CLICK5: Re-Write & Write-Off…

8 thoughts on “CLICK5: Re-Write & Write-Off…

  1. Beatty explains that books must be burned because “we can’t have our minorities upset and stirred.” He explains that the most fundamental aim of society is to ensure that everyone is happy. Therefore, as literature often makes some people unhappy, it must be destroyed….
    Written / published1953, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. 1953!
    We are more subtle now. Subtle like a sledge-hammer.

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  2. The moral is:- Keep all your old books and read them to your grandchildren.
    Remember the oldest data store has been clay tiles with funny marks pressed into them, then papyrus and vellum (Treated goat or sheepskin) .
    Even old silver halide monochrome photographs.
    How long did your floppy disks, magnetic tape, CDs, last?
    Now you are trusting the Cloud!!!!.
    History and literature could be changed in an instant.
    And then you would think your memories were dreams.
    Yeah. Click a switch and your house would warm up and the darkness be banished?
    Throw another old bone on the fire.

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