We Are The Goon Squad & We’re Coming to Town

Politics will eventually be replaced by imagery. The politician will be only too happy to abdicate in favor of his image, because the image will be much more powerful than he could ever be. (Marshall McLuhan)

Moschino phone case
CLICKY: Weapon of Choice

Rose, tickled pink, posted the scoop in comments with Frank in the Blue Universe

Rose's scoop
CLICKY: Praise You

*Indeed, Clicky. Day after day, Frank, Rose, Harley, MJM and the rest of the commentators there debunk the lies that spew forth from the cancer-licking lips of the Anti-Tobacco Brigade… Nazi inspired lies that fall directly into the cauliflower ears of politicians.

Btw, I liked your response*

Clicky frames the issue
CLICKY: Right here, right now

Trashy-Flashy-Fun at Moschino AW16

Only Jeremy Scott could take a cue from a puritanical 1490s Florentine mobs and come up with ball gowns spliced with biker jackets, complete with singed edges and, at points, smoke rising out from their bustles.

The scene for his show was the destruction of decadence: his guests sat on plush velvet armchairs and chaise longues, in the centre of the space crumbled smashed-up chandeliers, crushed instruments and blitzed art work, an appropriation of that dark night, the so-called Bonfire of the Vanities, where the Renaissance ideology was viciously and literally attacked, with its progressive objects of beauty destroyed by arch conservatism.

CLICKY: The Joker


Yup, Anna Cleveland’s tulle prom dress left a trail of white smoke billowing behind her as she walked. Other girls’ gowns had also been burned and tattered to shreds. All very derelicte, wouldn’t you say Zoolander?
Moschino 2
CLICKY: Gangster Tripping

Warning: Fashion kills

Asked how he chooses his themes, Scott was simplistic in his response. “I was thinking about cigarettes and people’s addiction to fashion,” he said. “I don’t ever really dissect and wonder why I’m doing it. I just do it and put it out there.” Point and shoot.



Moschino 3
CLICKY: Sunset


Moschino 4
CLICKY: Rocking Skank

*Fuck /BEEP me… Fucking /BEEP beautiful, Clicky! Have a Song 😀 *


7 thoughts on “We Are The Goon Squad & We’re Coming to Town

  1. I uh found those dresses pretty cool. My bro-n-law was a fashion designer. As someone who has suffered severe burns, I admit they made me cringe a bit, but after reviewing them a bit I admit they are cool as shit and very creative. THX for sharing. I like creative stuff.

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