Missive From ‘Merica: Ten to Three (3)

Lego 10233 Horizon Express

*/rolls eyes…*

I took a train into town today, Dear Reader, with Kit Kat… It’s enrollment day at college…

*Yeah, a lot of going from desk to desk to desk, Clicky, until finally…*

 *It’s fucking pissing down out there… I waited until I got home… /grimace… I gotta do it all over again this afternoon with Loopy…*

*Tell me about it! But Thoughtful Man insists… They’re still our babies…*

The third and final installment of Cade’s latest missive is below. Parts one and two if you wanna catch up. Have fun, Dear Reader, and see you at the bottom 😀


It’s cloudy today, but as of yet, still no rain. I did go look at the radar earlier, and it appears that Harvey is still stuck in the same place and just kinda hovering there. It did appear to be losing some of its shape, but not really. Plus, there was a large swath of storms moving across Kansas and Nebraska. Nebraska…now THERE’S a state we don’t hear from much in “the news”, eh? Must be that targeted regional advertising crap.

But then again, that’s why I used to have links to newspapers from each state from both large and small towns, and the same with countries all over the world. And more than that, I read them. That syndication shit has started to fuck up all the small papers/small-town papers tho 😦

I digress.

Gonna go check again and see what it looks like now. It’s 13:48.

Yeah…still kinda the same as this morning. Although I just noticed just how far east that it extends now. Deep into and across southern Louisiana, and even into southwest and south central/central Mississippi. Some big chunks of moisture coming off Harvey and headed northeasterly. Storms in Iowa and Missouri, and moving southwesterly, but seeing the moisture over The Great Lakes, and combining the motion of these two systems together, lotta cyclonic rotation there.

^Ranji & Tezla – New Ways (Original Mix)^

There’s also something going on out in The Atlantic near the South Carolina and Georgia border(s). I was just talking to my son last night about Ike. Hey! I know someone named Ike.

Hurricane Ike

Ike got me to Bertha…which is where I really wanted to go, considering that Bertha had a unique track. Hey! I dunno anyone named Bertha.

Hurricane Bertha (1996)

Bertha got me to Andrew via the 1992 hurricane season.

1992 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Here’s Andrew now. Hey! I know someone named Andrew.

Hurricane Andrew

That somehow got me to the 1986 Hurricane Season, since it appears that there was also a tropical storm named…Tropical Storm Andrew. How convenient.

1986 Atlantic Hurricane Season-Tropical Storm Andrew

But let’s cruise around the 1986 Hurricane Season for a bit, and she what is there. BLOOPS!!! I mean…SEE what is there. Not she what is there.

Hey! Bonnie. There’s a Bonnie in there. Why does this name ring a bell? I mean, I know a Bonnie, but I don’t really know her. They killed her, so…yeah or something.

Hurricane Bonnie (1986)

Hey! There’s an Earl in there too! Hey! I know an Earl.

1986 Atlantic Hurricane Season-Hurricane Earl

There’s a note in there about some “Ace, TX”…I wonder what that could be all about?

Ace, Texas

Hey! There’s a Frances in there too! Hey! I know a Frances.

1986_Atlantic Hurricane Season-Hurricane Frances

There’s also something here about some “ACE Rating” or some such shit. Let’s see what in the fuck that is all about.

Accumulated Cyclone Energy

I'm a bad boy. A bad bad bad bad boy.
^Sub 6 – Ra he ya (Hi Profile & Reverse Remix)^

HEY! You know what we haven’t done in a while?


Let's do that some other time...k?

Let’sus do some mores let’sing here, and try and figure out what in the FUCK is going on there around Longview, Henderson and Nacogdoches. I had no idea Nacogdoches was spelled like that.

Na Cog.

Salt Wheel?

How bout that.

Salt Wheel/Sodium Wheel.

I wonder if that has anything to do with Grand Saline?

Grand Saline, Texas

I wonder if that has anything to do with Mineral Wells?

Mineral Wells, Texas

I wonder if that has anything to do with Paris?

