Fields of Dream

Have you ever watched a movie that had an affect on you, Dear Reader? Viscerally speaking, I mean…

*/sniff… No, Clicky, don’t… /hitch… No spoilers… /wipes eyes… That still makes me cry…*

In 1989 I went to see the film ‘Field of Dreams‘. It was on the opening weekend at the Empire cinema in The Haymarket of London’s West End. Barry Norman on ‘Film ’89’ a few days before had given it a rave review and I was keen to see it. So on a cold, dark Sunday evening in late November, Mother and I went along to watch it. She bought the popcorn; Result!

Toward the end of the movie, when Doc Graham steps over the line to save the child, I started to cry. I managed to keep my blubbing under control for the sake of Mother and the rest of the audience, but as we left the cinema, the cold night air hit me and I became somewhat hysterical…


*Very ugly and loud…*


*Okay, not that ugly… /rolls eyes…*

I couldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t move. Embarrassed at first, then a little worried, Mother managed to lead me to the bus stop across the road, where I cried solidly for the half hour while we waited for the number 1 bus. Then I cried all the way home.

It’s a pity Mum’s dead now; she told the story so much better than me – you may think I’m a bit soppy but she would have had you pissing your pants…

I’ve been having weird and involving dreams this week, Dear Reader. I felt quite ill upon waking on Monday morning, like my insides had been pummeled all night. Thoughtful Man and I had spent Sunday evening bingeing on Chinese food and ‘Stranger Things’. It’s what I dreamed of…

*Oi! Spoilers, Clicky!! We only got up to episode 6 of series 1… /pouts… For fuck’s sake…*


I felt ill all day and ended up having an early night. I didn’t dream of Stranger Things that night…

Roob tells Cade her dream

Roe v. Wade is a landmark decision issued in 1973 by the United States Supreme Court on the issue of the constitutionality of laws that criminalized or restricted access to abortions.

A strange thing for a “Limey” to dream about. A US Supreme Court ruling on abortion is not something you think about much, let alone dream of. But it was even stranger to later hear someone talking about aborted foetuses…

*/lights up… Lashy recorded and posted that yesterday, Clicky… /drags…*

“The Archons are not alive; they do not breathe for instance. An Archontic entity does not breathe. It operates on an electrical field, grounded in a mercury base and sealed in a number of silicon formats that are the equivalent to the intel chips in a computer. I’m talking now principally about the embryonic form of the Archons described in the Gnostic texts, as resembling the aborted foetus.”

*Yeah, that don’t help… /streams smoke…*

Anyhoo, no notes from the talk this time, as it’s the first part of two or three talks explaining how and why the vaunted AI So Fear is a fraud. And inviting rebuttal. I wonder if he’ll get any.

My only interaction with that kind of technology was to be introduced to Pepper. It told someone off for swearing, I really don’t think it’ll approve of me smoking. But then, it is programmed by and for Public Health 😉


As for last night’s dream…

Roob tells Cade her other dream

*That’s enough, Clicky, go get something from Level 42… /pats snout…*

Dear Reader, have a Song 😀

9 thoughts on “Fields of Dream

  1. A girl is more than a gun? A firearm? A weapon?
    My father was always a big stickler on parlance with respect to firearms. Refer to them first as weapons, at any and all times, no exceptions. I guess it allowed for the divisions and classifications to be understood better, if you start from a base of “weapon”. The logic being, “guns are designed to kill…period, end of discussion.” That opens the door for contemplation as to the components of the “weapon” part and parts.
    “Never point a gun at anyone you do not intend to shoot.”
    “Never shoot anyone that you do not intend to kill.”
    Shit like that.

    ^CHVRCHES – Gun^

    It appears that J.G. Thirlwell not only knows how to read, but actually does so!!! Whodathunkit?

    ^Book Friendzy #3 in conversation with J.G. Thirlwell^

    Watching that vid got me to thinking about channeling, and what it takes to channel.
    A: A fuckton of work.
    Prolly why art and arts of all kinds seem so angry to some upon a first viewing and/or experience.
    That said, tons of beauty irrespective or origin(s).

    ^Foetus – Into The Light^

    No idea what I’m talking about. Just rambling. This comment is more about sharing the videos than anything. Rambling a bit to keep them spaced a bit. 😉

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    1. No dreams last night, Cade. Or at least none that I could remember when I woke up…

      *Oh yeah, thanks, Clicky… <3*

      You can always count on Tobacco Control to weaponize ideas. They have lots and lots and lots of money to buy the finest advertising brains to get their twisted message across…

      You know I reckon tobacco bans were the thin end of the wedge to split society, shatter communities, fracture families – for goodness sake, we’re seeing the fat end of it coming through now with ‘Obesity Epidemic’ – well, I also don’t see why we can use their own ‘weapons’ on them. A thin end is a thin end, and a trigger is a trigger, right? And in their relentless pursuit of a ‘Tobacco Free World’, these evil cunts leave their weapons lying around, willy nilly. Any fucker could pick them up! Even kiddies…

      The do gooders’ concern for children is…

      *Excellent, Clicky! …/pats snout… ‘creepy’ and ‘touching’ in one image…*

      And they have absolutely no sense of humour, Cade. No concept of…

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