Missive From ‘Merica: “Fore!” *…/golf clap…*

fore (adj.)

fore (adv., prep.)

Old English fore (prep.) “before, in front of, in presence of; because of, for the sake of; earlier in time; instead of;” as an adverb, “before, previously, formerly, once,” from Proto-Germanic *fura “before” (source also of Old Saxon fora, Old Frisian fara, Old High German fora, German vor, Danish for, Old Norse fyrr, Gothic faiura “for”), from PIE *prae-, extended form of root *per- (1) “forward,” hence “in front of, before.”

Now displaced by before. In nautical use, “toward the bows of the ship.” Merged from 13c. with the abbreviated forms of afore and before and thus formerly often written ‘fore. As a noun, “the front,” from 1630s. The warning cry in golf is first recorded 1878, probably a contraction of before.

I am in possession of a new missive from Cade, Dear Reader, and it’s kind of on the massive side. As I have just returned from the office Christmas lunch – where I only slightly over indulged – I thought I’d split the missive up for you into four sumptuous courses…

*Whatever, Clicky… I’m too fucking stuffed to move… /blows out cheeks… In fact, you’re gonna have to do this for me, okay? …/rolls into fat fetal shape and softly groans…*

Hopefully Clicky and I can complete this for you today, so you don’t have to wait…


What…in the flying fuck…is up with you fucking fuckheads?

Me too.
^Foetus – The Overture from Pigdom Come^

Let’s get started off on the right foot, by preparing to be wrong.

The Disgusting, Illiberal, Interfering, Busybody, Antismoking Habit

As I read the first few bits of CFrank’s latest, the thing that struck me as I read it was “are you prepared to be wrong?”. Dunno why that started to resonate in my head as I read, but it did.

"Are you prepared to be wrong?"

I guess we’re always prepared to be right. But once you reach the edge of The Universe, or summit the highest peak, or descend to the lowest low, are you prepared to turn and view the ground you’ve covered? Are you prepared to look upon the distance(s) traveled? Are you prepared to see the ripples of your wake? Are you prepared to deal with the ripples that will be generated as you reflect on these things, irrespective of what they are?

^benny benassi feat. channing – come fly away^

Have you learned anything lately? Me too. Although I either:

A) cannot currently recall what it is that I learned, or

B) you prolly don’t give a flying fuck about whatever is that I’ve learned.

So, that begs a question as to the difficulty in putting words into someone else’s mouth.

Isn't that what I just did?

If I assume that you’ve no interest in hearing about what I’ve learned, haven’t I just put words into your mouth? Put an idea into your head?

Maybe we could talk about it over a beer someday. Or even coffee or tea…I like those things too.

^Boris Brejcha – Night Owl (Original Mix)^

Q: Is it wrong to dream?

A: ?¿?

Or is that subjective, based on the subject matter of the dreams and/or dreaming?

^Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Gigamesh Edit)^

I got to go on a date last night.

It was disastrous.

I didn’t bother to show up because I didn’t have anyone to go on a date with.

^Everything But The Girl – Missing (Javier penna Deep Remix)^

I prolly should be doing something else right now, but I’m not. I’ve been quite sickly over the last few days, and was puking my guts up yesterday. I guess that would explain why my chest and abs are so sore. Maybe if I started to exercise I could drop this fat, lardy body of mine and be sexy and appealing again. Anyway, yeah…prolly should be doing something else, but I’m doing this instead. Now all I need is for someone to tell me “you’re only cheating yourself” to make the circle complete.

But in all fairness, I’ve been trying to be better about dividing my time. Part thinking, part writing. Wait…I’ve been doing that for a coupla years now. Maybe the exercise bit is what I need. But what happens if one of my ankles goes out? Or one of my knees? Or I pull a muscle in my chest? Or my back goes out?

THEN WHAT?!?!?!?!?

Or should I not think like that? What am I getting at? I dunno. So lemme cut to the chase…

Q: If “psychic communication” is a viable and available option, why the need to continue using “normal” communication methods?

A: !!!

There’s a story I read somewhere about a small part of the whole asking “what is the darkness”? That got me to thinking not only about contrast(s), but it also got me to thinking about need(s). How does darkness relate to communication(s)?

Welp, if you open one communication office, and close another, what happens to the communication office you close? There’s a host of questions I could pose here about preferring one communication method to another. But it seems to me that communication is still key.

^Benassi Bros – Light^

What do I mean by that last line in the previous bit? Welp, you got loads of organizations and/or groups that are monitoring any and every communication medium and method that they can plug into via any method or means that they can plug into it. Monitoring and listening. Aggregating and amassing. I can intentionally be coy, dodgy, and even misleading…but what does that say about me? What does that say about what I am saying?

Supposedly, we all of us are supposed to walk the straight and narrow. But how do we learn to do that? Especially in a world where “walking the straight and narrow” appears to be completely effortless by some.

^Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again (Freemasons Remix)^

If a thought carries a certain resonance, what does that say about the thought that manifests itself into words? I myself have been accused of, believe it or not, not being very verbose. Not verbose enough. Not saying a certain something enough. Not saying it with enough enthusiasm. Not saying it loud enough.





Nope…nothing going on in my head.

Nothing at all.
^Depeche Mode – Policy Of Truth [Beat Box Mix]^

Um…speaking of communications…I’ve followed a few more people on Twitter. Just poking my head out a bit more to see what people are talking about. Anyway, I’ve noticed a trend or two of people accusing Twitter of “targeting” them directly. Someone isn’t able to get notifications, or someone cannot follow someone else, or someone cannot unfollow someone, or someone blocked me who says they didn’t block me…all kinds of crazy shit.

I doubt very seriously that Twitter “targets” people in any way other than usual moderation types of flagging that are similar to that used in other mediums of Internet communications. I mean…where there is smoke, there is fire…right?


Someone has to watch the watchers. I digress.

Anyway, I would just like to add, that my Twitter has never worked worth a flying fuck. Not to mention, it’s obvious that Twitter is in the big middle of making major modifications to the way Twitter works. I’ve noticed that for a coupla months now. Shit disappearing, then reappearing, then it works, then it doesn’t. Seems to me that Twitter is most likely doing a phased roll-out of new features and/or modifications to existing features. If so, cleaning out your browser cache on occasion can most likely help you keep any garbage or malfunctioning crap to a minimum.


^MJ – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough (Maxi Extended Rework Edit) [1979 HQ]^

I would like to make a recommendation here, and this is a personal recommendation based on quite a few years of using this tool.


It’ll clean up a lot of crap off your computer, and will let you do it with a lot of customizations. Such as saving certain cookies when cleaning your browser cache. This allows you to stay logged-in to any sites you are logged into by keeping the cookies for certain sites. Just go into settings on CCleaner, then select the sites you want to keep cookies for.


They also have some tools for wiping the empty space on your hard drive, which will actually free up a lot more space, and they also have a secure delete feature that will delete files by overwriting them instead of simply deleting them. BRB…my Twitter just crashed.

Srsly :/
^One Night in Bangkok (CHESS) Murray Head^

Q: Is it wrong for me to be romantic/think romantic thoughts/dream romantic dreams?

^Heaven or Las Vegas – Cocteau Twins cover^


*/holds chest… Heartburn! Got any indigestion tablets, Clicky?*

*/rolls eyes… Doesn’t really help…*

Part Two will be along imminently, Dear Reader. Or soon after…


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