Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise Part 1.1

Part 1.0 can be found hear.

This the image Clicky woz-knot able to place in last night’s shambles *Click, if anyone presses, just embiggen and please, NO hiding things this time. I saw what you did. Scolds.

2. Emale One of 7 talks to 6 Sent Sunday evening 201215 Homework


I am in the process of transcribing a conversation I had with Clicky yesterday, whilst dissecting the show. Hopefully, it will be reddy later this week 😉

Sew… wats on massage in emale? *lights up*

The Thing is, I think I can show you through the medium of a Pointless exercise.

For this, you have to know that I am one of three:

1 a. Love the Glove came from Shiny. That’s Clicky by the way in case you didn’t recognise the Joker faced dolphin. Gets everywhere *rolls eyes*
2 b. Who can resist those Legs? Wat a storyteller? I nicked Click off of him *squint*
3 c. Click:

I’m going to shamble this tomorrow as the first lecture on ‘Room x37 – Spotting Syncs’ at the LoL. These take time. I’ll try to keep it simple. I suggest we make your homework fun, so I suggest a game… Texas Hold ‘Em.

Card I: watch this with my husband. He is The Tardis and I am The Doctor. But I’m not always The Doctor; with sum I am The Tardis. Or River. Or Clara Or A N otherDeepends 😉

Card 2: We compete against each other, St Eve and I, but we also compete against the contestants on the show. We are one team, it’s a game we like to play. Like me and Loopy Louis. He gave me this video to show after we made his den for the evening (photos attached)

Card 3. In my shamble, I will include our answers. These will be honest and truthful. I donut L13 about this because I donut cheat. You see, I’m better than Captain Kirk 😉

Card 4: Another video from Louis. He loves bringing me things we can LoL about together. I’m the Girl with the Mousy ‘air… u gno Roob or Boor… I’ve seen iT 10 times or more

River Card: “Argentina! Woo Hoo! Pointless answer!” *buffs nails*

So homework people. Chop! chop! I’m going to watch the last three episodes of Doctor Who with my husband, now. I’m afraid I am going to have to take a lead role in the search for 137.

On the other hand, I can’t tell you wat to do. Do what you like. Butt I love you all ❤


Okay, we didn’t get to watch Doctor Who that night. We watched some ‘Married with Children’ instead… Sew then *puffs out cheeks* correspondence to catch up on, screen shots to, well… grab

CYL and have a Song 😉


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