Missive From ‘Merica: Doodlebugging

Dear Reader, the release of Underdog Anthology 8: Transgenre Dreams in imminent…

UA8 Cover

… At 230 pages it’s a bumper edition and, fingers crossed, will be available to purchase later this week. Butt for right now… Cade F.O.N. Apollyon, who has written two wonderful stories – one of which made me pee myself laughing; the other made me sob – and five lively poems for the latest anthology, has sent through a lovely missive. To tide us over 😉

Antediluvian Animals Ark.gif

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THE PROSECUTOR: Tries to get them in.

THE DEFENSE: Tries to get them out.

THE JUDGE: Tries to get them to where they need to be.

Is that right? Am I right on that? Notwithstanding corruptions of all kinds, is that the basis of a legal proceeding? It just occurs to me, that any competition is always a minimum of 1 v 2, not 1 v 1. Kinda 3  on 3, ‘cept, just 3, battling for 1.

So confusing
^MS MR – Hurricane (Official Video)^

What? You don’t get it? Well fuck me runnin’…you can’t have a contest without a rule set, rule sets, or some kind of governing body of some kind. Without that extra layer, there can be no contest, right? What happens if both competitors show up, all juiced up on steroids and blasted out of their minds on cocaine?

Yeah...the law...it wins.
^Bobby Fuller Four – I Fought The Law(1966)^


Yeah, Brexit is on my mind since March 29th has come and gone. See, here in Texas, we have these things called Antlions. I included a pic at the beginning of this whatever.


An ant or some other creature wanders by, they fall into the pit these Antlions construct, and the more the wayward creature struggles and tries to escape, the more the pit collapses in on itself…keeps the hapless fucker trapped. I mean, who the fuck would go to all that trouble of creating a capture infrastructure that also lets individuals come and go as they please?

^Hee Haw Where Are You Tonight^


Today I learned that April Fool’s pranks cannot be played after noon. I actually think I’ve heard that before, but I’ve never adhered to that rule because I’ve a weird clock. Seriously, if I work the evening shift, I may not see many of my friends until sometime after noon. How can I participate if there are all these conflicting rules? Not only that, but what does it say about the current structures of the modern workday(s)? Do the modern modalities and stipulations with respect to employment leave any room for the employee?

Or is that too much of a stretch for you?

Holidays, work, nah…not related in the slightest.

^Pixies :: No. 13 Baby :: Extended Version (not official) :: with lyrics^

Ever heard of something called HTA? In 1971, Esso had “three new fuels” with something called HTA in them. I guess some kind of additive to reduce engine hesitation via fuel performance.

Q: Is it possible to find out what products a company had available at a specific time, and if so, what those products contained and why?

A: ? ¿

I’d like to know what kinds of materials a pair of socks contained back in the 1970’s, but it would appear my quest is akin to finding a needle in a stack of needle-stacks.



Nope…no mention of “HTA” there. Let’s go straight to the source.


Hrm…it would seem that for North America, Esso only has retail locations in Canada now, so I’d imagine that any 1970’s products and their components would likely not be mentioned. But, let’s give it a whirl anyway.

Esso Canada

Nope. Went to the search function, searched for “HTA” (without quotes), and “no results found” was my reward. I know! Let’s us try this!


FUCK! No mention of HTA there either. OK, so, let’s go the corporate route.


“Your search returned no results for HTA”

/me scratches head

OK…so…let’s just go to Google, and see if we can search for “what is HTA in gasoline”, and see what we can find via that.

High Temperature Accelerant Fires

Shit…just took a turn…for the surreal. But what’s this?

Improved Fuel Distribution-A New Role For Gasoline Additives

Le sigh

You can read the article for free, but you have to create an account to read the article.

^Esso (Exxon) Gasoline Commercial (1971)^

On my last gasps here, it appears that The EPA has a list of all registered gasoline additives.

