Missive From ‘Merica: The Experiment (Part 3)

The time is now 20.37 on Sunday 28th May 2017. Housework’s dun, cooking’s dun, Parts 1 and 2 are dun… Hears Part 3…


So you are prolly wondering what in the fuck a $5.00 pot of beans on a stovetop has to do with some multi-billion dollar particle accelerator…and…um…lolz…um…mine was cheaper?


I guess in Relativistic terms…yeah…they prolly cost about the same amount.

Meh...who cares.
^Peanut Butter Jelly Time with Lyrics!!!^


Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛



Just wondering how you can quantify one thing without taking others into consideration that are equally important in the facilitation of whatever action you are quantifying. You’ve already qualified it, now you are quantifying it, then…what? Aggregating the two?

Qualified + Quantified = Quantiqualified? Or Qualiquantified?

Or Quantiqualaqualaquantified?


Sounds...timey, with a dimensional aspect or 3.
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Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛


Cade: Anything?
X: Nope.
Cade: K cool. Have a great weekend.
X: I ain’t going anywhere.
Cade: Me either.
X: 😐
Cade: lolz
X: …

^Hybrid – If I Survive^


Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛

Roob: Me either-either.



X: I’m gonna take that back…I do have something.
Cade: Do tell.
X: If I asked you a question…would you answer it?
Cade: I just did.
X: OK…so in theory, we have established a base of trust since you answered and answered honestly.
Cade: Fair enough.
X: What do you hope to achieve from all this?
Cade: As Roob so succinctly pointed out recently…it’s free.
X: Does that absolve you of responsibility?
Cade: Yeah right.
X: There was an allusion to this in that “Watchmen” movie you rewatched recently.
Cade: You are referring to the line “Free is just another word for Socialist.”
X: That’s the one.
Cade: But isn’t that politics? Will and wills operating in realms that they are either uncertain of, or uncertain about?
Z: Keep going…
Cade: So…we fall back on our tenets in the face of change.
X: Fall back?
Cade: Contextually, that would be the preferred nomenclature.
Z: Why is that?
Cade: I assume because free is scary in a number of ways. And “falling-back” requires the freedom to do so, the space to do so, and the area to fall back to. So…a strategic retreat.
X: Strings?
Cade: Sure. But we never stop to consider that “if an apple falls out of the sky when we hunger/are hungry” a need was met.
X: Fair enough.
Cade: Sorry, but there are certain futures that I can handle and certain futures that I cannot.
A: Care to be specific?
Cade: It’s easy to imagine the entire world and everything and everyone in flames. It is difficult to imagine my personal life in flames while the rest of the world spins on unaffected.
X: And yet…
Cade: Both are easy for me to imagine. The latter, in the above example, being the easiest to imagine.
0: Wait a moment here…you just contradicted yourself.
Cade: Not really…because I have no frame of reference with respect to both in one or the other context, when there are really 4 scenarios there…not two.
X: But when you boil it down?
Cade: Only one.
X: And which one is that?
Cade: Mine.
Z: In all contexts?
Cade: Something like that. What other frame of reference do I have?
X: Ooohhh…what ones do you have indeed.
Cade: Only the ones I care to entertain.
Z: And what about all the ones we throw at you that you don’t want to entertain?
Cade: I entertain them on their own merits as best I can. (Preferably, the less the better)
X: Kinda difficult operating in territory you are familiar with and comfortable with, eh?
Cade: Yep. A very comfortable discomfort.
X: …

You came loaded for bear to a fight with Godzilla. Yep…a strategic retreat might be in order, but that doesn’t change your intent nor intentions does it? Because you are gonna return with a bigger goddamn gun. Assuming that the strategic retreat itself works out.

If you want "free"...this is what it costs.
^The Music Of The Little Rascals^


Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛

Footnote: ET wouldn’t turn up like that because physical travel to another world in one lifetime is impossible. E=MC² dictates this reality, but its author Albrecht Einstein believed there was some kind of magnetism-related dimension able to overcome the illusion of separation and distance. As Einstein has yet to be proved wrong about anything, I’ve no desire to argue with the bloke dead or alive.


I’ve thought about this certain concept all week, but I figured I would spring something on Roob without her knowledge. I mean…this is supposed to be fun, and she ain’t been writing much, so let’s see how big of an asshole this makes me.

^Wax Trax (Black Box Vol.1) [16]. Ajax – Mind The Gap^


Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛

Cade and Roob convo Sunday nightCade and Roob convo Sunday night 2


Been some damn interesting goings on this week.

Kindof a weird observation to make, considering I don’t read/watch/keep up with the news.

Meh…I trust the people that give me my news secondhand. Or thirdhand. Or whateverhand. News is a filtering process of information anyway. God knows how many people this “news” has been through already by the time it hits the headlines. And depending on where you get your news, god only knows how many headlines this headline went through to aggregate their own. Prolly why these news sources are getting so fucking “grabby” with respect to information. Data, and loads of it. Completely devoid of context outside of a singular event that somehow negotiated its way onto your radar. As if there is some hidden something there that will provide some hidden insight into why your personal radar operates the way it does.

WOAH!!! Hit ya with a twist there, eh? Since when is this story about YOU?!?!?!?


Q: When did you get involved with it?

A: I bet we can now gather all kinds of data and information about you, and bang out a nice psychological profile that details why you like what you like and do what you do.

Not that it’ll be right or anything.

But close enough is good enough…right?

^Azax – Magick (Official Video)^


Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛



K…well…it’s now 11:22 AM…and I guess I’ll spellcheck this and send it over.

Let's see how this goes.
^Nitzer ebb – Hearts And Minds (Mix Hypersonic)^


Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛

*Clicky! That won’t play for me… /pouts… Can you go get me a version that will… /bats eyelashes… Please?*



^Devo – Uncontrollable Urge – From Urgh! A Music War HQ^


Well, there you are Dear Reader… and here I am, and over there somewhere… */pointlessly points…* is Cade. The time is 23:11 on Sunday 28th May 2017 and I hope your day has been as much fun as mine has…


*Did you have fun too, Clicky? …/pats snout…*


3 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: The Experiment (Part 3)

  1. Thanks for entertaining those Roob, I’m glad you did, and hope you are glad you did. ❤
    Your additions and the time you took to make them are appreciated.
    And you made me belly laugh quite a few times.
    Well played.

    ^Nitzer Ebb Hearts And Minds Mix Hypersonic HD^
    (Maybe this one will work for you and/or whoever else)

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