Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise

Apols! Not the promised music post. Cometers sorted that for me days ago… Go hear.

This Xmas, MRS REGN is knot prepared to wait until the 25th to speak to a nation. Sew… I promised a lecture for 6 blokes last night in an emale. I suppose I should try and make this sciencey so this is the abstract of sum thing or another…

Oh, before I start, a shout out to a lovely lady called Ruth Brown who helped me out last week. She was wearing purple and looked like a more intelligent version of me *sigh of relief*

Clicky is under strict instructions for this post: to assist me professionally with images, no back slang and no hiding links behind fings *text links only, please.*. Any digressions taken in this post will be Roobeedoo2’s. That’s me btw. Just one of my handles. To wyn this game you have to turn names if you want to see 137… or is it 237? Wheel shell see 😉

This is a screen grab of the homework I set 6 pals of mine. Click will embiggen.

*Apols! Clicky insert pix of emale when all’s agreed*



Anybody reading this other than the Sexy*puffs out cheeks… Could ‘appen?* , and me (obi wan) – that makes 7… *grimaces* You’re knot really gonna gno wat the hell I’m talking aboot. Actually, *touch wood*, soon to be nine, although… although there’s still every chance it ends up nien! Shell sea, shall we 😉

OK GO (it’s a Song sew don’t click if you’re in a rush to get somewhere… Snacking is allowed, People! HOWever, if Mum is calling you for dinner – JUST GO. You can always come back later 😉 ). If you’re an adult adult – what the fuck you reading this pure rile she-ite for anyway? Adult-KIDZ are more than welcome. And any kiddly-winks following along with the finger of parent… Shh pretty colours… Wee…

Now, this is important: *Clicky!*

* Efficient… Impressed look*

Whilst, you’re watching that I’ll go pay some attention to my Thoughtful Man. CYL


Okay… whilst the others are watching. A tail from today with some pix of Thoughtful Man’s shopping. He’s my Tardis – He fetches and carries. I’m his


He’s gets up early. Always. So, he was long gone by the time I rose. He came back ‘appy ‘cos he’d got the last (and hardest to get) prezzies for da KIDZ! His Christmas won’t be ruined *Yay* And he’d bean to see Cash & Dash. I immediately started to unpack…

Nisa shop

Really, nobody has any idea how much fuel is required to resolve a brain tickler like the puzzle of 137. Coffee with milk, two sugars, mostly. And… okay, we get Coked up, too. And Thoughtful Man and I smoke. Menthol filters; it’s medicinal. I roll them. The Black Sambuca is for a shot or two, with Red Bull chaser, to keep us warm chested and away from ire each night of the Festivities.

Wat is everyone’s problem with wat we consume? It’s Physics!


Local Shop Talk

He also purchased two presents for me. I can’t wait. I opened them immediately.


A dick to phone and some kindling.


I’m over the Moon. Loopy broke my Kindle at school. When I think about all the fucking heavy books, I had to carry up and down the Alwyn Towerblock. Mind you, I enjoyed it – kept me fit. And I needed something to help me shamble the episode of ‘Pointless’. How was I going to do this? I know, I’ll talk to myself…


Zo. Did you follow Clicky and watch the Program? I gno this is a mixed ability class, but… are you sure you saw wear my little Dolphin helper went?

1. Follow the Glove Shiny


1. Follow the Glove Legs

*Squints… Clicky? You’re knot..? No, Okay I trust you. *

Wright then *looks at invisible watch* Oh bugger is that the hour? I need to go and spend some time with my family.  My breakdown of the Program to reveal 137 will have to wait until tomorrow, then. Ooo… Bonus! I’ll include the end of the episode of I watched of ‘Pointless’ today. Plus a transcript of my wittering’s of this my first ‘Pointless Exercise’ to go with the pix. *That should be fun… knot* 😉


*Now look here, Clicky. Are you fucking about behind my back? I won’t have it, u gno…*

The two of the 9, mentioned above, I’ve actually axed if they want to participate in this experiment. That way, as a woman, I can be one of 3. And so can they. Witch nails (above) from won. Sum Song (below) from da udder.

Shamble on People, I’m off for a goodnight cuddle… Have a Song…





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  1. Perhaps there’s an eavesdropper in the house?

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