Meeting Midnight


*Clicky? …/shakes head and places finger on lips…*

CLICKY: Have a Song

meeting (n.) “action of coming together,” Old English gemeting, verbal noun from meet (v.). Meaning “gathering of people for discussion, etc.” is from 1510s. In 17c., it was applied generally to worship assemblies of nonconformists, but this now is retained mostly by Quakers

As it happened, Dear Reader, I spent quite a bit of time this afternoon pondering a devastatingly good blog post by Anna Raccoon

Please, use Clicky and read it for yourself… I dare you not to be touched by this wonderful woman’s words. Take your time; I’ll wait…



I spent this morning in the Blue Universe

With first Brexit, and now Trump, I have the sense that a spirit of revolt is spreading across the West. I’m looking forward to seeing a bushfire of similar revolts spreading across Europe. Revolts against authority, revolts against top-down control, revolts against social engineering, revolts against the entrenched political elites. These things are catching: when people see other people doing something, they’re inclined to think that they could do it too. It gives them ideas.

Well, we are at Le Crunch point in regards to the ‘Crisis’ Winter season, the Fourth Turning

*Excellent timing, Clicky! New in from The Rev?… Sparkling stuff! …/thinks… Why don’t you give Dear Reader a Song, whilst I go an indulge myself. There’s a good Clicky… /pats snout…*

14 thoughts on “Meeting Midnight

    1. Thank you JenEus. Having a spot of bother in the ‘sew below’ at Blue Frank’s at the mo though… OMG indeed…

      *Clicky, we need to regroup… You stand there and I’ll stand here… /moves into position… No, you stand here and I’ll stand there… /moves again… Hmm, gonna have to have a bit of a harder think about this… /wanders off…*


      1. Shifting gears here…

        My uncle, Auvergne Stephen “Frenchy” Breault, was among the casualties of Dday. He was a USS Cory shipmate, which took on friendly fire and killed 3 other mates before sinking off the coast of Normandy. I think he was a nice looking man. Wish I could find the poem my grandfather wrote upon hearing of his brother’s death. My father is named after him.

        Wiping away a tear. Quite a stirring video you posted there, Roobs! I need a moment to regroup.

        And the flag from his ship, which was featured on the front cover of National Geographic

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          1. Yep…we’re the traveling fools on the proverbial “Hero’s Journey”. I find it interesting that Auvergne died where he began. Our-boros takes us here and there…but always and forever spiraling upward toward infinite perfection. It’s the ultimate never ending love story!

            Thank you for the JenEus comment! We have love to give. Who wants to receive?

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  1. >>>>a devastatingly good blog post by Anna Raccoon…
    Wowza. Admittedly…I had to stop reading at about halfway because it was making my stomach knot up, but I will return and read the remainder of it.

    A humbling read.

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