CLICK5: M. Appeal

Adventures in Remote Viewing: Moon Day Meanderings… via @Roobeedoo1 — RooBeeDoo (@RooBeeDoo1) September 8, 2020 Absolutely devastated – My idol and crush growing up – I just bought the Avengers box set lately to revisit her episodes The producers of the Avengers named you well, you had the M. Appeal – You'll be … Continue reading CLICK5: M. Appeal

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Book Reading…

On Thursday last week, Dear Reader, I was booked to read one of my short stories at the Metal/Essex Writer’s House literary festival… Today's #openmic is @RooBeeDoo1 – regular blogger and #creative #writer. 1pm at #ChalkwellHall – aka #essexwritershouse #cafe open with delicious homemade #soup #coffee #cakes #takeabreak #Lunchtime Hope to see you there! … Continue reading A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Book Reading…

Accidents ‘Appen */shrugs…*

Red universe Frank published a new post on MEROVEE yesterday, called ‘His Story‘. It’s a cracking read, Dear Reader, so I left a link, below the line, to a LoL post called ‘Epic Rap Battles of His Story‘. And as it’s actually from the past, it is, ipso facto, history ūüėČ Cue Selfie… */lights up… … Continue reading Accidents ‘Appen */shrugs…*

Smoke me a Kipper…

No one knocked on my door last night, sew… Have a Joke ūüėČ*Knock Knock*Who's There? — RooBeeDoo (@RooBeeDoo1) November 1, 2016 It’s been a hard slog, Dear Reader… *OMG, Clicky! …/lights up and smokes… made a wish and granted it to myself, didn’t I …/rolls eyes…* New blockbuster starring Trump, Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Monte Dei … Continue reading Smoke me a Kipper…

…/Dons PPE* – The Packer Punch

*For Roob Noobs, PPE is Personal Protective Equipment. It’s also Purple People Eater, my first bona fide sync. This week, PPE also stands for Panama Papers Expos√©… sum thing we’ve been discussing in comments on MEROVEE… *Thank you, Click. Have some sardines* ******* Extract from ‘A Family History for Ruth and Julia (Gawd ‘Elp Us!**)’, … Continue reading …/Dons PPE* – The Packer Punch

Sex Ed Up… Wicked Dipper

Today the LoL brings the¬†tale¬†of when Two Be¬†Cums¬†One… *Okay strange, dolphin-like sidekick of mine, cue Song.* *Spicy! Ready, Clicky?¬†¬†/clears throat…* ‘A secondary school in Southend has come under fire after it announced a new initiative to combine sexual education with politics.’ *Combining sex and politics… that’s bound to end¬†well, Clicky… /rolls eyes… Come on, hit … Continue reading Sex Ed Up… Wicked Dipper

“Will someone please tell me what happened to Harley?”

*Clicky, are you feeling sensitive?¬†Why don’t I just tell them to hit on your images to be transported to¬†somewhere else?* *Alright! Sheesh …* This is a post about synchronicity … … not all of synchronicity, of course, I’d be here all bloody day and night. No, this is a sync concerning¬†this very post, which I … Continue reading “Will someone please tell me what happened to Harley?”