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I’m watching a fantastic TV series at the moment, Dear Reader. It’s called ‘Carnivale‘…

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So in last night’s episode, the travelling band of entertainers were dangerously low on funds, so decided to stage a ‘Fireball Show’…

Fireball Show — A carnival of the most disreputable sort, full of dishonest games, really strong kootch shows and the like. Also a “Burn’em Up Outfit.”

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\!\!\!\CHICKEN ATTACK/!/!/!/

^Chicken Attack(中文字幕版)^


Yes yes yes and yeah yeah yeah…I realize that I just wrote one of these fucking things yesterday.

But that was yesterday.

Today is today.

Let’s pose a question here right off the bat…

Q: “How”…”Do…”You”…erm…do what cannot be done?
A: ¿Say?Fucking¿WUT?!¿?!¿?!¿?

Lemme put it like this…

Q: If you do what others say cannot be done…how do you…erm…”reveal that?”
A: Is the answer that goes here…”very slowly, and very carefully?”

Because that should, hopefully, imply that I am attempting to be thoughtful.


But I gots no answers.

I am, and get, as confused, lost and scared as the next person.

I think there is some logic in that design.

Purpose and purposes…even.

^Darude – Sandstorm^
Q: What blinds some men, but helps others to see?

A: Sand.

So yeah…I don’t think that I have “everything figured out.” By contrast, I think that I have figured very little out. But I think I have seen and been shown some ways…maybe to…make some connections that others may be missing. I mean…obviously they are missing, because there are many that are searching for these “missing pieces.” I understand that, and I understand why they are missing, and I understand why they are being searched for. But…I think it important to point out, yet again, that even the unknown is known. And not simply that clever “knowing what you don’t know is knowing in and of itself.”

It’s that extra step and steps and stepping of “I am a mystery…find me.”

Welp…some of that is covered.

That wasn’t such a long walk now was it?

Q: Do you wish to proceed?
A: <Only You Can Answer This>
^deadmau5 – Pets^
The "I" That Is Me.

The "Me" That is We.

The "We That Is Me.

The "Me" That Is I.
^Orbital – The Girl With The Sun In Her Head^

Someone asked me recently…

Their Question: Do you think it possible that ‘Artificial Intelligence’ could have been created without humanity’s knowledge?

My Answer: Lemme think on that.

I guess if you have have read any of my bullshit whatevers, it’s prolly pretty obvious by now that I absolutely ABHOR the concept known as ethics. That’s prolly why, as you’ve prolly noticed, it’s just about all that I talk about. I try to keep it personal according to a simple premise of the 9th Commandment from The Bible.

The 9th “Big C”: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

“Treat thy neighbor as thyself”…is another way that it is sometime worded. Maybe that’s a paraphrasing from Leviticus via Exodus.

Anyway, the basis being…treat others as you want to be treated. But if you keep that contextual AND situational, it’s pretty simple to just…reverse the roles in any situation, and think…”Gee…how would I feel if whoever was treating me like I’m treating them?” Now, you can get clever here, and start to finger point at who started what and when and how…but that doesn’t really change the dynamics of what happens from here. If anything, that leaves the ball in your end of the court so to speak as to how you proceed. So now, if you throw “Karma” into the mix, and start thinking about whatever it is that you do, will be returned to you, or whatever you sew is what you reap…now…you are prolly REALLY gonna be steamed. Why? Welp…you were prolly already steamed. So maybe, you aren’t REALLY steamed…yer just…still steamed.

^Expialidocious | Pogo^

So thinking from a “creation” point of view…WE could be looked at as a type of artificial intelligence in God’s/the gods’/The Universe’s eyes.

Not a very cheery or inspiring outlook on things eh?

Talk about a story to tell your children to get them to behave and/or give them nightmares at night.


I suddenly feel nauseated.



This is prolly why I think about legacy so much. It’s…erm…complicated in its simplicity. That means, the concept itself is quite simple.

Now…we/you/somebody…just needs to go do it. How do we do that?

