Stormy Whether or Knot…

Thoughtful Man just rang me from work.

“We’re gonna be hit by a storm tonight. It’s all over the news,” his voice crackled down the line.

Some light key tapping revealed the worst. “Oh, you’re not going to continue working in that are you?”

“Probably not. Hardly anyone out anyway. Pay day is a week away and then there’s Christmas to think about,” he said. He sounded cold and lonely; in these days of Uber-bollocks, hospitality business-busting smoking bans and a surfeit of surly fares on drug-fuelled jollies, a cabby’s lot is not a happy one.

“Okay, baby. If it gets too bad, just come home.”

Loopy looked at me intently, craning his neck away from his game as I finished the call. “What’s up with dad?”

“Nothing,” I reassured him, “apparently we’ve got a storm on the way.”

“A storm? Will the internet go down?” Nice to see Thing 1 has his priorities straight */rolls eyes…*


*Knot in the mood for much tonight, Clicky… slightly fucked off with others that really should know better… /sigh… Come, cheer me up…*

*/:D Ah you are a good assistant… /settles back and pats snout…*

Dear Reader… Have a Song…


34 thoughts on “Stormy Whether or Knot…

  1. Thanks for including the Dave Allen documentary. That’s another hour of my life spent refreshing an old memory of comedic genius. For me there’s a triumvirate of comics, the other two only ever so slightly behind DA in observational skills being Spike Milligan & Billy Connolly.

    The background tune as the credits start to roll …..

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  2. That’s right, Sister…
    Preach it!
    Storm’s a comin!

    Vitriol…the most precious and vital commodity WE have is US energy…the will to fight for survival.
    We are the new age Buffalo Soldiers!

    Ready or not…
    Black hands make their move at midnight!

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  3. 80mph winds…Jeez! Hope you guys are tethered!

    Well don’t worry about dinner tonight.

    How bout burgers?

    We’ve got Angus if you want beef! 🙂

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    1. Yeah, no problems to report so far. This time last year part of our roof fascia blew off and hit the taxi (painfully expensive), and earlier this year strong winds knocked the garden fences down but they needed replacing anyway 😉


    1. Hiya Cade 😀

      We’ve come through unscathed here at the LoL. Fortunately it seems the storm beat itself out along the rest of the coast before reaching us. Now it’s just rainy, dull and cold outside – typical November weather 😉

      I’ve been to a couple of concerts at the Royal Albert Hall – twice to see Barry Manilow (no I didn’t attempt to burn my fingers on a lighter, holding it aloft) and once to see Barry White and his Love Unlimited Orchestra. I must say, it’s a fantastic venue for live music. I can’t find a clip of the actual concert I attended in nineteen-eighty-six-seven-or-eight (date narrowed down by date (n.3) ), but here’s one of Barry White playing there in 1975…


              1. Ay Yi Yi and Oy Vey and Holy Fucking Shit and shit like that. Bitches be crazy. And bitches who call bitches bitches get stitches or some shit like that. Or, at least, kick a kick in the britches. Whatevz. Ya’ll can decide better than I can. Honestly, I have no idea what you fucks are talking about. Sure as shit ain’t my own personal penis, cause there ain’t nothing to talk about. Weird that it’s being talked about. By me, sure…but…yeah. I guess I better shut the fuck up now.

                Yes…this image and the images contained within are still burning a hole in my brain. I guess at some point, it will either “burn a whole” in my brain…or burn my whole brain into something more frightening than it already is. Of course, there’s not much difference in those two…so…yeah and stuff.

                I just get the feeling that there is…a whole fucking lot that. Maybe some holes even.
                I am who I am. /me shrugs.

                My eyes are already spinning. But…they’ve been spinning for a while now. “The Storms” keep me busy.
                Sorry…I gots starry eyes.
                /me shrugs
                Dream big. ❤

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                  1. Yes. But I’m almost always listening to music when reading shit on The Internet.

                    That said, the upper right corner has vexed me a bit due to the presumed error that never happens. I guess that says something about simplicity and complexity. Especially with respect to overthinking vs over-planning vs over-building and losing sight of purpose and perspective. So yeah…the one. Or as I like to say…the need unmet.

                    And I’ve found at least two concepts in each box, and I’m working on combining others. The whole is a whole already, but there seems to be all kinds of nesting, embedding and manifolds wrapped in that mess of a nest and nesting. Like center bottom. I see death in there. Of course I also see life, but yeah…death seems to be represented rather overtly.

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