Missive from ‘Merica: The Sound of Science

It’s been a busy couple of days, Dear Reader, what with the swearing in of new US Prez…

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Ping Pong Communiqués will resume this week, but for now, the LoL is delighted to bring you the latest Okie Devil missive…

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!!!-I AM-!!!

!!!-I AM NOT-!!!

!!!-I AM KNOT-!!!

!!!-I AM NAUGHT-!!!
!!!-I AM NAUT-!!!
^Front Line Assembly – Shifting Through The Lens^

Just thinking aloud here to start this particular musing “with a bang”…of sorts…
(More like…a swirl containing some bangs…but whatevz…)


Q: We, meaning…our solar system…is surrounded by the Oort Cloud yes?

A: Yes. As far as we know…yes.

Q: The Oort Cloud is ice, ice crystals and rocks yes?

A: Yes. As far as we know…yes.

Q: What makes science think that other stars out in The Universe are not surrounded by the same or similar?

A: ?¿?

Q: Are you sure that you are seeing stars, and not stars that are shrouded?

A: ¿?¿

I dunno. This would explain a lot.
To me it does anyway.
I mean, it’s not “that simple” and there is more to this…but I’m thinking about pulsars and neutron stars…as we have so dubbed them.

Q: I wonder what “the rocks” in our Oort Cloud contain/are made up of?

A: ¿¿?¿¿

Q: I wonder what “the ice” and “the ice crystals” in our Oort Cloud contain/are made up of?

A: ¿?¿???¿?¿

Q: I wonder what “gas” and “gases” in our Oort Cloud contain/are made up of?

A: ???¿?¿?¿???¿?¿?¿???

Q: I wonder what “energy” and “energies” in our Oort Cloud contain/are made up of?

A: ¿¿¿???

Yeah…I dunno either. But I have a pretty goddamn good idea.

Sorry. Just…

thinkin out loud.


It’s warm as FUCK here. 71°F. There’s a thunderstorm to the southwest of me. It was lightning pretty good, and raining like a motherfucker at the far south-end of the storm…prolly about 5/10 miles away. Looked like a big assed hourglass where the moisture had simply gotten too heavy at one end, and was pouring like it was being funneled from the upper outflows and inflows. The wind was fairly noticeable as the storm was dissipating, and heading northeast towards where I was watching the storm. I was judging the distance(s) by the clouds visually, and the sound aurally…as there was all kinds of lightning…but no thunder. Which is weird considering the direction of the low level winds. Almost like the sound was getting sucked back up into the storm itself, as well as being muffled by the rain. Weird…but not uncommon. I’ve noticed this quite a bit with really powerful single storm cells before. Clear air all around, storm almost right on top of you, lightning like a mofo…but not a sound. The calm before the storm gets to where you are. The general perception is typically…”if you can hear thunder, you are in danger of being struck by lightning.” But that’s not always the case. Then again…I live at the very base of “Tornado Alley.” Well…one of our tornado alleys anyway. We actually have two big ones and one small one here in N. America. But you can find that on your own. I suggest searching Bing. (lol)

^Frontline Assembly – The Storm^

Been thinking about light and starlight quite a bit recently with respect to speed and distances. Afterall, I disagree with Einstein and most others with respect to speed and speeds in the Universal context.

 But not always

I’ve postulated that matter/matters and/or energy/energies can travel at speeds which are so incredibly fast, or so incredibly slow, that they make light appear as if it is standing still by comparison. I’ve also postulated that light can and does “stand still” within certain contexts, irrespective of the speed of other matter and energies in proximity to said light. So yeah, regarding the above about our Oort Cloud…I see the facilitation of transportation of matter and energy on a far more complex scale and scales than we are privy to here on Earth/Terra. Yep…neutrinos again. I just think it important to get away from this “nothing is really real” and “everything is hollow” and “we don’t really actually ever touch anything” bullshit…because it removes context completely by adding context. Ironic eh? Just because you “zoom in” to a ridiculous level of magnification of the wood that makes up my tabletop, do NOT make that tabletop disappear. You’re simply looking at it via different eyes via different methods.

Q: If the tabletop “wasn’t/isn’t really there”…how in the FUCK are you looking at it?

A: !!!¿¿¿!!!¿¿¿!!!

Q: What about the methods and mediums you are using to look at this tabletop? Are those methods and mediums “real?”

A: ¿!?!?!¿

You trying to scare the shit out of everyone and everything? Because I was under the impression that “science” was for the benefit of “mankind.”

Q: What about “for the benefit of everything else?”

A: … ¿¿¿ …

Yeah. You’re including a whole fucking shitload of shit, then tossing it for what you want or what you are/were looking for.

^Front Line Assembly – Deadened^

Q: What do you think that our sun looks like from 1,000 “light-years” away?

A: !!!


