Man Dial A Defect

Enormous chair

authority (n.)

‘c. 1200, autoriteauctorite “authoritative passage or statement, book or quotation that settles an argument, passage from Scripture,” from Old French autoritéauctorité “authority, prestige, right, permission, dignity, gravity; the Scriptures” (12c.; Modern French autorité), from Latin auctoritatem (nominative auctoritas) “invention, advice, opinion, influence, command,” from auctor “master, leader, author” (see author (n.)). Usually spelled with a -c- in English before 16c., when the letter was dropped in imitation of French, then with a -th-, probably by influence of authentic.

‘From c. 1300 in the general sense “legal validity,” also “authoritative book; authoritative doctrine” (opposed to reason or experience); “author whose statements are regarded as correct.” From mid-14c. as “right to rule or command, power to enforce obedience, power or right to command or act.” In Middle English also “power derived from good reputation; power to convince people, capacity for inspiring trust.” From c. 1400 as “official sanction, authorization.” Meaning “persons in authority” is from 1610s; Authorities “those in charge, those with police powers” is recorded from mid-19c.’

Ever heard of the Milgram Experiment, Dear Reader? It’s a social psychological experiment conducted in the early 1960s, which tested people’s obedience to a figure of authority…

The subject of the test is not the person receiving the shocks, but the person administering them. Now, let me show you how it has been run in the 21st Century…

Milgram Updated Governments and Smokers




And it’s not just smokers that have suffered at the hands of shocking decision-makers, Dear Reader. Administering Subjects, national and local, have performed so poorly that there are now other, mini ‘White Coat’ figures of authority, jumping all over them to get on the ban_wagon…

High Priest Jammy Dodger

… They are so very keen to tell the ‘Grey Suits‘…

BUT! There was some good news last night, Dear Reader, from across the Pond…

Now all the Dez Rez Prez needs to do is listen to his VEEP

good cop bad cop

Have a Song 😉

4 thoughts on “Man Dial A Defect

  1. This is just me, but the fact that a Federal level anyone is making decisions about drinks? Concerns me.
    RC Cola
    I guess it’s when regional drinks go global that the trouble starts.
    List Of Soft Drinks By Country
    Previously, a local/regional drink likely had to go national in order to grow their business internationally.
    Coors Brewing Company
    Many people in the world may not be aware of this, but the movie “Smokey & The Bandit” was based upon and centered around “the beer wars” that happened in this part of the world around the time the movie was made. Wasn’t the first time there was a beer war on American soil, but I grew up in the 1970’s, so I was familiar with one and not the other.
    History of the National Crime Syndicate –
    I guess people will fight over just about anything? /me rolls eyes

    ^Manufacture – Little Caesar^

    But yeah, these days, it seems as tho a regional drink, or any other product for that matter, can skip national altogether, go international, then swirl back to their own country, or not.
    Music Industry
    Cheap Trick
    Film Industry
    Just thinking that there are loads of models available for figuring out how to get your product into markets of all kinds.
    French Guiana
    Watched a documentary recently about a Coca-Cola factory that set up shop somewhere in India, and the plant drinks the local wells dry while the locals are rationed water that is brought in by tanker trucks or go without. Seems like they said it took like 10 liters of water to make 1 liter of Coke?
    Hindustan Coca-Cola
    Maybe there’s some hedging going on?
    “Indian environmental activist Vandana Shiva has stated that it takes nine litres of clean water to manufacture a litres of Coke though Coca-Cola says it is only an average of 3.12 litres. Coca-Cola Co.’s bottling factories use a little over a gallon of water to make a 2-liter bottle of soda.” – Water Footprint – Source = Google.
    We aren’t big on free … unless we can turn around and charge someone else for the same something..

    Anyway, prolly gonna have to crush some ant piles and displace some local wildlife in order to put in a new freeway. But we’ll get there. 🙂

    ^Ballet Mecanique 1924 – Ballet Mecanico Full HQ^

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  2. Roob

    Beware killer plastic bags. You are guilty for using killer plastic bags.

    After the killer plastic bag terror alert has ended, it will be something else. Triffids probably.

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    1. Don’t forget Killer Plastic Bag’s sidekick, Sucky Straw…

      *Right in the schnoz, Clicky…*


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