A horse, I’m hoarse… */cough…*

Dear Reader, Apols! Butt I am laid a little low, with a bug, brought in off the street by a Healthy visitor…

*Clicky, that’s watt everyone says to me… /coughs into fist… ‘Scuse, me for that, Click… /wipes hand on trouser leg…*

*/lights fag… Don’t look at me like that… smoking helps… /small hack… helps to get the shit up and off…*


First remembrance of a horse… I was five and our class went on a visit to the local Nick… and there were stables, and this horse… It was the biggest, whitest thing I’d ever seen… and a policeman picked me up from the straw-covered floor, and on put me on it’s back… Magnificent horsey stood placidly, with gentle snorts and tail-flicks whilst a wiggling, giggling slip of a girl stroked its velvety neck, and burying her face deep in it’s silky mane… All the other kids played with batons and badges, but I stayed in the stable… And I cried when it was time to leave, to go home…


“Like Shadowfax?” Kit-Kat said with a cocky grin. We were standing in the Kit Chinwag room of the house (the place of food). He was damp and ruddy-faced from the rain-sodden walk home from school.

I stopped and looked up at Thing 2, who now towers over me “Who?”

He stripped off his school tie from around his neck and looked at me with a faint look of disgust. “Gandalf’s horse? Shadowfax… Oh do come on Mater!”

*If you like, Clicky… though I doubt Gandalf was employed as a Brixton Bobby in 1972…/small cough with side order of squint… What you trying to suggest?*

*Oh course I’m fucking decent? What sort of question is that?!*

*Ah… yeah… I don’t actually want to hang the Righteous fuckers… I just fink they’re a bit… /taps temple… mentally ill-like… ‘cos of their phobia toward smoke… /drags some more… Nuffin’ wrong with letting them accumulate rope, though… We’ve knot had much luck in stopping ’em with that particular pursuit…*


Other best remembrance of a horse… In Barbados on holiday in the early 90s. Thoughtful Man and I decided to explore the Highlands… on horseback, as you doo, even though neither of us had ridden a horse before… I was on this big chestnut-coloured creature, with a shaggy, blond mane… sitting ram-rod with fear at the sheer power of the muscles quivering beneath my legs… No crash-helmets provided but worn, leather reins to grip… We set off, follow the leader… he seemed to know where he was going… Well it was his turf, so I just let him do his thing… And then, once in sight of the final destination, he opened up and galloped… And I squealed with delight at the rush, and lost my headband, whipped away by the cool but oh so warm air streaming over me…


“We also went horse-riding in Antigua,” Thoughtful Man reminded me. “But that was shit though because of all the rubbish on the beach.”

“Yeah that wasn’t as good,” I replied, “And then in Arizona, but that was just too hot and cactussy to go any faster.”

Thoughtful Man agreed and turned back to his PC. He was putting Clicky through his paces tending to his Arse-about-Facebook ‘Kingdom’; his favourite game, all neat and full of surprises.

“And don’t forget we owned shares in a horse once,” he said. “That was fun.”

*My first ring-tone, Clicky… I loved that phone, it opened up, like wings, for the qwerty keyboard… /clears throat… I need a sweetie, Clicky… /hold up hand… No, I’ll get ’em… you stay there and… /gets up… Have a Song…*

*/jumps about… Ore that other one, Clicky… Both are good…*


25 thoughts on “A horse, I’m hoarse… */cough…*

  1. Love the song. Not heard that in yonks. Bound to bump into someone called Angie now !

    There is one of these combo things going on with Eddie Redmayne like you and MJ in the smoking video.Eddie is Lisa’s boyfriend from New York who’s been over the last few days.

    And 666 words in the article. Check your forehead for the Mark of the Beast.

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      1. Har har arrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I reco-nize dat cat.

        IT’S A CONSPIRACY!!!
        Mystery = SOLVED! Next!

        BTW, I’m still giving your latest thoughts a think. Bacteria and salts and sugars and other salts and pressure(s) and in and out and up and down and through and through.

        Trying to stay away from Merovee until you fucks shut the fuck up about the election(s). Based on the post-bullshit bullshit that appears to be going on here and there…that might be a while. Surely these riotous assholes will take a break for Thanksgiving. If not, perhaps they will break for Christmas.

        So much for “majority rule” eh?

        If the shoe fits…it’s prolly your shoe. Or maybe you live with someone who has the same size feet as you. I dunno. ❤

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        1. Mate, we had it with the Brexit result and it’s still ongoing with the well provided for (at tax payer expense – natch) MPs.

          Did you know there’s this new craze for displaying a nappy (diaper) pin as a sign of protest? A fucking pin that is used to fix a piece of cloth around babies nether regions, to catch their urine and shit, is a some great symbol of dissatisfaction with the result of a democratic election (referendum in our case).

          We should give ’em adult diapers or fucking ship ’em off to a Romanian orphanage or somewhere equally grotesque because then they might get an inkling of how utter fucking absurd they all are being with their virtue signalling.

          Anyway, gotta go sleepy bye-bye time */yawn…* Thanks for stopping by ❤


  2. Hey Roobs! Don’t mind if I call you Roobs, do ya?…Cuz, eventually, all my besties get nick-names! Anywhoo…me and my posse of Jinns just wanted to stop by and see how you and your hoarse was gettin a’long.

    Sending Chicken Noodle Soup your way!

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  3. Sorry…back again, Roobs! Blowing up everybody’s comments. Had a small and insignificant “procedure” today. Feeling a bit frisky….but I digress…

    Have you heard of Horse_ebooks?

    Do you like spam?

    Do you like spam bots?

    Yeah…it’s an acquired taste!

    But…it is an internet art-form…one which oddly reminds me of you, dear friend!

    Thought you’d like to see where it all began… *harp tunes*

    We may never know the truth…WAS Horse_ebooks a spam-bot in the channel? Idk…but if nothing else…it was one hella marketing strategy! Anyway…good luck with the book! ❤

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    1. 😀 I hope it won’t be too long now before The Underdog Anthology is out and I can at last hold a copy of it in my hands. Thanks for the info on Horse-ebooks, I will definitely be passing that along to the publisher 😉

      And, yeah, call me Roobs, you genius burger woman, you ❤

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  4. Hi Roobs!

    I swear…I’ve had entirely too much time off this week! Bouncing around, from blog to blog to blog, spewing forth in my wake! Meh…doing a little archival reading in my spare time, as well. That’s been interesting!

    So…lucky you…you’re next!

    Happy ThanksforGiving US a home to call our own.

    For you…a song…

    Keep puffin, sweet girl!

    Catch ya on the flippity-flop!

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    1. 😀 Oh I know… Spending time elsewhere is so tempting. Anyway, a change is as good as a rest, I say, so have spent the morning over at the Smoky Blue Universe

      In 2009, Thoughtful Man, kiddie-winks and I were fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving in the US at…

      *No, Clicky. SeaWorld… It’s a different thing entirely… /rolls eyes…*

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  5. Oh…and speaking of Puffin…

    If ever the opportunity arises, Roobs…I highly recommend you and ThoughtfulMan take an Alaskan inside passage cruise! God…it’s just so majestic!

    These cute little guys are everywhere!

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      1. Why thank you, Clicky! Where would Roobs be without her partner in LoL crime? Don’t worry that sweet doll-fin-head of yours! I don’t care what they say…you’ll always be my cup of tea! *winks*


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