Ping Pong Piddle Pogo

A number of things in the last 24 hours have led me to consider writing a post about Peter Sellers

*No Clicky, nothing to do with Kubrick…*

I have posted about Peter Sellers before, at Sync Miss For Him


*Well, I hope Dear Reader takes a look and a loiter, Clicky… It’s a bit like being handed somebody’s holiday snaps, though – it’s hard to enthuse unless you’re really interested or were actually there*

But yesterday evening, Red Frank posted ‘Love Hurts‘ at MEROVEE and included the Pink Pan-ther…


*Kardashian? Hmm…*

Meanwhile I was having a conversation with Cade about books and poetry and ‘overt lurking‘…


Plus Hugo was in a peculiar mood…


And then today, in conversation with Legs about his moving home…


*Okay, maybe a little bit to do with Kubrick, Clicky… but it was more about the comment Cade left at Leggy’s place…*



*Jcrashinthecar…dashian, Clicky? …/rolls eyes…*

But it continued…



*A PA, Clicky? …/holds up hands…*


In Internet culture, a lurker is typically a member of an online community or PLN who observes, but does not actively participate.


Obituary dated 3rd of October…


Have a Song…

15 thoughts on “Ping Pong Piddle Pogo

  1. I’ve just seen a van with Harvey & Brockless on the side.

    And about Lolita and Hermione. A big moral question .

    At what age was it OK to start fancying Hermione ?

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  2. This is it! This is the sign!
    It’s a sign alright…going out of business.
    Or should that be…going out of business?
    Or both.

    Whatchacallit forums are down. You know what that means!
    Cade = On The Prowl!

    I had a really good posting working too. Meh.

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  3. My Sails – Wind = Current Status

    “I can harness the wind. I ain’t it’s goddamn creator.”
    – Jack Aubrey

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