Missive From ‘Merica: HAI Snow!

I started a new job yesterday, Dear Reader. I’m now working on the 13th and top floor of ‘The Tower’ and the views are great!


And ‘The Beast from the East’ is paying the UK a visit, sew… SNOW! I thought I’d take some photos to show The Okie Devil in Text US…

… Speaking of whom, Cade has sent through a lovely missive. Enjoy!



I mean...NUMBERS!!!

Q: What percentage of the ingredients listed above, needs to be unavailable, in order to make the entirety of the finished product itself also unavailable?

A: 1 - 1 = 0

So, we can assume, that if 100% of one ingredient is unavailable to the manufacturer for a certain product, 100% of the other ingredients will be unavailable to you by default since the entire product will be unavailable. Just thinking here about “NEW COKE” that was introduced back in the 1980’s, and how the entirety of the food market is now based on?

...<drum roll>...


Why in the hell would a blended oil need fragrance? 

I mean, when we humans swap fluids, there’s nothing that gets all stinky or anything. I wonder what is going on with oil(s) when they get freaky and start mingling?

That also gets me to thinking about the nature of bonds. Especially those bonds that we humans like to ignore, because they are just too damn inconvenient to think about. Those ones that are not cost effective, non-timely, too vague… negligible. Such as…

Q: I wonder what oil’s relationship is to oil(s)?

A: Yeah...those oils.

Any chance that Petroleum has some sort of bond with say…Canola or Olive Oil? What about…Chicken Fat? Spooky Action At A Distance.

(not a far enough distance if you ask me 😉 )

What if a certain oil requires another type of oil or others types of oils, in order to retain it’s own matrix. Like, in order to stay what it is, it needs some local contrast to maintain it’s own integrity. What if the oil(s) it uses to do this, is suddenly…gone? Are we talking mutation? Because as far as I know, it takes many and much to make a certain kind of oil.


O Live.

Ol’ I’ve

/me shrugs therefore I am sure I've no clue

I’m betting that this is for the manufacturer more than the consumer. Or at least, as much for them as for us. If you can’t get the shit out of the bottle/can, no one is going to buy it.

Pro-Tip 01: For baking, I personally dump a bead of Olive Oil onto the baking pan, then spread it with a paper towel. You can also let gravity do the work by lifting the pan and letting it roll around.

Pro-Tip 02: Cold Oil – Hot Pan. Hot Oil – Cold Pan. You can stick your pan into the preheated oven and let it warm a bit, then put some oil on it and it will spread easier with less waste.

I mean, we’re likely talking about baking pizza-rolls or some other pre-cooked something…right? We’re just heating it up. We aren’t really cooking anything. Just don’t want our prefabricated frozen egg rolls sticking to the pan. Shit takes time, and you’ve no time. Maybe you should skip it altogether.

Water? ... Alcohol?

Water is bad and getting worse…and alcohol was/already is bad. So, what in the FUCK is it doing in my “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”?!?!? Without even having to reference gender, one could say that this product sounds kinda…


Only 53% Olive Oil? Wait…I’m just a dummy grabbing random “shocking” images from Google Image search. Am I being honest here? LET’S LOOK!!!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray – Frylight – 190 ml

Looks like that shit is sold in France, and that’s where lot’s of the world’s skanky and polluted fish is supposedly sold. Maybe someone is fighting skank with skank?

Let's digress back to water. 

If the entirety of the world’s water is “polluted” how much control does that give government(s) over water? I would say “how much more control” does that give, but I’m trying to be optimistic here.

Navigable Servitude

Hmmmm… I wonder if water “navigates” our being? That might be a good angle for you “Orwellian” types to ponder. Or“well”ian…


A “well” sounds like a deep subject. Surely The US Constitution couldn’t be used as a model for controlling people in more and more abstract ways…

could it? 

And even if it’s not used in The USA by US citizens, that’s no guarantee that others won’t use The Constitution as a model for stuff elsewhere. Don’t blame them tho. I mean…that’s what we Americans want/wanted … right? We want everyone else to be just like us Americans.

^Digitalism – Wolves^

Yeah…I’m thinking that aggregate and negligible is pretty important. Coal, is important to industry. Tin is important to industry. Rubber is important to industry. OH!!! And speaking of industry…

Q: Ever get the feeling that this “CO2 Emissions” bullshit is nothing more than a smokescreen?

A: (lolz...smokescreen)

Yeah…a distraction. You can make electric cars until Christ comes back, but they still have, and create, all the same problems and/or completely new ones + similar ones. “Our” problem, is waste and wastes. Much of the model and/or modeling that is used today is based on speed(s) and demands that were created during the wartime production needs of WWI and WWII.

Q: Why did we not slow back down?

A: A new paradigm?

Money? And just how much there could be?

‘Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea.’

Revelation 21:1

‘The twelve gates were twelve pearls: each individual gate was of one pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.’

Revelation 21:21

No mention of Platinum streets, but I think that Gold and Platinum are closely related. Here’s a link to the entire chapter if you don’t like me paraphrasing.

Revelation Chapter 21

But yeah…something about streets of gold. If you want symbolism and metaphors and other vagaries to argue over, methinks there are some there if you compare it with the vid below.

/me shrugs
^Mining Platinum From the Road Part One^

It’s already Wednesday. That means, that a certain someone I kinda know is on day two of a new job.

There’s also been other…news. I tried to start writing about this on my own blog on Monday, but even tho I didn’t know these people really, it was kindof a gutshot to me.

Bad news and good news

The Hardest Post

Should news like this have an effect on me? Should it not? Why are you telling me how I should or should not feel? We’ve no time for grief. We’ve no time for anything. Which makes me wonder, what do we have time for? Lemme know if you find out…k? Schedule an appointment, and we can talk about it until I lose interest.

^King Tuff – Psycho Star [OFFICIAL VIDEO]^

Let’s get back to bonds and bonding of the layered variety/varieties. Could oil really be a model for other oils? We’ve got our schematics and templates and plans and blueprints and standards and schedules and day planners and shit like that…so…why wouldn’t Nature have similar?

I mean sure, Nature, is going to be a little more fluidic and flowy in her creations and creating, but isn’t this the very rabbit that we are chasing? What happens when we finally catch this cagey and evasive little bastard, and the motherfucker has fangs powered by nuclear radiation?

Lolz...like...Godzilla, cept less stomping and more biting. 

I digresslessishness. Sure Science has this kind of modeling, but Science does it in the lab or some other clean/sterile environment.

(that ought to be a bumper sticker and/or t-shirt if it's not already)

Erm…yeah…clean. Clean this, clean that. But I got a question…

Q: If labs are so goddamn clean, what’s with all the cleaning?

A: ??¿

I don’t envy those that work in labs. They’re nasty places to work, and I’m not sure which is worse…the gross nasty shit they bring in to evaluate, or the gross nasty shit they use to combat the gross nasty shit they are tinkering with.

But that makes me wonder…is it the contrast(s) and contrasting that makes one thing look better or worse than the other? Bleach may result in some level of “clean”, but bleach itself is one of the nastiest substances on Earth/Terra.

^Superorganism – Everybody Wants To Be Famous (Official Video)^

I was just thinking about black holes again last night, but I was thinking more along the lines of what is required to create a certain state within a certain element. Not only that, but the steps and processes that it takes to create and maintain the state of a certain element. I will quote my source, which is available by giving the video below a viddy.

^making nitrogen ice with vacuum chamber, that is -210 degrees celsius^

So we’ve liquid Nitrogen, we put it in a vacuum/vacuum chamber, and eventually our liquid Nitrogen becomes a solid. That get’s me back to “phasing” and states, which gets me back to aggregate radiation(s). Then again, I tend to think of almost everything as either a fluid and/or fluidic irrespective of a certain something’s solidity. Anyway, I’m thinking that maybe we don’t understand “radiation” as well as we think we do? Heat is too prevalent, and sound is mysteriously absent.


Something else is missing, and I think I know what that missing something is…

^Young Fathers – In My View (Official Video)^



From today’s featured article…

Flight Unlimited III – a 1999 flight simulator video game developed by Looking Glass Studios and published by Electronic Arts. It allows players to pilot simulations of real-world commercial and civilian aircraft in and around Seattle, Washington.


Music Analysis (journal) – a peer-reviewed academic journal specializing in music theory and analysis. It is based in England and published its first issue in 1982. Although the journal “is not produced on behalf of a society, it is closely associated with the Society for Music Analysis.


Leanne Crichton – a Scottish international footballer who plays as a midfielder for Glasgow City and the Scotland national team. She previously played for Notts County in the FA WSL as well as Hibernian, Celtic, and Whitehill Welfare/Edinburgh Ladies.


Ellen R. Sandor – an American new media artist. She is also founder of the Chicago-based (art)n, a collective of artists, scientists, mathematicians, and computer experts.


Ballasalla – a village in the parish of Malew in the south-east of the Isle of Man, close to the airport and the town of Castletown. The village was built mostly from the ruins of the nearby Rushen Abbey, a Cistercian abbey founded in the 12th century and dissolved in the 16th century.


Momo and the Time Thieves – a Danish-language opera in two acts by Svitlana Azarova. The libretto, based on the children’s book Momo by Michael Ende, was written by Anna Bro (da; de).


Júlio César (footballer, born January 1983) – a Brazilian footballer, who plays for Ravan Baku.


Londonderry by-election, 1929 – The Londonderry by-election of 1929 was held on 29 January 1929. The by-election was held due to the appointment as high court judge of the incumbent UUP MP, Malcolm Macnaghten. It was won by the UUP candidate Ronald Deane Ross.


Battle of Palikao – was fought at the bridge of Palikao by Anglo-French forces against the Qing Empire during the Second Opium War on the morning of 21 September 1860. It allowed Western forces to take the capital Beijing and eventually defeat the Qing Empire.


City Council – A city council, town council, town board, or board of aldermen is the legislative body that governs a city, town, municipality, or local government area.


CitySurf Globe – a family of Geography 2.0 Geographical Information System software, developed by PiriReis Bilişim Teknolojileri, known as a new model in mapping servers and interaction with the end user.


Richard Friend – is Cavendish Professor of Physics at the University of Cambridge and Tan Chin Tuan Centennial Professor at the National University of Singapore. Friend’s research concerns the physics and engineering of carbon-based semiconductors.


Clive Nattress – an English former footballer who made 340 appearances in the Football League playing as a defender for Darlington and Halifax Town in the 1970s and 1980s.


Dahomeyan presidential election, July 1968 – A referendum on Émile Derlin Zinsou’s candidacy for president was held in Dahomey on 28 July 1968. The results of the May 1968 presidential election had been annulled due to low voter turnout. The military government appointed Zinsou to the position, but he accepted only on the condition that a referendum regarding his appointment be held. His candidacy was supported by 76.4% of voters, with a 72.6% turnout.


Léon Hennique – a French naturalistic novelist and playwright.


All People’s Party (Namibia) – a political party in Namibia.


We’ve got “non-society based” peer reviewed journals that have close affiliations but no direct ties, time thieves, opium war(s), a few political groups and potential members, “vote or else” types of goings on, arcane French writers, lots of technology, some more of that “new media” crap…whatever in the fuck that is, and in general, plenty of sport all around.

Good stuff! 🙂
^Digitalism – Gonna Be Good^

Wanna know what got me to rambling this morning? Or at least, what actually set me to writing?


Headline + First Paragraph = set me to typing.

Yep, that’s all I read. I don’t care what else is there. Not now anyway. Why drink the ocean, when a sip will do me just fine? I read the first paragraph, and all I could think about was going to grocery stores when I was a kid. Glass bottles EVERYfuckingWHERE!!!

You had produce, meat(s), and everything else was either in cans or glass or cardboard or paper. Then got to thinking about change and changes over the years…adaptation. I wonder how adaptation differs from mutation? I see the potential for some ripping there. And if there is a potential for ripping, are we focused on the potential, or the actual ripping part(s)?

Truth be told, we appear to have all of the same dynamics and mechanics of wartime, save for the recycling portions. We seem to be completely fine with disposable/disposability. Likely why we tend to think of ourselves as being nuts. We like to make ourselves indispensable, which I guess makes everything else disposable.

Or am I being cynical?
^James Blake – If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead (Official video)^

I’m feeling a shade better today. Been feeling like complete shit all week.

How are you?

That flu I tangled with for over a month really kicked my ass, and I never really even got that sick. Not many of the more traditional symptoms anyway. But it sure did a number on my chest. Not to mention all of the crazy weather we’ve been having.

70°F/21°C one afternoon...28°F/-2°C the next. 

That shit gets old. ESPECIALLY when it’s warm at night, and then, the day gets colder as the day progresses. I thought shit was supposed to warm up as the sun creeps across the sky?

^CHVRCHES – Get Out^

Found a really wicked vid that shows some…erm…atmospheric anomalies if you care to check it out.

Great photography too.


^planes clouds and vortices^

We can’t understand everything…until and unless we can. But who gets to make that decision?

^Alaska Airlines Great American Eclipse flight #9671^

Do you need someone to hold your hand while you are out saving the world?

Brush your hair for you?

Rub your feet and/or back?

Tell stupid jokes in an attempt to make you smile?

We can lay down some trail-dust, and sprinkle it with some stardust.

Have camera on my phone, will travel 😛

/me shrugs
^Boeing 737 – from a weather balloon^

If everything comes from somewhere, where did nowhere come from?

There's a bend there.
^Amazing A380, B787, B777 Appear out of nowhere at Schiphol Airport^

Is it possible that we’ve become so reliant on vernacular and it’s reusability, all while becoming so dependent on standards and commerce/capitalism, that we’ve gotten linguistically lazy? If kids are really graduating from school while simultaneously being labeled as illiterate, is that indicative of someone fighting a multi-front war of some kind? I thought that school was there for the people, not vice-versa. Lot’s of tiptoeing here. What am I talking about?

Delhi/Population - 18.98 million - 2012 (source Google)

Universities in Delhi

University of Delhi/Total enrollment – 132,435 – 2015 (source Google)

I was watching a documentary the other day that said officials actually have no clue how many people reside in Delhi, and that the population could be as high as 35 million at times. Lots of immigrants and immigration. Loads of people come in from the sticks for medical treatment.

That said, it takes money to make money, and you can’t spend your money on making money if you are giving your money away to unproductive sectors of the economy…right?

Q: What’s productive about being stingy?

A: ¿¿?


^Lusine – Just A Cloud^

I dunno what you think about. Not unless you tell me anyway. And if what you tell me has been washed and cleaned and cycled and recycled all into some something else that is not what you were originally thinking about? Yeah…confusion. Not that anyone would do that or anything.

But seriously, how much suffering can “John and/or Jane Public” endure before that suffering starts to trickle? Can ‘the captains of industry” really stand on the backs of others and persevere? Granted there is a shift to technology, but the singular nature of this thinking is itself teetering on collapse.

Maybe it’s a safety thing. If you and your SJW groups don’t stop breaking windows, I’m gonna fire all the mechanics that work for Coca Cola. And if there are no mechanics working at Coca Cola to keep the machines running, there will be no Coca Cola, nor Sprite, nor Coke Zero, nor anything else.

^Digitalism – Shangri La^

Maybe the time of “The Union” has returned. Unions are all but dead, not to mention that divorce rates are said to be skyrocketing.

I digressssss. 

I’ve thought a lot about Unions. Prolly because I belonged to a couple: IAM/AW and Teamsters. But back when I was in a Union, they didn’t make any sense. Not much sense. I’ve got two people telling me what to do instead of one, and they both want my money.

Would it be possible to have technical unions? I know that laws here in The US are weaved so that it’s gonna be tough for computer programmers to start a labor union. Not to mention that once you get around Federal Law, you’ve got loads of State Law(s) you are going to have to tangle with, followed by loads of local law(s). I don’t think foreign countries have such problems.

^Hercules & Love Affair – My Curse And Cure (Official Video)^

I’m sorry you filthy Limeys have gotten blanketed in snow…I really am. It breaks my motherfucking hot and beating Okie heart…it really does.

It’s raining and warm here. I found a drown snake in one of the puddles out back. My guess is, that there is likely a correlation with precipitation amount(s) and hibernating wildlife. Not to mention shit like encroachment and bug spray(s)/pest control, available food sources, available clean water, and shit like that.

Q1: What effect does that one snake’s death have on the entirety of existence?

A1: ¿??

Q2: What if it was the last one?

A2: ?¿¿

Methinks, that every one, is the last one.

Do you ever think about where a grass snake is able to get a clean drink of water? What about a dirty drink of water? Water is water…right? Snakes are gross anyway…fuck em’.

^Muse – Thought Contagion [Official Music Video]^

Been thinking a load about intersecting gravities of both the horizontal and vertical varieties, but I’ve not much to say about it here. I just know that I’m starting to see them everywhere. Vertical here, horizontal there, and sometimes…both.

That has me to thinking about the more “finite” iterations of time. Depends on your vantage point tho. A Saturn V rocket looks quite small from 5 miles away. But if you strap your own ass into one of the couches inside the Command Module that sits atop of a Saturn V rocket? Yeah…they’re actually a pretty big rocket. They go fast too. Which has the effect of making both small stuff big, and big stuff small, and does so in rapid fashion. I wonder how our mind deals with such contrast and contrasts?

