Kitty Syncs A Fishy…





A shadow hovered about me. I slide the headphones off my ears and attempted to look up.

“What’s up Kitty?” I asked, still dragging my eyes away from my PC screen. I’d been talking to Hugo, reading and listening to music.


“So, the fish was just in the sink, already broken, when you went in to brush your teeth?” I asked a pensive looking Kitten. “Okay, then, that is weird. Have you picked up all the pieces and put them aside? Dad might be able to fix it.”

He looked relieved. “Yeah. I told you, it was weird. You like weird stuff.” Kit Kat gave me a fancy bow and a wave…

*A bit more Rimmer, Clicky… /thinks… Like he was doing me a favour… How the fuck do you describe that? Thanks anyway… /pats snout…*

“Goodnight, mother dearest.”

“Do I have to go to bed?” Loopy called over, without breaking from his battle with a hoard of pixelated whatevers.

“No, you can stay up with me. You’re on holiday this week, remember?” I told him.


Kit Kat and I synchronised eye rolls – Loopy would sit in that chair forever, if we let him. I kissed the top of Kitten’s head ‘goodnight’, and he left for bed.


FRIDAY 28th October 2016  – between about 1600h to 1611h

Conversation between Roo B Doo and son Kitty Doo about where fought/thought/fault/fort/forte lies…

“But technically, it wasn’t me. It was gravity. I just gave it a little nudge.”



Thoughtful Man was sitting at his computer and I at mine. All was peaceful in the Library as I started to read the latest post from my good friend, Cade. I’d only got to the bit about inserting the lie, when I remembered…

*Yes, Clicky, that clown… Don’t do that! You’ll make me lose my concentration…*

“Shit! I forgot to tell you,” I told Thoughtful Man. I rushed upstairs to see Kit Kat. He was doing whatever teenage boys do in their bedrooms. I always knock… well you never know…

*Clicky, stop trying to distract me… Writing…*

“Where’s that fish you broke? Come show it to Dad. He might be able to fix it.”

Kitten was lounging in his Captain’s chair and got up begrudgingly, as teenage boys are want to do. He collected the fish pieces from the bathroom, handed them over and then followed me back downstairs, with a gracelessness that only 15 year old boys can truly muster.

“This fish…” I turned the body of the fish over in my hands and stopped. “Oh, it says made in Mexico. Did we buy this in Grenada or Phoenix? I thought it was Grenada.” I passed the broken pieces across to Thoughtful Man.

“Arizona,” he replied, attempting to fit them together. Part of the head had smashed off and a fin. He inserted the few straggler shards and held it up for inspection. “Traveled a long way, this fish to come live with us. Yeah, I’ll glue that back together. How did it happen?”

I felt Kit Kat stiffen from across the room, where he was taking a suspiciously long pause in the doorway…

*He wasn’t smoking! Clicky, please, go do something else…*

“Oh it’s really weird,” I explained to Thoughtful Man. “The other night when Kit Kat went to brush he teeth, he found it, broken in the sink. An earthquake is a more likely than it spontaneously leap of faith, wouldn’t you say, Kitty?”

I turned to my son,  inviting him to give his opinion on the flying/jumping/shaking fish phenomenon he’d tried to palm me off with the other night.

Kitten looked at me before answering. “It was really weird,” the Boy That Breaks Things offered his father with a shrug and knowing smile.



Kit Kat slouched into the Library and sat in Thoughtful Man’s chair.

“Mum, do you want anything from the kitchen?” he asked me. He’s always been thoughtful like that, especially if he wants something in return. Usually food.

“No thanks. Listen, come over here.” I beckoned him over to show him the image I’d created. “I’m writing a LoL post for you, ‘cos I wrote Loobie one, the other day,” I said brightly.

He sat on the arm of my big chair and gave a nod. “S’okay. You writing a post for me? Am I in it?”

“Will you read it?” I asked him.

“I don’t like reading,” he countered. He can be brutally honest went he wants to be.