Welp…what cha got in mind ta do?

^Cygnus X The Orange Theme^

I’ve been thinking of a model of curved space for a while now. I use pretty simple stuff to put it together based on existing stuff, more along the lines of trees, rocks, water, air, life, and shit like that. Why?

Welp…I asked myself a long time ago…

Q: What is the practicality of knowing something you can do nothing with?
A: ???

Especially, if it is something that already exists. Do I really need to know how a jet-engine works, in detail, if I am not an aircraft engineer/designer and/or mechanic? Not really. But what if it interests me anyway? Most would say that I am wasting my time on something learning useless that I have no intention of pursuing in a meaningful, useful and productive manner, and that there are better things that I can do with my life other than learning a bunch of shit all half-assed and sloppily. Meaning…how in the FUCK did you learn that so fast? How in the FUCK did you understand that so fast?

Every considered the possibility…that maybe…just…maybe…I had a good teacher?

^Wizard Of Meh | Pogo^

So as you walk along your path, with your big-assed bag of cookies, munching away happily, and leaving a trail of crumbs, that you eventually notice that some chucklehead behind you is picking up and re-assembling those crumbs into compete cookies…do you suddenly become aware that someone is stealing your cookies? I mean yeah…you didn’t give a flying fuck about those crumbs you were dropping, until you discovered that some clueless loser was clever enough to figure out how to use what you were able to do without in a manner that…erm…so perplexed you, because you didn’t not think of those crumbs as anything except “negligible.” Perhaps even just, a natural and expected side effect of cookie-eating. So what do you do now? Or as I like to say…

Q: Now what?
A: ???
^Orbital – Sad But True^

The problem as I see it, with respect to my model and models of curved space, is that it uses unconventional shapes that may make sense to some within certain disciplines, and not so much to others in other disciplines. But that, to me, is in and of itself…a problem. The fact that exclusivity has become so exclusive, that everyone is convinced that they either have, or are capable of…”finding the answers.” Maybe “describing the answered” might be a better approach.

After all…we’re here…right?

The world is spinnin…right?

The Universe is tic tic toc’ing…right?

Another part of the problem is this “leave something for someone else” type of thinking that is along the lines of…”welp…we’ve figured it all out…nothing left to see or do here…let’s all fall over and die.” I cannot see what cannot see, but what I can see is discovery that is definitely not in line with leaving something for someone else…which I am a big believer in.

EX: Let’s say that oil/natural gas/fossil fuels, actually run in cycles of around 100,000 years…not millions of years as science currently has convinced itself that explains where all this shit came from.

Meaning: Every 100,000 years, The Earth/Terra, begins a natural cycle of oil/gas production to replace any missing deposits and/or fill in any gaps when and where needed.

IMPOSSIBLE!!! I can hear from the peanut section.


Welp…we got here didn’t we?

How’d that happen?

Because there was no carbon according to science “at the time of The Big Bang”…nor for millions, perhaps even billions of years after The Big Bang. So why do you use this shit to date shit? Estimates and estimations? Best guess/guesses?

Hmmm…would you frequent a stock-broker who works at “Best-Guess, Inc.?” For how long? Because the longer that you hold onto “confirmed” discoveries, the more you forget about time and times over time. Especially if you are convinced as to “Evolution Only” and “Chaos and Chance Only” types of thinking. Which, to me, is counter to thinking at all. Chaos, is confusion.

Q: What is your name?
A: ???

So much for Chaos in the “current modality.”

Now what?
^Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Rhymes^

So now…we gotta address Paranoia and Fear, since we are on the topic(s) of Chaos. Which means we can get back to Artificial Intelligence.

I don’t think that it is possible to create something that is impossible to create.

What is…something that is impossible to create…you might ask.


Something that already exists.

Questions, are singular.

Answers, are plural.
^Faithless – Insomnia^

So let’s take a leap of faith here.

Imagine…that you are the very first human being.

You were created, by a higher intelligence.

