Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise Part 1.8

TFI Sunday… And relax… Now where was I?

Reproduction‘ one of the Rs in MRS REGN


AA: Thanks, Richard! *takes deep breath*

1. AA welcomes Craig

2. Knot really

3. You were a successful builder

4. I bet your quotes went up

5. Hahahaha

6. So busy making over

7. Massive project

8. Grand Designs

9. Sounds Exciting

10. Yeah

11. Kevin McCloud

AA: Oh that’s good. Well, very best of luck with that. Now, Craig *splutters* A hundred and 38… they’re the only two scores we’ve got sew far…


AA: How you feeling about this bored?

CRAIG: Ah, I think I gno 3, possible 4 of them on there. I’m gonna go for the fifth won down, the country singer famous for her blonde wigs and her rhinestone costumes, who played at Glastonbury in two thousand and for-teen. Can I say, Dolly Parton?

AA: You can say ‘Dolly Parton‘, Craig. Let’s see if it’s right and how many peepole said ‘Dolly Parton‘.

*turns to scoreboard. The level starts to descend*

AA: It is right… Oww75

12. 75

AA: That’s okay… It’s knot the high score. 75’s fine.

OZ on Dolly