Missive From ‘Merica: Bowled Over…

Wednesday Evening

“Aren’t you writing any blog posts anymore?” Thoughtful Man asked me.  He was lounging on our bed, tending his ArseFace Kingdom and listening to the TV. I’d come up to visit, bringing fresh glass of ice for his drink and collecting a rollie.

“Yeah, why?” I asked with a hint of surprise; he’d not paid that much attention to my posts before.

He clicked out of his game and on to the LoL. “These Missive things, they’re not yours.”

“Well no, but I do write the bits at the top and the bottom,” I said placing the fresh glass on the nightstand. “And edit the bits in between. It’s fun.”

Thoughtful Man returned to his game. “I don’t understand them,” he replied gruffly.

“Yeah but you don’t understand any of the posts I write either.” I lent over and kissed the top of his head. “Besides, I’m working on some short stories at the moment for the next Anthology.”

He handed me a rollie. “Oh yeah, how are they going?”

“Not as well as before. I’ve finished one, just trying to get to grips with the another,” I sighed.

Saturday Night

I was still staring at the 522 words I’d written, forlornly wondering where the rest the story was hiding, when I saw a new email had arrived. Guiltily I clicked on my inbox. There was a new missive from Cade 😀

“Nine pages! Fucking hell!”

I don’t know what I felt more, trepidation at its size and the time it would take to format, or jealousy. But as I started to read, I suddenly came up with an idea…

*Heh Heh Heh…*


It’s Saturday @ 13:49 in the afternoon, and I have nothing better to do, so why not waste your time AND mine? Since I have nothing in particular on the brain to talk about, LET”S IMPROVISE!!!

Afterall, improvisation takes a SHITLOAD of practice.

^Live performance in Chennai, India ‘Vivid Saetaryung’ by Luna^

There was a mention of some goings on where someone supposedly said something to someone about something, and someone didn’t like something or something. Now, not to be too specific, but whatever it was? Yeah. Or something.

And not to start any new rumors on top of that or anything…but that Luna Lee chick looks like she is only a coupla weeks away from playing SXSW in Austin.

Don’t tell anyone! Shhhhhh!

^Dire Straits-Sultans Of Swing Gayageum ver. by Luna^

Not to change gears midstream or anything…but here above, we can see the lungs of a smoker who has since quit smoking. If you notice, the left side of the lungs (left lung) has been completely cleared of all of the evil black cancer causing substances, and is nice and healthy…good as new.

But if you will also notice...

All blood has been rerouted to the right side of the lungs (right lung)…so that the smoker’s body, which is so desperately craving nicotine, can suck the last succulent morsels of nicotine out of the emergency reserves that remain in the right lung.

That's what I'm seeing anyway.
^ZZ Top-La Grange Gayageum ver. by Luna^

How is the weather where you are? It’s cloudy and cold here. I braved the dogshit piles in the backyard earlier to gather wood, because later tonight, I’m gonna go sit outside and start a fire. Assuming it isn’t raining. But yeah, I ain’t got much else to do except read a few others’ websites, think, write, and prepare to get the fuck outta here A-S-A and motherfucking P.

The rest of the residents of the abode are planning their trip to go snow skiing week after next. They are planning to leave next Saturday, but they are going with some other woman and her children, and I guess there is some confusion over when to leave and exactly how long they are staying. This kinda baffles me, but I know nothing about snow skiing and it’s particulars, other than, it seems pretty simple and straightforward.

Point of Origin + Destination + Mode of transport/travel.
  • One big assed room for everyone to sleep in @ destination for length of stay.
  • Lift passes.
  • Skis/boots/poles.
  • Warm clothes.
  • Money to facilitate the above.

TA DA!!!


Mystery = SOLVED! Next!
^TwinBrix – Sirius [Free]^

As I was looking through and for images earlier today, I got to looking at this particular thing above, and started watching the…I guess what would be called “artifacts” if one were viewing this object “in real life” or “IRL”…as “it”(life) has somehow become known. How ironic that we are putting “the flava” IN computer graphics, to mimic what we see “IRL”…and we are trying to take “the flava” OUT of life “IRL” to better understand what we aren’t seeing.

So yeah, there is a representational…erm…”rift“…going on there. Almost as if to say…hmmm…say….interesting…sry…lemme start over.

Almost as if to say, that saying, is more important that seeing/experiencing (nod there to disabled/handicapped/whatever).

So what am I saying? I’m saying that saying don’t mean jack shit sometimes. Much like my observation(s) about The Voynich Manuscript. That there was/is nothing there to be “deciphered” at all. That the letters/words were almost as if someone was just noodling and doodling as they contemplated the thought(s) of

“Why are you searching for mysteries, instead of looking at these beautiful illustrations of plants long since extinct?”

Yes, I realize that there are many things in that book. People, plants, doodles, all kinds of crap. I can’t remember what all because I haven’t looked at all of the pictures from the book. However, as a doodler while in thinking mode, it was just a thought as I followed the curves of this “language”…and thought to myself…

Holy FUCK!!! That looks like some kind of shit that I would draw as I was contemplating an unanswerable question.”