I wonder if those high-tech representations we are so fond of showing our Sun/Sol as this tiny fucking dot in the middle of nowhere…are…accurate.




“Science” is getting it wrong with respect to sizes of planets and stars because of all that is omitted in your calculations.

You’re even getting it…backwerdz.
At least…some of the time/times.

If you think “Agartha” or maybe even “Russian Nesting Dolls” with respect to light…then add you some prisms to those orbs via crystals and crystalline shapes/forms…you’ll figure out how some of these stars are so goddamn big, and why you might be wrong with respect to just how large or small they are, and just how long these stars “live” or “don’t live.”
OH!! I’m sorry.

Did I just throw a monkey-wrench into the machine?


Science is supposed to make and/or describe machines…

not become one.

^FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY ~ Synthetic Forms^

Q: Are we learning yet?

A: ???

I mean…not me obviously…cause I’m all stupid and stuff.
But I mean…others.
Are they learning?
Oh really?
Who is teaching them?

What percentage are you teaching, what percentage of those are “learning”, and what percentage of those are being deemed as successful and/or worthy of continuing to support?

Yeah…suddenly…percentages suck ass eh?

BUT!!! That’s the great things about percentages.

You can work with em.

^Front Line Assembly – Exo^

So much for the giant snowball eh? It’s more like a disco-ball sometimes. I think this will also help describe the perturbance(s) in not only the orbit/orbits of travelers, but also solar wobble with respect to a star/sun’s relative position to…

A) Itself
B) It’s travelers and their travelers (yes, all of them…local, less-local, remote,                less-remote, more-remote)
C) It’s galaxy and the locals relative to local, more-local, less-local, etc.
D) The Universe locally
E) The Universe remotely

Hey. Don’t bitch at me. You fucks wanted to think big. Let’s think big.
It just seems to me that if you are so desperate to find an answer…let’s find the correct one.

At least, as correct as we can be eh?
^Front Line Assembly – Millennium [OFFICIAL VIDEO]^

We’re just stumbling all over that “dark matter/dark energy” bullshit…and refuse to believe what it is eh? I guess ya gotta keep in mind that just because “a comet” has yet to become a comet in the solar context in which we know it best, that does NOT mean that a comet is somehow different on the galactic/intergalactic scales, just because it has yet to leave The Oort Cloud and orbit our Sun/Sol in the way that we are most familiar with it. It’s/they are already orbiting our sun. They are simply doing it on a less-eliptical plane and/or orbit. And also don’t think that meteors, asteroids and other comets are necessarily responsible for crashing into each other and sending shit flying in the way that science always seems to describe. Think: stable, less-stable, unstable orbits. We also need to keep in mind things like solar wind(s) both inbound and outbound. It seems to me that our Oort Could would have the effect of drawing any “excess energies” away by angling these energies. But this is going to be hard for me to describe here in a few words, because I see other energy and energies over time and times that are very easy for me to think about…difficult to describe, because I think more in terms of “handshakes” with respect to energy and energies instead of “give take” or “intrusions.” Sure…that happens. But I still think even that/those are simply things that we cannot yet describe. Why?


One word…


^Front Line Assembly – Echogenetic (HD)^

Q: If a bubble or membrane bursts…how long does that bubble or membrane retain the information that created and maintained it?


Perspective. Keep it in mind. Contextually anyway. We are leaving a lot of stuff out over time and times over time. You fucks are so fond of folding this and folding that…why not fold your bubble or membrane that is rupturing instead of assuming that it dissipates completely? Yeah…that it re-forms. Yes…you read that correctly. That sometimes bubbles or membranes that “rupture” or are in the process of rupturing, are actually re-forming. Yep..even inside out/outside in. This should help out a bit with respect to strings and sting theory with respect to strings and stings that are “dangling” as it has been so described. That should help you understand “darkness” a little better. I think that darkness is not always the absence of light. If you make a light particle or stream a shade more conical…now you increase it’s speed and intensity eh? Sound familiar?
Should help “filling in some gaps” that are already filled. Just…missing-ish.


Additive Rhythm and Divisive Rhythm
Rest (Music)
Irreversible Process
Envelope (Waves)
Envelope (Disambiguation)
Repetition (Music)
Dynamic Programming
The Dukes of Hazzard
General Lee (Car)
Hitler Khan Stalin McSatan
Grammatical Aspect

Roob might have to get a little creative with that section above. I had to venture outside of my comfort-zone with respect to thinking about her having to edit this shit. But sometimes necessary becomes necessary. Of course, I dunno what else it would or might become other than concern, but it’s already a concern as far as I am concerned. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be necessary eh? Not necessarily anyway.

I can talk myself into anything.

Q: Can someone who possesses the ability to “talk themselves into anything”…also possess the ability to “talk themselves out of anything?”

A: ???

