Missive From ‘Merica: Ten to Three (2)

Lego 10232 Palace Cinema

*Now there’s an expert at blithering idiocy, Clicky…*

Part 2 to yesterday’s Part 1 of this here missive from Cade for you now, Dear Reader. Clicky and I will meet you at the bottom. Enjoy! 😀


Let’s get back to what I was looking for in the Buy-Bull.

Leviticus 26:19

Nope…that ain’t what I was looking for…great verse tho.

Numbers 30:2

Hmmm…welp…just, never make any vows or oaths, and you’ll be good to go and never have to get bitch-slapped for fucking up. I’m gonna get bitch-slapped for suggesting that making an oath, to never make an oath, is a good and prudent course.

Deuteronomy 31:16

Well that’s not a happy thought. Let’s keep digging.

1 Samuel 2:33

Sheesh…this is a Sunday. Ain’t there any good news? Maybe I should go to The New Testament since that’s supposedly where all the good news is.

Leviticus 11:33

I went backwards there a bit, and that’s more along the lines of what I was thinking about/looking for, but that’s still not it. That said, lots to think about there with respect to cookware and/or flatware/silverware, eh? I mean…these days? Fuckit…break out the Dawn dish detergent. I’m sick and tired of following these rules, fucking up, then having to do it all over again. THIS IS INSANITY!!! But I digress.

Jeremiah 18

Yeah…some synchronistic kinda “synchy” or “syncy” or “stinky” or whatever kind of bullshit going on there. And that’s pretty much what I was looking for. I mean, isn’t “the bad news” still good news? Like your parents telling you to get your shit together. Hell, or even you telling your own damn self to get your shit together.

I don’t mind rules and regulations, nor even their application. What I don’t like tho, is this presumption of fairness and justice if you, who wrote these rules and regulations, are also applying them to others. Maybe there’s one more verse that can come in handy here…

Leviticus 26:36

Not exactly what I was thinking about, but it'll do.
^Morten Granau & Emok – 3rd Eye^

Nobody wants to become irrelevant. Especially if you’ve spent your life striving to become relevant. I guess that’s why I prefer to try and be patient and let things develop. And don’t tell me

“that’s because you are a spineless pussy who is afraid to make decisive decisions because of potential consequences, and the guilt you’ll feel for making those decisions/being decisive.”

Hmm…making a decision, to let others make their own decisions. YEP!!! You nailed it. No decision has been made.

Here’s the thing…I can make decisions the live long day. The problem is, that if you don’t do your own thinking, my decision may not make sense to you. Especially if it’s one of those pertinent and timely decisions. I have no problem taking the heat for a bad decision. I make decisions all the time and many, if not most of them, are prolly bad ones.

^Ranji – Can’t See – Official^

If we come to a crossroads and you don’t know which way to go, and you ask me “which way?”

… and I point and say “thataway”…

and you respond with “why that way?”

…my response is prolly gonna be…

A: Can we talk about that on the way/en route? We really need to get moving.

Yep. Decision making is not easy. But I’ll do it. I’ll make it. Unless you want to.

I’m kinda cautious like that.

Just think of myself.

Which means I’m thinking of you.

How selfish of me...eh?
^Captain Hook & Astrix – Bungee Jump (by JJc)^

So…in the previous whatever turned missive, there was a picture of someone’s foot, and the owner of that someone’s foot had been struck by lightning. There were some marks on that someone’s foot that reminded me of Shingles. Not that I’ve ever had random patches just appear, start bleeding, then get all scabby or anything…but yeah…made me think of Shingles.

Speaking of shingles…lotta homes around here being re-shingled lately. We did have all that hail sometime back, and it was indeed a heavy hail that included large hailstones, so yeah…prolly a lot of roof/shingle damage, but I’ll get on with it.

What really interested me about that pic, other than the Shingles looking “wound”, was the epidermis/skin on the person’s foot. Lots of ridges and ring-looking folds within and on the surface of the skin, which gets me to thinking not only about that, but also the connective tissues.