I know it’s taken me a while to get used to it. Not that I am really used to it. But going from far outside of Earth/Terra’s atmosphere, to deep within an atom inside of our planet’s crust, all within the span of a single second? Yeah…that shit takes some getting used to. Especially when time starts getting all wonky irrespective of scale(s).

^The Presets – 14U+14ME (Official Video)^

Can you imagine riding a single atom of Hydrogen for billions of years while traversing from the Earth’s crust, and riding that atom all the way to our planet’s core?

I can.
^Digitalism – Falling (Official Video)^

Stay warm Limeys.

Be safe.



^Digitalism – Magnets^



*Ooh no, it’s much to cold for swimwear, Clicky… /pats snout…*

Until next time, Dear Reader… Have a Song ❤

Missive From ‘Merica: Hook, Line & Syncher

Dear Reader, the latest missive from Cade, set out below, has been a tad difficult to format…

*’Use the new and improved editor’ WordPress says… Lose all your fucking formatting and music videos up to that point is the result… *

*Yep! The bastards! I had to start it all over again… /sigh… Go get a suitable Song to stick in the bottom, Clicky…*

*/splutters… For fuck’s sake… /guffaws… Oh Clicky, I’m pretty sure it’s not that Jack Jones’s quote… /wipes tear from eye…*


This is the greeting you get.

  If you don’t like it, feel free to fuck off.

But before you go, I’d like to point something out…

What I did there...do you see it?

This is the hook.

It’s catchy…you like it.


^BSOD / This Is Also The Hook [full version]^

If it’s easy to deceive, doesn’t it stand to reason, that it is also easy to be deceived? Sounds easy. I’m easy. But I’m not looking for a relationship right now, so let’s skip the fucking part, and we can just go our separate ways, and everyone is happy.

Nice knowin' ya. 

There are two types of hooks…a hook “J”, and a ring “O”, but both are hooks. There can be all kinds of crazy iterations of those two, but let’s keep it on fishing.

A hook, “J”, can be somewhat easily added, and somewhat easily removed. However, once you have caught your fish, you are going to want to keep the “keeper” varieties of fishes, so you are going to need a stringer…”O”…a hook that cannot be removed.

I wonder if fishes that have been caught, then either escaped or were thrown back, ever really have that hook removed?

^Truss – Beacon^

We’ve not done this in a while…so…let’s do it…


From today’s featured article…

S-50 (Manhattan Project) – an electroplated steel corrosion-resistant fuel line. It was one of three technologies for uranium enrichment pursued by the Manhattan Project.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
Süleyman of Germiyan – the ruler of Germiyan an Anatolian beylik between 1363 and 1388.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
Malayalam Calendar – a solar and sidereal Hindu calendar used in Kerala, India. The origin of the calendar has been dated as 825 CE (Pothu Varsham) at Kollam.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
Oviraptor – a genus of small Mongolian theropod dinosaurs, first discovered by technician George Olsen in an expedition led by Roy Chapman Andrews, and first described by Henry Fairfield Osborn, in 1924.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – an American police procedural, legal, crime drama television series set in New York City, where it is also primarily produced.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
Owens Cross Roads, Alabama – a town in Madison County, Alabama, United States, and is included in the Huntsville-Decatur Combined Statistical Area. It was incorporated in 1967.[3] As of the 2010 Census, the population of the town was 1,521.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
Varmint (album) – an album by American jazz vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz, which was recorded in 2008 and released on Cuneiform. It was the second recording with his quintet Rolldown, featuring cornetist Josh Berman, saxophonist Aram Shelton, bassist Jason Roebke and drummer Frank Rosaly.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
NGC 7331 Group – a group of galaxies in the constellation Pegasus. spiral galaxy NGC 7331 is the brightest member of the group. This group is also called the Deer Lick Group,[1] and contains four other members; NGC 7335, NGC 7336, NGC 7337 and NGC 7340, affectionately referred to as the “fleas”.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
Chah-e Darmohammad Makam – a village in Dumak Rural District, in the Central District of Zahedan County, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its existence was noted, but its population was not reported.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
Charlton Rauch House – a historic home located at Lexington, Lexington County, South Carolina. It was built in 1886, and is a 2 1/2- story, frame vernacular Queen Anne style house with an irregular plan and a gable roof.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
Lodi Crushers – a collegiate woodbat baseball team based in Lodi, California. They are charter members of the Great West League and play their home games at Tony Zupo Field in Lodi.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
Girolamo Tiraboschi – an Italian literary critic, the first historian of Italian literature.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
Pyrausta Omicronalis – a moth in the Crambidae family. It was described by Snellen in 1880. It is found on Sumatra.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
Craig Doyle (hurler) – an Irish hurler who plays as a full-forward for the Carlow senior team.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
Filipino Cuisine – is composed of the cuisines of 135 distinct ethno-linguistic tribes found within the Philippine archipelago, however, majority of mainstream Filipino dishes that compose Filipino cuisine are from the cuisines of the Bikol, Chabakano, Hiligaynon, Ilokano, Kapampangan, Meranaw, Pangasinan, Sebwano (or Bisaya), Tagalog, and Waray ethno-linguistic tribes.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<
Sanjurge – a small rural village and former-civil parish in the municipality of Chaves, in the Portuguese district of Vila Real. In 2013, the parish located 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) from the centre of Chaves, was merged into the new parish of Santa Cruz-Trindade e Sanjurge, as part of the White Paper on local authority reform.
>>>>>>>>>> 🤓 <<<<<<<<<<

Welp…there ya fucking go…a long overdue Random Wikipedia Attack. Hope you learned as much as I did. Oh, and sorry we haven’t done it in a while.

I miss doing it with you too. 

I had no idea that such a thing as “hurling” existed as a sport, ‘cept for as it pertains to drinking. After a night of excessive Jim Beam – or too much beer + too much food – I could prolly sometimes compete with the best of hurlers, as hurling pertains to puking.

 ^nthng – Human^

Cfrank Davis has some new bullshit today…

Arrogant Manipulative Busybodies

The first thing that popped into my head was…

“wait…what happened to tar?”

I thought that “tar” was “the killer” with respect to cigarettes? Has something changed? And if so, what changes that were changed, are likely to change further? I’ve no doubt that “the pro-smoking” brigade has many valid points, butt it always burns down down to one.

(pun intended) 

That said, this “crusader” bullshit is a tough animal to tangle with. Its difficult to know how to get involved in something you feel passionately about. And if you get involved with something to protect people, all while smashing the fuck out of people… Erm, something does not compute.

This bullshit bickering from certain groups/interests has to boil down to sterility. Sterility meaning: method of delivery. Coffee/Caffeine and it’s delivery, is relatively clean, not to mention the dependence on water.

Or had you forgotten about that angle? 

I don’t see a rush to reduce or remove caffeine from all coffee(s), which means that’s exactly what is on the agenda once nicotine has been better caged.

So yeah, delivery and delivery mechanisms. We want clean and sterile ones; clean and sterile removes variables, which allows for more efficient, accurate and dependable throughput. Methinks someone is missing something.

(pun intended)
^Jon Hopkins – Collider (Karenn Remix)^

Shipping is where the money is. Freight, transport – it doesn’t matter if you are downloading something from The Internet, getting something delivered via UPS that you bought off of The Internet, munching on a Snickers bar, or taking a breath, or even taking a shit…

It's all shipping. 

Matter(s) and motion(s), in motion, intercepted and/or redirected for a time by someone or something, then passed on from there. Everything comes from somewhere, and everything goes somewhere.

This is the hook, it's catchy, you like it. 

You get your ass in a car, or on a bus, or on a train, or in your wheelchair, or whatever…then you pedal your goofy ass to and fro…shipped from here, delivered to there. All while carrying loads of shit with you, up to, and including…yep…shit.

Clothes, air(s), food(s), water(s), memory/memories…all while piling more crap on and shrugging other crap off. It’s the nature of travel in nature I guess.


All it takes, is for some clever motherfucker(s) to see this and these processes, recognize them for what they are, repackage them, and they can capitalize on it. Sounds…parasitic.

Or does it?
^Dj Randy – Deception^

LegIron has a MASSIVE new batch of bullshit up over at UBU…

Babbling elsewhere

What a fucking rip-off. There wasn’t ANYTHING there. Just a link to more bullshit elsewhere. I’m writing my congressman/congresswoman, to voice my rage, and then I’m starting a new group.


I’m too lazy for all that nonsense. Let’s follow the rabbit trail a shade further…

Why are there so many smoking scenes in movies and TV shows?

Why…would anyone…who is in their right mind…take the time…to volunteer to answer random-assed questions…for free…on some website?

Don’t they have some robot that can do this shit? Aren’t there books someone can read? Plus, most of these questions are stupid anyway, so, why take the time?

A: The need unmet.

Any questions?

 ^Yello – Bubbling Under^

Is it possible for a “non-rhythm” to be rhythmic? If not, then any theories you might have about “alternate-universe(s)” and/or “alternate-realities” are going to have to go right out the fucking window. There are always spans within a span. Times to each and every purpose, as it were.

So back on hooks, a “J” will hook for a span, and an “O” will also hook for a span, but they both overlap.

Q1: What if you keep the fish, but don’t use a stringer after catching the fish?

A2: ?¿?

Q2: YEAH!!! What if you use a net instead of a hook to catch your fish?

A2: ¿?¿

Okay, so let’s take this step by step…the answer to the first question is “O” = your piehole instead of a stringer. Not to mention your eyes, nose, and ears, but let’s keep it to your mouth is an “O”, that will eventually snare the fish “more permanently”.

With that out of the way…the answer to the second question is substitute “I” for “J”. In this case, “I” = a needle. Just like a hook (“J”), which is nothing more than an bent needle (“I”), and needles are required to make a net. Needles are required to make up a net also.


Enter “S”. String Theory, M-Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Theoretical Physics, Set Theory, Chaos Theory, and on and on…What could they POSSIBLY have to do with…fishing? My guess – and this is just going to be a guess – but, if nothing else, ”landing a big fish” might have something to do with it.

 ^Objekt – Cactus^

Not all “big fish” are as big as you might think tho. According to science, “The Universe” originally started with an infinitely small “everything” that was all wadded up and bubbling in a single point. With that in mind, thinking scientifically anyway, the biggest fish of all, would in fact, be the smallest.

Q: Perspective?

A: SAY...fucking...WHAT?!?!?!?

OK, I’ll grant you that…but think of this…

Q: Ever heard of a slingshot?

A: !!!

Yeah, I’ve had some ideas about “membranes” as it relates to proximities and contexts. The bubble of our atmosphere, the bubbles/concentrations of gas(es) within it, bubbles in water, bubbles in rock, bubbles in magma and lava…blah blah blah. But bubbles can, and do, warp.

That said, that’s not really where I was headed. Where I was headed, was needles. A point, at a point, within a point, that stretches the point…

Think of a bubble (a point).

Think of a grain of sand within that bubble (b point).

Think of that grain of sand, contacting the surface of the bubble from within (c point).

If we think of the bubble, as our Universe, and the grain of sand as a particle of matter trying to stretch the boundaries of that bubble/membrane, that leaves us with one question…

Q: What is outside of the bubble that allows this expansion to happen?

A: Maybe membranes are stimulated to expand/stimulate expansions in ways that we've not considered?

I’ve certainly not considered them. I mean, I have, but I’ve never talked about it. Why? Welp…lemme take it down a notch or two.

^Yello More (rockabilly mix)^

Why would something, as ridiculously small as a grain of sand, that’s pressed up against the outer limits of our Universe…NOT…have infinite mass? I mean, the weight and mass of the entire Universe is pressing against it…is it not?

The entire weight of our Universe, is pressing up against this grain of sand, and the grain of sand is pressing up against this membrane that is the outermost region of The Universe… So what is pressing back? Is anything pressing back? Or is our grain of sand being urged onward and outward by the entirety of existence.

Let’s say that there is an outer limit to which the grain of sand can go, but our grain of sand is going to go through some amazing changes before it eventually snaps back and returns. What happens?

I dunno, but I have some ideas.
^Yello – La Habanera^

K…so it’s 15:13 in the afternoon on January 22, and me and Roob have been talking a bit on Twitter. There have been a couple of things mentioned that have casually crossed paths with what I’ve been writing on/thinking about today. Now that I’ve started to think about how to address these “crossings”, I’ve gotten kinda lost in my thinking. Not about any of the bullshit, above, because crap like that is always floating around in my head. Relating it…


that's a horse of a different color...

isn't it?

No one reads this bullshit, so, why do I bother? Welp…I know that a couple of people do read this bullshit. Maybe not all the time, and that’s OK, but I know Roob reads it, and I read it. Prolly gonna be some that accuse me of being “Narcissus-like” as I peer into the me that is me via my writing, but there’s PLENTY of ugly on both the inside and outside that help me balance “shit-thinking” like that out. The “shit-thinking” being, others liberally gracing me with whatever labels are handy at the time.

Ironic that they don't take time into consideration when doing so.
^Arcade Fire – Everything Now^

If you label me as dirty and needing a shower at 9:00 pm in the evening, you may be right.

If you label me as dirty and needing a shower at 9:00 am in the morning, you may be right.

What's missing? 

Welp, what additional requirements do you have for me?

Are you implying that I need to put on some cologne or deodorant?

Or are you implying that I need to take a shower?

Will a bath suffice?

Do I need to use soap?

What kind?

Do I need a shampoo, or can I just use the soap?

Do I need to also use conditioner, or is one of those shampoos with “built-in conditioner(s)” going to be OK?

Now that I’ve done all that for you…now what? Point being, I may be clean in the morning, but dirty in the evening. I may be dirty in the morning, but clean in the evening. When are we meeting, and what is it you want to do with me that I need to meet your inspection requirements at the time of said meeting? Or was that just a friendly “y0 dude!!! YOU STINK!!!” kind of thing? Ya know…like, you stink, just sayin’…chill on the overthinking.


Sry. Just trying to make the writing interesting. I realize that you’ve an investment in taking the time to read it, so, I take that into consideration when writing. I say “hi” when and where I can, and that’s kinda all I can do. Anything beyond that would seem…rude.

^New Order – Regret^


Jesus fucking CHRIST you assholes are impossible to please and/or appease.


^Of Monsters and Men – Mountain Sound (Official Video)^

Lot’s of shit, that has no answers, gets dumped, and then it lays there until someone picks it up.

EX: Yesterday, on my own blog, I took the time to look up the lyrics to a song by The Smiths, and I found something that I’ve long searched for, but had forgotten that I ever even asked the question. The question was…

”what in the FUCK is he saying there towards the end of the song?!?!?!?”

A: 'I lost my bag in Newport Pagnell'

Mystery = SOLVED MOTHERFUCKERS!!! Motherfucking Next!

^Max Webster – Let Go The Line (1979)^

Let’s do some digging…CADE STYLE!!!

Newport Pagnell
Domesday Book

I’m gonna stop right there, and just point out, that “The Domesday Book” was supposedly the first all encompassing census of the entire country. So, Newport Pagnell’s first mention being in this particular book, should really not be that big of a surprise. Synchronistically speaking anyway.

jmo. Onward.
Newport Pagnell Railway Station
Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Redenhall
Nieuwpoort, Belgium
Fly Zone
No-Fly Zone
No Fly List
Terrorist Screening Center
Vienna, Virginia
Sterling, Virginia
Loudoun County, Virginia
Chesapeake Beach, Virginia
On the Beach (Novel)

I’ve been listening to The Smiths since the late 1980’s, and prolly know the words to every Smiths song. However, that line from “Is It Really So Strange” has always eluded me. Knowing a bit about Morissey’s lyrical musings, I simply assumed it was something:

A) English, and

B) funny.

He can be quite sarcastic sounding, and even bitter or morose, but there is always an edge of humor to it. When Morrisey writes sad shit…you know it. Prolly why his humor stands out in the way that it does, even in, and amongst, sad shit.

^The Hollies The Air That I Breathe^

About 4 years ago or so, around this same time of year, January, I drove up to the store around midnight to buy me some snuff. It was VERY cold. The temperature was well below freezing, windy, and generally inhospitable.

Upon entering the store, there was a guy standing in front of, and to side of the counter, indicating that he was not a customer per se/not standing in line: large red duffle bag at his feet, dressed warmly, but his clothing was severely lacking, and it was obvious that he was a hitchhiker seeking refuge from the elements. I stifled any further judgment(s), continued to the counter, bought my snuff, and when my purchase was completed, I turned to the guy and asked him if he needed some cash. His response was…

“What I need is, a place to go.”

I told him that I couldn’t help there, but I then asked him if he had plenty of warm clothes, and he said he did not. So, I went home, grabbed a plain black sweatshirt, a long-sleeve wool undershirt, a couple of t-shirts, a few pairs of normal socks, one pair of thick wool socks, a toboggan cap, then found a small duffle/knapsack to put it all in. I then gathered UP three heavy coats that I got from my mother when my father died, then headed back up to the store.

