Who nose? */sniffs…* Updated

On the 23rd April last year, Dear Reader, we were introduced to Pearl Mackie during the half time break of the Man U v Everton FA Cup semi-final match. Pearl would play Bill Potts, the 41st companion of Doctor Who…

*… and seen wearing a t-shirt with the face of pop star Prince, who died two days before, Clicky…*

Tomorrow afternoon, following the Wimbledon men’s tennis final, the 14th Doctor will be announced. There’s speculation that the new incarnation will be a woman…

*Wait, what?! Why are they saying 13? And that opening shot… Grenfell Tower much?*


*It’s like they’re locking the War Doctor away, to be forgotten about Clicky…*


The Hurt Locker received widespread critical acclaim and won six Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Bigelow won the award for Best Director; as of 2017, The Hurt Locker is the sole film by a female director to win in either category.

I can definitely see the new Who turning out to be woman, as I told Legs last week…

Legs and Roob speculate on new Who 1

Legs and Roob speculate on new Who 2

Legs and Roob speculate on new Who 3

*So, who’d you reckon’ll be the new Doctor, Clicky?*

Well, we’ll find out tomorrow, Dear Reader, but for now, have a Song…



And now we know who

*Clicky, what does the start of that remind me of..?*

The Mark

*Oh yeah…*




7 thoughts on “Who nose? */sniffs…* Updated

  1. Welp…regarding this particular post of yours Roob? Just because I am not interested, does not mean that it was not interesting. 😉

    Hmm….my vote is going to be…….there will be no doctor for an entire season.
    (I know nothing about this show, but that path makes the most sense based on the freyed ending described)
    /shrug…as good a guess as any I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh God she will be the new Chris Evans. BBC is finished. I’m no sexist but…. PC gone mad but… What’s next, is Davros gonna be a tranny?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Davros is trans-humanoid, so I’m afraid that ship has already sailed.

      Deep breath, sweetie, you’re about to experience something denied to you, as a heterosexual man, for a very long time… You finally get to fancy the Doctor 😀

      Trust me, you’ll love it…

      */:O… Poor Bill, Clicky! She’ll be livid when she finds out the Doctor got tits just after she left…*


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