Missive From ‘Merica: Split Peas Oops! (Part 3)


Dear Reader, It’s been another tumultuous week for Brexit…

*Well that’s disturbing …/lights up… Go on then, Clicky, you heard sourpuss Soubry’s demands… /drags… Get the Police… /streams smoke… Someone’s in need of a fix…*

*Kinda literal…*

*Allegedly, Clicky, allegedly…*

*Pfft. Naturally…*

*And a singalong to finish… /flicks ash… Of course you can tweet them to the traitorous bitch, Clicky, butt don’t expect any fanks…*


… I’ve been following the political shenanigans and neglecting Cade’s latest missive. Let me start to rectify that for you now with Part 3, Dear Reader. The fourth installment will be along later today. Enjoy! ❤



So for anyone who reads this shit and may be wondering why I wander like I do when I’m writing, well, I’m trying to remember. Trying to remember what I know, and trying to know why I remember things in the way(s) that I do. We are CONSTANTLY bombing ourselves with information of all kinds, all whilst trying to keep the shit we already know…straight. It’s sometimes like committing yourself to taking the kinks out of a live snake…

quite the contest

It used to bother me when I would remember things incorrectly. My nickname was “The Professor”, and I was expected to not only remember and recall things that others had forgotten; however, that information had to be immediately available when requested, and, it had to be correct. But as I’ve progressed in my life, I’ve found myself chasing the inconsistencies. In my case, these “inconsistencies” tend to revolve primarily around my ability to recall within a time frame that which is acceptable to whomever is requesting said information. If the recall isn’t both total and instantaneous, the integrity of the information is questioned, and the quality of my role as an information storage unit is called into doubt.

Welp, I never asked to be your own personal hall of instant infinite information, it’s just something I do, and you grew to rely on me in that capacity. I’ve packed fucktons of data in the memory banks since you last interacted with me, and as far as I can tell, I’m the only one that still interacts with the majority data that I have been collecting. No one seems to want to know what I know, so, I keep myself busy trying to keep packing it in as well as trying to keep it organized so that it’s available when and if needed. I have no idea what in the fuck anyone is going to ask me, nor when and where they are going to ask me, so I do the best I can.

^Underworld – Shudder / King of Snake^

Keeping what is contextually pertinent to me?

Yeah, that's a challenge as well

Knowing the best way to construct a Silicon atom from scratch, at a distance of 65,363.95 miles from Jupiter’s north pole when you are using Earth-time(s) and Earth-distance(s)?

 You've gotta admit that's a pretty fucking weird thing to know

Especially when you need things like 63 gluons from Alpha Centauri, 2 up Quarks from Luna, and they all need to be orbited by a single Neutrino from Sol that will parse the particles in route to some not-very-well-defined point 65,363.95 miles from Jupiter’s north pole?

What…in the FUCK…would I personally ever need to know such a thing for? Meh fuckit, someone might need to know that someday.

I'll keep it handy
^Depeche Mode – Love In Itself (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)^


A peek behind the veil for anyone who wants to look.

Yeah, it’s not the same without the voice.

Still, you wanna know how things are constructed right?

Welp, this is how it’s done.

^DM Cover Policy of Truth Live Instrumental^

Here’s one with a voice.

It’s not Dave’s voice, and the version itself is quite…exploratory.

Interpretive…if you will.

Still pretty fucking awesome tho.

^Policy Of Truth cover strings version, Depeche Mode Fan Art^

Here’s “the real deal” for anyone who wants to explore further.

^Depeche Mode – Policy Of Truth (Official Video)^



3 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: Split Peas Oops! (Part 3)

    1. I can’t believe those songs are are nearly years old. They still sound so fresh 😀


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