When I got there, I gave him the bag with the clothes in it, told him what was in it and how he should layer them. Then I showed him the three coats and told him “pick one”. He took a heavy winter coat that my father used to wear when he “went out” – it was a pretty nice coat/looked nice, that dad would wear when it was cold and he was going some place that required a nice dress. He often wore his cowboy hat when he wore this particular coat.

Anyway, me and this guy talked a bit. He told me that his wife had kicked him out, and he was headed back to where he had some family.

“Where’s that?” I asked.

“Sterling Virgina,” he replied to my astonishment. Me being me, I know there is sometimes nothing coincidental about coincidence, so I smiled and said…

”No way! I lived there for several years.”

The look he gave me was one of utter disbelief. Shock. Almost like my generosity was about to take an ominous turn. But I stood my ground, didn’t retreat, and started talking to him about familiar things that only someone who had lived in that area would know. His posture relaxed a bit as I talked about fueling airplanes at Dulles, and how much money I saved on gas driving back and forth to work when I moved from Charles Town West Virginia to Sterling Virginia.

I apologized for not being able to provide him with a place to stay, but told him that I hoped the clothes and coat helped out. He went back into the store, and I got back into my car, and left. On the drive home, all I could think about was the fact that Whatshername and me were on the outs, both wanting a divorce with no means to get one. I wondered how many times I teetered on bailing the fuck out before she kicked me all the way to the curb. Is that what it looks like?

Did he know how, with a glance, I knew that his dress was inadequate for long-term exposure to this kind of weather? Did my taking the time explain my spending a lot of long, cold winter nights fueling airplanes at Dulles airport – which is partially within Sterling Virginia – and how to layer clothing accordingly help him in any way? Was he completely freaked out by our “Virginia” connection? Was I?

I can only speak for myself…and my answer is yes, I was a tad freaked out, but not really. That kind of shit happens to us all the time, but we tend to dismiss and/or ignore, and move on. Nothing wrong with that. Everyone is different.

I think about that dude quite a bit. Where is he? How is he doing? How is his ex-wife? Kids? I have a similar red duffle bag. I keep it packed at all times. I’ll likely never see that guy again.

Weird world.
 ^I’M NOT IN LOVE – 10cc^


^The Smiths – Shoplifters Of The World Unite (Subtitulada en Español)^


*The Smiths? That’s the song Cade mentions in his missive… /squints… To go with the Jack Jones song at top?*

*/rolls eyes…*


Missive From ‘Merica: After Math

Dear Reader, currently I am tits deep into writing a story for the Underdog Anthology 3 book, due to be published in time for Halloween…

… Fortunately, the Okie Devil has sent through a follow up to the last missive, an experimental sort split into parts one, two and three

*Alright, Clicky… simmer down… /sigh… lead on…*

Enjoy! And see you at the bottom 😀



Do it matter if you are right-side-up?

Or is it better to be upside down?

    Does it matter when?

Or what we are doing?

Can you shift your hips just a shade to the left?


Is that good for you?

^CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music – Nigel Stanford^

Might be more to whatever, than just whatever, and whatever else. Not attempting to be like…ultra-vague here or anything, but I may be doing a good job at that. It just takes a little… erm …thought …for me to try and figure out what I am trying to say.

The best way for me to do that, is no real agenda other than to be understood, contextually, with respect to whatever it is that I am saying. Since I rarely know what in the fuck I’m going to say, keeping things conversational prolly helps.

Thank God for people to actually talk to...eh? 

This shit might be boring, and rather one-sided otherwise. Methinks we got it pretty good. Some of us do anyway. Let’s not nitpick tho. Slo-Mo Guys have some new shit.

^Chinese Spouting Bowl in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys^
I am quite the asshole.

Wanna know how?

I mean like…contextually.

I’m sure it’s already been WELL established that I am somewhat of a prick.

But yeah...check this shit out.

Roob? Yeah…she’s busy as fuck with all kinds of shit.

I even sent her a new whatever today.

And here I sit, just a few hours after sending her the previous whatever, and I’m writing another one.

So yeah…asshole…I am one.

^Deadmau5 – Aural Psynapse || HD^


This word came up in a Tweet.

                                Does not appear to concern me.

Moving on.

^Awesome Scottish street music – Clanadonia^

Hey…the previous whatever, that has not even been posted yet, spun my head a bit. I had 21 browser tabs open with SHITLOADS of paths to follow to God only knows where. As a result, I feel a shade…hopeful.

There's always more to see in a sea of seeing. 

Now we just gotta do it. I mean…not “do it“…unless you want to. But we might miss something.

FUCK!!! I’m confused now.

      I dunno what to do.

Maybe you should drive for a while.

I’m easy.

    Wanna fuck?

Was that my idea?

Or yours?
^Deadmau5 – Strobe^

OK…so…Roob was kinda pointing me in the direction of a certain blog yesterday, but I wasn’t really sure why. I’m not going to mention the blog, for obvious reasons.

Merovee Doctor Mars

So…I went back and re-read my previous whatever turned missive @ The LoL, and also the one before it, then I re-read both one more time just to be sure. There was some discussion via Twitter about Cassini, but I guess what caught my eye was this reference to “8-8-8-8” on Merovee made by some anonymous commenter whose name I will not use here. But where that led me, eventually anyway, was over to “Just Watching The Wheels Go Round“…and what appeared to be…a question…buried in there somewhere.

Q: Is that question…directed at…me?

A: How the fuck would I know?

Shit is applicable, or it isn’t. Only you know that state and the states of your own life. But that does get me to thinking about something that appears to be within the layers of “The Synchrosphere”…and that is…communication(s) and communicating(s).

^[Glitch Hop / 110BPM] – Pegboard Nerds & Tristam – Razor Sharp [Monstercat Release]^

  • Nothing hurts worse than having something taken away from you.
  • A stitch in time, saves nine potential pricks.
  • You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, unless it’s a REALLY fucking cool cover.
  • The grass always greener after you get out there and mow the goddamn lawn.

681 Cliches to Avoid in Your Creative Writing

Creative…Writing. Hmmm…so…yeah…um…communicating.

Wanna fuck?

No wait…I jumped the gun there. Um…wanna watch a movie then we can fuck afterwards? Nah…that’s no good. Fuck the movie…let’s go for a walk, and discuss our options. Lemme put your shoes on for you so I can scope out your crotch.

Just...thinking ahead.
  • There’s no time like the present.
  • You can’t please everyone.
  • A bird the the bush is fine and dandy, as long as I am the bird, and you are the bush.

So yeah…um…communicating.

We doing any of that?
^deadmau5 – There might be coffee (Cover Art)^

Q: What is preventing you from telling your story?

A: ...

Yeah…that’s what I thought. But that’s your decision…ain’t it? God knows people get sick of hearing my bullshit. After hearing the same or similar, it ain’t long until people start looking at me like some run-of-the-mill average Joe. And that just AIN’T the case…is it?

I mean, not me…you. Nothing average or normal about you. You are a fiery wildcat of intrigue and wonder, just needing someone to wander your intricate and exquisite gardens. Right?

Q: Am I boring you with all this shit?

A: ...

Meh…we gots more importants shits to gets to…like whether or not a certain question, nested and buried, within a post on a blog, pertains to, or was directed at…me. Yeah…me.

As in me, me, me, and only me.

A: Yes. But there is little difference between my nightmares and my dreams. Mainly because, I include time in my thinking. That means a beginning, and an end.

Dreams…the seed of nightmares.

Nightmares…the seed of dreams.

^deadmau5 – Right This Second^

It’s not really that difficult to do.

Q: Did you hook up?

A: Yes.

Then a breakup is possible. This “together forever” bullshit is already happening, and was happening LONG before we hooked up, so why dwell on such trivial things? In order for forever to be forever, you gotta actually go the distance…forever.

Good luck. 

So…why dwell on that when it’s SOOOO much easier to pick on the little shit that is going to prevent the “forever” from happening in the first place…right? I mean…this is gonna be for-fucking-EVAR…right?

Wanna and GOTTA get all this shit sorted before we get there, otherwise, we might get there with some shiftless shitbag that ain’t worth a flying fuck. Wait…am I trying to talk you into something…or out of something…and why would I want to waste my time with either? It’s your time too.

Just sayin'.

I personally, did not watch the video that follows, but reserve the right to do so at a time of my choosing, assuming that I choose to choose to watch it.

^More on 337^

Yep…this mystery person posted a video on some mystery blog. 8-8-8-8 was mentioned. That got me to thinking about some things, and as I write now, it gets me to thinking about my [0000] set used for denoting the end of a string within a certain context. Keep in mind that this “context” is a simultaneous context of both beginning and end, hence, there are two zeros and not one.

The additional zeros are there for denoting…erm…anyone trying to go somewhere they should not be going. The first thing that popped into my head, was something that I mentioned to Roob about 88 permutations between 1° and 90° within a prism or 90° arc of light travel within that 90° band. So yeah…Pi and SoPi…since light itself is going to be wound and unwound at different points. Something I think important to keep in mind here tho.

IMPORTANT SHIT: It's been done.

We’re catching up AND lagging behind…all at the same time. So, maybe that’ll open some mental doors as to how time can and DOES travel backwards and forwards at the same time, within our construct of time and times. So that’ll get us back to one of the biggies, that I postulated in a poem, on a whim, at some random-assed blog about Tarot cards.

^deadmau5 – Sometimes Things Get, Whatever (HQ)^

So yeah…when eight(8)…becomes zero(0).

So yeah…when eights(8’s)…becomes zero’s(0’s).


I dunno…you got the time for me to explain it?

Makes a lot of assumptions on both our parts yeah?

As far as I’m concerned…I’m still talking to myself and/or no one in particular.

Subject to change…unless not…whatevz.

^deadmau5 – Unofficial and UNAPPROVED video my labels management just threw up here.^


‘Time has ended twice, and the time for time to end thrice, shall never be, as far as I can see.’

I’m paraphrasing there, but I wrote the fucking thing so I’m taking some artistic license with my own bullshit. So let’s hit on the concept of “intentionally misleading someone” since it appears to be on some minds here and there. To do that, let’s wander back up, to the previous paragraph, and think about that thought of “It’s Been Done”…cause that can help us.

Q: What does diminishment of one, achieve for all, in this case and in these cases?

A: ???

I’m not gonna answer for the class here…but yeah…I’m gonna answer for the class here.


If your calculations are showing otherwise, you are prolly operating on entirely “too something” of a timeline and/or timelines. Whether that be too short, too long, too broad, too narrow, too square, too round…whatever.

Don't think so?

Q: Name me one person/entity, throughout the history of histories, that is missing.

A: Yeah. Not such a long walk, eh?

So…that leaves only all of us, and everyone and everything else.

Mystery = SOLVED! Next!
^deadmau5 – Limit Break^

Chances are good…I know. Doesn’t matter what you preface that with. The chances are good, that I know. Who knows me better than me? Welp, we’re right back to the answer of the previous question.

So yeah…is it possible that someone knows me better than me? I dunno. I would say that the potential exists for someone to know me at least as well as me. Anything beyond that, we’re gonna have to stretch and warp time and times in ways that I’m not real sure time and times were meant to be bent.

I mean yeah…I see all kinds of ways to fuck with time, and you don’t need a goddamn machine to do it. To me, machines are gonna be a nuisance for the most part. Too many variables among the knowns and the unknowns. That said, that “revelation” of sorts as to “all participants appearing simultaneously at the moment of a time-machine’s creation” sure did strike a chord with me.

Lotta folds and folding.

Lotta melds and melding.

Lotta shapes and shaping.

Almost like…someone has done this before. Maybe even…many times. I have no doubt the pathways are there. I have no doubt that travel though and via these pathways is not only plausible, but also possible. Lotta…”time-based things” to consider tho. Like say…everything.

^Deadmau5 – Sometimes Limits Get Broken (NCB17 Mashup)^

We’ll take a step backwards real quick, just to show how easy time travel is.

Neil deGrasse Tyson + Neil deGrasse Tyson’s father and mother = time travel

Neil deGrasse Tyson – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_deGrasse_Tyson

That wasn't such a long walk now was it?

I watched a bit on him and his thoughts on time travel, and they simply don’t jibe with the concept of time. Not from a “from the/a present” perspective anyway. I coulda swore that he talked about his father dying of a heart attack or something. Or maybe even that he was shot? I dunno…would have to go watch the whatever again or something…but I’m usually wrong on so much shit that maybe there wasn’t a documentary at all. Should be easy to prove on all counts tho.


^California Love- Deadmau5^

That does bring up an interesting bit tho with respect to incorporating fiction into fact based anything. I personally try and avoid shit like that when I write. Which is prolly why, I don’t write. Not fiction anyway. I mean yeah, I’m really a billionaire, have a giant penis, several cool cars, and am currently available for dating. But all my cars are in the shop, my primary residence is undergoing renovations, and I’m currently shuffling some assets around for tax purposes…so…you’ll prolly have to pay for dinner.

Q: What time can you pick me up?

A: Anytime...is good for me.

I am SOOOOOO getting laid this weekend!!!

^deadmau5 – Sofi Needs a Ladder^

Yeah…I’ve no idea what I was supposed to see over at Merovee. Maybe Roob will tell me. She’s pretty cagey like that. And I don’t really mind. I enjoy our talks/our friendship. Tis nice to be able to talk to someone. But yeah…a lot of shit I either try and avoid completely, or spend a shitload of time trying to ignore it. I am, afterall, kinda…alone.

Time to digress here.
^Hey Baby – Bruce Channel – HQ^

I needed a change of music here…because I am about to relate a dream that I had 4/5 years ago.

There was…erm…a conflict that had arisen. This conflict, crossed not only planets and galaxies, but also times. I was enlisted to help here on Earth/Terra, but I was one of the last “recruits” that was enlisted. Actually…“the” last to be recruited/enlisted to help. I guess there was a missing element that was being sought, it could not be located, and I was it. I had no idea as to any of these goings on, and was really kinda lost as to why I was needed at all.

When I “arrived” for processing, I was alone except for the staff. I rode a very long elevator up into the sky, and caught an escalator from there. It was beautiful. The elevator stopped just above the clouds, the sun and sky was a bright and beautiful burnt orange, and the cloud tops were a mesh of dark grays topped by this orange glow. I rode the escalator short ways to a translucent deck, where I was met by someone who ushered me straightaway past all of the ropes and barriers.

“We’ve been looking for you, and I cannot believe that we found you. Let’s hope it’s not too late.”

We wound up at a wooden door that was attached to a rather ramshackle building. My guide looked at me rather sternly, but in an understanding manner, as if they had something to tell me, but could not…and then, they led me through the door.

^Mickey & Sylvia – Love Is Strange^

As we entered, there were people laying around everywhere. Injured. Obviously, these were “the first wave” and had been fighting against some unseen oppressor. Suddenly…there were people that I recognized. I didn’t know these people, but yet I did. All people that I had met in previous dreams that I had shuffled off as coincidence and/or just dreams.

And yet…here they were. All these individuals that had been speaking to me in my dreams, yet they did not know me, and I did not know them. It was devastating to see. How could I have missed all of this? What could I have done differently? Was there a way to salvage my errors? I had no fucking CLUE what the fuck was going on, except that for some reason…I was needed. Flash forward 20 years.

Q: Who is “Captain America”?

A: Don't ask me...I just work here. I used to anyway.
^Stay-Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs-original song-1960^

Yeah…I left a lot of shit out. Well, not a whole lot…but to be fair…it IS my dream. Or at least, it was. But I think that at least some of the basis for this dream, was/is when and where we read into shit. People within this “enlightenment” movement bullshit will tell you that your ego is your enemy and/or worst trait. But…what if I have no ego? Does that make me the worst of all? Some pretentious prick who is operating under the delusion that I have no ego?

Hey…you asshats take some of your own medicine. You fucks are bonked out on drugs most of the time…so…potato potatoes inside fucking whacked out tomatoes…or something.

Just cannot jibe with this...

“welp, I’m better than you, because you are worse than me”

…kinds of bullshit thinking.

I’m not gonna go fuck a goat just so you can be better than me.

Plus…I don’t have to.

I have a hot date this weekend.

^Just One Look – Doris Troy (1963) (HD Quality)^

Just looked at the clock…MIDNIGHT!!! 00:00 on Friday 15 September 2017.

I better get a bath.

I have a date.

I prolly should make it a cold one.

^Its in his kiss – Betty Everett^
1450165221tumblrnk76szhwrq1qzt4vjo1r2500RAWR!!! RANDOM WIKIPEDIA ATTACK!!! RAWR!!!

From today’s featured articles…


Eve_(2003_TV_series) – an American television sitcom, created by Meg DeLoatch, which originally aired for three seasons on United Paramount Network (UPN) from September 15, 2003, to May 11, 2006.


Berber Dahir – a dahir (decree) created by French protectorate in Morocco on May 16, 1930. It was an adaptation of secular, traditional Berber laws to the conditions of the time.


Shuttarna I – an early king of the Mitanni. His name is recorded on a seal found at Alalakh. The inscription reads “son of Kirta” and is the only reference about this king yet discovered.