List Of Registered Gasoline Additives

I guess “registered” is the key word. No “HTA” on that list either. But, there’s hope I guess…

Uneasy Rider: The Interstate Way Of Knowledge

To be honest, my Google searching has so fucking many HTA’s, and these HTA’s mean so goddamn many things, no telling what in the fuck HTA was…or is…or will be…

Dennis Klein’s Gas Engine Water Additive

But what’s this? Can it be? Have I finally hit…paydirt?

Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing and Design: Volume 2 – Additive to Alpha

Seems that some someone somewhere invented some something called “HTA”, and this some something is

“a mixture of nonpolymeric amines”

which are

“said to minimize wetting by gasoline of the intake system metal oxide layer.”

And so, we’ve possibly got our “HTA stuff” figured out, and what this HTA stuff does, but this is where shit really gets interesting, because the author goes on to possibly tell how it does it.

“Rather, small droplets are formed which tend better to be entrained in the air stream, thus reducing maldistribution due to a high inertia liquid film.”

OK, so, “polymer” is mentioned in a “nonpolymeric” context, and what immediately popped into my head was stringy, springy stretchy things, and “bubbles”. “Misting” of fuel(s) is usually required in order to get a particular fuel to burn the way you want it to. But gasoline is already quite unstable, so it’s usually a case of keeping it from burning until you want it to. Are they trying to keep the gasoline from creating bubbles/droplets and create “sheets” instead? There’s mention of film, and more than that, a high inertia liquid film. I wonder what that could mean?

Film – a thin skin or membrane

God does not play dice?

^Prodigy fans line the streets for Keith Flint funeral | ITV News^


Braintree? Keith Flint and Prodigy were from Braintree? Stephen King had a “Braintree Texas” in his book/movie The Stand.


Braintree is not a real town in Texas btw. Neither is Arnette. But there is an Arnett, TX.

Local time: Monday 11:33 AM

Weather: 49°F (9°C), Wind NE at 5 mph (8 km/h), 55% Humidity

That’s the weather for Arnett, TX on this fine Monday of April 1st.

How are you today?
^Primus – Too Many Puppies^

There was something in the news recently about churches and roller skating/roller skaters. I guess there were a couple of assholes brought swords to the party, one took the other’s sword away, and some motherfucker wound up getting cut because one of the swords was a shade more “swordy” than the other.

Hebrews 4:12?
^Chvrches – “Now is Not The Time”^

So back to the HTA crap, um…where were we?


K, so, they are indeed trying to keep some stretchy and stringy things from forming, but what is this “ amines” crap?

Ammonia, eh?

Ammonia has been appearing on my radar a lot lately, but you don’t care about that, so let’s keep going with whatever in the fuck HTA is, how it works in gasoline, and why it was there in the first place.

What is Cascade’s sheeting action?
Thin Film
Wafer (Electronics) (Redirected from Thick Film)

You think any concepts like these are applicable in…the spiritual realms? It’s just, I’m about to have to wander off into concepts like detonation, pre-ignition and all kinds of abnormal combustion that you prolly have no interest in.

It's sapping my will to read/type

Here’s the thing, earlier today, there was some more nonsense about “junk food” and it causing cancerous advertising or some such nonsense, and it really got me to thinking about my own relationships with sustenance. I don’t think some people realize what kind of razor blade I sometimes have to ride with respect to eating. Or maybe, they do, and they just want me to buy their junk food instead of someone else’s. Or maybe they couldn’t care less about me and my needs. That said, it has occurred to me from time to time that there are those that are well aware of some of the cancer dynamics, but ain’t saying nothing.

Like maybe, that there is a structural societal cancer build on top of disease that is so embedded, that removal of the disease is likely to be fatal to these systems that our societies function in and upon. Google is telling me that there are 18 million healthcare workers in the US alone, and there’s no real qualification as to what that means. Is someone who manufactures the sheets that go on the beds of an MRI machine considered “a healthcare worker”? Irrespective, I doubt very seriously that 60+ million healthcare workers worldwide are ready to be out of work. What does junk food and shaving have to do with Newtonian physics and HTA gasoline additives from the 1970’s?