“Then that’s your punishment for breaking my fish.” I pushed him off my armrest and he returned to his father’s seat. “I’ll tell you what, though, you provide me with three things, any three random things, and I’ll include them in it.”

Accidentally broke your fish, which is actually my fish because you gave it to me for my toothbrush.” Kit Kat sighed, resigned to playing along to make me happy. He thought for a bit. “It’s about a cheaply made fish that I accidentally broke, so… The first thing is a really expensive fish…”


Friday 28th October – Middayish, an hour after getting up

Opens unsolicited email from MJM, friend from the Blue and Y’Ello Universes.

It reminds me of Antismokers eternally blowing hot air about smoking and vaping destroying the known universe…



“An expensive fish? Of course, what else?” I asked. He furrowed his brow before answering slowly.

Benjamin Franklin…”


Friday 28th October – Middayish

Ninth email, from Frank, friend from the Red Universe, in an electronic missive chain discussing… well, that’s between him and me but it involves some of characters of the MEROVEE crew… They’re a fun crowd…

Come On Franklin. It’s going to be a fun trip.



Kit Kat’s ‘I-really-couldn’t-care-less’ concentration was suddenly broken by the entrance of a mad dooshund, wrestling with a limpish sock from side to side. It had been quietly lying in the dirty laundry pile.

“Poppy! Let that go, let that go,” Loopy cried, springing up from his chair and attempted to gently prise the white material from the jaws of certain shaken death. “Come on, Poppy, give it to me.”

“And a sock!” Kit Kat exclaimed. “Expensive fish, Benjamin Franklin and a sock,” he finished with a flurry that matched jerky movements of the reluctantly dancing sock…

*Oh for gawd’s sake… /looks skywards…*

“Yes. This sock,” Loopy stated, giving me the sopping wet item before returning to his chair with our darling Popstar for a licky cuddle.

“Okay,” I said, putting the sock down and grabbing my headphones. “Anything else?”

Kitten looked at me thoughtfully. “Yeah, can you remind dad that my game comes out tomorrow?”

“Oh, I’m sure he already knows,” I said. “You’ve been heralding its arrival every bloody day since your birthday.”

*Ha! He saves his money and look at the fuck off size book it comes with, Clicky… /sighs at the irony… He’s never gonna read all that… /looks around… What’s left to do?*

*A Song? Nah, I don’t think it’s finished yet… Hey! Where are you going? Don’t piss off now… /huffs… Fuck it… /lights up, sits back, smokes…*

23 thoughts on “Kitty Syncs A Fishy…

  1. Q: If California were to someday do as it has been long predicted to do, and suddenly “slide off into the ocean”…where would the ocean go?

    Not really expecting an answer because I think I already have an idea as to what the answer may be. That said, I have been thinking a great deal about fracking and drilling and mining, etc.. Just in the event you are interested in contemplating a few things..especially with all of the recent “Saturn business” and the “magnetopause collapsing” fears.

    I watched the movie “The Core” again last night, and was reminded again how “a sappy piece of crap of a movie” can still be extremely intelligent and raise some great questions. I’ve always had a problem with “constants.” Much like “things in nature that do not breathe”, I personally feel that constants are one of the most abstract of abstractions because the lack of its representation in the Universe. At least, the Universe that I am aware of anyway. The ever increasing pressures based on experience with the water column in oceans, and primarily only liquid and fluids with no real thought put into changing pressures within the Earth/Terra the way that we grant the atmosphere. i.e. Barometric Pressure. It’s almost as if Newton’s 3rd is suddenly thrown out the window yet again for the sake of a new science entirely, all because “Suddenly…shit didn’t make sense anymore according to our rule set(s)!

    Q: Is the Earth/Terra more likely to collapse or fly apart due to excessive change within the geology of the planet on a timeline that is contrary to A: The timeline that originally created it, and B: The timeline that sustained it up to the point where C: the geological changes began to occur that was not in sync with A and B?
    A: Is the answer…both?

