Halo! WE’s A Coming… And WE Are Smoking!

So *lights up* my current favourite theory is that God, who made everything, apparently, is a big fan of cosplay

Literally “Costume Play.” Dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character (usually a sci-fi, comic book, or anime character).
There are anime cosplay conventions around the world.
by Mario Rogic January 15, 2003

15th of January was Mum’s birthday. On that date in 2003 she turned 58. She’s dead now; now I’m the elder mother in the family.

costume (n.) 1715, “style of dress,” an art term, from French costume (17c.), from Italian costume “fashion, habit,” from Latin consuetudinem (nominative consuetudo) “custom, habit, usage.” Essentially the same word as custom but arriving by a different etymology. From “customary clothes of the particular period in which the scene is laid,” meaning broadened by 1818 to “any defined mode of dress.” Costume jewelry is first attested 1933.

OMG, Clicky! How can you be bored with language? And English is the language of angles. Let’s carry on, shall we? If you can be bothered to, Click.

custom (n.) c. 1200, “habitual practice,” from Old French costume “custom, habit, practice; clothes, dress” (12c., Modern French coutume), from Vulgar Latin *consuetumen, from Latin consuetudinem (nominative consuetudo) “habit, usage, way, practice, tradition, familiarity,” from consuetus, past participle of consuescere “accustom,” from com-, intensive prefix (see com-), + suescere “become used to, accustom oneself,” related to sui, genitive of suus “oneself,” from PIE *swe- “oneself” (see idiom). Replaced Old English þeaw. Sense of a “regular” toll or tax on goods is early 14c. The native word here is toll.

Click. Tell me about it… 😉

play (v.)Old English plegan, plegian“move rapidly, occupy or busy oneself, exercise; frolic; make sport of, mock; perform music,” from West Germanic *plegan “occupy oneself about” (cognates: Old Saxon plegan “vouch for, take charge of,” Old Frisian plega “tend to,” Middle Dutch pleyen “to rejoice, be glad,” German pflegen “take care of, cultivate”), from PIE root *dlegh-“to engage oneself,” forming words in Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, and possibly Latin.
Meaning “to take part in a game” is from c. 1200. Opposed to work (v.) since late 14c. Related: Played; playing. To play up “emphasize” is from 1909; to play down “minimize” is from 1930; to play along“cooperate” is from 1929. To play with oneself “masturbate” is from 1896; play for keeps is from 1861, originally of marbles or other children’s games with tokens. To play second fiddle in the figurative sense is from 1809 (“Gil Blas”). To play into the hands (of someone) is from 1705. To play the _______ card is attested from 1886; to play fair is from mid-15c. To play (something) safe is from 1911; to play favorites is attested from 1902. For play the field see field (n.).

Please, Clicky, for the love of god, no..!!

Phew! That could have been sooo much worse…

*flicks lighter* At the beginning of the month, 3rd October to be exact, I wrote an email to MJ, my online friend who lives in Tennessee, US of A:

Mary Jo, I like the title, I want to use it for a post at the LoL – I will quote some of this email, just so’s you know 😉 It’s how WE get to write the script 😉 …Vik’s ‘crack the code’ *shakes head*. And it’s all true – this is an after thought, another level… Clicky!
Now MJ, what do you and Charlie have cooked up, costume-wise for this Halloween? The boys did costumes once for a Halloween party that some woman at work threw. It was horrendous. The less said, the better. If I wrote a post about it for the LoL, it would be called ‘A Freakishly Boring Night Out’.


We don’t do Halloween, so wishing to live vicariouslyMJ, you are my only hope!

