Missive From ‘Merica: Bowled Over… And Out

Welp (as the The Okie Devil might say)… This is the final installment of the Massive Missive he sent through last weekend…

*I had to split it up, Clicky… nine fucking pages!*

*/:D… Yes, yes it is…*




If you wanna see a cyclonic body of whatever turning in an anti-cyclonic rotation, all ya gotta do is flip the fucking thing. If you wanna see an anti-cyclonic body of whatever turning in a cyclonic rotation, all ya gotta do is flip the fucking thing. So why wouldn’t there be both cyclonic and anti-cyclonic whatevers in that whatever body of whatevers that are turning whatever whichaway?

Oh yeah…detection…detectable…verifiable…proof.

Hmmm…it occurs to me that these cyclonic and anti-cyclonic bodies that a sometimes rotating in a more succinct environment, location and/or situation(s)? Yeah…that shit is always happening somewhere, and maybe always happening in that same somewhere…it’s just…less detectable. Like laylines or some shit. I mean…even the most firm of foundations needs a base right?

Q: What is that base made of?

A: Lemme guess...bases?

Pretty dynamic for static eh?

^The Prodigy – Diesel Power^

That “unexpected persistence” that I’ve been thinking about? It got me to thinking last night about “microscopic fractures and fracturing.” That got me to thinking about Diamonds. I mean, isn’t there something about even the most perfect of diamonds requires some sort of flaw in order to make it’s perfection perfect? So if we think about fracturing as breathing, in certain instances anyway, that might help give us a better bead as to purpose, purposes, and purposing. No…not porpoising. That’s too similar to Roob’s assistant “Clicky”…but supposedly he’s a Space Dolphin with a JetPack. I guess there’s some VTOL and thrust-vectoring thinking that went into a jetpack that a dolphin can wear.

Anyway…so yeah…also…

What Is Porpoising
Ground Effect (Cars)
Ground Effect (Aerodynamics)
Mach Number
Inverse Hyperbolic Function

WHAT THE FUCK!!! That…is the first result when using Wikipedia’s own search function? Why isn’t the disambiguation page first? That’s fucking weird. Prolly a reason tho…so let’s onward eh?

Disconnection (Disambiguation)
Connected Space (Redirected from Disconnected space)
Dutch Roll

Welp, nothing like a little disambiguation to make the ambiguous disambiguous. Ambiguously so. In a muddled but clear kinda way.

^MC 900 Ft. Jesus with DJ Zero – UFO’s Exhibit B (1990)^

If you want answers…you came to the wrong place.

Someone’s got em tho.

Maybe you have them.

^But If You Go un-aired video^

I guess maybe if you think about a simultanousness, in both directions at the same time, that is in fact, only moving one direction? Maybe that’ll help. Maybe think of the blade(s) of a propeller on an aircraft? Or the blades inside of a jet engine? Ir maybe the blades on a ceiling fan? Once these blades reach a certain speed, or when viewed at certain angles at certain speeds? We can seem them change direction rapidly. Or at least…they appear to. And thinking about it now, and how one direction appears one direction from one direction…and yet that same direction appears to be one direction from another direction…I see the wheel within the wheel…that is really…the wheels within the wheel. Maybe a metaphor for balance and balancing contextually, but at the same time…something that is just as real as anything else. Which makes me think about light, and the many things that not only make it up, but also travel within and through the light.

Q: How much light is in dirt?

A: !!!

Dark matter. Does it matter how dark it is to dark matter when you can’t see it? Or when you can?

^sacrament 12 7 15 Lrg^

Can light bounce off of water? Does light bounce off of water? Is light energy…or light? What about when it’s dark?

Maybe…even light needs a break now and then.

Maybe…even heat needs a break now and then.

Maybe…even cold needs a break now and then.

Maybe…even a break needs a break now and then.

Maybe…even a brake needs a break now and then.

Q: What “forces” Nitrogen into and/or out of the bloodstream?

A: ???

Q: What does like seek?

A: According to Richard Bach..."like seeks like."

Sounds legit. 😉

Maybe Nitrogen seeks Nitrogen.

Especially under “extreme” and/or “unusual” circumstances.

Maybe all kinds of elements do this.

Maybe it’s how they “seek balance” in nature.

Al most as if to say…”y0! Something is outta wack here! Anyone out there like me that can help me figure this shit out?”

Just sayin.

Maybe it’s that way, or even similar, for all kinds of shit, in all kinds of ways.

Maybe that can help us to understand like and unlike.

I mean…how do you know, until, and when, and if, and unless…you do?

Never know until you try.

And even if you don’t try, you still know…right?

I mean…correct?




I dunno…I just work here.

^cEvin Key – Music For Cats^

I think I just invented “UI”…Uninformed Intelligence.




^Siouxsie And The Banshees – The Best Of (Full Album)^

I need to get outta here. Roob is gonna prolly hate me forever for writing all this shit and then dumping it on her to edit while she is busy trying to write her own shiznit for the next Underdog Anthology.

But…I guess we shall see, an all counts.

^Download – Sidewinder – Full Album^


^Legendary Pink Dots “9 Lives To Wonder” 1994 (Full album)^


*You know, Clicky, next time he probably make it, what, ten… eleven pages long…*

*Ha! Yeah, I wouldn’t be at all surprised…*

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