    I still think too many marbles are put into too few boxes that are now being superseded and/or augmented by many other boxes. Diversity ain’t always so great. Physics is convinced that it holds the key to the answer. Suddenly…diversity seems like a great idea! 😛

    Q: How much power is required on the Universal scale to make a strong force appear weak?
    A: Something’s fishy alright.

    Was just thinking that something was fishy the other day. Maybe you picked up on that in my writing. Nice catch. And nice catch catching “my lie” too. 😉 An “unexpected persistence” maybe? Maybe even…more than one. I still say that magnetism and gravity are the strongest forces. They are simply picky about when and where. Yeah…prolly Neutrinos and Tachyons. But I’m prolly wrong. I still say there are 5 base particles and not 4. Well, 5 + 2 + 2 + 1 base particles. They always forget waves/motion/vibration. Tsk tsk. 😉

    I’ll shut the fuck up now. Otherwise, we might have us a riot on our hands.

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    1. Cade, I don’t understand the Science…

      *Yeah, Clicky, that penny dropped ages ago…*

      *Oi! I was just going to ask him about this one…*


      1. >>>>Cade, I don’t understand the Science…
        If we were face to face, I’d prolly punch you. But we aren’t so I won’t. Nor would I even if we were face to face. I don’t need “The Hoodie Wearing Soccer Hooligan Twins” beating the living shit out of me to protect their mom from some sissy who in reality could not punch his way out of the thinnest of paper bags, even if my life depended on it. I hope this is all as clear as mud.

        I don’t “understand the Science” either. Neither does anyone else. If we understood it, we’d stop doing it. At least, this massive exploratory part that seems to be so fucking prevalent these days because we are so convinced that “our current technological experience” is a such that we’d know what the fuck we were looking at “instantaneously” when we saw…whatever in the fuck it is/was that we were looking at.

        Oh, and I responded to Peg over at whatchacallit forums and kinda address this “mystery aspect” a little further with respect to “carbon” and/or “carbon dating” and other scientific dating methods. Fuckers can’t remember what they ate for dinner a week ago, but they can time and date every fucking thing else in the Universe from beginning to end. Makes sense. ó¿ó

        >>>>Oi! I was just going to ask him about this one…*
        At last! One of the many that I have missed, on purpose or otherwise, that appears to make some sense to me. (Or at least, I’ll pretend it does)

        THX young lady. Will bookmark that and read up on it later.

        Oh, and tell that one soccer hooligan that if nothing else, he could prolly smack the shit outta me with that giant-assed book if he ain’t gonna read it. The pen is mightier than the sword.

        And as always, I continue to be thankful for the inspiration(s). I don’t care if you got a fucking “Z” for a grade in chemistry. We aren’t our grades. Those are just a reflections of others’ opinions as to their ability to accurately teach us what we are trying to know. That’s just my opinion anyway. If the student is unable to grade a teacher based on anything other than the teacher grading the student with and/or without a curve…welp…that doesn’t bode well for “the system(s)” now does it?

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        1. ‘Oh, and tell that one soccer hooligan that if nothing else, he could prolly smack the shit outta me with that giant-assed book if he ain’t gonna read it. The pen is mightier than the sword.’

          Gno eye… Donut!
          Knot science and how the fuck science ‘fiction’ is accepted as science ‘fact’. It has forced me and millions of others outside… And did you know in Team America, they are coming for US homes… Read the HUD Lines – that’s a BBC Radio comedy programme, you won’t get that connection, but maybe somebody else will…

          Click to access huddoc

          Now I invited you to go play at

          Butt… You sent him gibberish when he and he thought you were a joker…

          Apols, I should have told ya… However…

          You. Followed. Me. Into. The. Red. Universe – I can’t tell you, how fucking brilliant that made me feel ❤ That's the red pill. Unfortunately, you have to make some kind of empirical sense in your postings in the Blue Universe – That's Memento

          Clicky and I only get away with the things we do over there because Frank indulges me… Pro Lolly because I helped him in his quest for evidence of the absolute disaster Tobacco Control’s policies have been by joining his merry band of I.S.I.S.

