Fun and Games



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“It’s Fathers Day. Why am I doing all the heavy lifting?” Thoughtful Man harrumphed as he dropped the heavy box on the floor.

“Hmm…?” I was trying to take a picture of Assistant Loopy’s latest addition to the Library walls and so, let’s be honest about it, not giving him my full attention.

It's a sign

“No lie-in. No breakfast in bed…”, he looked at me coolly. “No present and no card”.

I moved closer to rub his shoulders. “You said Fathers Day is a made up day by card manufacturers to make money.” I found a knot and dug in. “In fact ‘fake card days’ is one of your favourite moans”.

“It is”. He groaned under the pressure of my needling knuckles.

“Well, the boys and I took your message to heart and decided to ignore it. Fathers Day, that is. What’s in the box?”. I kissed the back of his neck and peered over his shoulder. “That looks like your old video games”.

He reached in and pulled out a handful of plastic cases. “‘Final Fantasy‘. I love those games”.

“I know you do.” Now it was my turn to groan. Unlike Thoughtful Man, I kept it inside. “We’ve still got the console, why don’t you play one later?”.

“I think I will”. He delved deeper into the box.

“Good. I have plenty to be getting on with.” I moved away, “Breakfast?”.


“Happy Fathers Day, sweetie. Have a Song”.

6 thoughts on “Fun and Games

  1. Not saying they’re all “a made-up day by card manufacturers to make money”, but have you stocked up with “Card-manufacturers’ Benevolent Fund Day” cards to send out, yet?

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  2. Father’s day becomes tiresome when your father’s ghost insists on hanging around the house forever…

    How many socks can a ghost wear anyway? I have yet to find an answer.

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