Adventures In Remote Viewing: When Scriblerus Met Dribblerus

Good news, Dear Reader! Double good news in fact, as there is a Missive From ‘Merica in the works from the Okie Devil of Text US, and that will be ready for you tomorrow.

But first, we were excited to hear on Tuesday that the Library of Libraries has been inducted into an online gang of scribblers…

*LoL, Clicky… /rolls eyes… It’s a dream come true…*

… Called Martin Scriblerus…

*/lights up… Loosely based… /drags… on a collaborative group of satirists in the past… /plumes smoke…*

*Exactly, Clicky. Satire’s booming…*

*It’s a sign of the times…*

…You’ll find a permanent link to the Martin Scriblerus site on the sidebar, to your left. It has some excellent bloggers, Dear Reader. Do go take a look…

*You do know that if Dear Reader takes your advice, Clicky… /flicks ash… they might not come back for the rest of the post…*

The other equally surprising and delightful occurrence on Tuesday was the movie Cade and I remote viewed. I came across it quite by accident…

… The only ‘Professor and the Madman’ I’ve heard of before were a couple of wonderful podcasts from my favourite online philosophy lecturer, Wes Cecil…

… But a historical biopic about the labours of birthing the Oxford English Dictionary? With a glorious cast, studded with Oscar winners? Sounds like my kind of movie; why had I never heard of it before?!

*Indeed, Clicky… /drags… Shit happens… /streams smoke… Poor Mel…*

… So Cade and I remote viewed ‘The Professor and the Madman’ and then discussed it afterwards, sparking all sorts of connections as we went…

*Yeah, I had to stop at that point to mop up the tears and blow my nose…*

*Lashy reckons the ancient Gnostics described the Aeon Sophia as a plasma entity… /final drag… Before she turned herself into the Earth that is…*

*Whoa, that U Tuba’s avatar is Spider-man? What’s the name? …/stubs butt… Sounds familiar…*

… So, three LoL recommendations for you today: One – visit Martin Scriblerus and check out the bloggers there; two – ‘The Professor and the Madman’ is an absolute gem of a movie of some fascinating history, and most definitely worth seeking out. Finally, three – come back tomorrow for a brand new missive; Cade has sent a corker 😀

We’ll see you then, Dear Reader. Have a Song…

11 thoughts on “Adventures In Remote Viewing: When Scriblerus Met Dribblerus

      1. Actually, I am right pissed off about it. Just don’t tell anyone, otherwise I might look a bit pathetic, although this is always a possibility. Me being a bit pathetic I mean.

        But, I work my socks of trying to fascinate everyone about Rural Life in Brittany, only to be ignored. Did I inadvertently ship up in the wrong place? And it was a bit of a ship wreck, albeit a very nice one.

        What a tale I heard today. This very aggressive Goose attacked my son in a half hearted fashion and then when his owner turned up to rescue Robin this Goose put it’s head down and grovelled just like O’Connor does when he wants to be loved. O’Connor does this to me every day when I wake him up to go out into the garden to have an effing pee before he gets any other ideas. Big time pees first thing in the morning

        Such strange things are animals. A Goose and a Dachshund.

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        1. Bloody hell! A goose and a dachshund feature in the story I’m currently writing for Underdog Anthology XIV :O

          *Are you trying to suggest Elena has stole my thunder, Clicky? /squints…*


  1. You’ve joined the darksy artsy fartsy meadowlarksy world of the occult! Secret handshakes, demon summoning, orgies in the forest, maybe some charitable work here and there, and of course the occasional telephone pledge drive to beg for cash in order to fund the whole mess.

    Anyway congrats, and lets celebrate!

    Martinis all around!

    How bout some Sibelius whilst we wait for our drinks.

    ^Jean Sibelius – Finlandia^

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      1. I got to see/hear the Dallas Symphony Orchestra play some Sibelius when I was in my late teens, but admit I’ve not chased his music much.

        That Valse Triste is absolutely lovely tho. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. EXCELLENT!!!!!! I listened to a good bit of the slave-o-meter talk. Good show. And excellent shamble, Roob. Yep. Mars has entered gemini.
    I have some questions, gemini. I have wondered what you think of this…when I think you guys, I feel a bond, but it is a freer bond because it is aetherical. But I also love seeing material form too. I think the people I know of merovee have a special bond that way. What do you think? Do you feel less emotional towards us/we? Because I think its an entire new dimension.

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    1. And I don’t feel less emotional, just different. Sometimes something on merovee will bother me a lot more than what is around me physically. Is that weird?

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      1. I’ve been thinking about how Merovee has changed since I first posted there at the end of 2012, and last night Cade and I remote viewed The Zero Theorem, which was like a Mento dropped into Merovee’s Coke when I posted the trailer for it there in 2014…

        Questioning Qohen-sidance?


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