CLICK5: The Portrait Of A Blinken Idiot…

10 thoughts on “CLICK5: The Portrait Of A Blinken Idiot…

  1. Such a marvellous play, that was. Anti semitism at it’s best. And No, I don’t think Shakespeare despised Jews. Quite the opposite in fact.

    I once played Shylock and you need to get into the grit of it to understand The Play, which most people don’t bother to do.

    Anti Semitism is so ingrained into society that ordinary people don’t even realise what they actually do or think.

    After thousands of years and The Holocaust my feelings are a lost fight. But I will go on fighting. And I’m not sorry if I have offended anyone.

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    1. ‘The Merchant of Venice’ was the first Shakespeare play I studied at school. I remember well reciting Shylock’s ‘what is a Jew’ speech – that and the soliloquies in ‘MacBeth’ – on the way home from school…

      Quick Snap: the way home from school

      I saw a really fantastic RSC production of The Merchant of Venice at The Barbican in the 90s, where it was set in the 1980s with high-flyer City types. It was just superb.

      I think I’ll watch the film again this weekend 😉


        1. The language wasn’t changed; It was only the sets and costumes that reflected 1980s city traders.


  2. Elena

    Ditto to your comment about anti semitism and the Holocaust. I don’t think the world even now is prepared to look into the gross nature of the Holocaust.

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