CLICK5: Desperation Stakes…

5 thoughts on “CLICK5: Desperation Stakes…

  1. Evidence would suggest ET is multi dimensional. It’s more than getting on a bus in Alpha Centauri. Musk’s ‘Big Fxxking Rocket’ is a smokescreen . Wormholes and multi dimensional beings and pockets of reality is the true picture. IMO.

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  2. Sorry, I’m a bit brain dead at the moment. Too much Winter. But my Birds keep me going. They have to be fed, along with the Rotten Little Pisser. He loves everybody and thinks that everybody loves him.

    UFOs? I don’t think so. One look would be enough. And I don’t suppose that they have managed to destroy their own Planet either. Planets are made of stern stuff and you all had better believe that.

    Sorry, I was wandering into the philosophical there for a minute. Humans aren’t supposed to do this.

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