I love your Charlie photo updates – he’s a gorgeous child and you are a gorgeous mum. You’re just the sort of mum I never was to my boys. I made a decision, you see, to treat them exactly the same. Very noble of me 😉
As it happens, they are complete opposites to each other and have very different interests, and to split my time and energy in half… no, there’s Steve and WORK (a huge amount of my time is spent there)… to give equally, I just let them get on with their own play. Mostly I did homework with them or painting. Costumes were for school trips & photos and mostly shop bought. Cheap and cheerful and the boys weren’t really that interested in them anyway. Now if it was Star Wars school trips…
Kit Bisto
Also, Halloween is not that big of deal in the UK and the night itself is celebrated more by adult- kids than children-children. Well, where I live anyway. And Steve will tell me all about that when he gets home from driving them about that night 😉
So spill, I want to enjoy knowing what I didn’t get or choose for in my life… a proper Mother and Child run up to Halloween… 😉

*deep draw* A nice woman, MJ, she replied straightaway. Now how long would it have taken, to correspond with your overseas girlfriend, in days of yawn ?

Roobee! So good to hear from you! About to run some errands so this won’t be as long as it should be.  Charlie is going to be
and I’m going to be

But we probably won’t look just like that. We will probably look more like

😀 😀 😀 😀
It doesn’t mean we aren’t “super” though!

Oh Clicky! You shouldn’t hide stuff behind MJ’s illustrations. I know you do it to mine, but did you ask her? …*tumbleweed*… No, I didn’t think so *tut*

Then *flick, flick, shakes flick* then today, 30th October, I arrive at my place of work, with a Song playing in my head, to find it’s Dress Down Friday. Goo goo g’joob I’d forgotten… nobody needs to see me in my jimjams… except maybe for me and I really don’t think that’s what Management intended.

I took off my hat and coat, fired up my PC (no resemblance to The Flash in that piece of hardware, believe me) and ventured into the kitchen to make myself a cuppa joe.

Now I must tell you, we’re getting new toilets at work, so all kinds of doors that are normally held open have been allowed to close. To cut down on the noise and the dust, from the men at work.

On returning to my desk I had to turn the handle of a door that I never normally have to touch. As I pushed it open, more concerned with whether I’d forgotten to add sugar (again), I was surprised by the looming presence of another, on the other stood of the door. I look up and to my utter astonishment, there stood… MJ!


Okay not Tennessee MJ, Clicky, but a woman who looked so like her I just stood there staring…


I told you, Click, I’d forgotten it was Dress Down Friday *rolls eyes*

*Exhales plume* Who’d of thought? I had the title of this post weeks ago; I had no idea what kind of shambles it would make. The whole idea of ‘Selfie Sounds Like Sophie’ on Sync Miss For Him was to develop a long exposure selfie of the goddess, in an ‘as below, so above’ amateur experiment.

On Merovee, the site of MJ/Isis’ love Frank/Osiris, ‘WE’ is major meme. Shambles are magical things and I’d managed to conjure a goddess 😉

In honour of that fact, I decided to do something I’ve never actually done before, unless you count capturing the odd stray hand or foot in the odd photos I taken. I took my very first selfie. And I took it in what our office new ladies loos is going to look like, courtesy of the 2nd floor, which has already been renovated…


LOL! A ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ sort of thing, Click? Blimey that’s a grey tongue – must be all the smoking. Or it could be that the manufacturers have missed a trick 😉 Maybe I should tell them…

Why? Y knot, Clicky? ‘Cos play’s the thing *wink*


Have a happy Halloween everybody and… Do, please Doo have a Song 😉

*stubs out butt*

37 thoughts on “Halo! WE’s A Coming… And WE Are Smoking!

  1. “WE’s A Coming ….” – and a mention for the Doors.

    Seems an opportunity to meld one of pop’s greatest euphemisms …

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We didn’t have Halloween in my day, thank God. I suspect I might have turned the little horrors out on their own just to get a bit of peace. And heaven knows what disasters could have happened to them, in hindsight.
    Here in France it’s all about All Souls and cheap Chrysanthemums and visits to the cemetery. But at least everyone remembers The Dead once a year. Much the better idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think of Mum everyday – I ended up taking in most of her stuff after she died. Clothes, perfumes, costume jewellery… ‘Touch of Silver’ shampoos – there were a few unused bottles of those 😉

      I’ve started wearing her hat now that the autumnal weather is upon us. Every time I go for smoke break at work, I pop on her bobble hat. Why I never thought of getting for myself one before, I’ll never know.

