Kid Biskit – The Fastest Cookie Muncher in the West…

Yesterday, the LoL received a special delivery…

*That’s not me, Clicky… Um… /pulls face… similar hair but knot me…* 

My eyes lit up upon seeing the three copies of the book I’d ask Leggy for as part payment for my story contributions, but there was something else in the parcel that made my mouth water as well…


Digression for any Yanks looking in – what I’m about to describe is probably more familiar to you as ‘cookies’, and is pronounced…

*Hmm… well only some of them will pronounce it that particular manner, Clicky…*

biscuit (n.) respelled early 19c. from bisket (16c.), ultimately (besquite, early 14c.) from Old French bescuit (12c.), literally “twice cooked;” altered under influence of cognate Old Italian biscotto, both from Medieval Latin biscoctum, from Latin (panis) bis coctus “(bread) twice-baked;” see bis- + cook (v.). U.S. sense of “soft bun” is recorded from 1818.

*/holds up hand… They should only be limp after you’ve dipped them, Clicky…*

*Well, Hobnobs are notoriously difficult dunkers to debunk… /squints… And don’t you dare move onto Jaffa Cakes… This digression is over, Clicky… Capisce?*


I knew they were coming; I’d been teased with photos of them a couple of days before…

But there is nothing like snapping the lid off a tupperware box and breathing in the waft of homemade biscuity goodness, escaping from inside…


*/huffs… Yeah!*

Of course I sampled one of each of Poppy Sweet Pea’s delightful creations straightaway, Dear Reader – completely delish! – but then stupidly left the remainder in the box, in the kitchen. Yes, the Kit Chinwag room. How the fuck could I forget where Thing 2‘s first port of call upon arrival from school is? It was a massacre…

So, to the wonderful Poppy Sweet Pea, with thanks from Kid Biskit, one of his all time favourite tunes…

And a Song, with thanks, from me…

*Hit it, Clicky!*



14 thoughts on “Kid Biskit – The Fastest Cookie Muncher in the West…

  1. >>>>It was a massacre…

    It’s getting cold. Just this morning, I was wearing shorts. Now? Well…I am still wearing shorts. BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT!!! It was 70° just a coupla hours ago, and NOW?!?!????? It’s already 45° and getting colder. The low clouds have moved in and obscured the moisture battle that was appearing in the sky earlier, and that battle was indeed impressive. All sorts of clouds moving every fucking direction, at all sorts of altitudes, shearing at it’s most impressive. I bet the temperature inversions we/are impressive for those who can monitor such things.

    I dunno. When did weathermen/weatherwomen/meteorologists stop getting excited as shit about shit like this, and start calling everything deadly, and unusual,and extreme and rare, and shit like that. If I was a weatherman? I’d be like…
    It’s really simple…stay out of your fucking car…PROBLEM(S) = SOLVED!!!
    I used to work outside in this shit fueling airplanes, and for the most part, it was awesome. But then again, I had a nice piece of wisdom from a Finnish Lapplander in Inari, Finland, who once told me…
    “It’s not cold…you just don’t have the right equipment.”
    I dunno what’s more fun…putting layers and layers of clothes on, or taking layers and layers of clothes off.
    Since when is it NOT colder than a well-digger’s ass in The Klondike…in The Klondike? It’s winter dumbasses, cold is normal.
    Sorry for the rant Roob.


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    1. Tits, alien conjecture, cartoons and a weather update – You’re like one of those ye olde pamphleteers, but modern day, and for teenage boys. Brilliant! 😀

      Maybe you would like something more adult-fun in return? You know, in thanks, for “thinking of my children” and giving them something of far more interest to them than what their old mum could ever put together. You know, if they decide to check out the comments 😉


      1. That’s my job young lady…being a…erm…man-ish type of thing-a-ma-whatchacallit type…thing. Ya know…stupid. It’s already down to 35°F here @ 16:39, and the temp is still dropping. The winds are unbelievable. 25-30 mph, and gusting to about 45 mph. The wind through the trees sounds fucking amazing.

        Thor is a funny motherfucker. I loved his “aliens are gonna put us in their freezer for a billion years” bit. It made me think the aliens would be like…”Meh…fuck it. We’ll leave em where they are. Why waste our freezer space?” (BTW, Thor from Thornews is from this area as well. He used to be in Dallas anyway. Jen commented that he may have moved to Austin. I dunno. I haven’t watched him in a while. He’s funny tho.)

        I’ll read Frank’s whathaveyou, but I think that most are still a little too serious for me. And when I get serious, I think that I am a little too serious for them. (Maybe there’s something to be learned there. But, prolly not.)

        BEHOLD!!! The power of restriction and restraint and constriction!!!

        OH!!! And here is a really bad-assed documentary on aviation, with some old-timey names. It’s long, so if it interests you, you may wanna bookmark and watch it some other time. I’ve seen it before, but I love re-watching shit like this.

        PSYCHO RADIO TONIGHT!!! I guess I’ll drop by for a while and see if I can stir up some shit.

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          1. I admit that I did not read much of Frank’s article…but I didn’t need to. I made a comment over there because this article seemed to “synch” well with some thinking I’ve been doing over the last coupla days. I still can’t explain it in detail, but it’s awl inn me noggin…so…yeah and stuff.

            29° degrees F now @ 17:21, and dropping fast. Burrrrrr. (Raymond Burr “synchs” = noted)

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            1. Brrr… You are not wrong! I’ve got a comment frozen all the way over in Meroveeledge… Bitter cold… You’re cold snap is catching…

              If you feel the need to remove all your layers and fool around outside, don’t… */shakes head and wrinkles nose…* At least, not on yore own… It could be hypothermia 😉

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  2. 13°F/-11°C…LE YIKES!!! IT’S CHILLY!!! The wind is…erm…brisk…one might say.

    When we forget bad experiences, especially when they are things that we have to actively work at to forget because there are reminders everywhere as to those things that we are trying to forget, we sure as shit start to remember things real fucking fast when they return. Not that they ever really “went” anywhere, because these are the things that make us who we are. But I think this differs a bit from the “Nothing gets you over the last one, like the next one” mentality with respect to relationships. And maybe because this tends to be that relationship with yourself that most people like to deny because others tell us shit like “this is the stuff of pure ego.”

    Pure Ego.
    Q: What’s the difference?
    A: Others?

    Maybe this helps explain duality a bit with respect to singularities and unary/binary/trinary numbers…or as I like to call it…”Fuzzy Bools” or “Fuzzy Boolean.” That bit Clicky posted with respect to “I used to be indifferent, but now I’m not sure?”…yeah, something like that. It sure seems to stretch out time and slow us down a bit. I think The Bible referred to it as “being slow to anger” or something of that nature.

    I still argue that split science(s) that does not seek to return to it roots, by remaining rooted in it’s roots, is prolly completely fucked. For how long? Who knows. But I have a pretty goddamn good idea. 😛
    The tic toc of the clock, and the crazy motherfucker that built it…awesome is cool.
    Fucked and completely fucked? Well, some fuckings are more complete than others eh?
    lol…sry…not really…but…yeah. lol

    Sorry I’m some low-life white-trash Okie ruffian with a bad disposition and filthy fucking mouth who spams the fuck out of blogs of strangers to advance my own cause(s), but thanks for putting up with my shit. ❤

    My older sister would have been/is, 52 years old today.
    HBD Sis. ❤

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