Paris, Texas

I wonder if Paris has anything to do with Paris?

Paris (Disambiguation)

Learn something new every day, eh?

Oh…and nevermind that weirdness going on in my screen capture. Prolly just an aberration or some other glitch that can be easily explained away.

NOTE: I am currently spellchecking this bullshit, and Google’s Chrome browser just suggest that I change “Nacogdoches” to “Stagecoaches”.

Hmmm…stagecoach(es). Now THERE’S a word/words ya don’t hear every day!!!

^Hyperflow – Namah Shiva (Original Mix)^

You know…that reminds me. My older sister’s son? I flew him out to a fly-in/airshow at Mineral Wells Airport back in 1994 I guess it was. We had a lot of fun. He was pretty young at the time…maybe 10/11, but he handled the flying in a small plane like a champ, and loved the airshow. I got to see Bobby Younkin fly both his Beech 18 AND his Samson biplane.

Mineral Wells Airport

That gets me to thinking about flying into Paris’ airport on my first solo cross-country flight tho.

Cox Field

That’s an interesting shape there at that airport, eh?

Maria Reiche Neuman Airport (Redirected from Nazca airport)

Looks like some someones and some somethings went missing somewhere.

Cessna 208 Caravan

That’s got me to thinking about the Tyler airport, but I’m thinking more about Bobby Younkin more than anything right now.

Masters of Disaster (Redirected from Bobby Younkin)

Hmmm…it seems that something happened on July 10, 2005. Something in…

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Hmmm…now where on Earth/Terra…have I heard that name “Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan” before? I think it was a movie. I think it had someone named Paul Newman in it. It also had a few other people in, and I’m betting that they had names too. May have even had names both inside AND outside their role(s) in the film. I think some fairly famous director directed this movie, but I can’t remember his name either. Maybe it’s Newman’s role in Cars that is fucking me all-kinds of up here. That’s said, I think there was someone named Billy, and I think he was from Moose Jaw.

BTW…speaking of jaws (ba da ching)…, didn’t Samson beat an entire army to death with the jawbone of an ass or something?

^Bobby Younkin Samson NX985PW 1997^
^2004 Sussex Airshow – Bobby Younkin – Twin Beech^

I think that Richard Bach fella had him one of those Cessna 337 Skymasters. I always wanted one of those. A guy that I worked for had one. It was yellow and white, or “banana and creme” if you prefer, but I never got to ride in it. It’s almost like a Cherokee 6, ‘cept completely different…I wanted one of those too. (Cherokee 6…that is). That get’s me to thinking about that P-51 that I read about Bach owning, and he said that particular airplane hated his guts from the moment they met.


But yeah…I think Richard and that aircraft parted ways here in the Dallas area somewhere. Which reminds me, I looked Richard up a few months back…and it looks like he had another incident.


Sorry bout that Richard ❤

Thanks for the reads

^Official – Bitmonx – Give Me Some More^

K…welp…it’s getting on in the day…15:02 now…and I got some beans to nurse.

Lots more I’d like to talk about…but I’m not gonna.

Looks like it’s getting dark outside.

Maybe Harvey is finally coming to call.

Yep…just checked radar again…and Harvey is coming into our area…from the northeast.

Now that’s just unheard of. Around here it’s unheard of anyway. NOTHING comes from the east around these parts. Lessn’ of course it’s Jesus coming back. That’s the only thing that I’ve ever heard of coming from The East, but I’ve never seen it/yet to see it/him or whatever. Anyway, what I have seen tho, is shitloads of storms.

And those come from The West.

Maybe that’s why Jesus is rumored to come from The East.

Be a hell of a thing seeing a storm coming in from The East.

At least, in this part of the world it would be anyway.

