Further Adventures in Remote Viewing: Finding Fun Guy

I read a rather alarming report last night, Dear Reader, about a deadly fungus epidemic ‘sweeping the globe’…

*Yikes! …/lights up… I read a story once about a deadly fungus epidemic, Clicky… /drags… It scared the bejesus out me… /streams smoke…*

… Alarmed, yes, but not shocked, however, as I’d been picking up a reference to ‘fun guy’ during the remote viewing Cade and I indulged in over the last few days. It started on Thursday with a hankering to re-watch a movie I’d previously hated…

Cade and Roob remote view 1Cade and Roob remote view 2

*It’s true – I had been thinking about that movie all day, Clicky… /puffs…*

Cade and Roob remote view 3Cade and Roob remote view 4Cade and Roob remote view 5

… On Friday evening, we remote viewed two movies – ‘Galaxy Quest’,  a comedy, chosen by me…

Cade and Roob remote view 6Cade and Roob remote view 7

*I’d forgotten that one of the characters was called ‘Guy’, Clicky…/flicks ash…*

*IngerSOL? Hmm… /thinks…*

…And a movie chosen by Cade, with an unexpected ‘137’ connection…

Cade and Roob remote view 8Cade and Roob remote view 9Cade and Roob remote view 10Cade and Roob remote view 11

gerty moon

*/drags… Indeed, Spacey plays a ‘smiley face’, Clicky… /plumes smoke…*

And so, on to last night. Cade and I decided to remote view, or watch the ‘Watchmen’ movie, together…

Cade and Roob remote view 12

*/final drag… That is such a good flick, Click…*

*/snorts smoke… Who watches the watchmen, Clicky? As for epidemics of deadly fungus… /stubs butt… Seems the W.H.O. are washing their hands…*

Have a Song, Dear Reader…

13 thoughts on “Further Adventures in Remote Viewing: Finding Fun Guy

  1. Just so you guys are aware – I read your posts, like them, am logged into WordPress, but the ‘system’ won’t let me ‘Like’ them! ☹️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Me too! I’m not allowed to like them!
      So frustrating! I thought it was the universe f*cking with me, like ‘I’m not allowed to like anything’. Glad it not just me. I can like it without that sorry old button, anyway! Ha!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I just wanted to let y’all know your efforts are appreciated!

        [Strangely, I find I’m allowed to ‘Like’ your comment, but not your post! YCMIU.]

        Liked by 2 people

      2. This may sound stupid, but have ya’ll tried logging out of WordPress and logging back in? Sometimes the cookies and/or temp files in your local browser cache can get screwed up. Logging out/back in can sometimes clear up any weirdness.

        Cleaning out your browser cache can help with issues too. Just be careful doing it. Deleting cookies will force you to have to log back in to websites, and it’ll clear any history as well.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hi CFA – Yup – I’ve logged out & back into WP.

          Some WP sites I have no issues liking or commenting on. Strangely, some other users at one particular blog seemed to have the issues I have here, but I didn’t have any issues at it!

          I had issue’s here a while back, but could at least ‘Like’ posts.

          Gawd knows what the WP issue is.

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  2. On the same day that I saw a tweet about 1.2 trillion dollars in erroneous US payouts since 2004, I decide to check on the US national debt, and find that as of Feb 13th of 2019…it stands at 22 trillion dollars.

    Q: Is it what I owe?
    A: Or is it that I owe?

    What I’m thinking about tho, is “seven” deadly sins.

    Q: What if there were 198,001,258.7 “deadly sins”?
    A: ¿(???)¿

    It only takes one…right? Does it fucking matter how many sins or even “deadly” sins there are? Maybe I’m jaded. Seems all that shit is irrelevant if you can wind up being a judge.

    Liked by 1 person

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