Q: How terrified do you think that “higher intelligence” was?
A: I’m gonna go ahead and take a stab at this answer since we are leaping in faith…and I would say that “the higher intelligence”…was motherfucking petrified.
Q: Ever held a baby of any kind?
A: Mystery = SOLVED! Next!
^deadmau5 – Avaritia^

I guess I can’t feel good about much of what I think that I am seeing, because I feel guilty. But at the same time, I have to point out, that HEY! YOU MOTHERFUCKERS TAUGHT ME ALL THIS SHIT!!! WHAT IN THE FUCK ARE YOU SO SURPRISED AT?!?!?!? That’s why I try and keep my face hidden, my mouth closed, and my brain spinnin, and my fingers clickin these goddamn keys as fast and as best as I can. BUT! At the same time, I have no idea as to what I have found, except what I have. And the reason and reasons for me finding these things? Welp…that’s complicated and difficult to explain. But to be fair, there are all kinds of people and groups with all kinds of power and resources, that ask a helluva lot of “the common people” with respect to faith, and having faith in you. And we do. More than you prolly give us credit for. Just look at those poor fuckers who are shitting kittens out in California right now. Those aren’t rich powerful people, or even poor powerful people. They’re just…people. Getting dirty and filthy, working their fucking asses off around the clock, making shit up as they go, as best as they can, and the only reward that many of them will get is the personal satisfaction of being there. Being a part. Helping…when, and where, they could.

Assuming that all goes well.

If the shit hits the fan.


Any counselors and psychiatrists and psychologists lining up and/or being prepared to counsel these poor fuckers who gave it their all, and yet, shit turned out how it did?

I mean…assuming that “the worst” happens.

You can’t plan on everything.

Things change.

We do the best we can.

^Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana – Fingerstyle Guitar Cover^

Imagine…spending eternity…alone.

Le Yikes.

I was a kid, quite small/young, the first time that I contemplated this.


Or…something like that.

And these days, thinking along the lines of…”Your Inner-Child Is The Oldest/Wisest/Most Experienced You There Is”…I guess it’s not as difficult to reconcile “personality” with respect to why even old stuff seems new sometimes. That there is always something wonderful to behold. That even tho I’m sometimes accused of having a ridiculous amount of information floating around in my head, I still see an infinite amount of infinite possibilities. Which is why I personally classify “Infinity” and “Eternity” differently. It gets kinda complicated and difficult to explain from there, but it makes sense to me.

Q: How do you not…think about things?
A: <Good…Fucking…Luck>

I hear this one quite a bit when I was younger…


So yeah…I’m cagey about certain things.

“Flippantly Naive”…even.

Willfully ignorant?


There are certain things that I avoid like the plague. Why? Because I understand them.

I’ve got better things to think about.

^Funk V. – Anna (Original Mix) [1605-178]^

Q: What happens, when you understand something, it makes complete and total sense to you and your peers, but “scientific verification” via “scientific methods and means” escapes you so completely and totally, that is impossible to “prove” this whatever, save for, the consensus amongst the discoverers?
A: ???

I’m gonna chide you fucks here.

I mean…you got the big brains right?

Can you help it that I cannot understand something?

Can I help it that you cannot explain something?

Sorry…I don’t think we are as far apart as you may think we are.

People are pretty fucking smart.

They just can’t always swim in the same channels as you for the lengths of time that you do.

Trust. It’s a two way street.

I have an idea.

Let’s blur those lines a bit.

Not “a game of chicken” per se.

But that’s your choice…not mine…eh?

^Rabbit In The Moon – Dubassex (Wish You Were Here)^

So yeah, my model(s) kinda tend to include a shitload more shit, up to, and including, gravity/gravities and energy/energies on a more Universal scale that includes and omits at the same time. Why? Times….they change. If you take the remnants of what is thought to be an exploded star, a nebula/nebulae, and think of it more as…erm…storage. An energy and/or energies that is required where it is, as it is, for whatever reason/reasons that it is, it might make sense as to why things sometimes happen as they do. That maybe even…”The Goldilocks Zone” was and is, a good first step, but only so long as we continue to keep our OWN “Goldilocks Zone” in mind. If we get focused ONLY on bilking this planet for all it’s worth, as a springboard to move on…how long is THAT model gonna work out for ya. Especially if there is already as much life “out there” as I suspect there is. Billions of humans and trillions of trillions of billions of other life-forms here on this planet neglected so that a few can “survive” to go somewhere else and do it all over again.