Q: I wonder if this person wears shoes and/or socks all the time?

A: ?¿?

Not assuming this person’s footware preferences or anything, but the were out hiking. So…prolly boots…which means prolly also some heavy-assed socks.

Q: I wonder if this person removes shoes and/or socks immediately upon resting?

A: ?¿?

Just been thinking about the demands that we put on our bodies by sitting in various chairs for lengthy periods of time. If you are then expected, or choose, to go do some vigorous and/or strenuous physical activity to make up for sitting on your ass all day…there might be some shit going on there we hadn’t considered.

Think not only footwear changes, but also the positional associations and compensatory thinking with respect to equalization(s).

^Astrix & Avalon – Moonshine ᴴᴰ^
Hyde teh hookses...fishez si smartzer den u tinx dey iz be.

Cantz gets no nibbullz on no lewurez wif hookz been vizabull.


1292331421_fly-owns-frogCantz gets no fishez wif no nibbuls.


Cantz gets no foodz a(n)/door no moniez wif no fishez.


Needz mo'betta hookzes.
^Symphonix – Sexual Distortion – Official^


I bet you can really slay the hawgs with a lure like that.

(sorry...southern fishing parlance)

Not that I’ve been fishing in a while, but I did used to fish quite a bit. Then, it got to be a hassle. Not to me, to others who wanted to go fishing. They’re always like…

“Man!!! I had no idea that fishing was so complex and so much work!!!”

Welp, why wouldn’t it be?

If you think about all of the people that had to work their asses off to make all that fishing tackle and boats and gasoline and roads to get there, and shit like that just so you can go work your ass off to have fun. Then, once you have your head wrapped around that, your head may not cave in when you think about all the shit it took to create the lake, the structure(s) that support and surround it, the water itself, the fish you are trying to catch, all the shit they need to catch so that they can grow up big and strong so you can in turn catch them…

yeah...it's a lot of work. 

I have no idea what any of that means, nor what any of that means to you. But what I DO know, is that whatshername just knocked on my door, and then asked me if I would cook a pot of beans for dinner, and can I have them ready by 5:30/17:30. It’s 13:05 now, so, looks like I have some work ahead of me.

^Class A – Its Only Dreams^

Ever get the feeling that this “Moon Landing Hoax” business is nothing more than a clever attempt by certain people hinting as to the question of why we are not traveling to The Moon/going back to The Moon? I mean like…keeping “The Moon” and/or moon-travel in people’s minds.

Q: Who gets to go?

A: ...

There’s an answer. Dunno if it was the answer you were looking for, but it’s definitely an answer. Let’s ask it a different way…

Q: Who gets to go to bed tonight without a broken arm or severed hand because they got caught stealing?

A: ...

You really wanna travel that path? Me neither.

Don’t me wrong, I love space travel. But if I cannot travel freely in my own world without hindrance, what are we missing? And this ain’t just about me. There’s fucktons of people like me with not much and nowhere to take it.

Freedom of Movement Under United States Law

Something’s gotten sideways here. You can’t legislate something that doesn’t exist, as if this legislation will make it so. If people were exercising good judgement prior to this law/these laws being created, these laws would be unnecessary. What makes you think they are going to follow them now? Didn’t someone lose?

It’s a pickle…no doubt about it. But squeezing an extra one in or taking one out ain’t gonna change anything except the obvious. Something else is going on here.

Or maybe not.

We’ll see.

Or not.
^Official – Morten Granau – Fuzzy Monkey^

X: It’s about time.

Cade: It always is.

X: No…I meant, it’s about time that you acknowledged my desire to talk.

Cade: It always is.

0: What does THAT mean?

Cade: I dunno. Was just thinking about layers and layering there.

Z: Still wanna go dig in the rocks do ya?

Cade: Would be nice. Dunno where I’d do it tho.

T: I’m thinking that a pool of quicksand might be a good place to start.