Walter Elliot (naturalist) – a Scottish civil servant in India. He was also an eminent orientalist, linguist, naturalist and ethnologist who worked mainly in the Presidency of Madras.


Comazzo – a comune (municipality) in the Province of Lodi in the Italian region Lombardy, located about 20 kilometres (12 mi) east of Milan and about 20 kilometres (12 mi) northwest of Lodi.


Platax Batavianus – a species of batfish in the family Ephippidae. They are found in coral reefs around the Indo-Pacific region. Adults can grow up to 65 centimetres (26 in) at maximum.


Bondoufle – a commune in the Essonne department in Île-de-France in northern France. It is eight miles from Paris.


List of 2016 box office number-one films in Turkey – This is the list of top twenty films according to tickets sold during the year of 2016 in Turkey.


Pythagorean Quadruple – a tuple of integers a, b, c and d, such that a2 + b2 + c2 = d2. They are solutions of a Diophantine equation and often only positive integer values are considered.


Zemborzyn-Kolonia – a village in the administrative district of Gmina Solec nad Wisłą, within Lipsko County, Masovian Voivodeship, in east-central Poland. It lies approximately 9 kilometres (6 mi) south-west of Solec nad Wisłą, 12 km (7 mi) south of Lipsko, and 138 km (86 mi) south of Warsaw.


Non-invasive procedure – defined as non-invasive when no break in the skin is created and there is no contact with the mucosa, or skin break, or internal body cavity beyond a natural or artificial body orifice.


Nancy Makokha Baraza – a former Kenyan judge. She was the first Deputy Chief Justice of Kenya and a member of Kenya’s first supreme court after the promulgation of the 2010 Constitution.


2014 Deildabikar – the 19th season of the Icelandic League Cup, a pre-season professional football competition in Iceland.


CineSpace – a color management solution for the motion picture and video industry.


Ecyrus Albifrons – a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Chemsak and Linsley in 1975.


Joe Halliwell – an English professional footballer who played as a centre forward. He started his senior career with Preston North End and scored 10 goals in 22 league matches during the 1912–13 season as the team won the Football League Second Division.


I’ve not done one of those in a while. I wonder if there is a reason for that?

^Mary Wells – My Guy^

I’ve come to the end of this one.

I hope that you enjoyed it. Srsly…I do.

Did we cover everything? Did we cover anything?

Yep…we seem to have covered everything.

COVER = COVERED!!! Let's get naked!!!
^The Supremes – Baby Love^


Um…I wonder…what would happen…if all of the UK…and eventually the world…woke up one morning…to news that…


Don't worry...I'll put them back.


^”Personality” Lloyd Price^

Tis currently 01:08…and I gotta add one more bit here, and it may be for some of the reasons you think, and may even be about some reasons you’ve not considered.

I’m sitting here proofing-ish this whatever, and doing some spellchecking…when all of sudden…at my door…

Door: Knock Knock Knock.

Cade: /cants head…that can’t be right…/pause

Door: Knock Knock Knock.

Cade: Lifts one headphone ear…no fucking way…


Cade: Yes?

Whatshername: Is the water working in your bathroom?

Cade: Um…I think so?

I took my headphones off, put them down, then proceeded to the bathroom under her watchful eyes that were for some reason…as big as pie-pans. I turned the water on in the sink, turned to my left to tell her, “Yep! It’s Working!” When…to my right…I hear the toilet go “KER-FLUSH!!!”

Scared the living shit out of me…but it appears that she snuck in behind me, and flushed the toilet as I was turning in the opposite direction in order to tell her the sink was working. I hastily evacuated the bathroom, since I almost evacuated my bowels.

Whatshername: The toilet AND the shower is not working in the other bathroom!!!

I wander in that way, she expediently dashes past me, and proceeds to the shower, where she turns the handle, which proceeds to bubble some air and not do much else from the shower head.

Cade: Is the hot water on?

Whatshername: I had it on cold, and the toilet is not flushing either.

Cade: That’s not what I asked. I asked if the hot water is turned on.

Whatshername: No. But everything has been working fine with it off before…so.

Cade: Do you mind turning it on for me?

I then turn the sink on, and it works fine.

Whatshername: The sink has always worked fine.

Cade: Please. Will you please, just…turn the hot water on?

She turns the hot water on, I turn back to the shower, turn it on, it bubbles and spits a few times, then comes on like normal.

I didn’t think it possible, but somehow, her pie-pan eyes got even larger. I mean, were talking anime eyes fucking huge here.

Whatshername: How is that possible?

Cade: Sometimes, when you are constantly turning the water on and off at different spots…air will get in the lines and the water won’t work at all.

I let the water run a bit, her eyes returned to a size less frighteningly huge, and we conversed a bit as to the specifics.

Just...FYI folks.

I decided to add a song here, and the following was next in the playlist from that “Unusual Music” playlist from the other day.

You can’t make this shit up.

^Tom Waits Better off without a Wife^

Comfort is achieved…not assumed.

Or whatever. I dunno. I just got here myself.

/me shrugs
^Ballet Mécanique – Leathern^
I like this song.
^The Minds Of 99 – Rav^



^The Shirelles – Baby It’s You^



*I dunno, Clicky… /raises eyebrow… Come on, let’s get back to writing the story…*

Missive From ‘Merica: Mind? Yours? Innit!

The Okie Devil has sent through a new missive, Dear Reader, and… It’s a bit of a monster

Five Fag Missive

*Oh it’s at least five fagger, Clicky… At least… /lights up…*


Good Morning.

Good Afternoon.

Good Evening.

Good Night.


It’s 11:42 AM on Monday May 15th of 2017.

I don’t feel like writing…but I’m gonna.

And seeing as how I am in a traveling mood…

…let’s start off with a 3 minute and 57 second video of a camera on the nose gear of a 747.


Things happen fast when you are low and slow.

Things happen even faster when you are low and fast.

(Some great warbirds feature in the vid below for anyone who is into that kind of thing)
^Extreme Low Pass | Epic High Speed Pass | Very Low Passes compilation^

I seriously have nothing on my mind. Not a goddamn thing. Cept for the fact that my legs and back are wobbly as fuck…and my knees and feet feel as if they have been slathered with superglue that has long since dried…making walking a difficult and tricky proposition. That said, I walked outside yesterday morning to get some fresh air, and no sooner had I opened the door and began to transverse its door frame, something immediately occurred to me…

Summer Is Here.

Yep. Summer has arrived in North Texas. The combination of the feel of the air and the look of the sky combined to make me and the rest of me come to the conclusion that the sun has reached a point in the sky that has caused anyone that lives in this area to begin to think about July and August…usually, our hottest months.

Seeing as how we are only two weeks into May, the official start of summer is over a month away, and we haven’t gotten many storms and certainly no big storms, I can’t help but wonder when the water restrictions signs will start going up. They’ve pretty much to the point where “the buffers” now have buffers of their own, and even those buffer buffers are subject to interpretation by whoever is currently calling the shots. God only knows how many “shot callers” are bending the ones who call the shots’ ears, and the what’s and why’s as to their reasoning.

Dunno whether that is influence, undue influence, corruption, or just a plain old need and/or interest…but it’s interesting to think about. I mean hey…as long as your needs get met…who cares right?

^Ed Bruce – It’s All In Your Mind^

As I started writing this here currently current whatever…I got a pop-up on my computer. I wanted to add a screenshot of it, but I can’t find a host.


The popup was from my ZoneAlarm firewall software, and it was urging me to upgrade due to something call “Wannacry”…which I assume is the malware/virus/trojan/whatever that is getting all the press over the last few days. ZoneAlarm is the only piece of “security software” that I really run on my computer. I mean, I also have SpyBot Search & Destroy…but I rarely use it. Last time I ran it, it had been like 437 days since I last ran it…so yeah…”security” and/or “computer security” is not of great concern to me.

Anyone stupid enough to risk prison over hacking this piece of shit computer? Yeah…yer a dumbass. There ain’t nothing on it worth stealing, it’s an old computer running outdated software (Windows Vista) and if anyone wanted to break into this crappy shitbox, they prolly could with ease. I mean sure, there’s crap on here that I would miss if someone decided to arbitrarily h4X0r my ass…but what am I gonna do? Beg? Plead?

“Please Mr. h4X0r Man or Ms. h4X0r Woman! Please don’t h4X0riZ3 my computar machine!!!”

Go fuck yourself.

You “wanna fuck my shit up” just because you can? Eat shit and die.

^Love & Rockets – All in My Mind^

Speaking of money and/or too much and/or too little…I notice that there was a Tweet regarding a £70k rock in some hospital in England, and a lot of banter about where the money came from to purchase said rock.

Q: I wonder who made that rock?

A: ?¿?

Q: I wonder who made that rock…rock?

A: ¿?¿

I saw a picture of the rock in question, and I gotta say…that rock? It ROCKS!!! Or at least…it looks like it does. That said…I have to question the placement of that rock, as it appears to be on an elevated section of the hospital near a guardrail of some kind.

I mean…couldn’t small children or midgets or dwarves or those otherwise vertically challenged…not stand atop that rock and jump over the guardrail? Hospitals always have crazy people in them who are just looking for a place to die…so…yeah…why help them out? Never mind the fact that I have to question how much that rock weighs and the load-bearing stresses on the flooring over time. I mean…do we monitor vibration in buildings? Do we monitor vibration(s) in buildings all the time? All the time over time? All the times over time?

Meh…who needs excuses.

You only need one.

Something about a camel and its back prolly goes here.
^Barry Obzee – All In Your Mind^

Yeah…I bet whoever made that rock is a crafty motherfucker. I can imagine being able to look at a single atom within that rock from billions of years ago, and looking forward through time, to the time that a bunch of chuckleheads would start bitching about money for computers based on the events surrounding, and up to this atom that is now in this rock that is sitting in some hospital, and the journey and journeys that this atom took to get there.

Not that I think that all atoms are “numbered” in the way and ways that some would like to number them…but yeah…just that…all atoms are numbered. It’s just that they are numbered at little bit differently than we typically think of numbers and numbering, because we as humans tend to include so we can omit.

EX: You’ve seen one vagina, you’ve seen em’ all.

What horseshit.

That “vagina” is attached to “a vulva” and some other pieces and parts in that locale…up to, and including, the woman that owns it.

Suddenly…everything is one to one.

Yep…lotta ones in there.

^Clarence Carter – It’s All in Your Mind^

Wait. Wait. WAIT!!!
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,


We have a question via The Whatever However HOTLINE!!!

Q: Cade, how is it that you propose that “atoms are numbered” outside of the numbers and numbering defined in The Periodic Table?


And therein, lies the answer. All you have to do? Look at that Periodic Table. Which atoms of elements interact with other atoms of other elements and when.

I was going to put “Which atoms of elements interact with other atoms of other elements and how” instead of “when”…but as I got to thinking about it, this action/reaction/non-action/non-reaction bullshit is all about time…not matter itself. If one element chooses not to react well with another element, that’s still a reaction. It just may not be the reaction that you are looking for.

I think that once “Science” begins to drop some of its pretenses about matter, “Science” will be able to better add time more efficiently in its efforts…whatever those efforts may be. However, the more that “Science” leave its gadgetry out after including it in? Yeah…the more confused and confusing things are going to get.

Q: Cade, what do you mean “gadgetry”…and what do you mean by “leaving it out after including it in.”

A: Its pretty simple as far as I can tell. You build something to generate fields, and that's what you get. 

However, when you leave the mechanisms and mechanics of “the fields that were already there” that are nested in “the fields generated”, yeah…stacking and layering that exists, and will always exists, even when you attempt to limit and/or minimize this effect/these effects.

Why?…you might ask

Time…yer leaving it out again.

^Iron Maiden – All In Your Mind^

– — — —- —– —— ——- ——– ——— ———-


———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

From today’s featured article…

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction – a U.S. fantasy and science fiction magazine first published in 1949 by Fantasy House, a subsidiary of Lawrence Spivak’s Mercury Press.

– — — —- —– —— ——- ——– ——— ———-

Francis D’Britto – a Catholic priest, writer, and environmental activist from Vasai, Mumbai. He is the author of the Subodh Bible, a translation of the Bible to Marathi.

———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Institute of Highway Engineers – the professional institution for practitioners in highway and traffic engineering offering Engineering Council registration and professional development support.

– — — —- —– —— ——- ——– ——— ———-

1927 in association football – The following are the football (soccer) events of the year 1927 throughout the world.

———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Poimapper – field data collection, sharing and analysing software.

– — — —- —– —— ——- ——– ——— ———-

Stella Maris Airport – an airport located near Stella Maris, on Long Island in The Bahamas.

———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Mbarara Northern Bypass Road – a road that bypasses the northern part of Mbarara City.

– — — —- —– —— ——- ——– ——— ———-

French cutter Espion (1781) – launched in 1781. The British captured her and took her into the Royal Navy as HMS Espion. The Navy sold her in 1783.

———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Wilhelm Henie – a Norwegian sportsman and furrier. He was track cycling World Champion in 1894, and competed at the European Speed Skating Championships in 1896.

– — — —- —– —— ——- ——– ——— ———-

Afghan cricket team in Pakistan in 2013 – visited Pakistan from 6 to 13 February 2013 and played a series of limited-overs matches against the Pakistan A team and some regional sides.

———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Solomon Nightengale House – a historic house at 429 Granite Street in Quincy, Massachusetts. The 1-1/2 story Cape style house was built c. 1820 by Solomon Nightengale, whose family had owned the land since the 18th century.

– — — —- —– —— ——- ——– ——— ———-

Princess Ragnhild Coast – the portion of the coast of Queen Maud Land in Antarctica lying between 20° E and the Riiser-Larsen Peninsula, at 34° E. All but the eastern end of the coast is fringed by ice shelves.

———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Four Holy Cities – the collective term in Jewish tradition applied to the cities of Jerusalem, Hebron, Safed and, later, Tiberias, the four main centers of Jewish life after the Ottoman conquest of Israel.

– — — —- —– —— ——- ——– ——— ———-

Neal Du Brock – directed the world-premieres of many important plays including Edward Albee’s Box (play) and Lanford Wilson’s Lemon Sky (starring Christopher Walken and Charles Durning). He worked for many years at the Studio Theater and Studio Arena Theater in Buffalo, New York.

———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Robot Communications – a Japanese independent animation and visual effects studio founded on June 3, 1986, and based in Tokyo. It won the 2008 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film for La Maison en Petits Cubes.

– — — —- —– —— ——- ——– ——— ———-

Combination classification in the Tour de France – the jersey in the Tour de France worn by the leader of the combination classification.

———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

I bet I could win the Tour de France if I had a bicycle. I’d prolly win last place, but yeah…I could prolly also win first place. I mean…if you have a right to be there, you have as much chance as anyone at winning, right? I wonder how one goes about getting on the list to compete in The Tour de France? Prolly has entry fee. That includes me out. :/

Actually, I have a bicycle. Two even. They both have flat tires tho.

^Mariah Carey All In Your Mind Live Acapella HD SNL 1990^

I guess if you think of particles in a chain, or particles in a chain or chains, that’ll help. But just keep in mind that numbers are going to go from very small, to mind-bendingly huge, real fucking quick. That’s why I use a -1/0/1 base…it helps to keep my head from folding when thinking about the number and numbers in these chains. Zero (0) helps us avoid zero (0)…if that makes any sense.

Think of it like this…as we approach zero (0), there is little difference between 0 and ∞ on either end.

Meaning: “the nothing” on one end, and “the everything” on the other.

They are both everything. It’s just that one is “everything something”…and the other is “everything nothing.”

Make sense? Good. Let’s continue.

We avoid zero (0) for a reason. Reasons, even. This is where our “flips” are going to happen.

This way here...that way there.

But you also have to keep in mind that at some point and points, we are going to see zero (0) again, even when traveling through “everything something.”

If you think of weavers and weaving, and rings… Yeah…lots of weaving and flipping.

The difference is, that sometimes a thread or string may return to its point of origin, and sometimes not.

Keep time and times in mind here, and this concept may not seem so strange, foreign, incredulous or impossible.

Add stings to the strings…and you’re ready for loops.

Just remember to wet the thread before threading the needle.

Friction...is all.

Keep your “infinity” at both ends of the -1/0/1 set, and you’ll never forget that all in the set are both infinities AND infinite. But yeah…you’ll forget. But then you’ll remember you forgot.

^Chris Miles – All In Your Mind (Prod Blended Babies)^

Q: Dude…so what are you saying about zero (0), and more specifically, what are you saying about “nothing”…or at least, “the concept of nothing.”

A: Everything. The everything that is nothing, and the nothing that is everything...BOTH...at the same time.

Think of it like this.

Everything = Everything. (-1 and/or 1)

Zero = Anything.

The machine that makes the machine.

A system, within a system and system of systems…whose sole purpose, is creation, retention, preservation and reorganization. It’s really not that difficult of a concept to understand. Explaining it on a Universal scare tho, yeah…difficult.