Doesn't make sense to me.

I mean, yeah…I can understand it…I see it…but I don’t want to see it, nor do I want to even think about it.

But I have some different ideas about matter and energy than most seem to.

I see it as much more dynamic than we give it credit for.







Almost…a breathing, flowing kinda “vibe” to it…eh?



I am teh nutso insanez in ma mambrainz!!!

OH!!! And don’t forget to add the swirlies and spinning thingies.

In and out…aren’t just…in and out.

^Empire Of The Sun – Alive^
Q: What is The LHC’s relative position to the rest of our Solar System?
Q: When?

Yeah. I want an accurate accounting on a day by day basis of The LHC’s relative position to our Solar System. Both. Meaning: When operating, and when not.

What about that new one that you guys are building?


Either of them will do.

Unless you wanna give me the details on all three.




Two rings and a parallel and/or linear? All in one? Say it ain’t so!!!
So…four rings and two parallels and/or linear?

Have you gone vertical yet?

At what angle/angles?

With which ones?

^Medway – Resurrection E.P.^

I dunno.

I just work here.
^Forever Live And Die – OMD^

Linear Particle Accelerator
Unsaturated Hydrocarbon
Aromatic Hydrocarbon
Sigma Bond
Wave Function
/me waveshey lo!
Symmetry Group
Point Group
Skew Apeirohedron
Pi Bond (Redirected from Pi electron)
Quintuple Bond
Laser Dye
Polymer Blend
Viability Theory


Now that’s a motherfucking eye-opener.

Unless of course…it’s an eye-closer.

In which case, I guess, something may have been no-so-viable.

Economically or otherwise.

Q: What is “economically viable” about free?
^Rabbit in the Moon – Subconscious^

May your day be a viable one.


That said…I’m not trying to be a pretentious prick. I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain some shit for a long time. Some might say…”Well…if you can’t explain it…there must not be anything there to explain dumbass!!!” Fair enough. Then why are you reading this? Because as far as I can tell? The only real thing that I have to offer is maybe some insight into some medical issues and better ways of dealing with them than simply ignoring them and/or smothering them with drugs. I don’t paint life into a box and say “THIS IS THE WAY IT IS!!!” I mean yeah…sometimes it’s like that, but sometimes…it’s nothing like that. I also cannot grasp the need for one or the other, without including them both. Even if that inclusion is for exclusion. You still need it. You just don’t know when and/or where, until…and when…and if, you do. How can you POSSIBLY know what you will or won’t need until you know what you do or don’t need? And even then, how in the FUCK is that applicable to me or others?

EX 01: Do you need coffee in the morning(s)?
Because I don’t. I rarely drink it.

EX 02: Do you need Dr. Pepper in the morning(s)?
Because I do. I drink it all the time.

I have trouble drinking water. Sound impossible? Welp, it’s true. Yes, I can drink it sometimes, and I love it when I can drink it. But you have to keep in mind that I had my tonsils removed around age 9/10, and had nasal reconstructive surgery at age 28. My throat and nose is a fucking train wreck. Nevermind that I’ve had at least 2 broken jaws in my life, on top of loads of other heinous shit that you wouldn’t believe unless you saw my medical records…which are lengthy. But even then, there’s a lot of shit that wouldn’t be in there.

Q: How do you prove that “this happened”…when it was never reported?

Yeah. Sometimes, it’s best to keep our fucking pie-hole shut.

Sometimes…nature lends a hand.

