Flying Blind…

Twitter is down for me at the moment, Dear Reader. I wanted to get hold of Leggy to ask if I could publish a paragraph of Cultish

Cultish by Hugo Stone Leg Iron Books Start of Chapter 5

*Clicky, NO! I don’t have permission… And neither do YOU!*

*I know you both worked for Dumey, Clicky… Butt I could get in to trouble!*

rut roh


The paragraph, Dear Reader was to add some context to a comet I left on Red Frank’s latest last night, Where East meets West


*Oh yeah…/lights up…*

… Whereas Leggy posted on Left and Right

*/sings… Any fin goes…*

Meanwhile in the mindlines, The Prez of US is waxing on about East and West… And shifting Pols

*Wise words, dolphin assistant o’ mine… Also knot a good idea to abuse the pilot… /smacks lips… Fancy a swift ‘alf, Clicky?*


*Blue Frank’s place, then… /picks up cigs… Oh and don’t forget to leave Dear Reader a Song…*



4 thoughts on “Flying Blind…

  1. Copyright always belongs to the author. I just have publishing rights.

    Although a snippet advertising the book is always a good thing in my view – and small bits (with the source acknowledged of course) are considered ‘fair use’ in copyright law.

    So i’d say you’re okay to post that little bit.

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    1. Oh, I looked inside, Leggy, like Amazon suggests. The book definitely specifies ‘the publisher’…

      *Yeah, Hugo ain’t gonna mind me promoting his Master peace, Clicky… /puffs fag… Besides, all the characters and situations are from i magi nay shun… /blows smoke…*


  2. I’ve never seen this show, but I’m gonna talk about it anyway.

    ^Doctor Who: 13 Doctors Ranked From Worst To Best^
    That was in the recommended after watching the “Don’t Abuse The Tardis” vid…and “The 7th Doctor” who dangles himself over an ice-cliff for no reason whatsoever, and immediately regrets the decision? That rings a bell for me and I have no idea why. He has a nifty sweater tho.

    Paul McGann/8th Doctor played William Bush in Hornblower.
    Cherie Lunghi played Katherine “Kitty” Cobham / the Duchess of Wharfedale in Hornblower. She also played Guinevere in Excalibur.

    Point being…lots of times, British actors will appear over here in America out of nowhere…and you really never know where they came from, except somewhere in The UK. All you pretty much know, is that they are great actors, and they’ll prolly vanish back to the island(s) at some point, leaving some of us Yanks wondering…”what the FUCK happened to so and so?!?!?!”

    What does all this mean?
    Not a goddamn thing.
    But someone might enjoy thinking about some of this shit.
    /me shrugs

    ^zz top – Pearl Necklace^

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