^The Calling – Ace Ventura & Vini Vici^


^Deadmau5 – The Oshawa Connection (1080p) || HD^


So, there you go, Dear Reader. Ten pages of OD missiviness converted into three LoL posts for your enjoyment…

… I’ve gotta go catch another train, but please doo have a Song… ❤


4 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: Ten to Three (3)

  1. Was just looking at some old toy(s) that I used to have.

    ^Sometimes you just need to WHEE-LO^

    ^1960s Vintage Whee-Lo Spinning Toy^

    ^Clackers Original 1970s Ball Toy^

    Whee-lo – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whee-lo
    Clackers – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clackers
    So now what I was thinking about Bertha may make more sense.
    Bertha Track – Flip 0

    Bertha Track – Flip 1

    Bertha Track – Flip 2

    Bertha Track – Flip 3

    Maybe Flip 1 will make more sense to some…since in that particular pic, The Sun/Sol will drop in from the top and retreat downwards. If you think about the heating and cooling that both precedes and succeeds the travel track of our sun, there’s not only going to be a lot of pushing and pulling horizontally and laterally, but also vertically. If you put a time on each axis, the master clock will make more sense when there is a “tic” and/or “toc” along any axis. Any tic or toc(change) along any axis affects the other two, which means it affects all three, which is our fourth.

    Prolly still doesn’t make sense. Or maybe it does. I’m just thinking about sound, sounds and silence, and how important silence is to measure loudness, but I’m wondering about our base and bases in this regard. We live on a noisy planet. Lots of standards being set that may fuck us one we have giant batteries rolling around every fucking where.

    ^(RAW 4K) GoPro – Weather Balloon Launch (Down Facing Camera)^

    Yeah…the video above? It’s almost 3 hours long. But the first two hours are pretty fucking incredible, and the last hour-ish is the camera sitting waiting to be found.
    Course, then there’s this one. Watching the sky change might help a little bit with some of the push pull nature of light, and maybe will help with a concept I’ve mentioned before, that I’m gonna mention again.

    ^(RAW) GoPro – Weather Balloon Launch (Upward facing Camera)^

    Q: Is “science” looking for “A Unified Theory”?
    A: Yes
    Why do the job with two, that one will do? What if one will do two?
    Yep…this is about…anti-matter.
    I’ve postulated that it doesn’t exist. Not in the way we think of it. It’s one side of a whole. Yes, it is it’s own whole, but it takes another set to create it. Side A, Side B = Side(s) AB.
    Antimatter is like a firefly. Does a firefly vanish/cease to exist when the sun comes up?

    ^GoPro Weather Balloon to Space | Full Uncut | OLHZN-3^

    Some stunning views in that one above. But if you watch these vids, and imagine yourself as being a passenger/being along for the ride? Maybe they’ll be more interesting.
    This last one has an orange, white and black band that I remember well.

    ^High Altitude Balloon 3 (Camera H4)^

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      1. Awww…too sweet. ❤

        ^Cinema – Skrillex^

        I think the curvature of the Earth/Terra is prolly important to point out as you follow the track of the system. I was just watching Thor over @ ThorNews, and he was talking about some new tropical depression. Can't remember the name, but it started with an "I"…and he said it was being projected to hit somewhere possibly sometime mid-next week…but that got me to thinking a bit about "tornado alley" and the prevailing winds that come into this area from The Pacific, as "well" as Pacific Gyres and The Gulf's role in currents in The Atlantic. If we start thinking about all of the oil and gas(es) that have been removed from this area, all while "rising ocean levels" are still being touted…I gotta wonder…
        Q: What is filling all these holes we are drilling?
        Q: What is filling all of these spaces we are creating?
        Doesn't bode well for the future of geology/geologists, vulcanology/vulcanologists, seismology and seismologists, not to mention the impact on a fuckton of other Earth-sciences. Not gonna hit too hard on "distractions" and/or "attractions to other areas" or anything like that…but…yeah…prolly some diversionary thinking going on in some places.

        ^Jimmy Castor Bunch – Troglodyte^

        Lemme keep going here since I can't sleep. 😛

        Is my ducking and bobbing obvious sometimes?
        Maybe I've read too many "techno-thrillers" and have reached a level of jaded in some part of my psyche that I am not aware of.

