Rosa Sub Rosa

The Latin phrase sub rosa means “under the rose”, and is used in English to denote secrecy or confidentiality, similar to the Chatham House Rule. The rose as a symbol of secrecy has an ancient history.

sick of the sign

*Oh I quite agree, Clicky… /lights up… It wasn’t that bad… /drags… *

*/plumes smoke… Blimey! A kids’ show finking of the children? Well I never… /feigns surprise… *

Roob and Cade discuss wall art 1

Motel Photel

*Good idea, Clicky… /pats snout… Now Dear Reader has a clearer picture, so to speak…*

Roob and Cade discuss wall art 2

Motel Photel 2

Roob and Cade discuss wall art 3

Motel colour scheme

Roob and Cade discuss wall art 4Roob and Cade discuss wall art 5

*/taps ash… Fuckin’ ‘ell, Clicky! …/drags… Stanley Kubrick married Ruth Sobotka on mum’s 10th birthday… /puffs contentedly…*

Roob and Cade discuss wall art 6Roob and Cade discuss wall art 7Roob and Cade discuss wall art 8Roob and Cade discuss wall art 9Roob and Cade discuss wall art 10Roob and Cade discuss wall art 11Roob and Cade discuss wall art 12

*/final drag… I’m tellin’ ya, Click, what happened next was fuckin’ weird…*

Roob and Cade discuss wall art 13Roob and Cade discuss wall art 14

*/stubs butt… You know what Marilu Henner is also famous for, Clicky?*

*Oh you do gnos… /squints… Smart arse. Get a Song…*

6 thoughts on “Rosa Sub Rosa

      1. Ya know, I just read a bit of that article from the David Vance tweet, and I just gotta ask…

        Q: What’s the big fucking deal?
        A: ¿?¿

        I’d like to rant about how blind someone must be with regards to pushing their own views of equality and own racial or national agendas with no respect nor regards for the views of others, but I don’t think I will. Mainly because the best that I can come up with, is that they are likely already well aware of their hypocrisy/shortsightedness, and would be jobless without them.

        The industry of division(s)?
        /me shrugs

        The show is fucking DRIPPING with aliens of any and every kind, and yet, the show is “suddenly”…PC? Which, PC isn’t PC anymore. WTF…get with the times people. But yeah, A Buttfuckangopolis Beast from The Sweatybawls System can make an appearance on the show and all is well. But women and “Anglo-Asians” and defective people are represented on the show, and everyone loses their mind(s)? But to be fair, I assume that this is older generations doing the bellyaching. If you ask the kids what they think, they are likely to say…”pretty much looks like my normal everyday life” with respect to what/who they see on a daily basis. Parents don’t attend the schools…the kids do.

        ^Camelphat & Elderbrook ‘Cola’^

        The fucks are ruining it for me. I just got here. 😉

        I’ve waited my whole life to watch this show, now I’m finally watching it, and everyone is sucking the fun right out of it. (Jesus, I’m whining worse than them) 😛

        This is kinda what I wondered about when Doctor Who first came out tho, which is why I asked you about it after we watched that DW special about how Who came about. How Who came about…interesting. Digress.

        Yeah…um, anyway, machines that murder? Aliens of the extra-terrestrial variety? Time-travel and time-tinkers? (via a godlike “Time Lord” no less) I just would figure the show would have caused a moral uproar in 1966. Maybe the weather was bad and no one had the inclination to protest?

        1966 Dull and Wet. A Wet Summer. –

        A 42 year delay in the eruption of moral rage?

        Anyway, it doesn’t appear that anyone is in the business of working themselves out of a job. Not much of a future in being unemployed. It’s my understanding that retirement homes don’t pay for themselves, and I would imagine that summer homes don’t either.

        ^Pixies -‘Gigantic’ live in London 1988^

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        1. The Daily Mail article isn’t even about Doctor Who but about Twitter’s reaction to Doctor Who. Here’s the article they posted 6 days beforehand…

          What I found amusing about the Vance Stance was that I used to visit his blog ages ago, called ‘A Tangled Web’…

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