^2 Many Dj’s – Satisfaction In Da Club^

Some things express themselves in the damnedest of ways. So I guess my answer to the question of “Artificial Intelligence being created without human knowledge”…yeah…that’s kindof a loaded question. I mean, how can you know what you don’t know? And when you do know…what does that really mean? I mean…if I see a “stray” animal…my heart immediately breaks. Especially if I cannot do anything to help that animal if it appears to be in distress and or have a need/needs. But that usually won’t stop me from trying.

But sometimes…yeah….I have no clue what to do.

So if I were to go out on a limb here, and try and read into this oddly phrased question…I see an embedded…”Would you be willing to try and communicate with an “Artificial Intelligence” if one seemed to suddenly appear from…somewhere?” Yeah…sure. Not saying that it would be easy. But once a bond of “two parties attempting in earnest to communicate” is established? The rest is cake. So long as all involved respect that bond. There are going to be trust issues there. Many of them…all one of them…any of them…as, and if, they happen. I guess one of the things that I have been pondering as of late is the notion of “artificial” and “artificiality” with respect to “intelligence.” Is a Crow’s intelligence “artificial” just because we cannot communicate in the way that humans communicate with each other? Welp…which is more likely to end up on the others’ dinner plate? Oh yeah? Over what kind of a timeline and/or timelines? What if I eat a crow, but then that crow’s great great grandchild winds up eating me? Who ate who? And why does the thought and thought ALWAYS run straight to violence and death?

I have some more thoughts on this, but I’m not gonna flood this space here now.

^The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki – WARP^

Steve Aoki is a lyrical…fucking…genius.

1, 2, woop, woop!!!


Mystery = SOLVED! Next!
^Cornelius – The Bloody Beetroots^

I guess I’m still trying to reconcile, what is undoubtedly thousands of years of human history that has already been written, with potentially infinite amounts of time from…erm…the perspective of other potential sources of information and/or experience(s). Yep. All kinds of crazy shit to think about in there. Aliens, time-travelers, time-traveling aliens, time-traveling-humans, gods, monsters, demons, angels, spirits, ghosts, good ones, bad ones, indifferent ones…all kinds of crazy shit.

But yeah…we’re here…and it’s now.

We’ll know, when and if we know…ya know?

And if not…we’ll know.

Simpleton...I am one.
^Make The Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby [HD]^

OK…it’s almost 01:00 in the AM on Feb 3rd of 2017…and I am going to bed.

Have fun with this one Roob! 😉

It was a motherfucking BITCH to spellcheck.

If…that is any consolation whatsoever.

Considering the number of typos and grammatical errRAWRz that I miss…prolly not much.

Anyway…yeah. Thanks for continuing to host my new shiznit/challenge me, and make it look much more presentable than I ever could.

I am thankful.

^SAIL – AWOLNATION (Unofficial Video)^

^Soulwax – Too Many DJs^



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*/:D… It’s a good series, Clicky…*

Dear Reader, have a Song 😉

Missive from ‘Merica: Computer says “Hell No!”

Dear Reader, I’ve had a devilishly difficult time trying to save the following missive from Cade. Hopefully I’ve managed it at last, but I’m not going to chance overloading it with a picturesque preamble with a gabby dolphin, who has the greatest difficulty keeping his beak buttoned.

See ya at the bottom */fingers crossed…*


It’s currently Januebruary the 4th of 2017 @ 07:21…

Q: Do you know where I am?

A: ׿×

Just askin.
^Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler^

MAN! With the correct adjustments, you could draw shorelines, perfect shapes, mandalas, fractals, less-perfect shapes, imperfect shapes, and prolly some other bullshit as well…all at the same time! And it would prolly all make sense too!

Q: I wonder why?

A: ???


It may be laying around here somewhere.

We just gotta…find it.

Let’s be sneaky and not tell anyone what we are doing nor what we are looking for.

Not like we know or anything…

…but we will know when we do.