I can see it, and if I took the time to learn the math I could prolly explain it using that method…but I’m not gonna. Math and maths and mathematics alone are too narrow and limiting. One might even begin to think that mathematics might be the exclusive province of “The Realm of Zero”…but that’s not the case. It may be “a” case…but not “the” case. You have to keep in mind that IN = OUT is not always true, and sometimes never true. You are painting with entirely too broad a brush. Seeking perfection via imperfection is like stumbling over diamonds to get to gold.

Perfect + Imperfect = Perfection.

There's a verby kind of action to that verbiage.
^Snowgoons – “All in Your Mind” feat. Viro The Virus [Official Audio]^

I’ve mentioned that my father was a mechanic. He was a race car driver and mechanic, but he worked on industrial sewing machines as his trade. He had rough hands. VERY rough hands. Hands that were akin to a baseball catcher’s mitt, that are made out of some metallic/carbon fiber material that fell to Earth from outer space. His hands were constantly covered in chemicals, and greases, and oils, and cleaners, and all kinds of crazy shit…and yet, it was as if his hands were made of iron. Never mind that the motherfucker was 6′ 1″ @ 240 lbs, had a really bad disposition, and could bench press a truck. I guess that “day to day” of working with tools and metals and injuries and all that shit takes its toll.

FYI…his hands were not “leathery” nor “calloused” in the usual manner in which we think of the hands of working people…they were more like iron. He used to tempt me into “trying to hurt him”…all the while, taunting me with “you can’t hurt steel.”

Q: If you wear shoes all day, every day, what effect does that have on the epidermis of the feet?

A: ???

Q: What about the shoes + socks and/or hosiery?

A: ?

Yeah…the shoes that I currently wear (when I wear shoes) are kinda different. They have no arches built-in to the insole, therefore, my feet and their arches have to do the work. The manner in which I lace the shoes also helps, as it puts the pressure on the shoelace eyes, instead of the center of the top of my foot where the laces cross. Not that I have any experience with massive callouses on my feet or anything…but sitting at a desk all day wearing laced shoes or tight fitting shoes under the additional circumstance of having circulation to my hips legs and feet cut-off or reduced for 6-8 hours or more per day? Yeah…I think there might be some connection there with some issues that some might have, and being “erogonomically aware” might just have the effect of “economic viability” as well.

^Beck – It’s All in Your Mind^

I shudder to think about a woman’s legs, simply because they shave them. That is…assuming that they do shave them. I wonder if businesses expect women to shave their legs and/or arm pits?

I digress.

Anyway…yeah…even tho I am very hairy, and even tho I don’t shave my legs/never have shaved my legs, my legs had gotten to the point to where they had very little hair on them at all. Not that I was required to wear pants, nor even that these pants rubbing on my legs daily caused the hair loss. I am in proximity to power lines most of the time, and regularly smoke crack when I am not shooting heroin…so its prolly that and not the pants.

I digress again.

The hair on my feet? It ain’t there no more. Well…there are some small patches of hair here and there that make my feet appear as if I spend time tiptoeing through nuclear waste or toxic chemicals of some kind…but it’s strange that where there was once hair…it’s no longer there. Thinking about the sensory input provided to us via hair…I guess I don’t need it anymore.

Anyway…legs….that are shaved…daily…there’s GOT to be a better way.

And I sure as SHIT ain’t thinking lasers nor laser hair-removal.

Not that I am telling you what to do or not to do…just…thinking out loud.

^Moog – All In Your Mind^

I gotta give some mad props here to K-Swiss for a type of shoe they make call “Tubes.” I dunno if they make them anymore, but these shoes saved my feet. The lightest and most airy/breathable shoe I have ever worn, and the spongy action of the tubes in the sole helped teach me how to walk again. I tried to look them up on their website, but I couldn’t find the particular kind that I used to wear. But that’s them in the picture above. They make you think about your legs more than your feet. Almost as if to say “if the legs do what they are supposed to, it’s easier to figure out what the feet are doing and how they are doing it.”

The Converse All-Stars that I wear help much in the same regard. Except to me, the Converse help you to think about both your feet AND your legs, and what they are doing as it relates to your back and shoulders. We tend to ignore the upper-back and REALLY fucking ignore the shoulders. Being an asthmatic helps me think about those things. Especially when you are having an asthma attack, and it feels like every muscle in your body is working in unison to help you take that breath and/or exhale it.

Ya rly.

Sounds nutty…but so is Asthma.

^STRAY / All in Your Mind^

If information within the body is having difficulty getting to where it needs to go…

Q: Does the body adapt?

A: ???

Can it adapt…might be a better question. But not really. I mean, we know that the body can adapt, but what is the result of that adaptation? Does this mean that the body “is adapted?” Or does this mean the body “has adapted?” How about “a body?” Does this change in verbiage mean anything to anybody? 😉

Oh…and while we are thinking about it…”what about “coping?”

There are many things in life that make sense. But that doesn’t mean that things will turn out as you have planned it according to “making sense.” Such as, punching a steel plate for hours on end each and every day, with the hopes of making your fist stronger/harder.

Pan Qingfu

Just keep in mind that there was and is, a lot more going on there in that someone’s life, than simply “punching stuff.”

^The Partridge Family – It’s all in your Mind^

We are limited does not mean that we have limits.

We have limits does not mean that we are limited.

Put those in whatever order you prefer, then mix and match at will. If you live your life by one creedo or one rule, or one rule set or one set of rule sets…erm…doesn’t that kinda…limit you?

Welp, the short answer is both yes and no. Mainly because, I don’t live in your skin nor do I want to. Neither do you live in mine, so now we come to edifice(s) and standard(s). Which means we gotta progress to and through application and applications. Are we doing that? Are we doing that properly? Yeah…I dunno either.

If this were a popularity contest, you wouldn’t be reading this right now because I wouldn’t have written it. I’ve never been popular and I never will be popular, and I, as a person and individual, am OK with that. But there is also nothing wrong with popularity. Popular people are typically popular for a reason. The most prominent being…you made them that way. So what’s your beef with popular people? Oh…when they become “too popular?” Describing description is stupid. Beyond description maybe. I dunno…give it a whirl. Maybe you’ll come up with something groundbreaking or earthshaking or whatever.

^Douala – It’s All In Your Mind [BLORP]^

We interrupt this themed song sequence to bring you a video of airplanes sliding around on ice.

^Plane sliding on ice | Aircraft skiddin on ice^

So the other day, Whatshername casually mentions that she thinks that she has found a den of human trafficking nearby. The logic being, that her sister went into this particular shop, and “the people were creepy.” She went on to say that she was SURE that there were people tied up in the back of this shop…and yes, she was serious. So I guess that her and her sister have started their own private investigation into the goings on at this shop, irrespective of the business that transpires there daily, which they appear to believe “is just a front.”

I asked her why she didn’t call the cops if she felt that strongly about it, but she mumbled something about our children and basically changed the subject. I guess I don’t understand. I didn’t press her about it, but I made damn sure that she knew that I was not happy with her accosting me regarding my thoughts and opinions on her and her sister’s crusade. Not like she knew that I would be a good “devil’s advocate” on the part and portion of all involved, but no matter how much I pleaded with her to leave me the fuck out of it because I don’t share her paranoid view of “the world”…she pressed me.

I cannot help but think about “false accusations” and the damage that they can cause, nor can I not help but think about my experiences working within The US Customs Service and a lot of the shit that I saw go on there, all in the name of security, rules, regulations, and the strict adherence to the following of these.

Lotta damage, damages and damaging there.

^George Decker – All In Your mind^

I asked her “what if you’re wrong?”

She did not like that ONE BIT.

But then again, she’s been reading all of these detective novels lately, and she is constantly trying to solve mysteries. Just keep in mind that she reads the last page of a novel first so that she’ll know what happens.

(There is not a "roll eyes" smiley big enough, nor descriptive enough, to go right here.)

Yes or no…she wants to know.

Not that I blame her. Bad stuff is bad. But when I took it even further and asked her if she’d ever heard of something called “The Underground Railroad”, yeah…she REALLY fucking hated that. Never mind that I hated being included in a conversation that I didn’t want to be in.

I don’t understand why someone would want to talk to me, if they didn’t want to hear what I have to say.

^New York Express “It’s All In Your Mind”^

That’s the problem with mysteries tho.

A)     What if the mystery has already been solved?

B)     What if there is no mystery to be solved?

I cannot help but glance over at the stack of divorce papers that is sitting to my right.

Is “what went wrong” important?

Or is it more of a matter of “it went wrong” that matters?

Prolly both.

^Bam Boo- It’s All In Your Mind (THIS MIX)^

I’m gonna stack up four songs here if that’s OK with you.

^Echo & The Bunnymen – All In Your Mind^
^The Movement – It’s All In Your Mind – From The “Outrage! EP”^
^Swing Out Sister- All in your Mind^

And now I’m gonna interrupt that 4 song spree, and just doo 3.

Not that I am suggesting that “holding your bowels” while at work is going to cause you issues. But what if it does? One of the first things that my last GI doctor asked me was…

Doctor: Are you an intense person? As in very meticulous and detail oriented? You know…anal?

Whashername: Yep

Yeah, Whatshername was there for that visit, and she didn’t hesitate in answering for me. But as the doctor explained, the bowel can and will draw up into the body sometimes. Seeing that I had already explained to her that I had previously had my esophageal sphincter medically stretched twice previously, I think the doctor was under the impression that there were some motility issues within my gut amongst the smooth muscle tissue(s), especially when you factor in my navel hernia repair and my back/spine/neck issues.

Sitting in a chair, only to stretch out for a short period, only to return to the same chair for another length of time…yeah…I think there are some issues there. And don’t give me this “THIS IS THE WAY MY FATHER RAN THIS COMPANY, AND HIS FATHER BEFORE HIM, AND HIS FATHER BEFORE HIM!!!” crap.

Q: Where are they now?

A: Dead? Dying?

I guess maybe their processes and procedures didn’t work so well for them afterall, eh?

^THE SOUL SEARCHERS It’s All In Your Mind^

It’s not that I don’t ponder where things went wrong. I do. But I also don’t limit nor attribute “what went wrong” to just one thing. I don’t think that I am alone in this thinking, I’m just alone in my particular situation. I guess that’s why I try to do as much as I can myself. It makes working on and within a team MUCH easier. Know your part and parts, and you’ll find your strengths and weaknesses. They prolly knew you before you knew them anyway, so yeah…give credit where credit is due. Even if that “who is due” is you. That’s a toughie outside of your own head. But, it is your head. It may even be attached to the rest of you. Maybe not. I don’t wanna judge if you have a detachable head.

^Vanilla Fudge “All In Your Mind”^


Not to try and break “the music vibe” here…but…the following video came up, and since it’s kinda new-ish, and appears to be made by young people afraid of disease and diseases, it interested me. Not that I have been diagnosed with a mental illness or anything, and not that I am “OK” with that diagnosis or anything, but I am interested in others’ opinions on similar and same “conditions”…how people view these conditions…and what the real point in diagnosing anyone with anything really does for…erm…whoever it does something for.

Yeah…the vid has kinda gotten me to thinking about a cousin that I recently “lost”…and her battle with Leukemia/struggles that she endured. But thinking about a movie that I re-watched last night really gets me to thinking about what in the FUCK we think we are doing sometimes. But…watch the vid below, and I’ll chit chat about the movie in the next paragraph.

^All In Your Mind – A Short Film About Schizophrenia (AAHSFF 2016 Official Selection)^

The movie I re-watched last night is called “Watchmen.” I’ve seen it many times, but it’s one of those movies that never gets old for me. Granted, it’s a fairly recent movie, but I think it one of the best “Superhero” movies out there. Anyway, the bottom line in the film, as I see it anyway, is people and the things that we do. The things that we grab onto, or the things that grab onto us, that ultimately encourages us and drives us to do what we do.

“The Right Way” or “The Correct Way” is always the same way in each and every case. Now it just boils down to the methodology of how we employ this thought and these thoughts. Goals? Not always. Prolly less than we think. Where most see goals, I personally see milestones at best. Reach a finish-line…here, only to seek another starting line…there. I can think of no other reason for achieving nor achievement, than continuance…continuing. And maybe that’s where we sometimes get it wrong and/or right. We are only one person afterall. And the individual must be important…otherwise, we wouldn’t exist nor would the concepts of the individual and individuality exist.


U...are important.

^The Standells: It’s all in your mind^

Jesus…in that previous paragraph’s ending, I bet I sounded like someone standing in front of a mirror giving themselves a pep talk eh? But that was/is not my intent.

I hate talking to myself like that, primarily because I don’t need such pep talks. I certainly did when I was younger and completely convinced that my life was already over before it had even begun. But I dropped all that shit (for the most part anyway) between the ages of 18-21. I stopped looking into the mirror, stopped allowing photographs to be taken of me/avoided cameras, and even when I did need look into a mirror…I avoided looking into my own eyes. I still avoid looking into my own eyes. I don’t need to look in there. I know what’s in there….and no one can tell me otherwise. Yeah…someone might be able to point out something that I’ve forgotten about…but don’t tell me what I can and/or will do with that experience…nor what I will or will not, or may or may not, do with that experience. And I guess that’s really pretty much the only choice we have in life…choices.

What we do…with what we have.

Our only choice…is choices.

Go make some.

Or not.


^All in Your Mind – FINAL STATE (C’est la vie album)^

As I’ve been writing this particular whatever, it seems that Roob has banging out a whatever of her own. My initial impulse is to say that her article is “scathing”…and it is. But the manner in which she tempers her thoughts and her thinking is impressive. Especially as this relates to how she expresses this process in text.

Anyway…there was a video where I had to suspend disbelief for a bit, because I was thinking that “this has to be some kind of joke or spoof or something”…with respect to labeling that some group or groups wants to put on “junk food”.

Um…not everyone has loads of money to eat what you eat sir and/or madam. And as someone who was a vegetarian for a coupla years? Yeah…vegetarianism is motherfucking EXPENSIVE!!! Takes a great deal of time to prepare as well. Not that I mind, since I cook and LOVE to cook…but since when do you care about that? Are you gonna tell me what kind of cookware to use? Are you gonna tell me not to use cookware at all? Are you gonna dictate when/what time I eat at home like you do for me at work? Are you gonna come monitor me and make sure that all standards are adhered to, and punish me when I don’t?

Q: Who is monitoring you?

A: That right...you.

Stop trying to create work for others via your own waistline shortcomings, and we can work on ignoring each other just fine thank you very much.

^J-City – All In Your Mind ft. Lil Cri^

But seriously, I’ve seen the clever quips on Twitter about “the trading card aspect” of the cigarette packaging. But keep one thing in mind as this back and forth progresses. Those are real people in those pictures. Real people with real lives, irrespective of how you judge and jury those people and how they have chosen to live their lives. Especially when you’ve narrowed it down to one or two things. If you’ve gotten that narrow in your focus? Yep…you are prolly MILES from wherever your goals lay. You don’t protect someone by smashing the fuck out of them, nor anyone else for that matter. If you wanna lead by example? Then lead by example, fuckface.

EX: You are a non-smoker and anti-smoking advocate. You decide to start power lifting. You find that you are so good at it, that you decide to start competing. You start to compete, and do fairly well, but you find that you do not have an edge that the other lifters seem to have. You find that you are winded easily, even tho your medical stats show that you should be able to do this/these anaerobic activities with ease. Another power lifter suggests that you start smoking.


Power lifters who smoke to better their performance?!?!?!?!


Bye bye power lifting career.

Or…you can start smoking.

!!!Heh... heh ...heH!!!
^Mendo & Yvan Genkins – Its All In Your Mind^

I was just informed via Merovee, that I may have something to offer a discussion regarding the technical aspects of “AI” in regards to some comments made by Vladimir Putin regarding hacking tools and/or computer viruses. I’m in the big middle of this here whatever, and didn’t want to change gears and write some big wall of text over at Frank’s, so I said that I’d think about it and put some thoughts here. Not that what I said over at Merovee didn’t succinctly sum up my feelings on the matter, because it did.

But that’s just it. You put up these imaginary walls that are anything but imaginary, and expect them to somehow become something that they are not. They are what they are…but the intent and intentions behind these walls and their construction? I mean…you cannot expect to perpetuate an idea like that forever, as you have NO FUCKING CLUE who is going to follow in your stead when you have moved on. They aren’t you, and you cannot make them you. The more you try to make them like you, the more distant and non-alike the both of you become. Was Leonid Brezhnev identical to Nikita Khrushchev? Was Nikita Khrushchev identical to Joseph Stalin? Is Vladimir Putin identical to Boris Yeltsin? Nope. They just belonged to some of the same groups.

Similar <> Same
^Jack Teagarden – It’s All In Your Mind^

If you wanna transverse the atomic and subatomic barriers that I believe exist in a realm and realms of information that so exceeds what we believe is possible or even probable…I’ll do it. But my thoughts on information is rather radical compared to the standard model of computing as we know it today with your basic 8086 architecture, or even before and beyond that.

One of the biggies in my life, lies in the musical transition from analog to digital in the realm of amplifiers going from tube to solid state. Especially today with amplifier and effects modeling. The argument being, that one is better than the other. And they are right. But the question remains, which one is right and for who.

