Missive From ‘Merica: The Experiment (Part 2)

Bean there? Dun that? Good. This hear is The Experiment Part 2…


OK!!! So we have reached the specified point at which I stopped writing yesterday, and I’ve now picked up where I left off.

Q: Are we ready to talk about “steady-state(s)?”

A: ?¿?

Q: What about under the pretexts of “change” as it relates to “steady-state(s)?”

A: ¿?¿

That’s what I thought.

^Martin Gore – Featherlight [Kernfusion]^


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*/chortles… Oh Clicky!*


So let’s think about “The Physical Laws”…k?

Now, let’s think about “Evolution”…k?

Now that we have those in mind, let’s think about “The Big Bang”…k?

Got all those?


So let’s think Carbon and Hydrogen, and lets add “Carbon Dating” in that thought pile…k?

Q: Where is change as it relates to The Universe outside of Science and its Scientific Processes?

A: !!!

Yeah…IT AIN’T FUCKING THERE!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !

It’s devoid of save for your own creative processes that further define the original whatever that you saw. As a result, ain’t choo gettin sidetracked?

Yeah…commercialism is gonna be a biggie in a finite life like ours. And just because you are selling under the auspices of “for the future and future generations”…doesn’t mean “the future nor its own generations” are buying it. As a matter of fact, it seems to me that “the call from the future” would prolly be something more akin to…


I mean…our past left us the fuck alone…right?

So yeah…the process of change as it relates to changes, as it relates to changing.

^Duran Duran – Girls On Film [DMC Synthminx Remix]^


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Here, Dear Reader, I would like to bring to your attention a instance of our Past of very much NOT leaving us the fuck alone… And it has to do with will…

Cade and Roob convo Friday night

That’s the experience of inhabitants of the Blue (Smoking) Universe…

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I’m thinking about the movie “There Will Be Blood” with respect to “Infinite Anything” here…and the comment that the character Daniel Plainview made to his right-hand man Fletcher after their Sunday Ranch well comes in…

“What are you looking so miserable about? There’s a whole ocean of oil under our feet! No one can get at it except for me.”

So you find your infinite power source, you build your machines to harness it and distribute it…and irrespective of where you think I am going with this…you may or may not be right.

Weird how that works, eh?

Anyway…you got your machine that is going to last forever harnessing forever energy forever. Sounds kinda…”locked in”…eh?

What about the changes outside of this machine?

What about the changes inside of this machine?
Are you sucking?

Or blowing?

Or both?

Or neither?

When and where?

Are you sure that an Electron, is an Electron, is an Electron?

Always and forever?

Yes. I am suggesting that the conditions of the machine and within the machine that harnesses this whatever will actually potentially create a time-rift that is likely to be undetectable and non-discernible. So the question becomes, as time progresses normally outside of this rift, is the non-changing aspect of the machine and its energy/energies having additional unknowable types of affects on this time change?

We are most likely dealing with vacuums if we are talking about energy production/harnessing/creation. And even if we aren’t, we should be, because the transportation/redirection of energy itself is going to require, and vacuums of its own volition and of its own accord…so…yeah. Maybe this Vacuum of Space ain’t really what we think it is.

I still say that with enough speed, I can travel through space with no environmental suit nor supplemental Oxygen, and will be able to breathe just fine. Just gotta think vibration(s) and color(s) and adjust trajectory accordingly. Not that I am willing to test this theory as of yet. 😛

^Charlie Adshead – Havana (Dj Entwan Remix)^


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So thinking about it now…are you sure that you’ve not harnessed a single Electron in a loop, and that Electron is moving both so fast and so slow simultaneously, that it actually gives the appearance of countless numbers of Electrons? Moreover…are you sure that is actually an Electron that you’ve harnessed?

Yes, my thinking varies a little with respect to “Tempo Rare-E States of Matter” in that one particle may behave like a Proton here, and like an Electron there, but the particle in question is actually neither at any of these times. If you keep the paths and pathways that facilitate the observation of these particles and energies in mind? Yeah…I don’t think its such a stretch to think that a Neutrino may sometimes actually behave exactly like a Proton or Electron here and there. That’s what you are looking for right? A Proton or Electron?

So…if a Neutrino needed to transverse your pathway, irrespective of reason, how would this Neutrino achieve this? Mutation? Nah…too close to Fusion, eh? I mean…you’re simultaneously searching for “The Ghost in The Machine” right?

Q: What are you gonna do when you find it?

Q: What are you gonna do when it finds you?

Q: Who found who?

Q: Does it matter?

Yeah…I think there is a lot more to blank spaces than we like to think.

^AFXS – On (Kaiq Remix)^


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*Again? /snorks…*


It seems that there are far too many shapes and states to limit and define particles in the way Science is attempting to do so. It prohibits change. Which means it prohibits changing. To me, that says that not only are you attempting to attain destruction? You are also attempting to ensure it. You are attempting to milk that whatever part and particle you are working with, and you are going to entrap it until it no longer exists. Or at least, as best as you can.

Good thing Nature doesn’t work this way, eh? Or at least, keeps the machinery and mechanics that do this within nature far from us. But even that is on a timeline, eh? And who knows where that begins? How it began, how it begins, how it ends, how it ended.

^Ahmet Mecnun – Smell Of Jasmine (Original Mix)^


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Guess I’ll use Magnetism as my model for freezing time seeing as it is prolly the most active indicator that we have of time, we just haven’t figured out how to read it yet. Prolly because of our reliance on the clock and clocks as we’ve designed them. Which I find weird, since I can think of two times in recent history when time has been adjusted and/or corrected. That doesn’t bode well for Carbon Dating as far as I can tell.

But neither do I think that time is going to be some aggregate of sources of time, primarily because contextualizing context in the way that we do seems to have the effect of removing all context, save for the contextualization mechanism itself. Which is damn weird seeing as how you just put everyone on the same damn timeline that they were already on, and their timeline has absolutely fuckall to do with yours except when they cross.

I mean yeah, not always…but basically. I’m not ready for fields just yet, even tho I’m dancing all around them.

^David Aurel – Shut Up (Original Mix)^


Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛

‘Shut Up’… Seems the perfect time to end Part 2 of The Experiment, Dear Reader…

… Besides, I’ve got some housework to do and the tea to make. Part 3 will follow later. The time is 17:56 on Whitsun Sunday 28th May 2017… Time for a Song…



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