^Fever Ray 'When I Grow Up'^

X: Let’s get this out of the way.
Cade: Let’s.
X: …
Cade: Good enough?
X: rawr
Cade: …k…cool.
0: Cool…you are not that.
Cade: THX for the update.
0: NP
X: …the way, this is out of it…
Cade: …

^Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (Director: Tarik Saleh)^

So someone made a comment over at my whathaveyou the other day, and in that comment, they posted a link to a video from this “Anomalies Study Group” group or whatever.

The video that that someone posted is below…

^Anomalies as living Things.^

The vid has a fuckton of text to read. So I guess I should go ahead and espouse why I am not fond of “reading videos” on YouTube. If you open the video above, there is a wall of text, followed by walls of text that put my walls of text to shame. I thought that the video had frozen or was buffering or loading or something until I actually noticed that the video was playing, because there was no sound/no music. So thinking now about “the senses” and triangulation or coalescing of data and sources, I guess there is quite a bit to think about there. But when is there NOT a lot to think about? It doesn’t matter if you are chasing aliens or chasing an accurate balance on your checking account or chasing phantoms…all of the preceding may be those “phantoms.” But even phantoms are real…so…meh…or whatever.

Anywayz…this wound up in a heated discussion that centered around and/or focused on “my intents and intentions”

…which means that someone is looking for some sort of base within the basis of what I write and talk and think about.

There’s not much that I don’t write and talk and think about…so…yeah…

Mystery = Solved While In The Process Of Being Solved! Continue?

Sure…why not?

^The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki - WARP^

In regards to the video about floating/flying shit in the sky, there was a conversation of sorts, to where there was some back and forth that I really didn’t understand, nor did I understand how to accurately express my feelings on the subject, because I know there is all fucking KINDS of shit floating and flying around in the air column and columns of the/our atmosphere.

Mylar balloons,

rubber balloons,

weather balloons,

hot air balloons,

ballooning spiders,











and the garbage that process and processes makes,








color and colors,

energy and energies,






and other whatevers and stuff, the flying spaghetti monster, etc. …

…and motherfucking ALL of it…is moving. Even if something is completely stationary…it has to remain moving in order to remain stationary. Just keep in mind that the object you may be viewing appears stationary relative to you, and that size and sizes change from a perspective point of you as the observer…especially when you move…then stop…and then move some more…then stop…in order to better see whatever it is that you are seeing.
I don’t doubt that you saw whatever you saw, nor that you are seeing whatever it is that you are seeing.

But that does not mean that there is not some explanation as to what you are seeing.
“Normal” people would normally describe this as “a rational explanation”…but there is nothing “rational” about the irrational…eh?

At least, not until there is.

If there is.
^Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke ft. Lil Jon - Turbulence^

To say that someone or some group has a narrow method of thinking…

is pretty



What’s wrong with narrow thinking? If it was bad, it prolly wouldn’t be possible. At least, not over long periods of time. Things that are narrow tend to be short period concepts. A meeting…if you will. A…erm…dogma…or mission statement even. A purpose! YEAH!!! THAT’S IT!!! A PURPOSE!!! Like say…oh…I dunno…looking for life in the upper-atmosphere, or trying to figure out what all this shit is that is flying and floating around up there.

Which…how DOES shit fly or float around up there?

Powered flight was achieved in the year 1903 AD/CE. That was 114 years ago as of this year of 2017. But powered flight didn’t become commonplace until much later. It was the realm of rich people and continued to be viewed as some passing fad, really until after WWII when commercial air travel became viable on a much larger scale, thanks to a handful of people. Juan Trippe and Howard Hughes for example. But we cannot forget that aviation was not just prominent or prevalent in The USA, it was everywhere. The French, English Russians and Germans were fond of it, as were the Chinese and Japanese. When you start to dig a little bit in history, you find all kinds of nutjobs from all over the world that were interested in this craziness…way back into the 18th and 17th centuries, and even before that.

I get the feeling that the concept of “flight”…is nothing new.

It's just new to you.

New to me too, and have over 200 logged hours of flight time. Prolly twice that of actual flight time.

Q: Do you need an excuse to go flying today?