Those kinds of thoughts that usually spring from some kind of joy/sorrow kind of mindset, where you as a person, because of who you are and where you are….you just…can’t give up.

There’s always a better way.

These spans of time usually end in a statement, that is in the form of a question, that isn’t really a question at all. Almost like “The Topless Towers of Ilium”…that you find, indeed do have a top.

Q: Now what?

A: Keep going...or not....whatevz.
^I’m Deranged. David Bowie soundtrack “Lost Highway” 1997^



*Yep, Clicky… /evil grin… I’ll post the next bit more tomorrow…*

Cade… Have a Song 😉




6 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: Bowled Over…

  1. AH HA!!! Nice shootin’ Limey Lady. Well played. 🙂

    Yeah…that was a long one. Sry. I’m guessing that one is topping 5k words. I typically don’t count tho. Your webpage is kind enough to give me pause in that regard. (After you’ve already posted the shit) ó¿ó

    ^Finitribe – Forevergreen (Vocal Edit)^

    When writing to no one in particular…for me anyway…my experience and experiences limit me, and set me free.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Uuuummmmm…sorry to spam up your comments section…but…erm…my comment on MJMcF’s tweet? Where I mention “sidewall cooling?” Yeah…I just had some thoughts on heat and cold with respect to “shit that is supposed to be hot, and shit that is supposed to be cold” and the body’s ability to differentiate between the two. So…let’s have a “turn to Jesus” moment K?

    Jesus spoke about spewing lukewarm water out of his mouth. Almost as if to say, it ain’t hot, and it ain’t cold, and I have no fucking CLUE what to do do with this shit…except get rid of it.

    So…thinking about some thoughts I had with respect to menthol/menthol cigarettes and the cold-receptors? I posed the question…”What happens when the body’s cold-receptors are triggered for “INCOMING COLD!!!”…but the cold never comes?” Thinking more about that now…what happens when “heat” actually comes instead of cold, plus…some other “stuff” that is indicative of heat…but there is no heat associated with that “hot stuff indicator” stuff? Is this why menthol cigarettes tend to “crystalize the lungs” and/or “cause them to bleed?”

    So moving on further, and thinking about smoke…as in…car exhaust…
    Q: How does the body handle “cool” or even “cold” smoke?
    A: ???
    What about what catalytic converters do? What about leaded/unleaded gasoline(s)? What about over times?

    Sorry…my head just exploded, and I needed to write this down somewhere so I won’t forget it.
    Lucky you. 😉

    I guess I’m thinking about that fire from the other night. Why would the body NOT be able to “handle smoke effectively?” At least, for a while, from certain types of fire/fires. I’m trying to work oxygen and moistures in here, and while thinking of that, it got me to thinking about nicotine and “the shakes” that it produces in some. (Who am I kidding? “Some” = “all”…unless not. But isn’t that also weird? as in…”why not?”)

    Knot that I have any answers…but I have some thoughts.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have smoked menthol cigarettes but not regularly. If I have a cold and am congested, I will dissolve menthol crystals in boiling water and then inhale the steam. Does it clear the airways or does it numb them?


      1. >>>>Does it clear the airways or does it numb them?
        I don’t know, but that’s an interesting thought.

        I guess I see the body as fluidic and transitional, and less “static” than most seem to. But I guess that’s because that I see don’t see the body as a mystery to be unraveled. I see journeys that can be shared.
        EX: Doctor + Patient = Shared Experiences Shared
        How do we know that “the body” ignores that aspirin that you just took…”except for where you need it?” I guess I see headaches and other various body pains differently than most. That your headache may actually originate in your feet, and your footache may actually originate in your legs and/or hands. At least, potentially. Lotta connected stuff in the body. Who knows what needs to transpire where in order to get you to take an aspirin? Or maybe even just to chill a bit, or even go for a walk. /shrug

        But the way and ways that I’ve been viewing the body lately is more “stringy and stingy”…and that the pissing contest over water/fluid and solids percentages? Yeah…it leaves a lot of shit out. Am I vague enough there? Or way too over the top in being overt? I can’t answer that, because thinking about “piss and shit” with respect to the body only occurred to me because of my particular vernacular. But yeah, the separation of body and mind? Or mind and spirit? Or whatever and whatever? Yer gonna have to put that shit back together at some point to make your theories work…so why not work towards leaving the whole goddamn thing together in the first place…and then…it might help you identify issues within a particular situation. Because all those rules are gonna go right out the fucking window anyway.

        It just occurs to me that we are, or at least…may be…in a unique position in time to stop trying to tear shit apart because of the work and works of our forebearers. I just learned that there is a term called afterbear, so I guess yeah…afterbearers are important as well.

        I dunno…I just work here. Sorry. All this breathing talk has me thinking of some varied stuff. But yeah…we tend not to mind being sick, when we have time to be sick. I mean, if we don’t have time to be sick, how in the hell do we have time to be “healthy?”

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