CLICK5: Synchronicity Is Weird AF…

4 thoughts on “CLICK5: Synchronicity Is Weird AF…

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    1. Clicky posted some Brahms recently 😀

      CLICK5: Better Out Than In…

      ‘Hungarian Dance No.5’ popped into to my head the night before that post was made. Back in 1989, I bought an audio cassette of popular classical music tracks from Tower Records at Piccadilly and that piece was on included on it. I always got to work really early because Dad drove me and Mum and Juju in before he had to start work, so I would listen to the cassette, whilst I put in some extra hours shelf-filling at John Lewis Oxford Street…

      *Big Brother, eh? *

      Are we being served by Government and the Civil Service or are they just serving themselves? How would we know or not? I refer you back to Clicky’s post…


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