An Anti-Anti Anthem: Corrupting Lyrics

I thought I’d have a go at creating an Anti-Anti Anthem by corrupting some song lyrics…

*Aww… that’s cute Clicky. Yes it was at Leggy and Broken Girl’s gaff that I’d seen it done before *

Now this may come as shock to some people but I am a smoker…

…And I’m getting a tinsey bit fed up with antics of the capnophobes in public life trying to control my life with their incessant demands, backed by lies and wishful thinking. I wondered if other smokers were feeling the same way. What’s needed is a song…

This is a first attempt at corruption… constructive criticism in the comments is always welcome 😉


9 thoughts on “An Anti-Anti Anthem: Corrupting Lyrics

      1. One of my literary heroes, Spike Milligan, proudly boasted he was one of the few people to have a signed certificate to prove his sanity.

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        1. JP, my understanding is that Spike was a bit of an anti smoker but I shan’t hold that against him 😉

          That’s right, Clicky, the man is dead, and there’s no doubting his comic genius that continues to live on…


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