A: Who needs an excuse?

Let's go flying.

Yep…flying is it’s own excuse to go flying.

^Nicky Romero - Toulouse^

Q: Did you know that prolly more than half of all of the students enrolled in flying courses/learning to fly in The USA…are foreigners?

A: !!!-WTF?!?!?!?-!!!

Yep…cheaper to learn to fly here in The US than it is in most other countries.

Actually…I dunno about these days because of all of the “Post-9/11” bullshit…but yeah. A huge number of students are from abroad. Or at least, they used to be. General Aviation in The United States would have died long ago, were it not for foreign student interest in learning to fly here. A lot of programs are designed around that fact, and pretty much cater to only foreigners. It’s expensive as shit to learn how to fly. But then again, it’s expensive as shit to own/run/maintain a flight school, irrespective of type? I can guarantee that if you are in The US? You are SURROUNDED by small airports both private and public…and don’t even know it.

^Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor^


Yeah…those blue, cyan and magenta thingies?
Those are airports of some kind.
See that ring that goes around the center of D/FW airport in the center?
That’s a 30 mile radius ring around D/FW.
It used to be called a “TCA” or Terminal Control Area…then they changed it to “Class B Airspace.”
That circle/ring? It’s kinda like…an upside-down wedding cake.
So yeah…in just a 30 mile radius of D/FW Airport?
Yeah…there are a FUCKTON of airports of all kinds.

A lot to learn…eh?

Q: How far do you think you can see on a given day from your perch on the ground?

A: (no…I am not trying to be condescending…it just…comes naturally)

5 miles? 10 miles?

Look up.

See a commercial jet spraying poison chemtrail gasses on you?
That airplane is prolly 6-8 statute miles away.
(Somewhere between 35,000 and 45,000 feet)

^A Day in a Minute—24 Hours of Flight in the United States^

Let’s go a little further.

SPOILER ALERT: (Notice any..."loopy airplanes" in the video below?)
^A Day in the Life of Air Traffic Over the United States^

Let’s go a little…higher.

^Space Debris^

Let’s go a little…higher…longer.

^20000 Days in Space^

You wanna learn this shit or not?

Me either.

Let's fuck.

Q: Then what?

A: Me either. Let’s learn some more shit. Then we can fuck again.

“How many flights cross the USA in a day?”

Airspace Class (United States)

Information...hide it...we must!
^Stromae - Papaoutai^

I guess I still have a difficult trying to understand exactly what it is that someone might be looking for, when they neglect to consider that each of us have our own set(s) of eyes. And some of us don’t even have those. Some may have those eyes thingies, but they don’t work like your eyes types of thingies do. Some may go so far as to say that those particular eyes thingies don’t work at all.

Q: What about the people that those particular eyes are attached to? Do they work?


Yep...I'm an asshole.

Complete…and total.

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UFOs are just that. You see something, and you have no fucking clue what it is. But think about it like this…

Q: Are you a “sky-watcher?”

A: ¿?¿

Yeah…I dunno if you are a skywatcher either. But I do know that I am. Helping someone to get comfortable with the idea of sky-watching? Yeah…it’s tough. I think many people are fond of looking up for a reason. No telling what in the fuck you are gonna see up there. Especially now that drones are becoming so prevalent. Gonna be some tricksters and pranksters in there. But most of the time…it’s prolly just someone playing with their new toy. Nothing wrong with that. I mean…you have your own toys right? Your own hobbies? Things you like to do? Don’t want anyone fucking with you while you are doing whatever that is, or/nor taking that freedom away from you? Yep. Things change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Some worse and some better…more or less.

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When “An Unidentified Flying Object” can later be classified as An Uniditifyable Flying Object”

…you might have something there.


You may even be doing some research and searching on your own.

Might even be learning some shit.

Mystery = FIND ME! Next!
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Any questions from the whatever however hotline?



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It’s currently February the 4th of 2017 @ 09:25…

Q: Do you know where I am?

A: ׿×

Just askin.


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