Cade: Now that’s just not nice.

T: Never know. Might be something down there.

Cade: Yeah…me.

B: At least there would be rocks down there.

Cade: The ones in my head? Can’t I just…stay up here and we can skip that part?

Z: Skipping around pools of quicksand sounds dangerous.

Cade: …

0: He, (“Cade”), is laughing uncontrollably right now btw. Just…FYI. Give him a second or two to recover. He’s picturing stumbling across a pool of quicksand, and then suddenly, your first instinct is to start skipping around it.

Cade: Where in the FUCK am I going to find a pool of quicksand, and assuming that I do find a pool of quicksand, will it be posted with “NO SKIPPING” signs?

X: Maybe.

T: That makes no sense.

Cade: lolz…but it’s funny.

T: I’ll give ya that.

Cade: What about a pool of quicksand.

T: Yer on your own (ba da ching)

Cade: :/ (wah wah wah)

X: …

0: …

B: Don’t look at me.

A: …

L: …

Z: Don’t ask me.

G: …

Cade: So…to prevent the assumed necessity to proceed further with that list…no one would just…throw me a rope?

X: How much rope do you already have.

Cade: Only what I need.

X: Isn’t that enough?

Cade: Sorry…I though you pack of miscreants wanted to talk about this.

X: I don’t like where the conversation went.

T: Me either.

0: I…

Cade: OK OK…I get it…they get it…we all get it…I’ll stay away from the quicksand pool(s).

X: Assuming that you can.

Cade: Welp, there’s a headline that you don’t see anymore. “MAN DROWS IN QUICKSAND!!!”

Z: That would assume that there is a witness.

A: In your case, it does anyway.

Cade: I’m just wondering about the quicksand. I mean, no one ever asks.. “where did all the quicksand go?”…do they?

X: I’m not answering that.

Cade: Welp, it does move nicely into that thought/those thoughts that I had about alcohol absorption into the bloodstream.

X: And what was that?

Cade: Basically? Spin.

Z: But that’s not all…is it?

Cade: Nope. Never is.

0: Why do you think that is?

Cade: Funny that you would ask. I’m still operating under the premise that I must be needed somewhere for something, otherwise, I wouldn’t be traveling this path.

G: Lot’s to think about there, eh?

Cade: I dunno.

B: Whadda ya mean…”you don”t know?”

Cade: I dunno.

T: Good answer.

0: Agreed-ish.

Cade: I wonder what THAT means? (yawn)

X: You getting tired or something?

Cade: Nope. Just reading into some things there.

Z: Not always a good idea.

Cade: But how would I know, until, unless, and when, I know?

X: Is that an official question?

Cade: No…because I already know the answer.

A: And what is…”the answer”…in that particular case?

Cade: I don’t know.

Z: Good answer.

Cade: …

^Tropical Bleyage – Mala^


*Ah huh… That’s the hiker’s foot that Cade mentions, Clicky… /cocks head inquisitively…*

*…YeEsss… This is the footer… /rolls eyes… Oh for fuck sake! Better roll some rock out for us then, Clicky…*

Dear Reader, we hope you can join us tomorrow for the third and final installment of this missive from the Text Us Okie Devil. Join us then and… Have a Song ❤


10 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: Ten to Three (2)

  1. Two things come to mind.

    Survival and need for money.

    And couldn’t see the song. It’s Groundfrog Day 🙂 .


  2. I’ll put this here since the thread over at Merovee has gotten thin, and this could be long. (associations everywhere)

    In that latest batch of crap over at my own blog, I was trying to express some thoughts about procedural pleasantries that are more or less procedural, depending on how we as individuals approach them. To say that “there is no good, there is no evil” sounds like self-denial to me. I can cite references and pictures and videos till’ Christ comes back, but I’m not gonna.


