*Oh fanks, Clicky… /puts fag to lips… That fuckin’ chorus ‘as bin swirlin’ round me ‘ed for daze… /flicks lighter… Didn’t know Ali G woz in the vid, tho… /lights up… “U wanna see the real Big Ben?” …/drags… “Ayyye!”…*


In the whirled of MRS REGN, Dear Reader, M stands for Movement…

Cade shares the best cig hes ever smoked with Roob 6

*That’s an idea, Clicky… /puffs… we can try Cade style…*

*Hmm, nice tit and the fabric’s the right colour, Clicky, but the cas-Cade ain’t moving… /drags deeply… Okay then, let’s give it a go…*

Q. Roob, why did you assign the colour ‘aqua’ to ‘Movement’?

A: *.../waves...*


What is this color thingie that RooBeeDooBeeDoo is talking about?

What are these color thingies to which RoobsieDoobsieDoo do talks bouts?


Wait! What in the FUCK would tolerance and tolerances have to do with color(s)/a color?  Welp…lemme relate.

Miami Dolphins

See that color of green? Aqua? Aquamarine? Bluegreen-ish? Welp, it’s copyrighted.

Yep...for realz...copyrighted. 

You cannot use that exact shade of green, otherwise, you’ll likely get sued. How do I know this? Word of mouth. Ya see, I know someone who used to design and manufacture the outfits for The Miami Dolphins’ Cheerleaders. Thanks to corporate and legal entanglements, he ran into issues with getting the material he needed to make the outfits. Yeah…he works for them, but due to the nature of a business and its subsidiaries, even he had difficulty getting what he needed in order to do the job he was hired to do.

What am I thinking here? Welp, if you can copyright a certain color, does that not give your authority over anything and everything that has that same color? Like say…water? Can The Miami Dolphins stick a flag in the water and proclaim…




Aqua (Color)

Aquamarine (Color)

I doubt very seriously that any such loophole, legal or otherwise, actually exists. However, you are free to do what you want…give it a shot. Just know, that if it makes money? Someone is gonna want a piece. Afterall, you are operating within the very system that defines and provides legal tender, which makes you subject to its law(s) and authority/authorities. I think people sometimes forget that/those fact(s).

^Violent Femmes – Promise^

That’s all I have to say…

…for now.


*Ah-ha! The colour’s also correct… /drags… plus a cycle for Movement, Clicky? Kudos… /blows smoke ring… Perfect for little Legs… /flicks ash…*

*What? …/coughs… Really, Clicky, how? …/stubs butt…*

Q. Roob, why do you refer to the Underdogs Bite Upwards website as the ‘Aqua universe?

A: *.../winks...*

Still Dolphin Water Movement

*And tails, Clicky… /pats snout… Plenty of tales…*

In preparation for these posts, Dear Reader, I asked Cade if he would like to contribute a song for each of the different aspects of MRS REGN

Cade gives Roob a Movement song

He choose a Deadmau5 tune called ‘Strobe’…

strobe (n.)

1942, shortening of stroboscope. As a shortened form of strobe light, from 1949. As an adjective from 1942.

Strobescope (n.)

“instrument for studying motion by periodic light,” 1896, from -scope + Greek strobos“a twisting, act of whirling,” from PIE root *streb(h)-“to wind, turn.” Earlier as the name of a similar device used as a “scientific toy” [OED]. Related: Stroboscopic (1846). 

Respiration is up next, Dear Reader, so in the meantime, give your ‘clicky’ finger a work out and… Have a Song 😉

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