how to remain yourself. Just thinking about all that Lazarus stuff.

    It’s a difficult proposition. You are, forever changed. So, how does one “remain themselves” in the midst of such a transition? I’ve no answers. I just know that I personally do the best I can.

    I do wonder tho…if I wasn’t me, would I even be needed?
    /me shrugs

    ^Nitzer ebb – Hearts and minds^

    How many levels do you figure there are between a source and a destination? “Targeted individuals” appeared on my radar again this week, and logistical considerations notwithstanding, it got me to thinking about just how many levels of removal there would be between “a targeted individual” and the actual source. How does someone get singled out to be targeted, and how many levels of removal are there between the target and those who incite the first contact/continuing contact. I’d imagine a bunch. 7 & 6 keep popping up for me.
    Properties Of The Number 13-Symbolism
    But even 7 & 6 can get wonky depending on which direction you are going, and when. All that said, is it possible that live people are…dead? All this light/dark shit still has me scratching my head. I do know that Secret Sun made a tweet yesterday about some new video that is light, light and more light. How bright does bright get before all goes…dark?

    ^01 The Gonk – Dawn of the Dead (1978) Unreleased Incidental Music^

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      1. And I’ll tell you another damn thing… 😉 …I watched a bit about the Eddystone Lighthouse this week, and I didn’t get to enjoy the fucking thing because they tripped me up at 0:33 seconds into the video.
        “I’m now on my way to visit the location of the world’s first offshore lighthouse”
        My brain did one of those “record scratch” kinda things, and my thoughts immediately went to…

        Lighthouse of Alexandria

        I guess it’s all in the wording. Coding and placement.

        ^BBC Coast – Eddystone Lighthouse^

        When thinking of or in “first(s)”, are we really just looking for shit to argue about? Don’t get me wrong, I think arguments are for the most part great, even tho many seem to equate “arguing” with something bad. All kinds of “negative” connotations associated with arguments and arguing, but is “being first” the root of these negative thoughts? Being right, is being first…right?
        Argument (Disambiguation) –
        We don’t want to be misunderstood now do we.

        ^Deadmau5 On Justin Bieber^

        Hope those tips help you and/or maybe someone else.

        I did tech support for years so I know it’s daunting and it’s a pain and all, but you can pick it up if you want to. And, I’ll be around. ❤

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