Chickpeas A Chance

A tweet caught my attention this morning, Dear Reader…

Ninamoose101 is feeling sad and depressed

I’m not that keen on the VEG(etari)AN movement. I don’t trust it’s zealotry and I certainly don’t trust it’s sponsors

…Butt, as I’d mentioned last weekend, The Secret Sun site has been busy cataloging the current de-luge of Vega/Vegas/Vegan media messaging…

*That’s a concise little video, Clicky… /lights up… Thanks for pulling it out… /drags… I’d only heard of Jeff Buckley for the first time in the Blue universe… *

…I was intrigued to what they were up to now, so I decided to go and have a look at the “so sad and utterly depressing” article for myself…

Metro Vegan Rubies

*/smirks… I doo like to catch a Roobee reference, Click… /snorts smoke…*

‘My current favourite dinner item is Iceland’s hash brown fries (seriously, try them), dipped in mayo (I never said I was classy).

‘Now, I’ve got two ride or die vegan mayos – Plamil’s garlic mayo, and Vegenaise (only if it’s on offer, because it’s hella expensive) but my eye wandered today when I discovered that there’s a new mayo in town.

‘And it’s made from waste water from the hummus industry.

‘Yup, Rubies in the Rubble mayo is made using aquafaba – the water drained from tins of chickpeas and other legumes. It translates from Latin as ‘bean water’.’

*Mmm… I like hummus, Clicky… /taps ash… And I like mayo… /puffs… especially with ham… /smacks lips…*

*/deep drag… Way to kill the messenger eh, Clicky? …/fiddles with lighter… *

… I confess, Dear Reader, when I read ‘chickpea’ in the article, Cicero sprang to mind…

Cicero’s cognomen, or personal surname, comes from the Latin for chickpeacicer. Plutarch explains that the name was originally given to one of Cicero’s ancestors who had a cleft in the tip of his nose resembling a chickpea. However, it is more likely that Cicero’s ancestors prospered through the cultivation and sale of chickpeas. Romans often chose down-to-earth personal surnames. The famous family names of Fabius, Lentulus, and Piso come from the Latin names of beans, lentils, and peas, respectively.’

… Roman Beans, Lentils and Peas, all vegan staples, but what is ‘aquafaba’? Back to the offending article…

”Of course, using aquafaba to make mayo isn’t new – the aforementioned vegan mayos use aquafaba from soy beans – but Rubies’ aquafaba is a byproduct of the hummus industry.

‘‘We were inspired to get back into the kitchen after we saw a vegan foodie blogger was making gorgeous looking meringue with aquafaba, saying it performed just like egg whites,’ says Rubies co-founder, Jenny Costa.’

*You just had to bring it back to physics, Clicky… /rolls eyes… *

Rubble scratch

*Yeah… /pats snout… I don’t understand it either… /final drag… Shall we wrap this one up?*

Hold Your Horses

*What?… /stubs butt…*

chickpea crisis

*Oh fuck! Well that’s even more of a reason for hummus producers to sell their been water to the vegans… Waste not, want knot…*

Apparently, we are in the midst of a great ‘Chickpea Crisis‘, Dear Reader…

Scooby snigger

*I know! Shh…*

‘The price of popular brand Me Too! has gone up by 12p for a 250g pot and 19p for a 500g pot. But the makers say the price rises have been down to the supermarkets.’

Whoa! Brand #metoo is getting kinda pricey. I think we need a Song 😉


22 thoughts on “Chickpeas A Chance

  1. Been thinking about this/these verse(s) a lot for a while now, but I really just/only connected it to a few things…

    5 But if the servant declares, ‘I love my master and my wife and children and do not want to go free,’
    6 then his master must take him before the judges. He shall take him to the door or the doorpost and pierce his ear with an awl. Then he will be his servant for life.
    Exodus 21: v 5/6

    16 But if your servant says to you, “I do not want to leave you,” because he loves you and your family and is well off with you,
    17 then take an awl and push it through his earlobe into the door, and he will become your servant for life. Do the same for your female servant.
    Deuteronomy 15: v 16/17

    I notice, that more and more tags and marks are being added to animals of awl kinds. Not to mention marks being made here and there within all kinds of flora. I wonder sometimes about the angry nature of “flushing prey”, especially when your prey is rumored to be a predator. That allows a nice segue into the art(s) of communication(s). Did I mention, that I’ve used some tags in this comment? HTML ones. I digress.

    Has language “gotten” lazy? Or has language always been lazy.

    I mean, you don’t use ten words, when three will do…right? Maybe all this nonsense over people texting too much, is bullshit. Maybe people have a desire to better communicate, and it takes a while to figure out how to do that?

    I dunno, I guess what I am getting at, is perhaps there are times of confusion, like anything else.

    Just really wanted to pass along those verses.

    X: We want you to do a balancing act.
    Cade: With what?
    X: Awls.
    Cade: Where?
    X: On your finger tip.
    Cade: How many?
    X: Awl of em.
    0: ba da ching
    Cade: 🙂

    ^deadmau5 – There might be coffee (Cover Art)^

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    1. Another thing that the egg video has me to thinking about…Big Swirl & Big Bang.

      Membranes, branes, burrowing through time. Pressure(s), and what allows them to be created. Just thinking that if inflation/expansion and deflation/contraction are both valid concepts, the premise that it’s always one or the other makes no sense to me. I mean, yeah, it does…but no, it doesn’t. I guess I’m thinking vectoring and sectoring here. It’s likely that the vacuous nature of space is likely driven by many more things than just and only black holes, but perhaps that black holes are where vacuums originate. Perhaps the vacuums we “artificially” create here are microcosms of building blocks for the dynamics that create and/or feed black holes. Just been thinking about Hawking Radiation and other aggregate energies a lot lately. It really has me to thinking about electromagnetic/electrostatic radiation(s) that we create with our electro-gadgetry, sounds, smells, and…The Bloop.

      Anyway, science will likely say that a black hole does one thing and one thing only, depending on which side of the event horizon you are standing on. This here, that there. But I think that contextually, this may not be completely accurate, and certainly not always. Then again, I’m a complete fuckup, and rarely get anything right…so…yeah…digress I do.

      I would imagine, that if one were to build a structure on the face/surface of our planet, in the right place, at the right time…it would be enough of a force to completely redirect the existing flow of gasses so as to permanently change fluidic flow(s) on the entire planet. In turn, this structure could likely be augmented later to further change the dynamics, either via changing the original structure, or building more elsewhere.

      I guess I’m thinking about the concept of “terraforming”, and using The Great Pyramids and some other ancient shit as a model. I just don’t think it’s as simple as “Oxygen + Water = Paradise”. I mean, yeah…it’s a base, but who knows how many bases that base stands on?

      If you are thirsty and/or need to take a breath…yeah, important stuff. But…bread?

      ^ATTLAS – You (Close)^

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