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It’s a Bug’s Life

No, not the Pixar movie, Dear Reader…

*/grins… I love that film, Clicky…*

Sew… carrying on from today’s earlier post, and I’d really like to get this one wrapped up before the end the year, let’s take a look at the word ‘bug‘…

“insect, beetle,” 1620s (earliest reference is to bedbugs), of unknown origin, probably (but not certainly) from or influenced by Middle English bugge “something frightening, scarecrow” (late 14c.), a meaning obsolete since the “insect” sense arose except in bugbear (1570s) and bugaboo (q.v.).

Probably connected with Scottish bogill “goblin, bugbear,” or obsolete Welsh bwg “ghost, goblin” (compare Welsh bwgwl “threat,” earlier “fear,” Middle Irish bocanách “supernatural being”). Some speculate that these words are from a root meaning “goat” (see buck (n.1)) and represent originally a goat-like spectre. Compare also bogey (n.1) and Puck. Middle English Dictionary compares Low German böggeböggel-mann “goblin.” Perhaps influenced in meaning by Old English -budda used in compounds for “beetle” (compare Low German budde “louse, grub,” Middle Low German buddech“thick, swollen”).

In the United States bug is not confined, as in England, to the domestic pest, but is applied to all insects of the Coleoptera order, which includes what in this country are generally called beetles. [Farmer & Henley, “Dictionary of Slang and Colloquial English,” 1912 abridged edition]

Meaning “defect in a machine” (1889) may have been coined c. 1878 by Thomas Edison (perhaps with the notion of an insect getting into the works). Meaning “person obsessed by an idea” (as in firebug“arsonist”) is from 1841, perhaps from notion of persistence. Sense of “microbe, germ” is from 1919. Bugs “crazy” is from c. 1900. Bug juice as a slang name for drink is from 1869, originally “bad whiskey.” The 1811 slang dictionary has bug-hunter “an upholsterer.” Bug-word “word or words meant to irritate and vex” is from 1560s.

As we heard earlier, a pearl is created from a grain of sand or a parasite irritating the fuck out of any oyster…


*/lights up… Yeah and an oyster can irritate the fuck out of you if it’s contaminated with a bug… /puffs…*

The seed of this shamble idea was sown in January 2015 but it started to germinate on this Friday evening just gone…


*Germinnate… /drags… innit! …/blows smoke ring…*

… When Cade DMed me on Twitter…

Cade fell asleep Roob wants to see why 1Cade mentions sandy hook Roob spots a Ruby

*/taps ash… SandyHook… /drags… I dunno, Clicky, sounds beachy…*

*/smokes and thinks… We are completely immersed and riddled with bacteria, Clicky… We can’t live without them. They are everywhere and they are invisible…*

Indeed I had contacted my other bestie, Leggy, in January 2015 on a bacteria-related query – he’s a proper microbiologist…


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A Void had posted an interesting idea at Red Frank‘s MEROVEE



*/cough… I couldn’t believe it when I read the link again, Clicky… /pats lips… She starts off talking about archons! …/drags…*

A Void wonders about Archons and gut bugs and Roob asks for links

A Void’s links…

… And Leggy’s reply…

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… Of course I replied…

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Lettuce Begin, By Gum…

Terrible news, Dear Reader. The UK’s ‘healthy eaters’ are in ‘crisis’ due to poor weather conditions in southern Europe, the poor souls…

*An iceberg meltdown, Clicky?*

A Birmingham man is selling 12 lettuce on Gumtree for an eye-watering £50 – as he tells shoppers: “Beat the supermarket rationing”.

The seller, identified only as Dave, gave his location as Acocks Green.

And his sales pitch made it clear he had hiked the price to take advantage of the rationing introduced by superstores after supplies from southern Europe were hit by floods, snow and storms.

*Hurricanes hardly ever happen in Brum either, Clicky… I wonder if Dave’s produce is home/allotment grown…*

Yesterday, Red Frank’s post was titled ‘Riders On The Storm’…


… And I posted a reply to A Void last night, that breaks taboo


*Yep, fires cock…*


*/grins… By gum! 2017 is the Year of the Fire Cock…*

According to Chinese astrology, the year of one’s birth sign is the most unlucky year in the 12-year cycle.


*Fuck! That would explain why 2015 was a disaster of a year for me, Clicky…*

One of the many names I answer to, Dear Reader, is ‘Lettuce’…


… My sister’s BFF bestowed the name upon me in 1985 – she considers me a hippie…


*Shoots from the hippie, Clicky? /rolls eyes… 2016 was the year of the Monkee… /smiles ruefully… It had it’s moments but, to be fair, that wasn’t as brilliant a year for me either…*

*Hmm… Nice syncing with the lyrics, Click, but kinda glum… Come on, buck us up and give us another…*

*/taps foot… Much better… /:D… Jenny Us pick…*

And so, Dear Reader, to the rest of 2017… The year of the fired up Roobster 😉


Update: The MEROVEE post ‘Riders On The Storm’ has disappeared. Red Frank has reposted it but the comments on his original article have now gone…


*No… No, you got that from Wikipedia, Clicky… It says ‘any use’…*

*No idea, Clicky… /scratches head…*