Who nose? */sniffs…* Updated

On the 23rd April last year, Dear Reader, we were introduced to Pearl Mackie during the half time break of the Man U v Everton FA Cup semi-final match. Pearl would play Bill Potts, the 41st companion of Doctor Who…

*… and seen wearing a t-shirt with the face of pop star Prince, who died two days before, Clicky…*

Tomorrow afternoon, following the Wimbledon men’s tennis final, the 14th Doctor will be announced. There’s speculation that the new incarnation will be a woman…

*Wait, what?! Why are they saying 13? And that opening shot… Grenfell Tower much?*


*It’s like they’re locking the War Doctor away, to be forgotten about Clicky…*


The Hurt Locker received widespread critical acclaim and won six Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Bigelow won the award for Best Director; as of 2017, The Hurt Locker is the sole film by a female director to win in either category.

I can definitely see the new Who turning out to be woman, as I told Legs last week…

Legs and Roob speculate on new Who 1

Legs and Roob speculate on new Who 2

Legs and Roob speculate on new Who 3

*So, who’d you reckon’ll be the new Doctor, Clicky?*

Well, we’ll find out tomorrow, Dear Reader, but for now, have a Song…



And now we know who

*Clicky, what does the start of that remind me of..?*

The Mark

*Oh yeah…*