    Anyway, the Merovee crap, maybe think more along the lines of “dimensional density/densities” and/or “dimensional mass(es)”…and the angular logistics of movement and motion will make a little more sense. Even a stationary object is in motion in some context(s). Relativity and relativistics are prolly gonna fail us here, which most would find ironic when dealing with two separate objects that are traveling at different speeds along different paths, yet are in proximity to one another. Welp, we’ve skipped the notion of entanglement(s), which has caused us to ignore the very thing we are looking at…which is two objects, one encounter.
    Q: Which part of the process are we ignoring now?
    A: The reductionist part that eventually causes you to realize that you have a tiger by the tail.
    It may have been a kitten when you first grabbed that tail, but eventually, you are going to have to free it, or it will seek its own freedom. Thinking about it now, that makes the concept of conflict and conflict resolution not so difficult to understand.

    If physical laws are equally binding, that means they are equally applicable.
    Q: What happens when you grab “A Black Hole” type of tiger by the tail, and just didn’t realize it?
    A: (I can hear the guffaws)
    Marie Curie

    Anyway…yeah…dimensional densities. Facilitators of transference and movements of energy(s), and sometimes even the storage of these energies. (but be careful with that last one)

    So yeah…shapes and shaping. That JennyLunatic lady posted a video on her blog that not only had some bitchin’ sound effects, the diagram at the first of her video was kinda…familiar. I understand what she is saying, and there prolly can be some connections to synapses made there, but I see her swirlies moving in 4 & 7 dimensions that create the 8th. Gotta keep in mind that EVERYONE is different…and the hows and whys of this within scope and scopes is a fucking monster to even think about typing here.

    Facilitators and attractors. Availability. If energy and/or matter, needs to move, and Pathway A is unavailable, that means that Pathway B needs to be found. This is achieved by
    A = X
    X = A
    B = X
    X = B

    X…is always the starting point…that’s where we want to be, we just don’t know where to start.
    When “X” becomes “A”…we now have a more tangible starting point. Roob has a picture in the footer of this missive. (ba da ching)
    A + X
    We know where we are starting, we know where we want to be.
    Be…is the path, hence
    A -> X = A + B = X
    We don’t know the path, hence, B remains a variable. So…
    Q: How do we keep it that way?
    A: The Wheels of Time.

    ^Gary Numan – Bed Of Thorns [Music Inspired By Ghost In The Shell]^

    Sometimes X is always under our feet/we’re already there…even if we aren’t.
    Was relating some stuff to Roob yesterday about energy concentration(s) and focus(es) within crystalline structures and/or chemicals, along with some thoughts about isolation, isolating and isolationist types of thinking, and it wound up with The Dallas Police’s bomb squad getting involved there. There was an interesting “synch” to that thought.


    Shutting up now.

    Article looks great Roob. ❤

    ^Keeping It Together^

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve never seen that clip you found, but that situation looks and sounds familiar. :/
        Can’t/Won’t elaborate here.
        /me shrugs

        And yeah, I was afraid that 2nd video wouldn’t work for those in the UK and maybe elsewhere. I’ve looked for an alternate, but can’t find one. Sorry. 😦

        Maybe this will help ease the pain. 😛
        (assuming that it works)

        ^Stone Roses – Fools Gold(Full Version)^

        BTW, anyone else noticed that YouTube has changed their logo?

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Here’s a cool kick in the pants. 🙂

            ^Starships size comparison^

            ostropest plamisty?
            Milk Thistle?
            Silybum Marianum – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silybum_marianum
            List of Plants Known As Milk Thistle – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_plants_known_as_milk_thistle
            Asclepias (Redirected from Milkweed) – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asclepias
            Milkweed (Disambiguation) – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milkweed_(disambiguation)
            Monarch Butterfly – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monarch_butterfly
            Tetraopes Tetrophthalmus (Redirected from Milkweed beetle) – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetraopes_tetrophthalmus
            Milkweed Leaf Beetle – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milkweed_leaf_beetle
            That gets me to thinking a bit about pest control and plant regulation.

            Liked by 1 person

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