Cnuts Like Cox

Enormous chair
CLICKY: The Tyranny of Experts


*Whoa! That’s very bright, Clicky… /dons sunglasses… Er, what’s the plaster for?*


*’The Snowflake Generation’? Thank you, Clicky! I’ve been wondering how to start this post ever since I mentioned it to Leggy on Friday night…*


Roob and Legs DMing
CLICKY: Frank’s ‘Public Cynicism Towards Experts’

Professor Brian Cox (born 3rd March 1968, so Generation X/Nomad – see previous LoL post) has a new TV series starting tonight:


Way back to the cave

‘Forces of Nature’ was inspired by a 1611 book, De Nive Sexangula, written by the German astronomist Johannes Kepler, who noticed one winter’s night that although every snowflake falling around him was different, every single one was six-sided. “So he started asking himself why. And he thought that this symmetry must be telling him something about the underlying laws and constituents that make them. It’s genius for someone in 1610 to say that; it’s how a 21st-century physicist would operate. Often, with my TV series, you start with a big question – but that’s a very television way of doing things. Actually, science is about paying attention to tiny things, and that’s how you end up uncovering the fundamental laws of nature.”

I’m pretty sure the EU wasn’t around in 1611, funding Kepler’s discoveries…

*Or indeed Plato in his teaching, Clicky*

I have a different reason to Legs for not liking Professor Cox. It’s a tiny thing really, a bit silly… It’s a Song…

In the 1980s Cox was keyboard player with the rock band Dare.[26] He studied physics at the University of Manchester, where he joined D:Ream,[27] a group that had several hits in the UK charts, including the number one, “Things Can Only Get Better“,[28] later used as a New Labour election anthem.

I dunno… /shrugs… maybe it’s also that toothy grin, easy charm… that utter self-belief…



*Yeah, him as well, Clicky.*

If, as I’ve wondered, the Fourth (Crisis) Turning was born in 2000 with the crash, or 2001 with 9/11, then the years leading up to it from 1997 were it’s New Labour

leaving the cave

*/wince… Baby leaves it’s cave, Clicky?*

In the months following Labour’s 1997 election victory, referendums were held in Scotland and Wales regarding devolution.

Oh look, they held referendums. I don’t remember there being a clamor to re-run or ignore the results because some objected to the result… Have a Song 😉





3 thoughts on “Cnuts Like Cox

  1. Good point. The devolution referendums weren’t questioned or overruled. They must have given the right answers although as I recall, the result in Wales was a resounding ‘don’t care’.

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    1. They did care when it came to the EU Ref. Perhaps they felt the EU didn’t really respect them 😉


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