More Of US

I meant to post about this earlier, Dear Reader, but have been rather remiss due to other matters requiring my attention…

On the evening of the 20th November 2018, the Red universe of MEROVEE disappeared…

Merovee gone blue

*Poor Frank! Tremayne-dos fella… /sparks light… Oh no, Poor Us! Everything we’ve posted there over the past six years, cruelly snatched away… /lights up… I gotta say, that’s a fucking weird image for WordPress to backdrop their message with, Clicky… /drags… Cheering crowds? …/streams smoke… Arms raised…*

*/smokes… Hmm… /thinks*

Weirdly enough, four days later on Saturday 24th November 2018, Dear Reader, an army of ‘Yellow Vests’ took to the streets of Paris, Franc-e, demonstrating against a rise in Green taxes…

*If you take the yellow out of green, you’re left with blue… /flicks ash… An’ if you take the red out of purple, you’re left with blue…*

*Didn’t Brazil recently elect their own ‘Orange Man’, Clicky? …/stubs butt… Witch means if you take the red/excretion/piss out of ‘Trump’, you get yellow…*

Fortunately, Dear Reader, there is a new MEROVEE sight, although its address has changed to Meroveus…. More Of Us… Sounds scary 😉

Have a Song…

8 thoughts on “More Of US

  1. Roob

    Looking good 🙂 Got out of that one well !

    The whole thing has been crazy. And thank you. Actually nine years.

    All the stuff we’ve written about disappear in a puff of smoke. Sure you put the cigarette out ? 🙂

    But the new URL chose itself. It’s a sub domain I’m told 🤔. No idea really how I got it.

    And appeared on B&C dashboard. I was checking comments on B&C and left the page open and set up the new site on another page. And lo and behold, about five minutes later I went back to B&C and there it was on dashboard.

    It’s a Mystery Tour !

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    1. Leslie Howard played Sir Percy Blakeney, a.k.a The Scarlet Pimpernel in 1934. I own the film on VHS – it’s one of my favs. I recently looked up Leslie Howard’s death…

      Apropos syncs – Loops just asked to look at a pimple on his back, and it was indeed red 😉


  2. Roob, great article. Eye red it…ahem…religiously. Scanned it in line-by-line in fact. However, my image processing routines threw an exception error when they attempted to digest your selfie. Are you certain that it’s your first ever? Because eye seem to remember…

    …the original and thirst first…

    …but maybe I’m the only one who remembers the time when eye red was see green? Hey, that reminds me of something: if eye suck up enough siren of the tea water then what will eye see?

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    1. Hi Hugo 😀

      Thanks, I should have said, that’s my first selfie taken with a camera phone. Nov 2015 but yeah, Selfie Sounds Like Sophie was my first on Sync Miss For Him, April 2014 – Dec 2016. It’s a shame all our Matrix/Memento riffing has now disappeared with Merovee recently.Ditto Eyes Wide Shut/Vanilla Sky.

      How you keeping? Are you well?


      1. Canon Powershot, eh? I’m more of a Fuji kinda guy.

        Merovee? Disappeared? Someone asked me about that over at the Glitchin’ recently. I couldn’t possibly comment, so I didn’t. I suppose it’ll forever remain one of life’s little mysteries.

        Actually, I’ve just read our postings about Memento. Everything is still out there, dancing and swaying through the hair waves.

        I think WordPress extended an olive branch to Frank and gave him an opportunity to download all the data from the old site. If he wanted to then he could have chosen a new host and restored the site in its entirety. I’m sure someone like Cade could have helped him with it. Hell, he could even have asked me for help. I’d have said No, but it’s the thought that counts.

        As for me, I think I’ve been busy…

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