Oh What A Fluster! */cluck…*

Fluster (v) early 15c. (implied in flostrynge), “bluster, agitate,” probably from a Scandinavian source (compare Icelandic flaustr “bustle,” flaustra “to bustle”), from Proto-Germanic *flaustra-, probably from PIE *pleud-, extended form of root *pleu- “to flow.” Originally “to excite,” especially with drink; sense of “to flurry, confuse” is from 1724. Related: Flusteredflusteringflustery. As a noun, 1710, from the verb.

A bit of an omnishambles for you now, Dear Reader…

*/lights up… Class are fick? That’s a bit harsh, Clicky… /puffs…*</i>

I have a post in moderation over on MEROVEE. See, I took a selfie…

Roob in moderation on Merovee

*Yeah, the skeleton of a post… /drags… Knot fleshed out…*


*It’s released? /cough… No point me continuing with this post… /huffs… Fucking pointless exercise…*

Um… Apparently my MEROVEE Friday afternoon scribblings have been set free, Dear Reader. You can go read it now. Only if you wanna…


*Oh… /sucks smoke… Homework, Clicky?! …/snorts smoke… Well okay then, if you wanna try…*

*/clicks tongue… Gotcha… /pats snout…*

Dear Reader… Have a Sit Com 😉


13 thoughts on “Oh What A Fluster! */cluck…*

  1. It’s funny…as I was digging through my boxes this week, I opened a particular one, and “A Town Like Alice” was sitting right on top. To tell the story of how I found that book…well…it’s quite a fantastic one. One that stains credibility.

    I don’t expect that anyone reads all of my bullshit, let alone any of it. That said, there’s been some “revelations” of sorts that I never would have considered. Things that we “take for granted” tend to tip into the absurd…
    EX 1: God/The gods/The Universe have Internet access.
    EX 2: God/The gods/The Universe speak English.
    My question has been, that it never would have occurred to me that “God speaks English”, and not just/only some ancient gobbledy-gook that makes your head cave-in if you hear it. Not trying to suggest that God is going to pop in and start speaking English with someone, but it did raise an interesting coupla questions…
    Q: What if God did pop in and start speaking English with someone?
    A: !!!
    Which makes me think of God’s counterpart. No, not that one…the other one. Yeah…THAT one. 😉
    Q: How would you know?
    A: !!!
    Yeah. Were communications between realms possible, how would you know, if you were speaking with God, or Lucifer, or some ancient relative, or someone you never even knew?
    How would you know?
    It’s some scary thought(s) to contemplate.

    Most are gonna rush immediately to religion, or some other organized and know thing or things, ancient or modern, new or old, or maybe any and all of those.

    While contemplating this and other mysteries…I chose a different path.
    Simple: Someone has to do it. Someone has to abandon everything and everyone one, and go it alone.
    Rely on Faith, and Trust.
    That means I rely on Hope, and Hope alone.
    I’m either gonna be right or wrong.
    Hopefully…I’ll be correct. 😉

    I’ve thought about a lot of absurdities, most of which would prolly be considered heresy or abominable or worse, but I cannot believe that there is a constant state of malice that somehow holds sway over this planet and the life that inhabits it.

    Just saying, that there is plenty to hold on to here on this planet of ours. Go outside and catch a breath or twenty. Even if it’s raining or cold or whatever, it’s still something. There’s something joyful about misery when you know that at some point, it will stop. And the rain will stop. The cold will warm.

    If you look for relief…you will find it.

    Hang in there everybody. ❤

    ^Crookers – Remedy (Feat. Miike Snow)^

    Sorry for the ramble Roob.
    So much I wanna say, just still not sure how to say it, nor even if I should.

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      1. Tulpa – Never heard that word as far as I know, but that’s kinda what I think about when trying to ponder this shit I guess. Maybe also when I write the “convos”, but I never really envisioned “creating an imaginary friend” nor anything like that. It’s more of trying to teach myself how to express myself.

        EX: If the question statement was/is this, how would I respond…right now.

        Not even necessarily “how to talk to people” nor “how to say things people want to hear”…cause there are FUCKTONS of people writing books and articles about that bullshit, and most of them are creepy as fuck.

        WAY too much history in my family to even contemplate something so dangerous as creating imaginary friends or actually TRYING to hear voices. My mother and/or ex-wife would have me locked up. Not so sure I’d want to try and “summon” someone to talk to, although I see some stark contrast(s) to the thought(s) and thinking(s) regarding AI. I maintain that the approach and approaches that science is taking via technology is quite…well, a lot of things. Don’t wanna take the/a alarmist path, but this notion that science can take this and these condescending viewpoints and approaches via creating a life-form? Sorry…I can only relate via the way that science treats animals…our environment…eachother.

        I don’t think The Universe created us to die.
        I think that’s EXACTLY what science is doing with respect to AI and/or robotics.
        Creating shit to die.

        All that said, I’ve simply been trying to fathom the concept, mainly because of an Uncle of mine who was in and out of institutions, and eventually wound up in state care, and died alone there at a rather young age. I try to serve my legacy by understanding what he went through, why, and how I can help.

        So that he did not struggle in vain.

        I went trough my own crap with that, but that was via standardized medicine and getting “addicted” to opiates via the system(s) that provide them. I never considered myself addicted, but I wore the hat because they told me I needed to. Irony alert.

        Same shit with A.I. tho. Some AI created billions of years ago by the first civilization to do so, and has been lurking and creeping around The Universe ever since?
        These are the kinds of questions that science, religion and others are forcing me to ponder for the sake of my own children.
        They are gonna have questions.
        They will seek me out for answers.
        I hope that I have them.

        I strive for that daily. But I live here, and now. I cannot rely just and only on ancient this and ancient that, and/or the newest this, or the latest that. I have to sample them all, then temper those findings with everything else, then sit back and wait….see who asks what and when. The “where” in that thought is paramount to me. Being there. And goddamnit…I will fucking be there. I may blow spitbubbles and boogers from laughter with whatever wacky questions they ask me…but I’ll be there.
        It’s a start.

        If I can help one person, all this nonsense is worth it.
        I’ve no answers.

        I used “I” a lot in this.
        I must be egotistical or something.

        ^Deadmau5 – Cyclic Redundancy^


                1. Dunno. I gots no answers. Interesting music choices tho to oppose “the heavy stuff”.

                  I don’t mind mind either of those choices in any of the cases. But what I am on is a timeline that is specific to me, my situation, my goals, blah blah blah.

                  Current focus being, spending a lot of time shuffling through a fuckton of old cassette recordings of my music, because supposedly, someone wants to hear some of it.
                  /me shrugs

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