The Jingle-Jangles

Happy Day, Dear Reader! Thoughtful Man saw a news story this morning that brought a smile to his face…

*Good on ’em, Clicky… /flickers lighter… What the fuck is wrong with people? …/lights up… It’s like they’ve gone banish crazy…* 

*/taps ASH…*

…And ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ is not the only Christmas classic receiving calls to be culled. Thoughtful Man has been extremely vexed of late…

Shane MacGowan responds to calls for the word ‘FAGGOT’ to be removed from ‘Fairytale Of New York’

*/drags… Faggot? …/snorts smoke… Fag, I got…*


… And talking of outside… 

*So they’ve finally decided to shift their arses, Clicky?…/stubs butt... Talk about leave it to the last minute…*

Have a Song 😉

12 thoughts on “The Jingle-Jangles

  1. Roob, what you said about the Kavanaugh thing being dems against reps, I been thinkin’…
    Sometimes its hard to know if we (us here on merovingian ring), if we are talking literal, symbolic, meta, or all at the same time, which I think is the case.
    The thing about Baby, it’s Cold Outside is ridiculous. About the MeToo movement, what about the MeToo’s and Incels?

    why is everybody so f*cking Sirius?! The MeToos are not happy. And neither are the ones me too’ed against. It is one big thing saying I’m not happy! And the echo back “me too!”

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      1. You think maybe “trying to nail something” could potentially be an issue?

        Not really attempting to be funny or clever there either; I’m thinking more in terms of attempts to quash the discovery process. Or perhaps not even quash as much as to amass and incorporate under certain banners? Direct and channel discovery? Join the club or perish? Should that have been “parish” and not “perish”? Smells like…science.

        There seems to be some evidence of “those attempting to nail things” in antiquity…

        List Of Ancient Great Powers –

        …but maybe I’m just and only reaching conclusions that suit my own purposes? /me shrugs

        ^Foetus – Nail (1985) Full Album^

        Footnote: Just wondering how much of its own weight, a structure is capable of carrying, and not trying to evaluate the structure(s) as is/as are.
        EX: National Science Foundation –
        Are structures like The NSF designed to carry their own weight?

        Don’t want to meander too far here, but it just seems to me that structures like these are going to have to be equipped with both pad and pike. Padding for those who can be accommodated/assimilated, and pikes for those who cannot.

        ^Jesus Built My Hotrod (Redline/Whiteline Version)^

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        1. Demonization tends creates demons. Fuck knows why society feels the need to do it; we reap what we sow.

          Are you thinking of the overgrown spider in the recent Doctor Who episode?

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          1. No, I’d not thought of that specifically, but now that you’ve mentioned it…that’s a pretty good example. Me personally, as soon as they mentioned the spider being basically “too big to breathe”, that thought sent shockwaves through me.

            I’ve spent so fucking much time over the past few years pondering some of the minutiae of what it takes so produce a single hiccup and why hiccups are necessary in the first place, that simply pondering shit like this can be crushing. Especially as it relates to AI/robotics. Basically, intentionally trying to create a loop that can never be opened nor closed, and the only saving grace is the thought that the “AI” concept is already so fucking ancient that’s it’s basically impossible to duplicate.

            All that said, I was primarily thinking about the principles and precepts that we cling to, when, why, and for how long. Institutionalized anything is a good example, because there’s no reason for a 10 year old kid sticking out the normal educational channels if they are already smart enough to teach graduate level courses. That said, there’s a lot of experience to be learned/gained for some smart kid who decides to navigate the normal channels at the normal speed(s). But who makes that/those decisions? Why they make them? Yeah…on my mind. Especially under the banners of mortality. Not going to quote those “nothing lasts forever” or “no one lives forever” bullshit because we’re already so fucking wrapped up in infinities and eternities that I wonder if anyone can ponder the concept from today without having yesterday and tomorrow firmly in hand. (if that makes any sense) But yeah, mainly those things which are built to elevate, but eventually become anchors and even pitfalls. Are the watchers asleep at the switch? Would they even know what they were looking for?

            ^Massive Attack – Angel^

            I’ll give an example of a bit of the storm that is raging in my noggin…

            Just because you place “this here” and “that there” on a Venn Diagram, then add clever labels to make distinctions, that doesn’t mean that there is any functional difference between the two, nor three, nor any, nor all. When I saw that tweet yesterday, all I could think of, was…”Wait…there’s no fucking difference between structure and chaos. Structure is chaos, and chaos is structure. Balance is irrelevant, but that whole vesica piscis should be folded.”

            Meh…I just look at shit like that I wonder where the person who created it pictures themselves, and where the observer is meant to picture themselves From here, looks like I’m quite well removed.
            /me shrugs

            I certainly understand tools like these. But not if I’ve gotta get the fucking thing tattooed to my chest in order to be accepted by the fucks that are selling it. It may be applicable now, but what about tomorrow? Next year? After I’m dead?
            /again I shruggeth

            ^Ministry – The Angel (1986)^

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