Past Presents Yet To Come…


*Mellow, Clicky… Nice! …/lights up…*

The 8th December, was the anniversary of John Lennon’s death in 1980, Dear Reader. 37 years ago; I was reminded of that day whilst reading Blue Frank‘s post yesterday about May Pang, John Lennon’s girlfriend, briefly, in 1973…

*Weird, Clicky… /drags… Red Frank has a new MEROVEE post up today about a black hole discovery that’s puzzling scientists…/taps ash… created just after the Big Bang, like…*

Merovee The Grand Unifying Theory of Everything

*GUT of everything? …/drags… As John Lamb Lash mentioned at the end of his last talk… ‘See colon backslash’ …/blows smoke ring… The singularity… /stubs butt… I asked my good friend, ‘The Gut Doctor’ about 137 before, Clicky…*


*Roob-ID-I-um… /lights up…*

Rubidium-87 has a half-life of 48.8×109 years, which is more than three times the age of the universe of (13.799±0.021)×109 years, making it a primordial nuclide.

…Knot only that, Dear Reader, it was but a year ago, on December 8th 2016, that the very first Underdog Anthology was published. I was reminded of this reading Leggy update on the upcoming Christmas edition, posted last night…

The Good The Bad And Santa

*Leggy just emailed me a complete final copy, Clicky… /puffs merrily… It looks fucking AWESOME!!!*

Underdog Christmas Anthology Content

*That’s interesting, Clicky… /stubs butt… ‘Christmas Ever’ covers page 137… /lights up…*

There’s an additional treat included with three illustrations Leggy drew way back in the 80s. Three perfect Santa cartoons that illustration Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come perfectly…

…And, Dear Reader, you may notice from the Contents page that a certain missive writer from Text US has a story included. I had the most enormous fun last weekend editing ‘Christmas Ever’, as Cade wrote it…

There is a real treat in this one for those who enjoyed Brian W. Aldiss’s excursions into the deeper, stranger SF regions. If you re-read his shorts such as ‘As for our Fatal Continuity’ and ‘Send Her Victorious’ (in ‘Comic Inferno’, well worth a read if you can still get it and the title story is in much the same vein too), and his novel ‘The Eighty-Minute Hour’ (which I read several times) then you are going to love this one. I’m not telling you the title yet, but I will when it’s ready to go.

*/squints… What’s that red book Cade’s using, Clicky?*

The Red Book Backdrop

*/rolls eyes… Figures… /continues to smoke…*

Sew… hopefully, Dear Reader, ‘The Underdog Anthology IV: The Good, the Bad and Santa’ will be available to everybody…

children warning

*/coughs… Don’t give Leggy ideas, Clicky!*

… Um, nearly everybody sometime before Thursday. I will post a link when it is and let you have a look at the Afterword corruption. In the meantime, have a good week, don’t be mean and… Have a Song… 😉

*/puffs… Clicky! I find the new title of that Song highly offensive… /streams smoke… Get another…*

7 thoughts on “Past Presents Yet To Come…

  1. That’s the first time I’ve seen film evidence of a contract signing.
    It’s the coldest night so far here, the greenhouse is actually frozen shut, so we’re having ice cream later 😉

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    1. To be fair, Legs, Cade is a bit of a pioneer in filming evidence…

      *Fuck the Harry Potter crowds, Clicky… Best book opening ever…*

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  2. You think it’s possible to ravel and unravel at the same time?
    I think it is, but I’d still like to hear your opinion if you have one. ❤

    Reading some comments over @ Merovee earlier has me to thinking about the fixation with "where" as it relates to origins.

    Ironically, I unfortunately wandered off on that very topic earlier today, and there was nothing but void in my thinking. That usually happens when my mind wanders there tho. Almost like the void is pulling so hard and so long on my train of thought, that thinking about "the origin of origins" has the effect of having to stop at each and every particle in the entirety of existence in order to accurately calculate how to give an appropriate answer.

    Why would that be? Welp, best I can figure is that time is always rolling. That there is always a simultaneous process of winding and unwinding. Just gotta keep in mind that some rugs are bigger than others. Some sweaters are bigger than others. Materials and usages differ, and especially over time.

    I personally try and avoid this "forgetting" nonsense, because it's yet another one of these absolutes that is mum as to "when" and "where" and a bunch of other shit. To me anyway, it smacks of the "if you smoke, you will die" types of mentality. That kind of thinking has a multi-faced reach than can spin the text in all kinds of directions…
    "if you smoke, you will die"
    "if you smoke, smoking will kill you"
    "smoking kills"
    "smoking causes cancer"
    You can modify those ad-nauseum, ad-infinitum. Maybe some are addicted to ads and ad campaigns and the like? Maybe if belief falls off in one area, it picks up in another? Like some galactic tug that sometimes requires belief, irrespective of particulars. Maybe also why some are wandering around looking for something and/or someone to believe in, and why these numbers modulate and fluctuate as they do?

    Anyway, it's ironic that all origins and destinations are the same. But in either case, you have to weave your way back to them. Kinda like my "I'll be here when you get back" Tweet I made the other day with respect to "liberty". Not suggesting that all loops are the same, because they certainly are not. I we are looking for a well, but we don't actually need to visit the well, maybe that's why we can't find one.

    All that said, I still see three times, that merge to create a 4th, there are 4 base dimensions of time and that's the best that I can muster. The 5th and beyond dimensions of time are fuzzy as fuck, and would prolly bore to tears because the spans are either A) ridiculously long, or B)ridiculously short. This has the effect(s) of making either span almost impossible to see, and very difficult to experience. But thinking about it now, maybe that's why that 8th dimension of time that I see is so dark. /me shrugs

    Thanks for the kind words Roob, and same goes for LegIron. I'm humbled.
    /me bows to you both

    ^Paul Keeley "Only" [HQ]^

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    1. I know where my mind went to as soon I saw your smoking cigarette image, Cade. Btw, fantastic image – it looks hyper-real 😀 My mind went to 23rd April 2014, which is a when. Now, I cannot remember what I was doing that day exactly – it was a Wednesday; I was probably at work. The minutia of that particular day is entirely lost to me butt, yeah, 23rd April 2014. Here’s where 😉

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