Sorry, but I ain’t got $3,000 to $4,000 to spend on a vacuum-tube amp, nor the $800-$1,000 or more to change the tubes if I don’t like the sound. I may, however, have the money to spend $500 on a solid-state amplifier that sounds just as good for what I need it to do. I ain’t gonna be opening for Deadmau5 any time soon, and I sure as shit ain’t gonna be headlining this year’s Lollapalooza. So…why in the FUCK do I need some amplifier “just because it’s the best of the best according to the best guitarists in the world!!!”

I mean…if you can afford it…knock yourself out. I’m a big believer in quality, and I prolly use many of the same brands that you do, and there is a reason and reasons for that.

But I digress.
^The Mangrooves – All In Your Mind^

I simply think, that what we are seeing within the computing world as it stands, is that we’ve hopped from analog to digital, and are now returning to analog to see what we’ve missed.

Welp…what does your machinery tell you? I mean, that’s where the problem(s), if any, truly lay. In my estimation, there is no separation between particle and wave. Meaning: There is no separation between analog and digital, except when and where separated. That was your intent…right? You wanted either analog or digital, you figured out how to do it…what’s the problem? OH! Something is missing?

Again…wasn’t that the point? A filter and filtering that resulted in a filter? Sooner or later you’re gonna realize that the practical applications within the scope of The Universe? Yeah…they aren’t that fucking practical…and yet…they are practically every-fucking-where. All kinds of practical applications for practically anything and everything.

Q: Who have you omitted?

A: Is the answer...you?
^Fat Jon – All In Your Mind^

Yeah…there’s all kinds of “digital” stuff going on in the head and body. But I don’t think those pathways are active in the ways and means in which some might wish to traverse them. Not that I am correct, but think about that like this…if you wish to “get inside someone’s head” in order to know what they are thinking…

Q: Did you ask?

A: Yes.

Q: Didn’t like the answer, eh?

A: No.

Welp…while you are chewing on that…chew on this…

Q: How much of your life and your life’s resources are you willing to spend trying to get into someone else’s head, irrespective of the reason(s) and/or your reasoning?

A: ???

Yeah. You might wanna think that one through. Especially when you realize that even a one way street is both ways under the right circumstances. I mean…you want to be in someone else’s head/someone else’s private space right? Are you taking steps to make sure that no one gets into your head/your private space?

See how complicated this just got? So I got one last question for ya while you are chewing on all of that…

Q: Are you concerned about “mental health issues?”

A: ???

Yep…you might wanna chew on that one for a while. Someone starts hearing voices that are emanating from God knows who or where? Kinda…scary.

^Chimney Choir – all in your mind^

Q: How many “mental health issues” does a dead body have?

A: Is the answer...one?

Q: How many “health problems” does a dead body have?

A: Is the answer...none?

Q: How many problems do the live bodies surrounding a dead body have?

A: Is this question even answerable?

Private Joker: “The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.”

Movie = Full Metal Jacket

^Blind Iris – All in Your Mind (Lyrics/HQ sound)^

Yep…this turned into a long one. It’s now 18:43, and I’ve been writing it on and off all day. In between rounds of Plants vs. Zombies on the X-Box anyway…heh heh.

But I haven’t jerked off yet today. And although that activity may seem vulgar, and my talking about it may seem crass, it IS a function of the body is it not? Isn’t there a scientific principle that espouses “use it or lose it?” And isn’t that scientific principle nested within the concepts of evolution, adaptability, mutation and change and changes and a bunch of other shit?

I mean yeah…I’m certainly not going to be getting laid any time soon, assuming that I ever get laid again in the entirety of the remainder of my life. But she doesn’t know that I think like that. Whoever she is, if she’s out there, she is gonna expect me to fuck like a champion on the very first try. I may not get another chance if I don’t. But then again, maybe she’d be understanding to my plight and personal situation. Not like the first time having sex with someone is, or can be, awkward or anything.

I have no idea what I'm trying to say here.
^Dennis Yost & Classic IV – All in your mind^

So yeah…basically? Artificial Intelligence…there is nothing artificial about it.

That is, unless you, as the designer, are one of those fake people who do stuff just so people will like you. In which case, yeah…there might be some artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners in there.

That said…if “an artificial intelligence” was loosed somehow on The Internet…

Q: How do you know that it wasn’t there all along?

A: ?¿?

Yep…I’m suggesting that maybe you expand your thinking beyond simply…


All kinds of paths and pathways, and this Universe has been around and “at it” for a while…so…yeah. All kinds of possible possibilities that are probable if not likely.

/me shrugs

You asked.

/me shrugs again

^The Soul Angels It’s All in Your Mind 1969 Disc 1 Track 19^

One of these days…I’m gonna have to do a themed based whatever. Or find some trend or theme or something so I can better focus and organize my crazy lunatic mind.

Imma make a note real quick here to do that sometime in the future.

I wonder what “theme” I should choose?

Meh…I’ll cross that bridge when/if I get there.

^SPC ECO – All In Your Mind (2016)^

cYa | cFa

^SPC ECO Delusional Waste^


Goofy smoker

*Keep ’em coming, Clicky…*

Missive From ‘Merica: Bowled Over… (Cont.)

Before we get on to the next part of The Okie Devil’s massive weekend missive, just a reminder, Dear Reader, that tomorrow is ‘National No Smoking Day‘ in the UK…

*Yep, I know Clicky… The wankers can fuck right off…*

*Oi! No, don’t use that! Use this…*

*/Deep drag… Fuck. Right. Off…*


I noticed that someone Re-Tweeted a Tweet from Donald Trump today, and that Tweet caught my eye. It appears that the new President has accused the old President of tapping the new President’s phones back during the pre-election campaigning period..before the current President was even President…as the month of October was mentioned, which would be pre-Election Day.

Q: Um…ain’t that shit over with?

A: ???

It’s over. You won. Get over it.

I mean, it’s not like The NSA listens to every fucking phone call on Earth or anything. It’s not like The FBI reads every fucking e-mail on Earth or anything. God only knows what The CIA is doing. Not to mention all of those other Federal Agencies that are doing God knows what, God knows how, to God knows who.

Who gives a shit?


^David Bowie “The Heart’s Filthy Lesson”^

I mean seriously…who in the FUCK do I turn to, if someone is tapping my phone? Because I have a feeling, that I’m gonna meet myself coming, but it ain’t gonna be me nor anyone who represents me. Even tho, that’s what they are gonna say. What in the FUCK would China or Russia or Israel or any other fucking fucks in some other country want to know what in the flying fuck I am talking about, and who I am talking about it to? They couldn’t give two shits what I have to say, much less who I say it to.

I guess that’s the problem with “the psy game”…you can’t trust anyone. And even if you can today, what about tomorrow?

Yeah…so…a system built on lies and deception = FAIL!

Mystery = SOLVED! Next!
^Barry Adamson – Something Wicked This Way Comes^

I am privy to all kinds of wisdom that I’d rather not be privy to.

Things like…

“Her ass looks like 2 elephants fighting in a sack!”


“Her ass looks like 50-pounds of chewed bubblegum in a 10-pound sack!”

I guess that was someone’s way of telling me which asses “looked good” and which asses “looked bad.” Not like that really matters. I mean, if they don’t want you touching them, what’s the point of trying to make someone feel worse? Because they won’t put out for you? Jesus. If I had a nickle for every woman on Earth/Terra would wouldn’t put out for me? I’d a have a fuckton of nickles. But…I’m not perfect. Even in my brokenness…I’m not perfect. Even the unbroke parts.

Talk about a thought that will take someone from joy to suicide real fuckin fast?
Yeah…harp on the shit that people can’t change.

Or…those things that they might be able to change…but you won’t be there to see it.

Be nice.

I have that tattooed on the inside of my eyelids.

Not really.

Now…fuck off to the next paragraph…but do it in an orderly fashion. 😛

^cevin key – frozen sky^


From today’s featured article

Sabrina Sidney – a British foundling girl taken in when she was 12 by author Thomas Day, who wanted to mould her into his perfect wife. Day had been struggling to find a wife who would share his ideology and had been rejected by several women.
P-rep – has been proposed as a statistical alternative to the classic p-value. Whereas a p-value is the probability of obtaining a result under the null hypothesis, p-rep computes the probability of replicating an effect.
2011–12 Lombard-Pápa TFC season – The 2011–12 season will be Lombard-Pápa TFC’s 5th competitive season, 3rd consecutive season in the OTP Bank Liga and 16th year in existence as a football club.
Bridget Neval – a retired Australian/Canadian actress. She has been in various television programs including Wicked Science but is most famous for her portrayal of Lana Crawford in Neighbours.
Alain Boghossian – a retired French-Armenian football player, who played as a midfielder; he is currently serving as an assistant coach for the French national team.
Listed buildings in Penrith, Cumbria – a town and an unparished area in the Eden District, Cumbria, England. It contains 189 listed buildings that are recorded in the National Heritage List for England. Of these, five are listed at Grade I, the highest of the three grades, 23 are at Grade II*, the middle grade, and the others are at Grade II, the lowest grade.
Toxoscelus – a genus of beetles in the family Buprestidae, containing the following species. (…? You’re gonna have to click that  – Ed)
12-Crown-4 – a crown ether with the formula C8H16O4. It is a cyclic tetramer of ethylene oxide which is specific for the lithium cation.
Tegegne Bezabeh – a retired Ethiopian sprinter. He competed at the 1964, 1968 and 1972 Olympics in the 400 m event with the best achievement of sixth place in 1968.
Trylon and Perisphere (Homeland) – the second episode of the fourth season of the American television drama series Homeland and the 38th episode overall. It premiered on Showtime on October 5, 2014, airing back-to-back with the season’s first episode, “The Drone Queen.”
Albert Hetterle – a German actor who also became a Berlin theatre director.
Mausam River – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mausam_River – a river in Nashik District in Maharashtra, India. It is a left tributary of the Girna River.
Erhan Mašović – a Serbian footballer who plays for Čukarički.
Herring Island – an Antarctic rocky island, 3.7 km (2 nmi) long, lying 1.9 km (1 nmi) east of Cloyd Island in the south part of the Windmill Islands. It was first mapped from air photos taken by USN Operation Highjump and Operation Windmill in 1947 and 1948.
Articles of Association – a document which, along with the memorandum of association (in cases where the memorandum exists) form the company’s constitution, defines the responsibilities of the directors, the kind of business to be undertaken, and the means by which the shareholders exert control over the board of directors.
Mandhata Singh – an Indian politician. He was elected to the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament of India from the Lucknow constituency of Uttar Pradesh in 1989 as a member of the Janata Dal.

So yeah…that “Herring Island” that came up? Yeah…the “Operation Highjump” caught my eye…but then, as the name itself sunk in, and I started to think “commercial fishing” and shit like that? It occurred to me…”wait…WUT?!?!?” The island is named for the guy that took the pictures of the island…Lt. Charles C.

Herring, USN.

What are the odds?

And then…

if THAT wasn’t enough…

the very next random article was “Articles of Association?!?!?


What are the odds?

^cEvin Key – Wind on Small Paws (Unofficial)^


*Indeed, Clicky…*

More missive tomorrow, but if you are need of a little extra Cade today, may I suggest Dear Reader pops over to his blog where he’s written some more

*Nope, not jealous at all! In fact I’ve doubled my story word count, Clicky… I’m on a roll…*



Missive From ‘Merica: Eroding Exploding… */shrugs*

Dear Reader, the LoL is pleased to present for you The Okie Devil’s latest missive. It is his 25th…

*So good, you named it twice, Clicky? …/winks…*

*/looks… Cade’s 25th missive? …/winks… Twenty five twenty five? No? …/squints…*

*Oh… /:D…*

*/rolls eyes…* Dear Reader, enjoy! ❤



Sometimes…sum of us do some shit that…just…turns out however it does.

^Top Craziest Things Found on the Internet! Tosh.O Edition^

Sometimes…sum of us do some shit that…just…turns out however it does.

Wait…I already said that.

I must have insanity problems.

^Electric Explosion compilation 2016 – Electric Arc power light vol 2^

Sometimes…insanity problems are insane.

Wait…I already said that.

Wait…did I already said that? Or did you say that?

I can't remember.

Someone has them some mental issue problems or something.

Prolly on steroids.

Lot's of em.

I mean really…when you think about it…who is NOT on steroids AMIRITE?!?!??>?

^Top 5 Powerful Transformer Explosions^

So…now that we have established that you are insane of the “complete and total” variety…let’s move on to more important stuff K?

Today is the 17th of February 2017 in my neck of the woods, and supposedly, Venus is supposedly gonna be it’s brightest tonight. But I looked up some shiznit on The Webranet regarding this phenomenon…and it appears that the appearance of appearances may or may not be correct, as Venus is supposed to be at “magnum glow” for the next few nights. But I’ve been watching the thing for months, and it’s been bright as FUCK for a while now…but the thing that interests ME…is how weird it has started to look. Lotta weird shapes and stuff around the planet as it transverses the sky over the course of the evening as The Earth/Terra starts it’s rocking part of rockin and rollin back towards spring here in the Northern Hemisphere…and towards fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

Venus brightness peaks next few evenings

As I was looking for info on Venus…this little nugget just plopped into my field of vision, or “FOV” as it’s called in the trades, and I thought…”hmmm…”hell-resistant? Now what in the flying motherfucking FUCK!!!…is NOT…”hell-resistant?”…since we are gonna now talk about this apparently?

NASA develops new hell-resistant electronics for a mission to Venus

I bet the kids in school are gonna fucking LOVE that shit.

^Oyster Dreamland | Pogo^


Q: What about “wheels within wheels?” Are they heavy?

A: ?¿?

Q: What about…when they come off? Are they still heavy?

A: ó¿ó

If you could choose between…

A: Being warned that you were about to get slapped and why.

B: Being slapped and then it was explained to you as to why after the slapping.

Q: Which would you choose?

A: ó¿ó

ME personally? I have to wonder how shit went from “whatever” to “slap” so fucking fast. Because now we are talking about rules and/or laws and punishment. Which means, that I have to learn, know, remember, and apply…all rules…at all times…forever. And I must do this, at all times, under all conditions and circumstances, in all situations…forever.


Send in the robots y0!
^Electric Explosion compilation 2016 – Electric Arc power light vol 3^

I guess it’s no fucking wonder that science and business is so fucking antsy to work themselves out of a job by automating anything and everything. I mean…watching these videos about infrastructure and all? I mean…yeah…who in the FUCK wants to maintain all that shit? What a fucking nightmare.

“If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.”

I wonder if the above statement is still applicable to that Oroville Dam out in California?

^Pogo – Get Out…^

I have had a glimmer of awesomeness in my week. I’ve posted some of her videos before in my previous whatevers…but it appears that Luna Lee has been awarded a venue to perform in at Austin’s famous “South By Southwest” (SXSW) music festival. But she needs the cash. How fucking awesome would that be? This girl being able to play in, and cruise around, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s old stomping grounds.

You can check out her vids on YouTube.

Good stuff.

Great stuff…even.

^Send Luna to her SXSW showcase^

Now all we gotta do…is figure out how to get Pogo back into the United States so he can play SXSW someday.

^Pogo – Symphony #69^

I know, I know…you are prolly saying…


Ok…no problem. You go worry about “the important shit” while I try and clean up the rest of this mess…k? I mean really y0. Have you ever thought that maybe cleaning up some of “the small shit”…just…might help us out with cleaning up some of “the big shit?” I mean hell…maybe all “the big shit” really is? Just a whole bunch of small shit.

Makes sense to me anyway.

The more people that have more time to focus on helping others, instead of having to focus time on helping themselves? Yeah…quite the untapped workforce there. Not that I’m some kind of godless commie pinko, or some gun totin’ nigger hatin’ racist fascist godless commie pinko…or anything even remotely like that. It just occurs to me that maybe…erm…we all seem to be in the same boat. It’s a diverse boat sure. But, that’s the flava.

EX: See video below. Fucking awesomeness.

^POGO – One Mushroom Too Many (Music Video)^



In order to qualify for today’s random Wikipedia bullshit…you must be…HUMAN!!!
From today’s featured article…

Newton’s parakeet – an extinct species of parrot that was endemic to the Mascarene island of Rodrigues in the western Indian Ocean. Several of its features diverged from related species, indicating long-term isolation on Rodrigues and subsequent adaptation.


Welp…that didn’t work out so fucking very well on a NUMBER of levels did it?
Now if not sooner.


^Pogo | Go Out And Love Someone^

Let’s try this random Wikipedia – All Human Edition…on more fucking time. I’m gonna click the random link, until a human comes up GODDAMNIT!!! That fucking “Today’s Featured Article” threw me for a fucking loop. I was just gonna ignore it completely. But when I saw that…

Newton’s Parakeet = EXTINCT!!!

I was like…fuck this noise…I’m gonna bail on this shit.
But…me being the obstinate-jackass that I am…let’s try again…



International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts – an international community which promotes action shooting competitions with revolvers. ICORE was founded in 1991 by Mike and Sharon Higashi with a vision of revolver-only competitions where “even the most basic equipment could be used and still provide enjoyment and satisfaction.”