Yeah…shit got all kinds of funky there with that second one all of a sudden. It even has the effect of making the first one even funkier when you bounce back to it via the second.

^Front Line Assembley – Blood (Echogenetic 2013)^

I guess I don’t understand what I perceive as science’s fascination with non-motion. Things not moving. Singular views of non-singular entities of all kinds. I mean…sure…I “get it.” But you are putting together a puzzle that is already complete and completely incomplete and non-completeable. Use your own fucking models for examples. We were primordial ooze that oozed…and now…we are primordial ooze that walks. And oozes. But we walk more than ooze. Right? Sorry…but are you really interested in teaching children that they are nothing but a walking pile of snot and shit that, contextually, doesn’t matter to The Universe at all….and expect them to be encouraged and excited about their prospects? And no, before you ask, I’m not suggesting that we be deceptive. What I am suggesting, is that you have no fucking clue yourself…so why preach your bullshit? Oh yeah…you have “an opposite” that is preaching their bullshit and holding you back or holding you down or being deceptive or talking as if they know what the fuck they are talking about.


Understanding life while alive, is like trying to understand understanding.

^Front Line Assembly – The Blade [OFFICIAL VIDEO]^

Does science really plan on telling future children how many children in their past, our present, had to suffer and die so that we could explore our Universe and understand our place in it? Ya’ll keeping records on that kind of shit? Ya’ll working on explaining how you chose what you chose and why via the proper and accepted and acceptable channels? Or are ya just…hoping that insignificant details such as this will shrink in significance to future generations in lieu of what we have learned and achieved. Ever thought about maybe polling some of today’s children around the world and see what they think? Cause this ain’t just about science or even technology. But then again…nothing ever is simple. Everything is a process. That’s a fuckton of processes.

^Front Line Assembly – Civilization^

I just had a conversation with someone regarding left and right and liberal and conservative. During the course of this conversation, the term “anarchy” was brought up, and I commented that “Anarchists are simply confused conservatives.” This of course, resulted in some shock and dismay, because supposedly Anarchy exists only in a realm of absolute freedom. “Absolute” is your first indication that something is amiss. Conservatives try to exercise a balance of freedom from government and freedom of government. To me, this is anarchy in disguise, as these people retain their right to freedom as individuals. They prefer to exercise it through via “commonalty” via government(s) and “the rule of law” and it’s punitive nature. However, you retain the right to exercise your rights via whatever channel(s) you prefer or feel you need to exercise them through. If your neighbor “threatens you”…you are free to interpret that as you will, and act as you see fit based on this rule of law, irrespective of your neighbor(s) wants needs and whatever led to the situation in the first place. More likely, your need/needs superseding your neighbor’s needs.

EX: Your neighbor has a party. Guests park in front of your house on the street. The party gets louder that you would like. You call the cops. Your neighbor expresses their displeasure at your tolerance levels for others and their needs. They were celebrating something. This interfered with your peace. Strangers creeping around your house.

No. The first reaction is not always the correct one. It’s a reaction like any other. Typically, a reaction to an action of some kind.

Q: Now what?

A: ?¿?¿

^Frontline Assembly Dead Planet^

I figure if God/the gods/The Universe can tolerate my sorry worthless ass for 49+ years, they can prolly tolerate your bullshit too. Maybe you should consider tolerating unique events as unique events. You cannot control what you cannot control. And when you do? Things tend to get out of control. But these are just my musings based on my observations. I’ve thought about this shit for quite a while. To relate…
Somewhere…out there…right now…there is a tree that will be cut down…that will start a chain of events…that will lead to human extinction on Earth/Terra.
Somewhere…out there…right now…there is a tree that will seed…that will start a chain of events…that will lead to human’s continued existence on Earth/Terra.

I guess it’s a matter of timing eh?
We are NOT a species that is “destined to survive” of our own accord for our own benefit at the expense of everything else.
But I could be wrong.
Maybe you are one of those trees.
I dunno…you outta be able to answer that question…not me.

^Front 242 – Tragedy For You (Full Length)^

Acid Rain
Bing (Search Engine)
Windows Live
Outlook.com (Redirected from Hotmail)
Ajax (Programming)
V.V._Ajax (Redirected from Ajax Paramaribo)
Defunct (Video Game) (Redirected from Defunct)
Video Game
Video Game
User Interface
Ivory Tower
Ivory Tower

I guess if you don't choose, someone will choose for you, eh?

Q: What if I did choose?

A: Say WHAT?!?!?!?

I chose not to choose.
I must be a conservative.
Conservatives are more evil than Liberals.
According to Liberals anyway.
So yeah…anyway…fuck all of you.
I’ll find my own way thank you very much.
Have a great life.

^Front Line Assembly – Vigilante^


^Front 242 Felines^


*Feeling better now are you, Clicky? …/lights up…*

Dear Reader, have a Song ❤

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