We Are The Goon Squad & We’re Coming to Town

Politics will eventually be replaced by imagery. The politician will be only too happy to abdicate in favor of his image, because the image will be much more powerful than he could ever be. (Marshall McLuhan)

Moschino phone case
CLICKY: Weapon of Choice

Rose, tickled pink, posted the scoop in comments with Frank in the Blue Universe

Rose's scoop
CLICKY: Praise You

*Indeed, Clicky. Day after day, Frank, Rose, Harley, MJM and the rest of the commentators there debunk the lies that spew forth from the cancer-licking lips of the Anti-Tobacco Brigade… Nazi inspired lies that fall directly into the cauliflower ears of politicians.

Btw, I liked your response*

Clicky frames the issue
CLICKY: Right here, right now

Trashy-Flashy-Fun at Moschino AW16

Only Jeremy Scott could take a cue from a puritanical 1490s Florentine mobs and come up with ball gowns spliced with biker jackets, complete with singed edges and, at points, smoke rising out from their bustles.

The scene for his show was the destruction of decadence: his guests sat on plush velvet armchairs and chaise longues, in the centre of the space crumbled smashed-up chandeliers, crushed instruments and blitzed art work, an appropriation of that dark night, the so-called Bonfire of the Vanities, where the Renaissance ideology was viciously and literally attacked, with its progressive objects of beauty destroyed by arch conservatism.

CLICKY: The Joker


Yup, Anna Cleveland’s tulle prom dress left a trail of white smoke billowing behind her as she walked. Other girls’ gowns had also been burned and tattered to shreds. All very derelicte, wouldn’t you say Zoolander?
Moschino 2
CLICKY: Gangster Tripping

Warning: Fashion kills

Asked how he chooses his themes, Scott was simplistic in his response. “I was thinking about cigarettes and people’s addiction to fashion,” he said. “I don’t ever really dissect and wonder why I’m doing it. I just do it and put it out there.” Point and shoot.



Moschino 3
CLICKY: Sunset


Moschino 4
CLICKY: Rocking Skank

*Fuck /BEEP me… Fucking /BEEP beautiful, Clicky! Have a Song 😀 *


Soupy Shoe Smiley Shamble

For her upcoming trip to New York, Sister Juju has bought herself a pair of shoes.

Shoe 2

*’Converse’, Clicky… adjective or verb?*

converse (adj.) “exact opposite,” 1560s, from Latin conversus “turn around,” past participle of convertere “to turn about” (see convert). Originally mathematical. The noun is attested from 1550s in mathematics. Related: Conversely.

converse (v.) “to communicate (with),” 1590s; earlier “to move about, live, dwell” (mid-14c.), from Old French converser “to talk” (12c.), from Latin conversari (see conversation). Related: Conversed; conversing.

Shoe 1

*Both! /Claps hands… Okay you start*

Black star White star

*Black star, white star?… /thinks… Oh, David Bowie!*


*That reminds me, the smiley face badge – Thoughtful Man and I watched ‘Watchmen’ the night before last. Now that was extremely dark… I feel-good romp if ever I saw one.*

*DB’s first hit song, but you really don’t have to slow down on my account, Clicky. Cheek!*

David Bowie smoking

*Yes, he smoked. Do you know, some fuckwits believe that was what killed David Bowie? Even though he’d done their ‘right thing’ and given up.*

Black lung lie

*Painted black on the inside… well, that’s the world we live under now, Clicky… he did rather predict it…*

“Actually, I want to say a few things on the album.

“Like, ‘Right’ is putting a positive drone over. People forget what the sound of Man’s instinct is – it’s a drone, a mantra. And people, say: ‘Why are so many things popular that just drone on and on’. But that’s the point really. It reaches a particular vibration, not necessarily a musical level.”

And that’s what ‘Right’ is…

“Oh, alright … let’s talk about the rest of the album. Very decadent this is [laughs]. ‘Somebody Up There Likes Me‘ is a ‘Watch out mate, Hitler’s on his way back’… it’s your rock and roll sociological bit.

“And ‘Across The Universe‘, which was a flower power sort of thing John Lennon wrote. I always thought it was fabulous, but very watery in the original, and I hammered the hell out of it. Not many people like it. I like it a lot and I think I sing very well at end of it.

“People say I used John Lennon on the track … but let me tell you … no one uses John Lennon. John just came and played on it. He was lovely.

“‘Can You Hear Me‘ was written for somebody but I’m not telling you who it is. That is a real love song. I kid you not. And the end of the thing is ‘Fame‘ which was more or less sung about what we’re doing now.”

*Back to the other side of Juju’s shoes, Clicky? Yes, well currently things are looking rather ‘in the soup‘ /titter… *

Bowie Warhol
Clicky for a Song

*That’s right, David Bowie portrayed Andy Warhol in ‘Basquiat‘… sounds like ferocious biscuit, if you ask me 😉 *


Shoe 3
Clicky for final shamble thought


Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise Part 3 – Word!

I was woken this morning by the hairy warmth of Thoughtful Man nuzzling into my back and a stinky breath dachshund intent on licking the sleep from my eyes.

“Bad news,” he whispered in my ear. “David Bowie’s dead.”

“What?!” Eyes and mouth suddenly open, Poppy took it as a come on for a French kiss. I wiped mouth and attempted to sit up in bed. “What?”

“Yeah, cancer.” He paused. “That’s two now,” he looked at me solemnly.

“Two what?” I lightly batted away Poppy’s energetic attempts to snog me some more.

“The ‘CD of Death’,” Thoughtful Man explained. “I made a CD up for the cab just before Christmas. The first song was ‘Ace of Spades‘ and the second track was ‘Starman.’

“You called it ‘The CD of Death’?” If it wasn’t for the insistent tongue exploring my right nostril, I could have sworn I were still dreaming.

“Well, I do now!” Thoughtful Man pulled Popstar off me, expertly turning her over for a calming belly rub.

“Shit. Well, who else did you put on it?”

He took a deep breath. “George Michael, Barry Manilow, Taylor Swift…” He reached out to the bedside table before placing a silvery disc in my hand. It was blank save for a thick black marker pen ‘X‘ on one side.

“You’ve marked it with cross? Isn’t that a bit morbid?”

“No.” Thoughtful Man looked affronted. “I did that at the time to show which way up to put the CD in the player.”

“Oh, okay. So then, who’s next?”


Round Two of this ‘Pointless Exercise’ will be available later today. As I mentioned on Part 2.1 – it’s a ‘Words’ round.

Words ending iin ark



It’s the 18th of September 2016 and I’ve just read that Andy Peebles – sounds like ‘andy peepoles – reckons DB was assisted by persons unknown in taking his own life.