          We’re knot scientists over there butt… Go take a good, long, look at his site… You’ve got the shoos…

          You called yourself C (see, si, sea) F (Foxtrot) hear at the LoL.

          Now, about Kit and his reading. He can read – he just doesn’t want to and I have to persuade him, sum how, that it would be to his benefit. He had verbal dyspraxia as a child. That was sorted with speech therapy (brilliant NHS therapist called Kendall) but getting him reading and writing… That’s a whole different story. I’ve written about it before on Sync Miss For Him or Merovee. It involved hundreds of books, the Nato phonetic alphabet, and his absolute favourite TV show at that time…

          It helped him, but not enough for him to get any joy from the written word… Butt… you have no fucking idea the effect it had on his mother…

          And then I discovered the absolute joy of reading blogs

          Commenting on them

          And write them, too

          Irma trying… ‘K… It’s very hard when your birthday suit is sewn with the sinew of sloth

          Kit a.k.a. 'Christ' and Louis a.k.a 'Lucifer' – Yes, we named them after football players I oly called them the other names in the womb… well, it felt like there was a war going on in there at the time, what with all the kicking going on… Looby was dragged out first, when the incision was made. Mind you, it was his fault – he turned at the last minute

          But we respect their boundaries as they respect ours.

          Well, they do, Hive crossed the Roobee Con a few times… 😉

          St Eve has always supported FULL HAM – me, I used to support WEST HAM… I moved clubs; he moved in with me…

          Cade, play or knot play…

          *Fackin’ ‘ell, Clicky, that was a bit of a rant… /smooths down hair… but my goodness it felt really good to get some of that shit off me chest…*

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          1. >>>>”High tension and swords are a very bad combination.
            lolz. Like as in…sword raised to the sky in defiance or victory, while in a proximity a tad too close to power lines? 😉

            That’d be my luck anyway. I guess the ancients had it easy not having to worry about brushing a power line while wielding a conductive chunk of metal. They only had to worry about pissing off God/a god. Well, I guess that still works tho. Who would know the difference? Power line/Thunderbolt. The guy/gal with the sword sure as shit wouldn’t. Mysterious ways.

            That reminds me of a golf joke. The golf pro Lee Trevino was once struck by lightning. After, someone asked him about the best way to avoid getting struck by lightning again while playing golf, Trevino responded…
            “Just walk around the golf course holding up a 1-Iron. Not even God can hit a 1-Iron.”

            Not that I know much about golf. I liked walking around on the course and getting drunk, and trying to keep it under 100 on the front 9, so I wouldn’t have to try so hard on the back 9 to keep my score under 200. Got kicked off quite a few courses for being a disorderly mischievous little imp. Intentionally hit a ball into a water obstacle over and over again. Using a driver from a sand-trap and knocking the ball 5 holes over while creating a sandstorm of epic proportions. Using a driver from one green and trying to land the ball on an adjacent green. Golf is boring till you start making up your own rules. I’m a pain in the ass wherever I go. Always good for a giggle tho. 😉

            As always, thanks for putting up with my blah blah.

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  2. LOL! My timing on that video really WAS appropriate wasn’t it? I’m constantly amazed by the amount of serendipity I find while buzzing around in my little corners of computerdom.

    I’m glad to have contributed to the solution of The Mystery Of The Mobile Fish!


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          1. Severely triggered now and concerns our e-mails. Not the meat and veg 🙂 of the emails but other stuff.

            Zombies don’t talk.

            Talk Talk

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      1. Nope – spilling my smoking guts over in the Blue Universe 😉

        *Thank you, Clicky…*

        The Y’Ello Universe is like a river…

        *Blimey, Click! Talk about write the fucking theme tune… /rolls eyes…*


  3. Re October 28th Midday-ish
    That’s awesome!

    Ps Roob…I hope you took my latest post on Cade’s thread in the spirit that was intended…which was, of course, in good fun! Peg, on the other hand didn’t think so…so, my apologies if it was taken out of context.

    Pss…don’t you love my avatar? He’s so cute!


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