      And I have her ashes. They’re quite heavy – I’m going to take her into work with me and use her as paperweight. Having them at home is creeping Thoughtful Man out. Besides, mummy was a very good administrator and boss – she can help me there. I think she’d like that 😉

      From Wiki:

      ‘Chrysanthemums entered American horticulture in 1798 when Colonel John Stevens imported a cultivated variety known as ‘Dark Purple’ from England. The introduction was part of an effort to grow attractions within Elysian Fields in Hoboken, New Jersey.[8]’

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  3. My Mother died when I was too young to take it in, until very much later. But I do buy Chrysanthemums for her. Thanks for the info.
    Here in France they are Flowers for the Dead, and only grown in abundance for All Saints. I buy loads after the First of November when they go down to 1 Euro a pot. I love the smell of them.
    Estee Lauder used to sell a Perfume called Aliage which was the epitome. But they don’t make it anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. What? That’s madness.

          Will they deliver it to England? ‘Cos I’d forward it on to you. If you’re interested, Posting stuff overseas is relatively inexpensive now, because you can shop around 😉


          I’ve had to arrange delivery of shoes to rural Italy (of all places!). It cost about fifteen quid. But the price is worked out on weight and how long you’re prepared to wait 😉


  4. Roobee,
    That pic of me has the Tennessee River winding around. Water is memory. River banks. Memory banks….seems like another level of sync, after reading the comments about your mom and her stuff. I love it that you wear her hat 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Hi lovely elenamitchell!
          You are where you always have been. Perhaps that is comforting. Perhaps not.
          Anyway, I do love your name.

          Elena (italian sources)

          English equivalents: Ellen, Helen, Helena. Derived from the Greek name Heléne, Latinized into Helena or Helene. Taken from hele meaning “splendor, vigor of the sun.”

          Elena (russian sources)

          The name is of Old Greek origin with its meaning being still not quite clear – it might be “clear, chosen” or “bright, light, torch”.

          and Mitchell…means MICHAEL.

          archANGEL Michael

          Liked by 2 people

            1. Wonderful! You are special! Every time I try to tell someone that, the world doesn’t like it.
              I don’t care. I’m a rebellious Dog Star bitch from heaven.

              Liked by 1 person

  5. Roob,
    A few years ago (when I used to exercise), I was a member of the Y.
    This was before I went through the looking glass, which makes it extra cool, but one day in the locker room, I notice this on a locker right next to mine.

    So, you are somehow, here as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. OMFG I Clicky’ed and Clicky’ed and here I’am! Fuck me. Excuse my languish, I’m in a certain mood tonight. Roob, you are brilliant. I really love your articles. Not the easiest to understand, but with hidden gems. And sassy and FUCK. I just said fuck. 🤓
    I see there is a dumb pic of yours truly.

    And I just looked up this… (my worst fears are being neutralized). oh happy day.

    The word “stank ho” spelled backwards. Covert way of alerting someone of the presence of a nasty ho. Origin: TV show, In Living Color.
    Hide the chips and beer, two oh knats just walked in the room.
    by Mario Rogic January 15, 2003

    skank ho.
    who qualifies?

    No, really,…”skank ho” is like, you know, you wanna insult somebody. Because who doesn’t want to try out being a “ho” sometimes? But not a “skank” one. What does that mean?!
    (I think it means one that doesn’t particularly dress well and services those who would like to not admit they are engaged with a particular type of ho).
    Butt watt do I know of hos?
    Just the kind I’d be proud to be!
    One that is loved, understood, and not thought of as “skank”.

    Anyway…surely Jesus will come soon.
    The father, the son, and the holely ghost, a-men.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Roob and Clicky, I am having a crisis tonight.
      And I am so happy to end up on this particular post. it seems to be a time warp. And it is really some kind of beautiful tapestry of syncronicity that I would be having the particular kinds of thoughts about writing tonight

      I have read some comets on merovee and there isn’t enough room to reply. I’m finn’ta be writin’ a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to reply to that shi’hizzle.

      anyway, I just realized how hilarious and awesome this post is. You are mysterious lady! You happy fun time lady! I love you!

      Liked by 1 person

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