Mystery = SOLVED! Next!


How I Met Your Mother (season 4) – The fourth season of the American television comedy series How I Met Your Mother premiered on September 22, 2008 and concluded on May 18, 2009. It consisted of 24 episodes, each running approximately 22 minutes in length.


Next Mystery = NEXT! Next!


Blacktop Peak – a summit in Yosemite National Park, United States. With an elevation of 12,733 feet (3,881 m), Blacktop Peak is the 196th highest summit in the state of California. Blacktop Peak was likely named from its appearance.


I wonder if black people live there? California is weird.
Black Mystery = BLACK! Blaxt!


Yedian – a town in Mengyin County, Shandong, China.


That ain’t no fucking people. Just a place where people live.
Chinese Mystery = CHINESE BLACK MAGIC! Poof! UNSOLVED! Next! Quickly! Next!


Revere, Inc. – a privately held U.S. company that specializes in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), and Shutdown and Turnaround Planning software.


THAT’s not a fucking people EITHER! Just a corporate scandal conspiracy where people go makes the fat monies so they can buys their blings!!!


Conus theodorei – a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Conidae, the cone snails, cone shells or cones. These snails are predatory and venomous. They are capable of “stinging” humans.


Those ain’t no goddamn people EITHER!!! Just a goddamn slimy slug that crawls around in whale poop looking for humans to sting!
French People = BEWARE! The More You Know!


Le Mémont – a commune in the Doubs department in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in eastern France.


LOLZ!!! First snails…then some whatever in France.
What are the odds?


Gremersdorf-Buchholz – a municipality in the Vorpommern-Rügen district, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.


Warnung Geschmacksknospen der Erde!
Escargot ist grob!

(DISCLAIMER: Blame Google for any incorrect translations 

and or intentions...intentional or otherwise.)


So you may be asking yourself…”dude…what in the fuck was that ‘take zero’ bullshit?”

Hmmm...good question.

Q: How much shit do you like to be taken from you?

A: !!!ZONINKS!!! *¿* !!!ZONINKS!!!

As I suspected. We don’t like shit being taken away from us.

^Pogo Lost^

Have I ever mentioned that those apartments that we lived in for a coupla years seemed to have some major fucking issues with the infrastructure composing them AND surrounding them? Yeah…I had to ride my bicycle several miles to downtown to file a request for the city inspector(s) to come take a look at them, because they…erm…appear to have had some major issues.

Nevermind the wicked-assed storms that seemed to make the whole goddamn building we lived in rock and shake and wobble, even after the storms had long since passed.

And nevermind the severe soil erosion all around the complex inside and outside over the entire neighborhood that was/is build on the side of some hills with some pretty steep elevation changes.

And nevermind that there is a fucking elementary school that sits right on top of this mound of “prepared soil” that is eroding so fast, that groundwater is constantly seeping from the ground, and that there were several MAJOR water-main breaks/pipe leaks while we were there. But yeah. We moved outta there over a year and a half ago.

So we’re safe.

I still think about it quite a bit.

It eats at me.
^Walking On A Dream (Pogo edit)^

In apartments…where people are constantly moving in and moving out…

Q: What effect does that have on the building with respect to loads and loading and non-loads and unloading when people are moving in/moving out?

A: ?!?!?

Q: What about things like…oh…say…fire-sprinklers that are activated and drown certain 2nd and 1st story apartments that are below the 3rd floor apartment that was running for fucking HOURS?

A: SAY WUT?!?!?

Yeah…what affect does that have on like…the wood. Yeah…the interior wood that is covered by sheetrock that is then painted over…and over…and over…and over?

What about when the carpet is replaced?

Ever seen those “carpet stretchers” those guys use?

I wonder if that causes the plywood flooring to warp?

What about the tile/linoleum? Does that stuff have “sticky-stuff” on it that keeps it adhered to the floor?

What about…erm…the wiring?

Ever seen what GOBS of coaxial cable can do to a 2″ x 4″ stud over time?

Snap it like a toothpick.

Or…maybe just…warp the fuck out of it.

Q: I wonder if sheetrock…bends.

A: !!!???!!!
^Forget | Pogo^

Yep. No one wants to hear “the bad news”…and I don’t blame them. I don’t like hearing bad news. But when you literally see a concrete/cement roadway that is cracking so badly under the pressure of the moving soil around and underneath it…that you are able to see that one particular roadway is actually acting as a fucking battering-ram directly towards a low-lying area that contains a creek in which a shitload of storm drains and run-off runs into…and houses with real-live people living in them sits right…fucking…on top of that area? Yeah…it’s scary shit. But no one wants to listen. No one wants to help. I got the run-around from various city departments, then finally wound up at the department where the engineers who inspect apartments in that city were. I took them a list of shit that concerned me and filed a report/request to have the buildings re-inspected, then went to the records department and requested the previous 3 inspections that had been done at those apartments. They promised me those records in 60 days or less.

I never received them.

I did all of this in February of 2015.

/me shrugs
^Pogo presents Toyz Noize^

On the upside…the week that we were moving? Which was like July of 2015? Yeah…I saw a group of 4 people walking around the parking lot in suits/dresses. It was the building management company’s ownership and the building manager. I immediately assumed that someone had gotten the message…put on my shoes, and went down and asked them if the were looking at the way the buildings/infrastructure was shifting. They were a little “tight-lipped” about exactly what they were doing, but I attempted to point out of a few of the “glaring issues”…like the massive cracks in the concrete roadway and the leaning perimeter-fence. They were dismissive, thanked me for taking the time, and I went on my way.

Out particular building is/was a 3-story building at the bottom of the hill at the east-end of the complex.

3-story building.

12 apartments.

12 families.

12 stories.

I could tell you stories.

Wobbly ones.


Nevermind all of the buildings and houses around that area.

OH! Did I mention that they had just done a shitload of work installing a miles-long walking trail to the west of us? Yeah, there’s a pond over there just to the north of the elementary school. And they just put a new bridge in to the north of that, and have done a shitload of highway work. Some huge creeks around that area, and they always flood when it rains. They did a lot of work on the water drainage in that area as well. I huge sloppy assed reservoir that feeds from The Trinity River just to the east of that. And when I say sloppy…I mean sloppy. The lake is actually pretty shallow, and the muddy assed bottom of the lake is prolly deeper than the lake itself.

Black Clay….Turns Grey…When Wet.

^Digitalism – Blitz^

I see all kinds of stuff.

Is it my fault that I have this ability?

Or your fault that you don’t.

We can learn all kinds of stuff when we want to.

And yes…there is all kinds of unpleasant stuff that we must sometimes wade through in order to find what we are looking for. Sometimes…we have to straddle the line. But that tends to be perspective.

What does that mean exactly?

Welp…I’ve often said that an innocent person can walk to the gallows guilt free.

You can accuse me, or anyone else for that matter…of anything you want. That doesn’t make it true.

Not even for you.
^Digitalism – The Pulse^

I only know that we are here…and it is now.

We do what we do…the best we can…and the future should care of itself just fine.

I mean afterall…isn’t that kinda the point?

A chance?



I dunno.

I gots no answers.

I just work here.

The Unseen Synchro.

Or something.
^Holy Fuck – The Pulse^

Think of the children y0!
^MGMT – Kids^

Now fuck the fuck off and go have a good weekend you worthless sacks of sitt!

(not a typo).
^Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes (Official Video) (2009)^


^Animal Collective – My Girls (2009)^


*/sits back… Done! …/sparks up… We should do as he suggests and enjoy the weekend, Clicky… /blows smoke… How about a Song? …/deep drag…*

*/clicks fingers…*


Missive from ‘Merica: Fear & Loathing in Glass Vases…

That’s American ‘vases’, Dear Reader…

As promised from there to here, for your delectation, Real Dealer, is the latest TextAss missive from the Okie Devil, Cade FON Apollyon…


Enjoy! ❤



Dunno about fear and fear alone.

Nor even fearing fear itself, or fearing being alone.

Long road of…erm…whatever and stuff going on there eh?

“Long” road.

Long “road.”

Seem that road got all kinds of dynamic real quick to me.

But…what the fuck do I know.

Oh…hello there. Your attention is required at the front of the bus.
Step forward please as I call your name(s).


I dunno if anyone cares about anything…but I do. I’ve started a new started group that is far-reaching and forwards looking like no other group that is far-reaching and forward looking. I have yet to come up with a clever name for this endeavor, but that’s not my job…that’s the marketing department’s job. What my job is, is to have vision and be a visionary. That takes vision and forewardlooking out-of -the-box types of thinking that others simply do not have. Why do they not have it? Because I have it…and they don’t.

Massive piles of money and resources…

…I need them.

Let’s run this up the lag pole, and see who salutes.

No. That is NOT a typo. Just a play on words based on where “we are” and “when we are” with respect to the concepts known as “the public” or “the general public” with respect to “the developed world” or developed nations” and other similar uppity titles that don’t really mean much of anything. My thinking is this “infiltration of” and “exploitation of” type of thinking that has become so prevalent, that there MUST be something to it.


If I draw a picture of something, and outline the use and usage(s) of that something, and that something, its use and usages do not actually exist…and tout it publicly as “the next big thing”…for the sole purpose of seeing the public’s reaction to this certain something and it’s purpose(s)…have I committed fraud? Or was I simply “floating an idea” to see if I could garner interest in it? Is that still fraud?

What in the FUCK am I talking about?

This “Fake News” bullshit.

What exactly is “The Lag Pole” you might be asking yourself. Welp, it’s a concept that I just came up with my very-own motherfucking self. It’s a concept, that in name and concept, so startled me, that I decided to look it up on Google.

the lag pole

I looked through the first 6 pages of Google Search results…and nothing.
Well…it appears that “lag poles” do in fact exist…

Lead–Lag Compensator

I also found this…

Anaphase Lag

But I digress.

There is a saying with respect to ideas that goes something like…”Let’s Run It Up The Flagpole, And See Who Salutes.” But my thinking was with respect to using the speed of technology and information proliferation, and our thinking with respect to information flow and it’s speed since the advent more “modern” transportation modes and methods. Such as Print, Telegraph, Radio, Telephone, Television and The Internet. What we seem to have forgotten about is “word of mouth”…or at least, with respect to The Internet…we’ve gotten pretty damn confused about it. But irrespective of that, what my primary thinking is…we tend to think of information in terms of “is it available, or is it not”…and then take our freaking the fuck out from there.

So yeah…disinformation and it’s further classifications, dissemination and

interpretation(s) from there.

It seems that…people…are…confused.


Angry? I dunno….maybe.

I’ve not been officially certified by the official certification certifiers delegation to make such an observation/estimation/classification or other “tion” type of stunning shunning.

WoW!!! I sound angry…don’t I?

X: Stop with the “leading” types of observations/estimations/proclamations…K?
Cade: Will try. 🙂
X: That’s not good enough.
Cade: I quit.
X: That’s not good enough.
Cade: Will try.
X: Good enough. 🙂
Cade: 🙂
D: …
Cade: “F” is prolly more like it.
F: K.
D: Good enough.
X: Heh heh heH.
D: …
F: …
E: You forgot someone.
Cade: DOH!

G: ...

Cade: LOL…WTF?!?!?!?
X: Freaky….
Z: Isn’t it?
Cade: Erm…yeah. Whatevz.
Z: That’s not good enough.
Cade: LOL…stop it. Yer killin mee.
X: No comment.
D: …

We seem to live in an imperfect world.

I dunno. It just seems that the more that we try and build infrastructure based on perfection in this imperfect world, the more that we ignore the perfection of this imperfect world. The more that we block and cage ourselves. The more that we point out and ignore this “cage” that we live in…if that even makes sense. We get so wrapped up in the motion of our own life and lives, that we forget about the motion and motions of this planet and the Universe that we live in. We are always in motion. We are always in motion that is in motion. To relate…the other day I titled one of my posts with the phrase…“Hello Whirled” in that title. I think there is some mention of motion and motions in some of these “ancient texts” that are full of non-factual myth and myths. I take that to mean…well…something mean to our forebearers and forefathers/foremothers. As if they were somehow stupid, dumb, or any other negative term and/or terms. And yet we forget that they are the reason(s) that we are here.

Q: Is intelligence built on stupidity smart?

A: Good…fucking…luck with this one.

Q: Can we not forgive our predecessors for their naivety and non-knowing?

A: …

I dunno jack-shit. But I do know that my prayer and hope has always been that my children are a FUCKTON smarter than me. Not to set the bar too high or too low or anything. But we do always seem to be presented with opportunity and opportunities at the goddamndest of times.

Q: Do we take it?

A: I dunno. Do we?

"NuYu" Weight Loss Retreat Helps Battle Australia's Obesity Crisis
The fish…they are drowning.

Something…it must be done.

Is the above a proclamation of pride?

Or guilt?

Or both?

I mean srsly, it’s gotta be difficult to make those decisions to spend that kind of time, effort and resources on something like that. That is of course, unless it isn’t difficult to make those decisions. But I think that is known as sociopathic behavior. And THAT can’t be right, because these are publicly funded projects by of and for the betterment of the public. I mean, at $500,000 per minute to operate a machine like this? There’s gotta be some HUGE payoff in store for us with that kind of investment just in operating costs. I bet it’s gonna start spewing Big Mac’s and french fries to the less fortunate at any moment. I dunno about the drink tho. Prolly comes separately unless you spring for the combo-meal deal.

Plus they prolly don’t allow drinks in there.

Liquids would extinguish those fluids.

And that would suck for a $2.00 beverage to fuck up some multi-billion dollar machine.

I guess the real problem is control.

We need more of it…obviously.

The only way to control that which cannot be controlled is to try and contain and control it. And the only way to do that is by controlling the controls that control the uncontrollable. In this case and under these circumstances…control will be more controlled and we can and will be more controlling of the controls that control the uncontrollable.


In fact, so simple, that it may just be too easy.

We must investigate further.

Further controls and controlling may be required.


Q: When was the last time you got laid?

A: Me either.

I dunno. I gots no answers.
We prolly just need to get laid or something.

You busy?

X: Wut kinda nightmares ya want today?
Cade: Say wut?
0: Nightmares…what kind?
Cade: I dunno. I had some doozies last night…that’s for sure.
X: Are you sure?
Z: No…he is not sure.
Cade: I still hold that my dreams are for me. Even if I wrote them down…who the fuck would want to read that kind of crazy?
T: David Lynch?
Cade: Yeah right. That motherfucker is already nutso insane.
X: And?
Cade: He’s got his dreams…
Z: And you have yours.
T: Is that it?
Cade: As pretty much the smartest motherfucker to ever walk the face of The Earth/Terra, are you really gonna tell me you don’t know?
T: I ain’t tellin you NOTHIN!
Cade: Trends. They are…erm…trendy.
T: 😉
Cade: Love you too.
T: Really?
Cade: No.
T: Really?
Cade: No.
T: Coo.
Cade: ❤ u too.
X: AHEM!!! So anyway…what’s this all about?
Z: That plasma generator thingie or whatever it was. Cade thinks that he is the only person on Earth/Terra.
Cade: Well, not currently…but eventually.
Z: You sure about that?
0: I must interject here for a moment.
Cade: Yawn
0: Srsly. You have no clue, if that fusion reactor has been built or is just the basic design.
Cade: And how would I know what is happening anywhere I am not?
0: Well…what if you did know what was happening…would that matter?
Cade: The basic design is from the 1980’s?
X: I ain’t tellin.
Z: Neither am I.

G: How in the FUCK could you possibly know that?

Cade: Not much has changed in the way of technology and information with respect to application over the last 200 years.
X: That’s a bold claim.
A: VERY bold.
Cade: What has changed with respect to fusion since The Universe began?
Z: Agreed.
0: I gotta admit…the boy has a point there.
T: What if I won’t allow it.
Cade: /me shrugs…doesn’t concern me until and unless and when it does.
X: Then why are you interested in such things?
Cade: …
Z: Cagy.
Cade: …
A: …
X: …
Z: …
Cade: …
0: …

I have no idea what is going on in the picture above? But someone fucked up MAJORLY!!!
Some asshole seems to have forgotten to include California, and exclude Texas.

Heads will roll.

Doesn’t fake have to be real in order to be fake?
I mean like…”fake” has to be real, in order for something “real” to be “fake.”
And even then? Yeah…it’s fake. REALLY motherfucking fake.
I dunno, I get as confused as anyone I guess.


Trump Says ‘Go Nuclear’ as Democrats Gird for Gorsuch Fight

White House puts Iran ‘on notice,’ won’t rule out military force
The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki unwittingly releases Samara in terrifying new Rings clip
Hillary Clinton to Reflect on Election Loss to Donald Trump in New Book
Brexit: MPs overwhelmingly back Article 50 bill
Israel to build entirely new settlement in West Bank
Presidential Executive Orders And The Constitution: What Can Trump Really Do?
Air Force base: 1 killed, 1 injured in New Mexico training
Facebook beats in Q4 with $8.81B revenue, slower growth to 1.86B users
Facebook beats in Q4 with $8.81B revenue, slower growth to 1.86B users
After a wild 2016, Tesla Motors has officially changed its name — here’s a look back
NY sues Charter/Time Warner Cable, alleges false promise of fast Internet
Beyoncé’s Glorious Baby Bump: A Middle Finger to Conspiracy Theorists and Political Rallying Cry
Dwight Freeney vs. the Patriots; how NBA teams helped Atlanta
Massive lava stream exploding into ocean in Hawaii
Forget Atlantis: ‘Lost continent’ found under Indian Ocean
Tooth infection leads to 26-year-old California dad’s death
‘Get off your phone’: Day care sign chastises parents
Trump is about to be the reason we can’t have nice things

As we can see…the world spins on.