        ^jimmy castor – bertha butt boogie^

        This recording is being recorded. Anything you can or say will be recorded in dublicate, and reported to the proper authorities. Copies will also be made available to the legitimate press and media sources, unless fake-news sources are willing to pay more. 😛

        So yeah…erm…I got nothing. Just still wondering what to tell my kids about all of this shit. I'm personally sick of having to entertain this "sorry kids, but some people and their lives are more valid than yours" bullshit. Most of that is related to this "storm-troopers" and/or "shock-troops" bullshit, and most of those types are law enforcement and other paramilitary organizations and NOT the military. I guess some groups are worried about "foreign AND domestic" threats…and others are worried only about "domestic" threats. There's some irony for ya to chew on. No wonder so many are having difficulty knowing which side to join. Lots of hidden players.

        ^Culture Shock – Troglodyte (Original Mix)^

        Which reminds me…did I ever mention that dream that I had long ago, where I dreamed that European and UN and NATO forces were invading The USA? This was prolly 15/20 years ago maybe that I had this dream, but it was one of those vivid ones that has stuck with me. I've thought about it a lot.

        It was kinda like the movie Red Dawn, but very covert. The soldiers had entered the country under other auspices as civilians, donned a uniform at some point, and went into hiding in groups as the invasion shaped up. But for some reason…yeah…a gaggle of European nations were invading The USA under multiple banners. The troops that I personally encountered in my dream were Swedish troops, and they were special forces units that were similar to Pathfinders and/or Rangers in that they had certain strategic objectives to capture and hold.

        The weird thing about this dream? It was financial in nature. Meaning, there were a great many European countries that had already "invaded" the financial sectors, and since they were foreign owned, many of the companies were having difficulty with "their rights" with respect to competition with American owned companies. There were also numerous properties that were being contended because they were foreign owned, and with many American interests going bankrupt while owing foreign banks money, this was how European interests decided to foreclose and take possession. Meaning, they didn't want things sold at a loss, mired in the courts and/or languishing in receivership…they wanted to take possession. I guess things started to fall apart with their financial leveraging, but they had a backup plan, and that backup plan was to take by force.

        I've thought about that dream for many years. And seeing how America can sometimes be led around like a bully looking for a fight? Yeah, I can see some conspiratorial angles to certain happenings and goings on. I've seen it for a long time. But that doesn't make it so. Lots of countries have taken a fist to the nose over the past 5/6 decades…and I cannot see European peoples as being…erm…happy about such a plan. Maybe I'm wrong. Dunno. Just know that my dream has haunted me for a long time.
        /me shrugs

        I don't think I've ever wrote about that dream in my recent writing.
        Not that I've written about my dreams much at all.
        Scary stuff.

        ^InsideInfo – Metamorphosis (feat. Miss Trouble) (Lyric Video)^

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        1. One last thing here…and that’s going to involve “the prism” as it relates to light.

          I was re-watching the “downward view” weather balloon video, and doing some more thinking about all of the dividers and divisions that are depicted in that video. Lots of them. But what occurred to me was…
          “There are many places that we can get to, but there are not many places to go.”
          Looking at all the roads and fences and plots and properties…yeah, lots of places to get to with not many places to go. And what I got to thinking about, was those articles that I wrote for John and his wife for their trip to here in a coupla years. It’s actually quite difficult to explain just how difficult it is to go anywhere or do anything in this country and state that I live in, and more and more of our freedoms are being taken from us in our own homes and lives. But that got me to thinking about that aircraft museum that moved from the coast so as to avoid Hurricanes, and it got me to thinking about these long-term plans that we sometimes make that don’t even involve us. We think that we know what will be good for someone else, because it was good for us. But we don’t know them. How in the FUCK can we have the audacity to make decisions for someone we don’t know? I digress.

