Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise Part 1.8

TFI Sunday… And relax… Now where was I?

Reproduction‘ one of the Rs in MRS REGN


AA: Thanks, Richard! *takes deep breath*

1. AA welcomes Craig

2. Knot really

3. You were a successful builder

4. I bet your quotes went up

5. Hahahaha

6. So busy making over

7. Massive project

8. Grand Designs

9. Sounds Exciting

10. Yeah

11. Kevin McCloud

AA: Oh that’s good. Well, very best of luck with that. Now, Craig *splutters* A hundred and 38… they’re the only two scores we’ve got sew far…


AA: How you feeling about this bored?

CRAIG: Ah, I think I gno 3, possible 4 of them on there. I’m gonna go for the fifth won down, the country singer famous for her blonde wigs and her rhinestone costumes, who played at Glastonbury in two thousand and for-teen. Can I say, Dolly Parton?

AA: You can say ‘Dolly Parton‘, Craig. Let’s see if it’s right and how many peepole said ‘Dolly Parton‘.

*turns to scoreboard. The level starts to descend*

AA: It is right… Oww75

12. 75

AA: That’s okay… It’s knot the high score. 75’s fine.

OZ on Dolly



25 thoughts on “Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise Part 1.8

  1. I have no iidea what is happening in that picture, and…I still don’t.

    Say speaking of, um…how to put this…OH!!! I just recently celebrated 1.5 years since jumping from a pain management drug called Bupenophrine. I Took Suboxone for a little over 5 years, and plain ol Bupe for 2’ish. That was after being in another pain management program for over 6 years prior to all of this that used regular ol opiates. So just on the off chance that there’s any other people maybe jumping off that dragon…here’s to YOU! You CAN and WILL do it. Forgive yourself if you have to go back, and keep tryiing if you feel you need to. BTW, I jumped at 24mg. I had several jumps, the last one…well, you know when you know.

    I have no idea why I posted this here, but ya know, sometimes, ya just ….see certain words in certain places…and they just…make sense. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Cade… congratulations. And I’m very happy if some LoL space helped you place words so that they make sense 😉

      Have you read this… by an Alex, funnily enough?

      Freak of Nature, eh?

      Y’all come back again, do you hear? 😉


    1. Yes. All is 1D. All this 2+D is the mechanics of design and construction, for perpetuity of education, expansion, legacy, growth…ya know…experience…but I digress. I’ve seen the 2D “playing card” models and how they are trapped in a flat world…blah blah blah….but communication is universal….NOT math. It figuring out how to communicate that makes the model I described above work…learning, experiencing…..sharing. 😀

      Thanks for being you.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Me too. That’s why I stay with binary. All the rest is gravy and dick waving. I don’t have much to wave there so it’s kept me um, waveless. LOL

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Lesse…my reference to me…”Boy, if your brain was rolling down the edge of a razor blade, it would look like a BB rolling down a four lane expressway.”

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Sure I can provide not only “A” image…but multiple images in the spirit of Christmas and only 354 shopping days left until the next one.

            I think they are .177 caliber?

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Lemme try this again. Pics of BB’s. My brain, razor blade, 4 lane expressway.

    Whatisthat ta’ll have, the I-4? I-6 or something?

    Liked by 1 person

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