Flying Blind…

Twitter is down for me at the moment, Dear Reader. I wanted to get hold of Leggy to ask if I could publish a paragraph of Cultish

Cultish by Hugo Stone Leg Iron Books Start of Chapter 5

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The paragraph, Dear Reader was to add some context to a comet I left on Red Frank’s latest last night, Where East meets West


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… Whereas Leggy posted on Left and Right

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Meanwhile in the mindlines, The Prez of US is waxing on about East and West… And shifting Pols

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How Much Crap Can a Shitsack Stack?

The shitsack in question, Dear Reader, being Dr. Stuart H. Kreisman…

Princess Leia ultimately killed by the real Darth Vader

…projectionist par excellence for ‘Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada, with an exclusive opinion piece for the Vancouver Sun

Carrie Fisher’s death, while very sad, can be turned into a meaningful public teaching moment.

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Let’s jump straight in to No. 4 in the list of things the Nazis apparently got right: Anti-Smoking campaigns. Although it wasn’t just campaigning they excelled at. No, they pretty well much produced all the original scientific research, at the behest of their fuhrer, that underpins today’s fearless Tobacco Control advocates’ arguments…

Smoking accounts for 10 per cent of all deaths in Canada, and kills more people than alcohol, drugs, car accidents, murder, suicide, and AIDS combined.


Now let’s look at No.2, ‘filming techniques’. Dr Kreisman kindly includes some thoughts about that too…

Recruit Hollywood’s help and take control of smoking’s image — show that it truly is not cool, but instead, a never-ending beauty-and-health-destroying, poverty-inducing, pathophysiological battle against nicotine withdrawal that mostly traps society’s weakest (and least enviable) members.

And let’s not overlook No.3 on the ‘Well Done You, Nazis’ list, their ‘Welfare Program’. Obviously having ‘one of the largest public welfare programs in history’ must have meant the goosesteppers took special care of ‘society’s weakest (and least enviable) members‘…

Many mental health professionals have now begun to address nicotine addiction head-on in their patients as a result.

Oh course Dr Kreisman omits that the only smoking Princess Leia is seen to be involved with on screen was the chemistry between her and Hans Solo…

*And looking smokin’ hot in that bikini… /nods… That, too, Clicky… /thinks… I wonder if an Endocrinologist has to take the Hippocratic Oath…*

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