          ^Avicii – Lonely Together “Audio” ft. Rita Ora^

          A prism is a 3-dimensional object, yet most of the representations of a prism are 2-dimensional that wind up as a 1-dimensional representation. White light goes in, rainbow comes out.
          Not a lot of depth there, even if you add the 90° “twist”.
          The above is not a typo. I’m just thinking about certain things with respect to can and can’t.
          EX: Is it possible to make a prism, that does NOT create a rainbow? Meaning: that the light is able to re-coalesce via some pathway(s) within the prism, and continue on it’s journey intact.
          Q: How many dimensions are missed within a demonstration of “a prism bending light”?
          A: ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?
          How many origins does that/those photon/photons have? We gonna trace it all the way back to “The Big Bang”? Or do you have that kind of time?

          ^SKRILLEX – Bangarang feat. Sirah [Official Music Video]^

          Harnesses and harnessing is what I am thinking about here, and we see how well that worked out for the horse.
          Mustang – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mustang
          Brumby – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brumby
          Mustang Island – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mustang_Island
          Ford Mustang – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Mustang
          Ford Pinto – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Pinto
          Car (Redirected from Automobile) – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Car
          Observer – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Observer
          Q: Where does this “prism” exist?
          A: ¿?¿
          I guess that I personally see no way around NOT excluding all of this shit that we are excluding. We’ve so ignored time, for the sake of time, that time is pertinent and not relevant. Not outside of its pertinence, and we’ve blocked the shit out of it within those pertinence realms, making it irrelevant. How can that be? It doesn’t allow for chance, except with the same blocky exception rules. It doesn’t account for exceptions, except via its own inclusionary thinking, that is exclusionary by it’s own definitions of acceptable and unacceptable.

          ^Juno Reactor -Pistolero (Astrix Rmx)^

          Rush Limbaugh once made a damn interesting observation on his radio show about “The Battle of The Sexes” and/or sexual equality, and I still think about his statement quite a bit. He said something to the effect of…
          “Do you wanna know why “The Battle of The Sexes” ended without firing a shot? Because it allowed for promiscuity with no consequences.”
          I’m paraphrasing there, but it was basically the thought that humans could engage in sexual relations with one another with no fear of recourse. There was more to it than that, and I don’t want to misquote, but that’s what I got from the encounter, and as I sit here and write about these thoughts now, here, August 31st of 2017…there’s much to think about with respect to relationships of all kinds. Lots of information from the past, affecting the present, as we blunder into the future. But what I am thinking about, is this “scientific” notion that nature can be treated any way we choose, and the only consequences that we have to fear, are the ones that we ourselves can think of.

          Man…talk about the fox writing the book on security procedures at the behest of, and for the sake Old MacDonald. Almost makes me think of Frank Abagnale.
          Frank_Abagnale – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Abagnale
          Gonna be a lot of “growing up” to do as we move forward. That means a lot of traversing the back and forths of time and times. Yes…I realize that we are doing that already.
          Q: Do you?
          A: ???
          Yeah…you don’t know me from Adam. You know fuckall about me. Even if you know everything about me. I’m not some stack of papers and documentation…are you? Yeah…it prolly shouldn’t be so damn freaky that we know eachother better than we give credit for. We were raised in the same time and times. That means there are gonna be similarities out the fucking yingyang. You wanna spend forever seeing what matches up where and with who? You ain’t gonna be disappointed…unless you are.
          Q: Now what?
          A: ¿¿¿

          ^Devo-Jerkin’ Back ‘n’ Forth (Highest Quality-Correct Speed)^

          NOTE: None of this particular whatever, nor any other particular whatever, is directed anywhere particular. Not particularly anyway…but whatever. Meaning, it ain’t directed at RooBeeDoo nor anyone else. It’s applicable, or it ain’t. I think that’s prolly where “synchromystics” are gonna get it wrong sometimes. Grab what is applicable, discard what isn’t. Why would that be foolhardy?
          Q: What have we omitted?
          A: Yep…time.
          But that’s your choice, not mine.

          ^Devo – Theme + Jerkin’ Back ‘n’ Forth + Jesus In My Stew + Working in a Coalmine [10-9-81]^

          Sorry…”crossing the streams” here…and it gets nutty when that happens.

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