Can you hear me?


NOT VERY RANDOM AT ALL STYLE!!!!!! (random space here) !
Dissemination – in the field of communication, means to broadcast a message to the public without direct feedback from the audience.
Discrete – discrete in science is the opposite of continuous: something that is separate; distinct; individual.
Numbers Station – a shortwave radio station characterized by broadcasts of formatted numbers, which are believed to be addressed to intelligence officers operating in foreign countries. Most identified stations use speech synthesis to vocalize numbers, although digital modes, such as Phase-shift keying and Frequency-shift keying as well as Morse code transmissions are not uncommon.
Intelligence Officer – a person employed by an organization to collect, compile and/or analyze information (known as intelligence) which is of use to that organization. The term of ‘Officer’ is a working title, it is not to be confused with rank as in the police where sergeants are also ‘Police Officers,’ and enlisted Military ranks can be Intelligence Officers as well.
(NOTE FROM CADE: Hehe…”it is not to be confused”…”it is not to be confused with”)
Discrete Group – in mathematics, a discrete subgroup of a topological group G is a subgroup H such that there is an open cover of H in which every open subset contains exactly one element of H; in other words, the subspace topology of H in G is the discrete topology.
Discrete Category – in mathematics, in the field of category theory, a discrete category is a category whose only morphisms are the identity morphisms:
Discrete Mathematics – the study of mathematical structures that are fundamentally discrete rather than continuous. In contrast to real numbers that have the property of varying “smoothly”, the objects studied in discrete mathematics – such as integers, graphs, and statements in logic – do not vary smoothly in this way, but have distinct, separated values.
Discrete-Time Signal – a time series consisting of a sequence of quantities. In other words, it is a time series that is a function over a domain of integers.
Discrete Space – a particularly simple example of a topological space or similar structure, one in which the points form a discontinuous sequence, meaning they are isolated from each other in a certain sense.
Discrete Spline Interpolation – in the mathematical field of numerical analysis, discrete spline interpolation is a form of interpolation where the interpolant is a special type of piecewise polynomial called a discrete spline.
Discrete Time and Continuous Time – in mathematics and in particular mathematical dynamics, discrete time and continuous time are two alternative frameworks within which to model variables that evolve over time.
Discrete Optimization – a branch of optimization in applied mathematics and computer science.
Discretion – has the meaning of acting on one’s own authority and judgement. In law, discretion as to legal rulings, such as whether evidence is excluded at a trial, may be exercised by a judge. Some view discretion negatively, while some view it positively. Discretion is at all levels of law enforcement.
Power (Social and Political) – the ability to influence or outright control the behavior of people. The term “authority” is often used for power perceived as legitimate by the social structure.
Probability Distribution– a random variable that can be counted.

Random shit := Random.

Q: What are the odds that I would, as an individual, stumble across the bullshit on Wikipedia that I just posted?

A: I dunno either. But I do know that only certain fish swim in certain streams.

Take that as you so desire.

Sometimes those answers we seek that come real fucking fast? Yep…they just don’t make no fucking sense at all. Not that the unfortunate you lady above was suddenly pondering the mysteries of The Universe or anything…but at the same time…yeah…she was prolly doing exactly that…but it’s a fairly good representation of I how I feel inside when I have had those moments of mental clarity where it appears that a longstanding question has suddenly been answered…that “wow” and “no-way” and “yes-way”…followed by a shitload of more questions. Granted, I have all kinds of unkind physical nonsense that has happened to me along my path and paths, where I can empathize with the girl above.

Wow…that was a long senence-ish type of thought.


But I digress.

It’s an ass kicker…no doubt about it. What must have gone through her mind real sudden like? I have some ideas in a “been there, done that” kind of generality that seems kind of dismissive to someone who hasn’t had a similar experience, save for experiencing what someone else is experienced in what is typically classified as more removed observer participant who has limited function and/or interest in the goings on. I guess something to the effect of what my parents must have gone through when I came home bloody and battered and beat-up, then got yelled at and beat-up some more for getting beat-up. Weird eh? Yes…I fault them for that, but I also don’t. They did the best they could. What a great learning example of what not to do eh? All wrapped up with some great suggestions on what to do should a similar situation arise. But that is or can be a problem eh? Similar is not same. Similarly same? Sure. That’s why we do the best we can.

Q: Why does justification always seem to require a body count?

A: (Don’t play coy here) or (Play coy here) whatevz.

Whatever works...right?

So…what am I thinking with respect to this “The Lag Pole?” Welp…speed. There’s a saying within the realm of card playing…”think long, think wrong”…and I assume that the logic there is that the more odds and options that you calculate within a longer timespan, the more complex and convoluted those options will become. But, it tends to be your opponent who will say this to you, which means that they are trying to compel you to “stop thinking” by becoming emotional. Cards/card games of any type are emotional, so what you can infer is that distraction is the intent. Perhaps even “breaking your concentration. But cards and card games are a reduction/narrowing type of thinking mode by it’s design. Even as the number of cards increase, the intent and purpose is to reduce…reduction by groups and grouping.

 Kinda creepy...eh?

So if your intent is to “bury” some person or group under a deluge of information?

Welp…people are smarter than you think they are.

Don’t believe me?

Find a mirror.

Now that we have intelligence and/or smartz of “a certain individual” established…now all we need is intent and intentions.

Once we get that, we can figure out from who and where and when.

How is irrelevant.

Hello why!

Right back where we started.

Hello denial!!! Nice ta see ya’z…again.

OH! And you might want to consider that…not everyone buries/surrounds themselves with shitloads of data. We’re already surrounded by shitloads of fucktons of shitloads of data and information, that some might not even consider as “data” or “valid data”…contextually anyway.

Guess that explains law and laws eh?

Mystery = SOLVED! Next!


Cade: Got anything?
X: …
Cade: That’s what I figured.
Z: Not by my calculations.
Cade: fucking…rofl…thx.
Z: n/p 😉
X: I wrote that.
Cade: 🙂 ❤
X: …

One last thought on deception with respect to perception…

Q: Have you ever heard of the concept known as “Thuh Blag Po-Wool?”

A: ???

Welp…you have now.

So if you answered anything other than “yes” in that what was already a state of befuddlement because you had never heard that term before, nor were you aware of what it was, nor the reason(s) for being asked such a question…see how easy it is to become confused? So yeah, in retrospect, you should have answered “no” if you had never heard that term…which you shouldn’t have, because I just made it up here on this fine Thursday morning of February 2nd of the year 2017 @ 04:50 AM Central Standard Time. Hey…ya know what?






*Clicky, you’ve omitted all the video titles that Cade puts in…*


*Ah… /looks sympathetically… Mucked you about, did it?*

Missive from ‘Merica: Last Christmas

Happy Boxing Day, Dear Reader 😀

Thoughtful Man is out working today. The last Boxing Day he worked was in 2010, he reminded me this morning. It was after the Boys had made an appearance at Craven Cottage, as mascots at the Fulham match against WHAM…


*Oh they were so cute, Clicky! Mind you, The Hammers beat us 1 – 3, so they weren’t particularly lucky mascots for The Cottagers…*

*Yeah, that was a shocker…*

Should you find yourself mourning the passing of George Michael, Dear Reader, may I suggestion you take your mind off the sad news by immersing yourself in an unfestive festive message from my good friend, The Okie Devil from Texas, below. It has cat gifs… 😉


CHRISTMAS!!! It’s Almost Here!!!

The end of it that is. But when does Christmas really end? Midnight on the 25th? Because anymore? The motherfucker starts sometime around July. And really gets obvious long before November anymore. There were some stores putting out their Christmas shit at the same time they were putting out their Halloween shit. Which is fucked up if you ask me…because the last thing in the fucking WORLD that I wanna think about around the time of Halloween…is Christmas. But that’s just me…I’m evil.

^Roll It Up – The Crystal Method^

I guess I can review “What I Got For Christmas”…which normally is quite easy, cause I get very little if anything. However, when I arrived over on this side of town the other day, I made the mistake of mentioning that my shoe had blow the sole out of it during the course of a conversation with my son. This resulted in whatshername buying me a new pair of Converse Hi-Tops. I also received…
A shirt.
$100.00 in U.S. currency. (That’s gonna be about what…$2.32 £?)
Anyway, the cash that I received was a $100 bill, and it was one of the new ones, and it was creepy as fuck. It had a goddamn microchip in it. The bill itself was pretty cool, cause when you hold it up to a light, some of the shit on the back shows through, there’s all kinds of crazy shit in there I guess to prevent counterfeiting, and I bet the bill costs more to make than it’s worth. Well, in “Economic Terms according to Economists” I’m sure it’s prolly valueless. However, I was able to take it to the corner store today and trade it in for three BRAND FUCKING NEW cans of snuff. They even gave me change. I’m hopelessly addicted to this rotten plant that is gonna give me tooth cancer. Assuming they stay in long enough.

^MK2 – Drive Away^

Assuming that you read out loud.
Which…that makes me wonder.
Is it the content, or the inflection?
Meaning…the intent.
Like…if you read something that SOUNDS angry, but it wasn’t written under the auspices of “being angry” or even “projecting anger”…what does that say about you?
Maybe just have perception problems.
Afterall…most problems…are yours.
So if you read something “bad” out loud, and you get ear cancer instead of eye cancer, what does that say?
I dunno. It just seems to me that even tho there are things that many if not most, and sometimes even ALL…can agree…yeah, this shit is bad.
But doesn’t that “bad” also need to tickle the “good” part in order to identify what is bad?
I believe that is called bias.
But that’s just me.
I’m biased.

^MK2 – The Darkness^

From today’s featured article…
Tropical Storm Vamei – a Pacific tropical cyclone that formed closer to the equator than any other tropical cyclone in the Pacific Ocean. The last storm of the 2001 Pacific typhoon season, Vamei developed on December 26 at 1.4° N in the South China Sea.
Mardi Gras: Spring Break – a 2011 comedy/road trip film. It stars Nicholas D’Agosto, Josh Gad, Bret Harrison, Arielle Kebbel, Danneel Harris, Regina Hall, and Carmen Electra. It is directed by Phil Dornfield. The film follows a trio of senior college students who visit New Orleans during the Mardi Gras season.
C. J. Aiken – an American professional basketball player who currently plays for Wilki Morskie Szczecin of the Polish Basketball League. He played college basketball for Saint Joseph’s University.
Community Newspaper Holdings – an American publisher of newspapers and advertising-related publications throughout the United States. The company was formed in 1997 by Ralph Martin, and is based in Montgomery, Alabama (after moving from Birmingham, Alabama in September 2011). The company is financed by the Retirement Systems of Alabama.
Leatherwood, Tennessee – an unincorporated community located in Wayne County, Tennessee.
HMSAS Africana – a minesweeping trawler of the South African Seaward Defence Force during the Second World War. She was originally a sea fisheries research vessel and was latter fitted for mine-sweeping and survey duties in the early 1930s.
Stokenbury Cemetery – a historic cemetery on Arkansas Highway 16 in Elkins, Arkansas. Established c.1846, it is the best-preserved property representing the early settlement of Elkins (now a bedroom suburb of Fayetteville).
Freedom Evolves – a 2003 popular science and philosophy book by Daniel C. Dennett. Dennett describes the book as an installment of a lifelong philosophical project, earlier parts of which were The Intentional Stance, Consciousness Explained and Elbow Room. It attempts to give an account of free will and moral responsibility which is complementary to Dennett’s other views on consciousness and personhood.
Sir William Gladstone, 7th Baronet – a retired teacher and officer of the Royal Navy. He was Chief Scout of the United Kingdom from 1972 to 1982.
Dunterlie Park (1906–1919) – a football ground in Barrhead, Scotland. It was the home ground of Arthurlie between 1906 and 1919, and was the second of three grounds to bear the same name.
Antiochus Kantemir – a Moldavian who served as a man of letters, diplomat, and prince during the Russian Enlightenment. He has been called “the father of Russian poetry”.
Sherwood Colliery F.C. – an English football club based in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire.
Dina Iordanova – an educationalist and Professor of Film Studies at the University of St. Andrews. A specialist in world cinema, her special expertise is in the cinema of the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and Europe in general. Her research approaches cinema on a meta-national level and focuses on the dynamics of transnational film; she has special interest in issues related to cinema at the periphery and in alternative historiography.
FNAR – a group that has blown up several radar speed traps in France. They have demanded from the government lower taxes, more motorist-friendly policies, an end to immigration, and 4 million euros.
Suel A. Sheldon – a member of the Michigan Senate.
Harnam Singh – the second son of Raja Sir Randhar Singh Bahadur, GCSI, Raja of Kapurthala and younger brother of Raja Karak Singh Bahadur, Raja of Kapurthala.
For those not familiar with “my shit”…that was/is what is known as one of my Random Wikipedia rants. I just go to Wikipedia, check out the “featured article” on the main page, then I click the “random” link 15 times, and see what in the fuck comes up. Usually some damned interesting stuff. But I have varied tastes. I guess I’m not as biased as I thought. /me shrugs
Give it a try yourself sometime.

^Koyaanisqatsi + Riders on the Storm (Nightmares on Wax Remix)^

Yeah…there’s a lot of shit on this tiny little planet of ours that is getting smaller and smaller by the day. I have no idea where we are gonna put all this shit. Butt I bet you prolly have some suggestions as to where exactly I can put all my shit. Not that it’s the same place that you keep your shit or anything. I mean…we all have brains…right?

^Adana Twins – Strange (Original Mix)^

Open the pod bay doors HAL.
Do you know what that means? Where that phrase originated, and what it is in reference to?
Did you pick it up from some Internet Meme, or some song, or poster, or advertisement?
Or have you actually seen the movie where this phrase originated, and know for yourself as to the logic, or some would say, lack of logic, behind what is behind this phrase?
Has all of the bullshit that this phrase has been subjected to diluted this phrase?
Or is that choice ours.
I admit that I was/am not too fond of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey itself, but then again I’ve never read the book.
Perhaps I should.
Perhaps someday, I will.
We’ll see eh?
Unless we don’t.
What is important to you?
How the fuck would I know?
Do I need to know?
I guess, only if I do…eh?


Sometimes? Things…just… … …go wrong.
Weird that things can turn out kinda right, when things get kinda sideways.
Of course, you’ll need to watch the video below to have the slightest inkling as to the current frame of reference to which I am referring. Assuming that you can. I dunno. I’m not where you are. I am where I am. I could describe the video to you, but it’s one of those things that…ya just gotta see for yourself.
Hal: “I don’t want to see it…I’ve GOT to see it.”
Movie = Shallow Hal

^Tony Pedregon Dickie Venables Indy 2005 bad accident Stagging to fuel funny car Nitro^

I guess most of the time when I write, it sounds as tho I know what the fuck I am talking about. Even tho I realize that I accomplish that by coming off as if I have no fucking clue what I am talking about. Which I don’t. I have no answer(s), and I am not a “truth seeker” as is so popular among certain sections of…whatever section you are researching or reading about or whatever to find the whatever you are searching for. I prefer the term “seeker”…because it’s less more and less broad in it’s scope…more or less anyway. To me, it helps me along my journey. But that’s just me. Ya gotta keep in mind that I am a complete and total loser who could fuck up a two car funeral. I guess the primary problem that I have with respect to “Truth Seekers” is what they omit. And what do they omit? I dunno. But like most people, they sure as shit don’t like it when they find it. I know I don’t. Being “wrong”…hurts. Being right…well…that hurts just as much to me. But that’s just me. Yes…there is some satisfaction in “knowing that you are right.” Just don’t get left.
Truth seems to be where you find it.
Not where you look for it.

^Paul McCartney – Monkberry Moon Delight (1971)^

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I dunno what to tell ya. Not that I’m trying to tell you anything other than I dunno what to tell ya or anything like that. But it just seems to me that the more we share? The more stingy we can be without being stingy at all. Where is that line between benevolent and stingy? I dunno. But someone is SURE to point it out to you. I myself am trying to not be so stingy with my reserve. Good luck figuring that one out.

^Lunatic Calm – Leave You Far Behind (Original Video)^

I hope your Christmas was everything you wanted it to be.
Even if you wanted it to not be.
Or just wanted it to be over.
You still wanted it to be.
You just wanted it to be…whatever you wanted it to be.
Doesn’t really change things for me.
But I’m weird like that.

^Underworld Born Slippy^


*/taps foot… Fuck! He’s off again… /sigh… Bloody Clicky Wiki Wander…*

*Bastard! Creeping up on me like that… Nearly gave me a heart attack…*