I dunno yet. Working on it tho
^’Zdarlight’ DIGITALISM by Åbäke^


Meh…this Brexit shit has me down.

I'm leaving
^White Magic^


cYa | cFa

^Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train (State Azure Cover)^


Roo B. Doo Chalkwell Hall

*I told you, the next post, Clicky… /sigh… Come on, we need a Song to end…*

Have a Song, Dear Reader ❤

4 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: Doodlebugging

  1. I’ve never heard an Antlion referred to as “a doodlebug”.
    ———– Antlion = Antlion
    ———–Doodlebug = Roly-Poly (or Doodlebug…whatever floats your boat)
    ———–Roly Poly = Armadillidiidae
    The thing is, we also have silverfish in this area.
    There was always confusion as to which one ate wood. Lots of gardening going on at the time, and you never wanted to kill anything that was beneficial to your flowers or vegetables. Just because something is called a “wood louse”, does NOT mean that they are going to eat your house or barn or whatever. I was taught that there was a lot of trickery that went on with names and naming, and that all kinds of people will do all kinds of things to forward their own agendas. I was also taught not to go on a killing rampage until you had identified the correct culprit and verified who was doing what. Once verification had been obtained, it was then open-season. /shrug

    ^Fiercest Predator On The Homestead! – Ant Lion!^


    It would seem that l am not the only one that is a shade confused at Antlions being referred to as…doodlebugs.

    They Are Called Doodlebugs, Dang It – https://www.texasmonthly.com/the-daily-post/they-are-called-doodlebugs-dang-it/

    I wonder what kinds of sampling sizes these linguists used. Not only that, but their time frames.
    ———– Texas Population 1920 = 4.723 million
    ———– Texas Population 1930 = 5.844 million
    ———– Texas Population 1940 = 6.425 million
    ———– Texas Population 1950 = 7.776 million
    ———– Texas Population 1960 = 9.624 million
    ———– Texas Population 1970 = 11.2 million
    ———– Texas Population 1980 = 14.75 million
    ———– Texas Population 1990 = 17.04 million
    ———– Texas Population 2000 = 20.39 million
    ———– Texas Population 2010 = 25.21 million
    ———– Texas Population 2018 = 28.7 million
    I’d imagine that a population change like that would make for some huge changes in language. I personally may use different terms depending on present company. The point of language (as far as I know) is to be understood, and as we grow, age, mature, learn and become more experienced, we seem to learn that there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all”. Ironic considering the nature of an individual species, so I guess I can understand the frustration of a linguist and perhaps biologists, zoologists, teachers, etc..

    Wart-biter – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wart-biter

    That sounds real…proper…eh? But that thing exists in England, not here. Ironic that I do recall we had the same legend here tho.

    And there are other considerations….
    Hiragana – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiragana
    Katakana – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katakana
    Kanji – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanji
    One of the translators I worked with in US Customs taught me about that. She broke it down to me as slang, common, and proper. I found this ironic considering that we basically have the same system, but there is no clear cut definitions as to anything other than “proper” being the way to go. I was taught that slang, common and vulgar were all unacceptable, all the time, under all conditions, no exceptions. Speak correctly and speak well irrespective of present company or circumstance. Speech is who you are.

    What a fucking nightmare.

    ^1128 Ant lion trying to catch different organisms HD^

    You think it possible that some physics grad student could mistake such a sight as the leftovers of a micro-meteorite storm?


    What if that same scene was fossilized?

    Catalogue of Lifehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalogue_of_Life

    I wonder how long that book will be around?

    Did you know that there is supposedly a “sand mafia” in India?

    ^A microscopic look at why the world is running out of sand^

    BONUS!!! ;-P

    ^Most Amazing Electron Microscope Images^


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